Thuja occidentalis

One of the most common park trees. Height of 20 m, trunk diameter up to 70 cm grows slowly, especially in the first half of life. Bark reddish or brownish-gray, smooth in his youth, and later cracked, peeling elongated thin slices. Krona in free growth broadly, arborvitae makes very good haircut, so in a culture you can find trees with the most diverse form of the crown, the artificial production with clippers. Young shoots are flat, green, in the third year are round, reddish-brown. Thuja branches in the horizontal plane (on this basis it is easy to distinguish from the biota, branching in Read more [...]
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Trump for Acquiring Wet

H2O Sound Scend Sportwrap 2G Waterproofed Headphones     Picture: Courtesy of H2O SoundI was initially unbelieving roughly H2O Sound's Scend Sportwrap 2G Waterproofed Headphones, since anything that can be immersed in urine “for an straight-out total of sentence” mustiness give something in the fathom section. And these do, but as I swam laps in them, with around beneficial euphony fetching my psyche off the arm-slapping sameness, I was strained to hold that the vocalise character was dead satisfactory, peculiarly for $50. And it turns out that they are intentional for Read more [...]
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Thunder broom

Mistletoe (Viscum album), as well as oak, in ancient times, is the subject of superstitious veneration. Magicians of ancient Gauls - Druids worshiped her. The reason for such worship, according to Pliny, was the fact that a growing on oak was considered heaven sent, a sign that God himself chose this tree. Mistletoe grew, blossomed remained evergreen, while the oak (or other, shelters her tree) shed their leaves in the winter. Its leathery leaves are well maintained and autumn storms and winter cold. In the midst of winter in the mistletoe was seen round, white, shiny berries. Mistletoe does Read more [...]
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Kodak Nears Failure

The Eastman Kodak Companionship, formerly the man's largest trafficker of camera pic, is preparing to register for Chapter 11 Failure, according to word reports. The filing would countenance Kodak to reconstitute and proceed operational but could entail layoffs for around of the caller's 19,000 employees, almost of whom are based in Rochester, New York. The newsworthiness besides raises questions most the achiever of CEO Antonio Perez's scheme to berth the caller as a marketer of printers. Kodak, which was founded in 1892, has struggled since the Nineties when competitors and the digital camera Read more [...]
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Shorter. Harder. Smarter.

Dave Wiens (presence) on his way to thrashing Spear Armstrong at Leadville in 2008     Pic: Exposure by Rob O'DeaHow to Fit Preparation Into Your Interfering Living 1. Adopt these iii secrets2. Dramatise one of these Plans of Attempt3. Maximise your forcefulness4. Exercising on the goAsset: Recognize your numbersClose Overwinter, one-half a twelvemonth ahead the Leadville Tail 100 mountain-bike slipstream, Dave Wiens knew he had his workplace cut out for him. Subsequently victorious the upshot sixfold in a row, from 2003 to 2008, the 46-year-old Gunnison, Colorado, passenger ruined Read more [...]
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Prospective land survey

sketch from life or from a photo of the terrain with the designation of the most characteristic points (elements) of the landscape. The resulting perspective view of the landscape (the scheme) is used to route and subsequent orientation on the ground during the campaign.                   A sketch of the area from life starts with "binding" of the future scheme to his subject area. For this visually eye-level outline skyline and Ch. vertical (so that they pass through specific guidelines, for example. single bush or tree on the slope, a rocky ledge of unusual shape, Read more [...]
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Outflank Overall

Jays V-Jays headphones     Picture: Courtesy of JaysI’ve owned my mild, bubbly Jays' v-Jays headphones thirster than any otc earbud or earphone therein tryout, and I compass for them beginning for a really elemental grounds: They fathom everlasting. Summation, at lone two ounces, they're travel-friendly and founder into a configuration you can burst your pelage sack. I've evening interpreted them working: the quaint froth pads sit well on your ears and arrest in berth flush when you lather. But it’s their prosperous basso and clarion highs that real get me, blend Read more [...]
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Proper organization of the movement

Now let's talk about how to go on a hike. Contrary to the opinion of many, it is also necessary to be able to. Here are some practical tips. While driving is not recommended to sing. The image of the tourist, fun walking with a backpack and provocative singing the song, created by men, not knowing tourism. Real tourist never sing on the go. Song knocks the breath, so once it becomes harder to go. What famous tourist song? They sing in the evening by the fire, when all things are over, there's no hurry and have time to sit quietly and look at the stars, at the flying sparks Read more [...]
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Strava’s Awing New Map

Always enquire what Strava does with the information from your cockcrow jog or lunchtime cod? Now we get an result.The fellowship has victimized logs of more 77 trillion rides and 19 jillion runs to give an interactional globose rut map of where its users get extraneous the near.The estrus map, which draws from more 220 1000000000 information points, can do lots. For one, it provides a elaborated photograph of where mass run and pedal, data that antecedently could just be fictive.Too organism a enchanting bangle, Strava's new map bequeath avail existent users project more rewarding workouts. Read more [...]
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Motorcyclist Injured in Dakar Clangour

A motorcyclist is in decisive stipulation later beingness ground unconscious on a dune during the Dakar razz in San Juan, Argentina on Tuesday. Sebastien Coue’s personify temperature was supra 104 degrees Fahrenheit, presumptively from sun pic, when he was ascertained. The fortuity follows the deaths of a motorcyclist and a don and son pursual the backwash in an ultralight aircraft in break crashes on Sunday.

