So catch a winter carp

Carp — is fish, which is always a%, held in the heart of the angler first place — and in the winter and summer. Catching first carp usually confined to adolescence and angling big and fierce in battle carp becomes a matter of mature years. In winter in the ordinary fisherman catches are bream, bream, roach, rudd, blue bream and some other members of this family. In recent years, "assortment" carp becoming prey lovers is expanding.

The number of species (about 1700) Carp — the largest among all of our freshwater and marine fishes of the family! This fact alone should make the novice angler carefully examine these as potential prey fish in all waters, and throughout the year.

The distinguishing feature of this family is the lack of teeth in the usual sense of the word. And the novice angler immediately arises a natural question: how carp feed on prey? It turns out that they are properly called pharyngeal teeth. Capturing prey fleshy lips, chub, chub ides and send it to the throat, where it is this unique "apparatus." It may be well to consider, studying head crucian carp or chub in the ear. Pharyngeal teeth are so distinctive in each species of fish, which according to their shape and number of ichthyologists easily determine from whom to make soup: from carp, ide and tench, for example. This pharyngeal set of 1-2 rows of teeth on the power does not yield any fish teeth. So if anyone out of curiosity shove in your mouth freshly carp own finger, a similar study of nature surely will end in failure. You can instantly lose this very necessary part of the body after a close acquaintance with the masticatory system is quite peaceful fish. Pharyngeal teeth carp not only perfectly milled plant foods, but also easily triturated strong shells of mollusks. So that the finger for them — no problem! Generally, carp with food has no trouble. Asp, for example, limits the choice of prey size graze only: do not take only that he could not swallow. And what went into the throat — grinds quickly.

Other features of the carp family worthy of mention is an interesting phenomenon, as a mass crossing of many species of fish together. Hybrids are well known carp and carp, which in some places is called mestizo. Hybrids are frequent (so called individuals emerged from the fertilized eggs of one species of fish milt males of other species) of roach and bream, rudd and bleak, rudd and white bream, rudd and bream. Catching these fish often poses difficulties to the experts. Recognize production is very difficult.

Regarding winter carp angling for a long time, set the following opinion: this is no fish winter and cold weather are either buried in the mud, like a carp, or are so inactive and sedentary lifestyles that do anything to tackle are not caught. Indeed, members of the family — mainly fish-loving: to advance to the north there is a marked downward trend in the number of species of carp. As the scientists, ichthyologists, "the Yangtze is known 142 species of carp in the Amur — 50, and in the basin of the Lena River — only 10." The Arctic Circle pass any single species: it is omnipresent roaches, which in the north is called roach, ide, dace and carp. And the fact that the latter was in such a company, questioned the thermophilic this fish. The belief that the carp, crucian carp and some other are not caught in the winter, expressed in the time Sabaneyeva and possibly existed would continue, but the facts suggest otherwise. More and more, the catch of winter roads across not only the carp, but carp and carp. Indeed, their capture does occur in more southern regions of the country — in the Black, Azov and Caspian Seas. But the catch is carp from the ice, and it says, in particular, that the hibernation of these fish is not a dogma, and under certain conditions, they are quite well-nourished and under the ice. Consequently, no one catches them, who can not do that.

Feature of the majority of fishing carp bait is the need for mandatory even in the winter. The last one can use herbal products, to which is added a small amount of protein components. The use of sunflower oil cake, bread crumbs, and various mixtures of cereal bites increases by 2.5-3 times. It is set on the basis of accurate statistical studies and should be considered a practicing fisherman. Without bait carp catches only the inexperienced!

And in the end pay special attention to the novice angler mental capacity of this family. Carp learn dressage faster than most of our fish, leaving for "flag" all pike, perch and other "predatory brother." They easily become accustomed to feeding the signal and at the same time. This is another argument in favor of bait.

So catch LEE WINTER Sassa


Carp and its domesticated form of carp (Cyprinus sagrgo) — one of the most popular fishing trophies amateur. It is a large, beautiful and strong fish, mastered by almost all the water rights from the western borders of the country to the Far East. The wild form — carp — is found only in the rivers. In stagnant ponds, lakes, rivers and oxbow widely different species of carp, or, scientifically, carp pond. We derive many species of carp in Europe, even more — in Asia.

