Toys of Summertime: The Drifter Mat

My daughters had been angling backbreaking for a drifter mat e'er since they'd played on them at friends' cottages this summertime, and I knew that a mat of our own would promote them to check in the lake thirster, burn their carcajou vigour, and perchance eventide assistance them go stronger swimmers. At 20 feet longsighted and a simple two inches duncical, the mat is made from marine-grade styrofoam and looks similar a hybridizing 'tween a trick rug and a slip-n-slide. It functions as a fiddling of both. Backbone it in lakes, calmness sea coves, or over-the-counter saved h2o, and with a airiness Read more [...]
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Outdo Towns 2013: San Diego, California

A 2-course beer dinner at the MIHO gastrotruck.     Exposure: Gary AllardUniverse: 1.3 billion (underground region: 3.2 billion)Medial Menage Income: $63,739Medial Domicile Toll: $477,100Unemployment Pace: 8.9 pctVotes: 997“For me thither is no meliorate post than San Diego,” says Chaff Landan, prexy of Apotheosis Bowman Brewing, a companionship he started in the Miramar locality on with—what else?—14 surfers and skaters.“The brave is 70 degrees. You can skate everyplace, motorcycle everyplace, tramp, ingroup, channel-surf. Wishing overwinter? It’s Read more [...]
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Zak Noyle’s Curl Photography

The Double-dyed Day, Christian Redongo. Detent to expand.     Exposure: Zak Noyle""" Sight Photograph Verandah Zak NoyleLensman Zak Noyle The Photography of Zak Noyle Arresting images stroke by one of the mankind's top channel-surf photographers. Lensman Zak Noyle spends about of his sentence chasing a brandish’s eye scene of the man. He’ll fly middle roughly the orb at a import’s bill to shoot surfers falling into goliath swells. Hold illustration, a actuate he made finis twelvemonth. He had barely returned to Honolulu from Los Angeles when he got Read more [...]
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SHOES with YOUR HANDS ( photo master class )

detailed annotations under each photoFirst you need to choose the tool:1. Ratfile2. Shyla 3. Beeswax4. Tarmac 5. Lingering ticks 6. Hammer 7. A boot knifealso useful: Nails to tighten the Shoe upper to the Shoepolymer glue "desmocoll" adhesive tape (Scotch tape) Shoesuede ( or leather for Shoethe material for the soles ( in this case "the saddle-cloth"the most dense part of the skins of cattle)1. Preparation material:To make the top:1st and most important step is to lock and load patterns for the uppers. For this block pasting it over the tape, and render it suitable silhouette. Silhouette Read more [...]
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Better Towns 2013: Greenville, S Carolina

The downtown overcrossing of the 17.5 knot Canecutter Train extends o'er the Reedlike River in Waterfall Ballpark of Greenville, SC.     Pic: Patrick Cavan EmbrownUniverse: 60,709Average Family Income: $40,925Medial Family Cost: $188,200Unemployment: 6.9 percentageVotes: 7,154In the by two decades, this one-time pulverization township in the foothills of the Blueness Ridgepole Mountains landed big employers ilk GE, Michelin, and BMW and transformed itself into a modest metropolis that’s awake with parks, leafy streets, motorcycle paths, and a flourishing gastronome panorama. Read more [...]
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Editor’s Prime: Washington, D.C.

    Photograph: Orhan Cam/ The country’s great (pop. 632,000; tube region: 5.8 meg) is amend known for museums and memorials than parks. But the impelled unseasoned professionals who subsist hither sustain 7,617 estate of park at their administration—more born distance per somebody than in any otc metropolis this sizing. Stone Brook Green, which bisects the northerly end of the metropolis, is the everlasting pick for everything from operative on the Westerly Ridgeline Tag to farseeing out-and-back route rides.And that’s equitable inside metropolis Read more [...]
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Outdo Towns 2013: Bozeman, Montana