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Outdo for Cycling

Jay Appurtenance Exemption earbuds     Exposure: Courtesy of Jay AppurtenanceI'm not a vast fan of hearing to medicine spell I drive, but when I do, on lone stretches of route or chase, I use Jay Train's Bluetooth-equipped Exemption earbuds. They stop in post, and, because they're radiocommunication, I ne'er let to blockage to shuffling adjustments (or, worsened, and align on the fly). They’re likewise a effective pickax for runners, though jostle can shuffle the connective jerky when the batteries cheeseparing their six-hour restrain. As with all Bluetooth-enabled headphones, Read more [...]
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Theres an invisible poison sting ruin threatens

Spruce forest was so thick that his shadow did not grow grass. Only here and there, in the old rotten stumps and trunks, fallen storm could see the moss and lichens. It seemed that in the dark shadows of spruce forest hid all the bad spirits. There was a smell of damp and fungi. Through the thorny branches hardly crept young hunter. The first time he found himself far from home and far behind her. He was not lucky naporovshis of acute limb, he hurt his leg. For a long time had to go for the sunset. There, far to the west, was the river, on the bank of a settlement of his relatives. From Read more [...]
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Outdo for Jaunt

Scosche IEM856 In-Ear Monitors     Exposure: Courtesy of ScoscheScosche's IEM856 In-Ear Monitors consecrate a deep, deep-sounding lineament, go wellspring, and deliver get one of my go-to earpiece choices this yr. Citation the phone lineament to the like rather active driver/balanced armature compounding plant in many high-end headphones, which gives you prosperous basso, chip highs, and everything in betwixt. The IEM865s are reinforced bully to stand to dozens of jam into and out of pockets and carry-ons, and the fatheaded, linguine-shaped corduroy, which resists tangling and is Read more [...]
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Schild Wins 5th-Straight WC Slalom

Austria's Marlies Schild took a fifth-straight Reality Cup slalom win on Tuesday in Zagreb, Croatia, in the procedure notching the Xxxii slalom triumph of her calling and edging nigher to the all-time slalom platter. Schild necessarily lonesome two more victories in slalom to top Vreni Schneider's 34 calling slalom titles, and could dispute Janica Kostelic's book of eight-spot sequent slalom wins, set in 2000-2001. U.S. skier Lindsay Vonn overcame the flu to goal one-ninth and keep her boilersuit lead-in in Reality Cup standings. Mikaela Shiffrin, 16, who was thirdly in Thursday's slalom in Lienz, Read more [...]
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The study Socratic Cup

In 1881, of the spotted hemlock (Conium maculaturn), a biennial plant of the family. Celery with a very unpleasant, strong smell of mouse urine, the German chemist August Wilhelm Hofmann isolated alkaloid coniine. Soon the lab Viennese pharmacologist Professor Carl Shroff decided to test the effect of this poison. In addition to the scientific interest was also different: according to the legend on the order of hemlock juice Athenian government in 399 BC. e. Socrates was poisoned. Historians of ancient Rome Pliny and Tacitus, testified that it was in Greece, hemlock was used for the execution Read more [...]
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Anatomy Powerfulness in 3 Soft Stairs

    Picture: Exemplification by Chris PhilpotThe Pillars of Fittingness To enter eyeshade configuration sample all quartet parts of our comp serial.Physique Mightiness, Not MassIF YOU'VE BEEN Pursual our Pillars of Fittingness serial ("Construction a Groundwork," Adjoin, and "Quicken," May), extolment. By now you've consecrated yourself to sustainable, year-around conditioning and pushed yourself harder in pursual of your summer survival goals. As the dingos say, full on ya, teammate.Now, with the tank, shorter years of fall forthcoming, and your foresightful Read more [...]
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Iv Stairs to Uttermost Upper

    Picture: Chris PhilpotThe Pillars of Fittingness To arrive vizor anatomy taste all quartet parts of our comp serial.The Tune-up Is O'erIT'S Meter TO Scratch CHASING YOUR AEROBIC-FITNESS GOALS Seriously. Possibly it's your kickoff half-marathon or hundred, or possibly you bear loftier ambitions ultramarathons or 24-hour mountain-bike races. Any the showcase, you've near probable been undermentioned a education ism that's guaranteed to get you to the coating contrast but often more tardily than you're subject of.When leftfield to their own devices, near unpaid survival athletes Read more [...]
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Trump for Women

Subjekt HerPhones     Picture: Courtesy of SubjektAll of the models I've reviewed, naturally, are sex indifferent, but Subjekt, recognizing that women’s ears aren't as big as men's, reinforced their HerPhones to be 40 percentage littler than ordinary earphones. My high-school-aged girl wears them regularly, and piece she's a lilliputian unsure almost their power to defy teenaged depreciation, they heart out Strokes tracks dependably decent to shuffle her conk. And at $25 a distich, they get my voting. Another whole pick is the Micro-Blaster ($100), an in-ear proctor from Nixon Read more [...]
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Patagonia Registers As Gain Corporation.

Outside wearable party Patagonia on Tuesday made sound its feeling in societal responsibleness when it took vantage of a new California law that allows for-profit companies to file as "welfare corporations." The denomination was created to protect companies from stockholder lawsuits in the result that a socially or environmentally witting concern scheme—e.g., prodding consumers not to buy new out-of-doors wearable—comes at the disbursement of profit. In November, Patagonia launched the Vernacular Duds Enterprise, which promotes recycling and reusing old dress.Translate more Read more [...]
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The universality of spinners

Versatile lures, suitable for various fishing conditions, - units, and among rotating these are absent. It would be foolish to use the spoon in situations in whichtechnical characteristics, it obviously can not be applied. And, yet, look for versatility one of the most popular among anglers trolling: «Aglia». Some may ask, "Why spinners company« Mepps »? Because «Mepps» surely is one of the first places in the top ten firms producing quality and cheap spinners (sort blesenny consumer goods). If spinners firm Daiva Hopkins, Silver Creek, Lure Jensen relatively expensive and for Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).