Carp not only in the northern regions of Siberia, this warm-water fish and then the Irkutsk region to distribute failed. Prefers rivers and lakes with subtle flow and rich vegetation. Inhabits ponds and oxbow lakes in the first place, and if food can quickly grow and reproduce. Record size of these fish on record ichthyologists length of 1 m and a weight of 60 kg. Carp appearance changes significantly with age. In adults, particularly large, almost cylindrical body, a broad back, adorned with a long, slightly notched fin. The first ray of the dorsal fin — a real foil, which can be seriously injured.

"When bredenek was on shore, rushed to catch this enthusiastic eccentric. As was-in some batches. Grabbed the hands of large carp and immediately got a pretty nasty lesson. Fish started, and when it is almost polupudovoy mass this was such a hit that the dorsal spine revealed she nearly peritoneum pressed her naked body to a simpleton! In fact, to process the received them deep wound, we have spent almost a bottle of iodine, and the rural paramedic — six metal clips. "

Old fisherman Anyway, many believe that this spike is quite capable to cut the carp fishing line, which caught. But it is not. This can happen only by chance — "intentional" use spike fish were observed. In carp is another major thorn — the first ray of the anal fin, but no cases of animals a "weapon" is not fixed.

The body is covered with large scales of a carp. Some farmed forms — ramchatye or mirror carp — have only part of the furniture, the other scales are not at all, and why they are called naked carp. They are very effective and are a real decoration of park lakes and large aquariums.

But the most noticeable and the most famous feature of the exterior of carp are mustaches. Usually it is for anglers it immediately set it apart from the carp. In the corners of the mouth and upper lip fish has a pair of neat mustache, which emphasize almost foppish appearance.

Carp eats almost any food available in a given body of water.


Three-row pharyngeal teeth can grind to a pulp even hard seeds of maize and large stone shells of mollusks. Therefore, in writing suitable everything — from algae and aquatic plants to invertebrates that inhabit the water column and sediments, and the big fish with the approach of cold weather and the disappearance of vegetation moving to predatory lifestyle. They are able to swallow the fry of other fish species, and even their own young sized minnow. Such a habit has resulted in Don, Donets and in some other rivers on the first ice big carp caught trolling.

A long, LP Sabaneyev wrote that perch in the middle of winter is not caught at all. As it turns out, this is true only in certain cases. Approximately the same picture with a winter carp angling. Most fishing edition continues by inertia to say that this member of the family of carp caught in winter, while periodicals are full of descriptions of cases he is caught off the ice. All "well aware" that the carp is not caught in the winter, and at the same time, the author himself had a New Year's Eve fish out of small (about 2 kg) of carp from the ice. Also happened to be a witness to catch much more solid specimens of this fish. In particular, we had to help, for the most part by the Council, angling for winter gear 7-pound carp. These are the facts, and argue against them is pointless.

The man was able to bring a large number of species is because carp — Very plastic fish with a lot of natural, self-arisen forms. They differ from each other not only in appearance but often near capacity. For example, European carp species at a temperature of 15 ° C, stop feeding and growth. At the same time, the breed that live east of the Urals, perform vital functions, even at 12 ° C. This is a fairly significant difference. Most adapted to the harsh life Altai carp, which were derived from the Galician mirror carp. They are not only adapted to the new conditions, but significantly changed externally: become more progonistymi, rough, massive head and powerful, highly elongated tail stem. Ichthyologists are they over 20 different from the Galician carp in morphological features, developed in the process of acclimatization.

In recent years, more and more carp and carp anglers are trophy winter roads. Even in the suburbs in the December cold in places where the water does not freeze because of the rapid flow and well supplied with oxygen, for summer anglers float rod and spiced flavors dough people fish kilo carp!

"I heard that some sort of moaning. I look around, and my friend twine finger touches and mumbles. Then let go, then pull, and he has one knee in water is: a hole natayalo.

— That there maeshsya 1 — ask. — Help, maybe one

-Help … — Almost whispering.

