Ten minutes of happiness

I knew I loved aviation clock, installed in the car in a hurry for exactly five minutes. Still, it was bad, I catastrophically late for evening sunset.Photo by Vladimir Motkova Before the clock moved to winter time, I could meet his wife from work, and then slowly go to meadows. And now the passing cars turn on the lights, the sun disappeared behind the clouds for a long time, but his wife did not come out. What could go now? After 10 minutes, it will be completely dark.The house is two minutes, put the dog – another, to the nearest swamp – fifteen minutes. If you're Read more [...]
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Notes lisyatnika

Leafing through the memory card of his hunting, I found that in the first place was lisyatnikom. Rabbit trails, throwing it all at once, if you notice a speck in the distance ginger. Chasing red beast was so hazardous and absorbing what was for me one of the first. But the country needed a different furs. I was told: «You will not earn one squirrel, mink, and other — will select a fishing location». To that I was forced to produce my fur «friends» — huskies, mostly Western Siberian eared dog. I am a breeder. Whenever I look out the window, and there Katerina Read more [...]
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Silver Bunny

With my wife and a couple of yagdtererov I went to the village to parents on New Year's holidays. Rare, large snowflakes fell on the windshield of an old "Niva". Just yesterday I was planning to celebrate New Year decorously, with the family at the table. But as the wipers rhythmically otschelkivaem seconds, my intentions were melting like snowflakes outside the window.The tale continues: on road in front of the car jumped the hare. All the same, silver. If the snow is not stop, then Hunting God himself tells me to run with tomorrow dogs on hunting, — Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Last week in the capital region continued state of abnormally warm weather for February. At the same time in the fields melted almost all the fallen snow, which greatly affected the condition of rivers and streams, where the water rises and the ice is rapidly eroding. On the other bodies of water intake large amounts of melt water has beneficial effects on the behavior of different fish, which on some days almost spring-like perfectly caught, and at relatively shallow depths. However, it was not until the past weekend, when consistently warm weather began a significant change, Read more [...]
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I’m hunting for a shompolkoy!

Judge for yourself: the low rate of such a system is armed it will cause minimal damage to the hunter nature. And the pleasure of hunting with guns is akin to what you get from walking all day on the open field under the scorching sun for a flock of quailsI am writing to you young hunter from the provinces. From the hinterland — not because it lives in the two hundred and fifty miles from Moscow, but because «Russian newspaper for hunters» sometimes we have not in every newsstand and read it falls in the badly battered as a third or fourth in line. Glossy magazines about hunting Read more [...]
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Astrakhan Eldorado

Some catfish and carp 1 In the region of Astrakhan Great Volga is divided into many branches, forming a so-called delta. This water system is very rich in fish. Besides many short rivers and canals, in the Volga delta, and has plenty of floodplain lakes, the so-called ilmenite.Comrade, invited me to the Astrakhan steppes, going back for the third time. Coaxing, he told me that the species composition of fish there are very diverse, and polutorakilogrammovogo really catch perch, rudd and pound, and lin-bumpkin, and most importantly, pike, carp and catfish are found there a very Read more [...]
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Unexplained slips

Few serious hunters do not know about Sergei Alexandrovich Buturlin known gunsmiths, hunting experts, excellent direction. Without prejudice to his books and papers, and bring memories of Comrade Sergei Alexandrovich on hunting expeditions preparator (taxidermist), Moscow State University, AK Tselmina of the remarkable book «Notes of a naturalist» Eugene Spangenberg, who opened the wonderful world of hunting and nature of more than one generation of hunters. «Tax ... s». – A shot rang out, but, alas, without result. «Tax ... s» – doublet struck again. Read more [...]
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IL-27: Fight excellent, but …

Photo by Mikhail Semin AT «HORN» I read a lot of articles about Russian guns, and I wanted to talk about their IL-27. And not just good. And not only the gun.  TO «izhevkam» I have a special relationship with the youth. Sixteen years, having tested friendship forever IL-58 caliber sixteenth, was delighted heap and a sharp fight. But to buy the school a good student is a gun could not afford (hunting license I got fifteen years, attributing themselves, repent, three years). And so to begin with took a symbolic price Loose-kurkovku tulkus. It rained Read more [...]
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Fishing in strong winds

With the arrival of the heat stable life in the waters of more and more awakened, and fish or engaged in procreation, or actively feeding after starvation and cold winter, or fills expended during spawning force when the bite should be very good. But fishing in this time it is often almost impossible, as they say, the weather circumstances. Problems for fishing different gear due to the fact that the border during the transition from spring to summer weather characterized by considerable instability caused by the collision of warm and cold air masses. But the most powerful Read more [...]
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Hunting ticket: buy on favorable terms

That's a headline posted on the website ROOOiR "Western Dvina"Home Photo Fotolia openly offers assistance in obtaining a hunting permit! I quote: "Now everyone spend leisure time in the Tver earth can purchase a hunting license on favorable terms!" After this call should be information on what is the single state hunting license and what to do to buy it. Promises site and rapid exchange of the old for the new ticket. How can a public organization to issue state hunting license? A deal to sell all the jurisdiction…About unified state hunting permit in hunting circles, gossip is not the first Read more [...]
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«Water snakes» for asp

