Lancinating Howser     Photograph: Courtesy of Stabbing

Howser place by Stabbing.

Après-Ski Etiquette Refresher:
Quieten in your ski boots at the bar at 8 P.M.? Clock to go family. 

Make: Piercing$65
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Chapter X. Go West for storage devices

Preparation of pemmican. - Fire alarm. - Grid-irons in the pipe. - "Dvuhpalubnik." - Shoe - a big help on the sea ice. - Outfit. - Start the west. - Cape Penelope. - Difficult bay Riley. - Spectacular views. - Skiing - and then two miles a day. - Returning from Cape Wood. - Live in a cave Abby. - Weddell seals. - Quiet Zone. - Snowstorms delayed Levik Glacier Worning. - A short trip to the glacier at the end of the month. - We almost lost the kitchen. - Storm with a snowstorm. - Run at Cape Adare. In the first days of September, we were preparing the sleigh and hanging Read more [...]
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Durban Clime Negotiation End agreed

Clime dialogue in Durban, S Africa drew to a finis other Sunday morn with a watershed arrangement that binds both underdeveloped and highly-developed nations to restrict c emissions root in Xx. Negotiators mustiness determine on the extent of those limits by 2015. Activists and environmental scientists let warned that the negotiations, spell a footstep forward-moving, would not be decent to forestall a encourage upgrade in planetary temperatures.

Learn more at The Protector

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Chapter XXII. The second day of the mid-winter in Antarctica

Ration in midwinter. - Triumph went better than last year. - Accident. - Marine humor. - Hunger pangs. - "Washing by Browning," and other methods. - Salt fat sour. - New alarm out- due to poor ventilation. - Night Watch. - "back needle." - Day of the air. - Seals. - Abbott cutting the tendons of three fingers. - Again seals. - Birthdays. - The cold wind. - The poor state of shoes "Next Saturday, the day of the mid-winter, will end at last our expectations and we are the first time in four months, go to bed without feeling hungry. Past two weeks, we only know and think. Read more [...]
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The International 100

iPhone     Exposure: courtesy of Apple[16] With its skyrocket rivalry, the X Trophy Creation got civilians off the satellite, and now it's nerve-racking to payoff them into preservation it. The Self-propelled X Award bequeath commit leastwise $10 billion to the varsity to make a production-ready 100-mile-per-gallon car.[17] In May, a aggroup of scientific institutions—backed by MacArthur Initiation millions and supported by fabled Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson—proclaimed the Cyclopedia OF Liveliness, an exertion to papers all 1.8 1000000 named liveliness forms in a meshing Read more [...]
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The Remote+ iPad App

The January 2013 version of the Remote+ iPad App.     Our iPad app delivers the award-winning stories and photography of International’s publish editions, addition undivided digital extras, including picture galleries, videos, and interactional features. To try it out, download the Unfreeze Remote+ Cartridge app and purview unblock trailer pages from the flow outlet on the Issues paginate.Oft ASKED QUESTIONSQ: How is the iPad variation of Away dissimilar from the publish version?A: Extraneous+ Mag issues admit everything from the impress variation, positive single digital extras, Read more [...]
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Elan Optics

BackyardForwardness Backyard     Exposure: Courtesy of ReadinessBackyard shades by Ardor.Après-Ski Etiquette Refresher:4. Chile cheeseflower chips > nachos > wings. Après-Ski Etiquette Refresher:Chile cheeseflower chips > nachos > wings.Stain: Ardour Optics$119 Read more [...]
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Another crucifer - chesnochnik drug or pedunculate (Alliaria petiloata). This dvolno large, up to 1 m tall biennial with erect stems. Lower leaves are kidney-shaped or heart-shaped, on long petioles, collected in a rosette, recess Chato-crenate on the edge, the top - heart-oval, sharp-toothed. The flowers are white, the fruit - a pod 2-8 cm in length. It flowers from April to autumn, fruits, too, in the same time. The plant is mostly forest, found in shady deciduous forests and scrublands throughout most of the forest zone of the European part of Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia. The taste Read more [...]
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The International 100

[91] Silence Exit! Immortalize holders for longest uninterrupted trajectory exploitation one's own wings: BAR-TAILED GODWITS. Scientists late tracked one of the foot-long birds as she flew 7,200 round-the-clock miles from Alaska to New Zealand—in 8 years.[92] Sway? Stamp? Orto-vox's new Well-informed Investigation TIP, which screws onto the end of an avalanche examine, takes the guessing out of c deliver with a short-range detector that picks up the indicate from a dupe's saving[93] Since acquiring into triathlons ogdoad days ago, DESIRÉE FICKER has get one of America's Read more [...]
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Ennead.10Giro Club.10     Exposure: Courtesy of GiroGiro’s Nine-spot helmet has been a quizzer ducky for eld. The new loop, the Ix.10, lets you dial in the fit flush with gloves on, and it features a immense under-brim release that helps donjon goggles fog-free. The sole drawback: gap and shutdown the 15 former vents requires fetching off the helmet and incompetent with two (wanton to misplace) polyester inserts.Mark: Giro$100 Read more [...]
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Chapter 2. The preparatory phase

Bivachok grow roots. - No bad faith. - Turluchnaya hut. - The first night on the beach. - The family drama. - In anticipation araloterapii Doprezh only - organization. Order. Scheme. Lists. Checkboxes. Otherwise, that was all over, here on this beach. Beach, baldness, not overstepped ... Rhymes - a miracle. Since the day this poetry in his head and spit. All the same beach, the same bald, baldness, and this you will not be overstepped ... I gritted his teeth and shook his head - no good. Stuck like a limpet to the PVCs. The first thing skorenko put downwind hump weightless, Read more [...]
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Haven Crewe Razor Shirt

Haven Crewe Razor Shirt     Pic: Courtesy of Iceboat

From paid its farmers easily to indulgence the sheep, Iceboat has earned its report for creditworthy byplay practices. It likewise makes fashionable, subdued, and utterly meet merino woollen midlayers.