Well, I came up to him, and he had a carp on the line goes. Sides boasts. Two pounds, no less. Tail, however, is working slowly. So, waving, no more. And that would be the little wood-pautinochka tenknula immediately. Well, I failed at this beautiful fish bagorchik Ducky and hauled to the ice. As I thought, it weighed almost 2 kg — did not have a few grams. Why he decided to eat in the middle of the winter moth — is unknown. But we have this happens quite often. Fisherman pulls his line, and then very heavy boar — get one annoyance. Eye sees — zubneymet. After all, to get a 10-pound carp on the line at zero point zero can only dream inexperienced kid. "

Old fisher

Interest in how spends the winter carp, great not only for anglers — this issue is and ichthyologists. And that's what they managed to find out the result of direct observation of the fish under water in the winter. Even at a temperature of 0,2 ° C, most carp actively move over the pond. But, the temperature in the pond may be in the latitude of the Ryazan region, in waters further south, is always warm! And at the fish fry traced desire to stay in the pack, as it happens in the summer. A large fish often kept apart or on the periphery of the pack. A quantity of carp actually most of the time lying on the bottom, but not in a "comatose" state, and retaining the ability to actively move. Anglers may also be useful to know that most fish are concentrated at the site of the pond inflow of fresh, oxygen-rich water. In the river, large carp kept on well, a little away from the rod. This fresh water flows, as if rolling down the sloping exit of the pit. Large healthy individuals tend to not only actively move in the water, but also to eat. Like other fish, carp winter has its outputs, the conditions of which there is very little known. Search

Actively seek nursing winter carp in a well-supplied with oxygen wintering holes. If the pond is closed, promising places — bottom or coastal springs. In areas of fishing goldfish in winter carp fall for more than anywhere else. It is hard to say why this is happening, but it can be traced quite clearly. For all that, especially carp do not have to look for: his regular biting in central and northern Russia in the winter is not observed anywhere. And cases collapse slender winter gear in the middle lane still more likely to occur in spring, March, on the last ice, although carp angling in the southern regions (in water basins of the Black and Azov Seas) is systematic. For all that has been anglers who specialize in this fish angling through the ice.

"So I told him how it was to deal with it and so beautiful ramchatym sazanchikom pound. I caught it on the fishing tackle

"Droplet", black with yellow dots in the middle. Motyl was her choice (he'd eat), but little wood to tackle was only 0.12 mm in diameter. What he pecked the middle of winter — I do not know. Maybe it this thaw confused hit: decided that spring started? This assumption is the story and I have completed. He listened and said yes to me, a kind yawn''

—  All this fishing tale! No more. Carp in the winter sleep.

—  Fie on him, clean doubting Thomas! Why, I'm not someone's tale retell. I myself caught the fish! "

Old Old fishing carp angler caught accidentally. A methodical fishing — matter that requires a systematic approach and a lot of time. At first look, and wintering habitat, then choose a place that catch fish. This place lure in a special way through the season. Fishing starts in about 3-5 days after the onset privazhivaniya fish. While angling

More often than not fall for carp in winter, not unkindly, with frequent thaws. Catch it in pervolede, and in the middle of winter, and in anticipation of spring. All cases of capture, which the author was a witness, took place during the day in clear, sunny weather, no wind or west or south wind.

In the field, lured carp can bite at any time of day. This is a brand name this family. They produce a variety of feeding habits in different reservoirs. Experienced anglers from the practice of the summer angling is known that the adjacent reservoirs these periods in carp and goldfish are absolutely not the same. Moreover, there is water in which the feeding just diametrically opposite: if one bite in the morning, then in the next — only at dusk. Fishing practices

Carp can be caught accidentally winter fishing rod, fishing tackle on, lure, float rod for vegetable packing. Game kivkovoy bait rods can be calculated, respectively, roach or perch. Catching lure more likely to occur in the river where the usual prey is wild carp — carp. On the first ice it quite often caught in hibernation pits perch silver spoons (generally light colors) or bilateral.

Purposefully carp caught on float tackle with special vegetation (eg, Boyle) and animals tips. The capture of large specimens is possible only by using very high quality fishing line or thin cord. Even in winter carp is not inclined to "sentimental" with a fisherman and is able to destroy the fishing line from the first push. Although cases of his apathetic behavior is also not uncommon. Sometimes, can be extracted from the wells on the line diameter 0.10-0.12 mm fish weighing 2-3 kg.