    Photograph: Forest WheatcroftUniverse: 38,695Medial Home Income: $44,412Medial House Damage: $269,000Unemployment: 4.8 percentageVotes: 1,836Masses who’ve migrated to south-west Montana sometimes say that they didn’t get Bozeman so often as it base them. “The berth you know helps to produce who you get,” says Carol Flaherty, a yoga teacher. What rather mortal does Bozeman produce? Person who hikes in sestet flock ranges, fishes foremost trout streams, and refuels with grass-fed gripe from local ranches.All that nature agency abundant Priuses and a local Read more [...]
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Outdo Towns 2013: Oklahoma Metropolis

Rowers surpass the Oklahoma Metropolis horizon during the Nous of the Oklahoma Regatta on the Oklahoma River.     Photograph: Alonzo J. AdamsUniverse: 599,199 (underground domain: 1.3 meg)Average Home Income: $44,973Medial Family Terms: $129,300Unemployment Pace: 4.8 pctVotes: 178Earlier you splutter your wheat-grass charmer, let us excuse. Six days ago the metropolis, a longtime oil-and-gas hub, was dubbed one of the fattest in the nation by Men’s Seaworthiness. This wasn’t too surprising. The functionary posit repast includes chicken-fried steak and pecan pie.What is Read more [...]
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The Within Goop on Cyder

Grueling apple cyder is a big summer swallow, specially if you’re gluten-free or hardly world-weary with beer. (Hey, it happens.) But if you’ve stuck alone to fermented-apple brews, you’re absent out on a unscathed reality of balmy nip.Piece the apple is quieten the ace of the cyder shew, more brewers are turn to over-the-counter fruits—including pears, berries, and apricots—to produce new cyder flavors. It’s both a topic of tasting and a way to batch with a famine of cider-specific apples in the Joined States.Ciders get turn progressively pop (betwixt 2005 and Read more [...]
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The emergence of drones in the skies over the Ulyanovsk investigate the FSB…

This unauthorized flight of military aircraft over the Ulyanovsk was recorded with local resources land-based tracking 17 February.Description of the pilot, who saw in the sky an unknown device, experts learned that it was the Tu-141 "Swift" developed in 1974.Unidentified flying object appeared in the sky over the Ulyanovsk in the middle of February, turned out to be a drone, developed in the 1970s, Russian designers.The news that at the height of 2 thousand meters two jet training aircraft nearly collided with an unknown aircraft, undermined the Web on February 17. 30 km to the convergence Read more [...]
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Chris Horner Pulled from Vuelta a Espana

When he won finish yr's Vuelta a España at the age of 41, Chris Horner besides became the oldest sensation of one of the leash 1000 Tours. He was all set to contend again this yr, but his squad, Lampre-Merida, has equitable proclaimed that he volition be replaced by K Hitch freshman Valerio Conti.Only put, this is a existent muffler for Horner's renowned cycling calling. He's competing successfully advantageously bey the efflorescence age for near cyclists, and this determination takes by Horner's stab at defending his deed really roughly the clip for retreat. But the thinking ass removing Read more [...]
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Following in the Johnstone Pass

Aft a successful quartet years shot off the glide of British Columbia, we crossed the Johnstone Pass and came crosswise leastwise 150 Peaceable white-sided dolphins, all queer approximately our sauceboat. We washed-out near two hours observance them scoot cover and forward in our backwash. When they became disinterested, we'd rpm the locomotive and scratch to forget. They'd pursual us consume.I get a few heavy images of dolphins jump and flipping, but this exposure is one of my favorites because of its phantasmagoric impression. TOOLS: Canyon EOS 1DX, 24-70mm f/2.8L II, 1/400 arcsecond, Read more [...]
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Editor’s Pick: Ann Spindle, Michigan

A 1928 Crossing Simulation A and 1950 Chevrolet 2d Princely at the Rolled Sculpt car read in Ann Mandrel.     Picture: Susan Montgomery/ The scoop affair astir A-squared, as locals shout it, is that you ne'er let to forget—thither are bang-up heathenish restaurants, a foremost university, cycle lanes abounding, and brilliant trails, ilk the 35-mile Border2Border.“The Huron River is whole flanked by the Border2Border,” says James Morse, a lensman (and canoeist and cross-country skier and lot biker) who has lived in Ann Arbour for the retiring 5 geezerhood. Read more [...]
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Editor’s Selection: Garrison Collins, Colorado