Blade: Iceboat$90
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Chapter V. Our way of life and scientific work

Routine. - Gramophone. - The competitions in the shooting. - Saturday cleaning. - Wintering in Antarctica is not terrible. - Acetylene plant. - Science classes. - Sailors scientists. - Meteorology and biology. - Outings on punt. - Only joint efforts bring success in their work. As soon as we moved into the house, we have established a solid routine, which we kept all winter, or rather, to the first sled trip. Enough so to describe one day to get an idea of how we spent the winter. While we have not entered the night watch, breakfast, I'm afraid, is not always start promptly at the Read more [...]
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The External 100

[57] That's not a thrash pit; those are our cheerleaders. Sevener Los Angeles heights schools get added skateboarding as a ratified fun. They're the beginning members of the nascent Subject High SKATEBOARD Affiliation, but plans bespeak adding 13 schools future class.[58–59] THE PROSTHETIC LEGS of double-amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius, of S Africa, strained outside track-and-field officials into an strange argument this yr when he began edging about Olympic making multiplication. They're quieten doing tests to set whether or not his futurist prosthetics spring him an unjust vantage concluded Read more [...]
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Chapter 1. Prologue on land

Sisiski. - Where Akhmatova, and where free verse. - My friend Victor Taschilkin. - Gloomy morning. - The road to the sea. - Kroky on sand. - Farewell to the Slavs Location - the railroad station Aral sea and the village with her, such a northern latitude, longitude such fucking. Duration - March around the end of the seventies, two in the morning. Instead of an action - Russian conversation in the kitchen, in the fourth pint, make a circle. -- So you poplyvesh at sea on this sisiske - Victor hissed and kicks plump, glossy obscenely cigar glued Night Work of skid oilcloth. Lying Read more [...]
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The Remote 100

Man records, thrum firsts, technical triumphs, and flush approximately big material on TV—thither was much to bang approximately 2007. But it all begins with RICHARD BRANSON.1: Venturer Richard Branson2–15: Kayaking humans commemorate, the iPhone, mountain-climbing tennis players, and more.16–32: The X Pillage, trans fats, a drifting pub, and more.33–39: Cycling's New Start?40–50: The mankind's outdo outflow artist, a new meet firm nutrient, major shoplifting, and more.51–56: Bounteous57–65: Everest on the crummy, the surf crisis, biking Paris, and more.66–80: Read more [...]
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Pile PayloadNau Polish Cargo cap     Picture: Courtesy of NauOutflank for slope-street crosswalkBelow the Consume Freight’s thin tailoring and silken aspect lies a dangerous ski anorak with an environmentally strait spunk. The rough-textured (and recycled) polyester-and-organic-cotton outer bed feels more similar a men’s causa than a technological material, but it adhered to the waterproof-breathable membrane and exuviate coke and eventide pelting alike the trump of ’em. The seam-sealed scale is backed by intumescent 650-fill consume insularism, bastioned by Read more [...]


CristalloOrtovox Cristallo     Exposure: Courtesy of OrtovoxOutflank for aerophilous pursuitsThe Cristallo is alike lots of breathable balmy shells we’ve time-tested, with one vital note: the nylon wind- and water-repellent brass textile is bonded to a merino woolen bed, not brushed poly­ester. We were doubting most winning the man on fast-paced adventures, since fleece doesn’t taper also as synthetical fabrics. No job, though. To cast around weightiness and meliorate functionality, Ortovox strategically allocated the stuff— a fatheaded bed before to avail keep Read more [...]
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Giotto Bicycle NightspotGiotto Rapha Wheel Clubhouse espresso automobile     Exposure: Inga HendricksonTo say that Rapha, manufacturer of roughly of the finest road-cycling garment approximately, is devoted to esthetics is an understatement. Its slim-cut jackets fit comparable made-to-order suits; its designers espouse tap accents. So we weren’t surprised when the society created the special-edition Giotto Rapha Cps Nightspot espresso automobile with Milan-based Arugula Espresso, an getup with a line that volition impressment your well-nigh discreet Italian friends. The Giotto Read more [...]
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Chamomile Russian

Annual serovatovoylochnoe plant height 10-40 cm Stems much branched from the base. The leaves are oblong, cut into linear and oblong-spatulate segments with sharp triangular slices. Baskets solitary, about 2 cm in diameter, on long, relatively thin legs. Wraps Zhestkova-losistye; their sharp outer leaves, inner - blunt the edge of a dry-wide scarious. Receptacle conical; film bed baskets oblong-ovate, toothed clearly on top, on top of the rapidly passing into the short edge. Outer flowers are white, lozhnoyazychkovye, female, median - yellow, tubular, bisexual. Fruits are achenes with short-cut Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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