Incidental catches occur during normal bait aimed at luring roaches and consists of bread crumbs, chopped bloodworms or small worms.

Targeted angling carp begins with privazhivaniya, and then with the bait. For bait use complex components, approximately 95% consisting of "skeleton" (innutrient component) or that the fish do not get enough. Moreover, should seek to prevent the zakisaniya bait. It is understood that the number of the latter should be relatively small, and in the case of carp nepoedaniya her she could be eating other fish. The best option for stagnant water can be considered 300 g of bait per day. Its members include various necessarily appetite stimulants (available in specialty fishing shops). Without them difficult to get the fish to the sustained interest nozzles. Still, winter carp much more passive than in the summer, and their appetite is not always meet the expectations of anglers. Nozzles

Motyl, woodworm, maggot, caddis — nozzles, which at catching perch and roach, carp have enough in the winter. With a target of fishing as a nozzle used homemade gnocchi, homemade or branded boilies. As an example of the mixture for self-baits we present structure, which was published in the journal "Rybachte us" Matthias Vahholtsem and Andrea catfish Hager — German experts winter carp angling.

Recipe number 1

— 500 g of fish meal Mahin Protein Mix;

— 5-6 eggs;

— 3 ml Mega Sweetener (liquid sweetener);

— 1 tablespoon Appetit Stimulator Fruit (an appetite stimulant);

— 1 tablespoon mixture of Natural Food;

— 5 ml attractant Wild Milk;

— 5 ml attractant Tutti Frutti Nozzles are made as follows.

You must first beat the eggs, then gradually mixing in the other ingredients, knead the dough to a thickness that can be out of it to roll balls with a diameter of 1.5-2 cm balls are cooked in boiling water for 2 minutes. This will be the baits for winter carp angling.

We should not think that the recipe before you direct and guaranteed catch. Not at all. As practice shows, the most famous brand faultless baits can be completely ignored "domestic" carps. And there are sad examples not only for fishing in the river Kuzdryamke, but when trying to catch Boyle Akhtuba.

— So what's here put these lists attractants? — Demand starts fisher. — To make fun begins?

Not in the least. All of the above information, including the courtesy of Messrs. Vahhol-CEM and Hager, is very useful and very necessary novice angler, but not trying to blindly use the experience of others, and for their own developments. Deciding to cook your mixture should be well acquainted with the accessories and bait anglers are used in the area for many years and to which fish have become accustomed. Given this experience and using proven proprietary additives, you will achieve the desired result.


Jig, which happens to catch carp — is the average product of the hook № № 4-5. Known if caught 5-pound carp fishing tackle with a hook № 3,5 on national classification.

Lures light or bilateral, the value of 25 x 5 mm to 30 x 7 mm, with a dull hook soldered or anchors № № 7-10.

When using herbal tips and baits should be used for high quality carp hooks up to number 7. External difference — short shank. On packages of branded products is always a sign to confirm that this is the carp hooks. Biting and vyvazhi ming

Sometimes biting carp fishing tackle is not very different from biting bream. Raises bait fish from the bottom, clearly captures the nod. But it also happens that the biting and biting, but just a rough tearing jig adapted for fishing okunishek.

"- I sit myself catching sailor. Suddenly, Shasta! My rod almost stabbed the ice. Caught it, consider, in the hole. But keep failed. And to cope with the cursed when my little wood 0.1 mm! Just snapped. In this pond is usually the case closer to spring, and this mustachioed thief, you see, in mid-winter ozoruet.

Nibble on vegetable baits often looks like a strong pulls to one side. In this case, not stop Hooking carp He moves very quickly, often in circles around the hole. It may happen that the line reaches the dorsal fin and serrated like a saw, cut the thread of the first ray. In general, the main reception was hooked carp — a strong push from the overclocking attempt to go in depth into the supports. If you do not give him to turn his head from the hole, the line, which in the summer would not stand and 100-gram carp, copes with a stop even large fish. In this case, the angler must be sensitive within the fortress of his gear, and if necessary from time to time to let the fishing line, not weakening it. Fish gets tired pretty quickly, and after 5-15 minutes of walking on a sluggish vein may have to drag it to the hole. Bagorika presence is mandatory.

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