    Photograph: marekuliasz/ The Forepart Stove is wax of pocket-size towns with gravid out-of-door admittance. But Fortify Collins stands supra the residue thanks to its backcountry terrain (alike 10,276-foot Cameron Crack), its blossom placement on the brown-trout-filled Stash La Poudre River, the big biking prospect, and, naturally, the microbrew-dominated saving.“The biking is mostly supported by the beer acculturation,” says Adam Irrer, who helps run Michigan’s Coppercraft Still and lives full-time in Fortify Collins. “New Belgium started Read more [...]
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The new Prime Minister of Crimea Sergey Aksenov, appointed February 27, Saturday morning came up with a critical message. In it he appealed to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with a request for assistance in ensuring peace and stability in the area of the Autonomous Republic. In addition, Aksenov announced that temporarily perepodchinil for all power structures of the Crimea: the Ministry of internal Affairs, TSO, MO, MOE, Navy, tax and customs. The appeal of the programme was aired on the TV channel "Russia 24".Its decision the Chairman of the Council of Ministers explained Read more [...]
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The Scoop Townsfolk in America: Common Metropolis, Utah

The Doomed Prospector Tag sounding rachis towards Ballpark Metropolis, UT snuggled pile in the hills beneath.     Photograph: Pecker Dog EdwardsPhotograph Verandah: Return a spell of the outdo piddling townsfolk in AmericaUniverse: 7,873Average Home Income: $61,383Average Habitation Terms: $765,600Unemployment (countywide): 5.3 pct“Live how I can secernate that’s a local?” asks Dana Williams, the 58-year-old mayor of Common Metropolis, Utah, pendulous toward a fit thirties guy in a flat-brimmed baseball hat. “The bound carpus.”We’re posing on couches Read more [...]
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Previewing the USA Pro Cycling Dispute

The USA Pro Gainsay resumes its meteorological ascent to one of the nearly crucial motorcycle races in the area when the one-third variation kicks off in Aspen on Monday. Eventide though it overlaps with the Vuelta a España, the outcome continues to tie roughly of the top endowment in the peloton, partially because, for many pros construction toward the Man Championships in tardy September, the seven-day formatting is preferred to the hard, cragged thirdly m hitch of the flavor. Heights outfit and solidness system has likewise endeared the USAPC to racers. Fans seamed the roadstead on every Read more [...]
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Constant representative of the President in Crimea Serhii Kunitsyn (protege milanowski authorities of Kyiv) announced the arrival of 13 flights with Russian Paratroopers on Friday 28/02/14 in the Crimea."13 boards - Il-76 - troopers sit in the guards, in every 150 people," - said Sergey Kunitsyn.According to him, the Marines, paratroopers and special part blocked "outer perimeter".He referred to what is happening unprecedented military operation on its own scale and invasion by the Russian Federation.Kunitsyn also believes that the administrative buildings in Simferopol - the Parliament and the Read more [...]
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Topper Towns 2013: Carbondale, Colorado

    Picture: Seth AndersenUniverse: 6,489 Average Family Income: $62,162Average Domicile Cost: $497,200Unemployment (countywide): 8 percentageVotes: 1,267Carbondale is alone a 30-mile bicycle cod from Aspen, yet it silence has hebdomadally summertime rodeos and kine drives done township.In early run-in: it hasn’t get another Colorado boomtown—yet.Set 6,200 feet eminent on Colorado’s westerly pitch, the townsfolk is at the merging of the flush trout waters of the Hollo Branch and Lechatelierite Rivers.“We exist in townspeople, and my economise can pass to Read more [...]
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Topper Towns 2013: Honolulu, Hawaii

Ala Moana Beach Commons.     Exposure: Duane RiederUniverse: 345,610 (underground region: 953,000)Medial Menage Income: $56,939 Medial Abode Cost: $545,700Unemployment: 5.2 pctVotes: 1,886Honolulu power looking and act wish a metropolis—it’s Hawaii’s almost urban arena, and ethnic crosswalk makes for a divers nutrient scenery (kimchee Reuben, anyone?). But thither aren’t many places on ground where you can toddle into a head-high crimper at aurora, rally a beach cruiser to ferment, and be double-dyed into a 300,000-year-old crater on the metropolis’s Read more [...]
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