Photo Anatoly Mailkova When the angler is on the river, the to detect the presence of possible here asp Wavelets and «fight». «The battle» provides hunting large predators of single bursts — smaller.Large cuts in asp a flock of small fry, like a projectile stun the victim of a powerful blow to the tail and wide swallows prey mouth open, and repeats this maneuver several times a predator. AT the course of «fight» asp out of the water is not and pops far always «the battle» accompanied Read more [...]
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TOZ-34 — subjective notes

TOZ-34 was my main working gun for more than ten years, and I acquired it in 1980, after careful consideration, weighing all the "pros" and "cons". Photo by Sergey Fokin. This gun has served me faithfully and short outings on weekends and during long hunting journeys «in the North»In which I spent all my holidays. I'm not going to argue with Vladimir, and do not pretend to be objective, but just tell you about my own experience.CHOICE OF GUNSIn the eighties, the choice was small: IL-58, Kurkova Tulku, and two semi-automatic MTS21 vertikalka IL-27 and TOZ-34. There were, Read more [...]
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The bizarre logic

fotolia.com In the published article, Michael Kretzschmar «Why in Russia today can not free hunt?» details and sensibly explains what needs to be done to the state, to restore order in the grounds, that is to stop the poaching. Also dealt with professionally and in detail the reasons for the total poaching. But when the author tries to tie together the causes of poaching, the necessary measures for its suppression of the state ... and tenants, seeing here the mythical causal relationships, sensible plan on paper turns into absurdity.Home logical fallacy Michael Read more [...]
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Sport fishing in Sakhalin

Fishing is active for most people is an integral part of holiday activities. That's me with my family was lucky enough at the time to visit the Far East for 9000 of 245 kilometers from the capital, in the area of ​​Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, in the city of Korsakov.Most anglers know that Kamchatka, Magadan, and North Southern Kuril Islands, and, of course, has always been famous for Sakhalin salmon fishery, including Nowadays. The main types of fish for fishing and for recreational fishing in these parts are: Sim, pink salmon, chum salmon and others. The first Read more [...]
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Securing land — medicine or poison?

It seems erroneous opinion on the ability of tenants hunting economies to cope with poachingPhoto by Victor M. Gulyaev Article Krechmar "Why in Russia today can not free hunt?" ("EGR" number 37) compares favorably with the majority of publications on the subject accuracy and succinct description of the actual state of affairs and attention to its human component. That's what a game manager, ecologist and talented writer who lives "in the people" and with experience in the foreign (Alaska) Wildlife Management Agency!The advantages of the article would have carried obvious independence expressed Read more [...]
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Trophy hunting — a serious matter

In the "hunting of the Russian newspaper» (№ 14, 2014) under the heading "Viewpoint" published an article by Mikhail Nikolenko "Reflections on trophy hunting." Photo by Dmitry Kashirina After reading the title of the article, I thought «What kind of thinking is all about? After all, in this matter is clear. Beast or fowl obtained from hunter compliance with existing legislation on hunting, — This trophy».Of course, the hunters have a decent capital, prefer to produce exceptionally large specimens, a record trophy and For this Read more [...]
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Propellers soar into the sky

Exercise in target shooting-propellersPhoto by Victor Gurov The Sporting has an interesting exercise - target shooting-propellers. As the competition is held in this form, I will show the example of "Open Championship First Shooting Hunting Club" on 19 May 2002, a party of which I happened to be. Shooting playground, its equipment and the target Rifle pad can be fitted on any open spot. the main thing – provide a measure of security. Shooting is conducted with a small number. From a distance of 25–30 m five-throwing machines are installed at intervals of 3–5 meters and 20 meters Read more [...]
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Wanted as better …

FROM THE EDITOR:At the end of 2014, when the sidelines ohotsoobschestva raging storm of emotions caused by the persistent desire Ohotdepartamenta force hunting users to spend a winter trip records in accordance with the recommendations Tsentrohotkontrolya, editor in chief «Russian Hunting Newspaper» and the magazine « Hunting and Fishing twenty-first century» together with the president of the Association « RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz» Ministry of Natural Resources to the Minister SE Don letter about the pressing issues of national hunting. The letter contained a request Read more [...]
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Birthday Kaiser

October 12 birthday of Kaiser. Dear fans of history, not the rustle of leaves directories, do not press the keys of your computer - this date to any of the German rulers did not have the slightest relationship. Just like the name of my hunting dog breed German drathaar.Photo a.saliga / flickr.com (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) However, Kaiser — it only official documents: in pedigree, with raportichkah various events that often, and It shows that it is much less common. A for me and all of my friends legashachim cases, it is simply the name of the Read more [...]
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On the approach to the boar

I'm always on the hunt «behind»! And if the name of the wild boar hunt, the more! Therefore, even at nine in the evening, I opened the door of the house hunters friendly barking at its West Siberian huskies. Hugged and greeted each other and sat down to tea. — You were late, Dimon! But if you are not tired of the way, we can walk through the fields. Weapons you have the right, not blundered — I think the sense is.At 22:30 we were on the leeward side of the field and watched through binoculars. Field size of three hundred to five hundred meters, sown vetch-oat mixture, Read more [...]
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