The plant is dangerous for white sheep

Once in a very long time ago it plant with small yellow flowers first found among the heather. It is well named — "growing among the heather," or, as it is called, perfoliate Hypericum (Hypericum perforatum). Why this plant is made menacing name? If St. John's wort is found in pastures in the mass or falls into the hay, it causes toxicity in animals whose fur is not painted. At the beginning, when they noticed a strange phenomenon, it explains the influence of supernatural forces.

Magical properties associated with St. John's wort it "wort." If you look at the light through the leaves of St. John's wort, well marked small, though-holes. This glands containing essential oil and freely transmit light. But these pieces of iron in the old days were not known. Therefore, it was customary to scatter (St. John's on the field, to protect crops from hail — "wort" hail plant is not dangerous and it will take its brunt. In Germany was a magical herb St. John's wort, hostile evil spirits, neither devils nor witches have no power over man wearing it with you as a mascot. Purple Hypericum juice was considered a charming way. folk belief told that St. John's wort came from blood or feather birds, brought fire from heaven to earth.

Centuries passed, and superstitions of my mind. Scientists have been able to explain the unusual action St. John's wort on white animals. It turned out that in his juice contains a fluorescent pigment giperatsin who, under the influence of sunlight causes toxic action those places the animal's skin that are not painted. In sheep, horses and cattle with white markings on the skin under the influence of St. John's wort appears dermatitis, stomatitis, and burns to the ground, lacking pigmentation. In order to free the animals from the harmful effects of hypericum, and white spotted animal had to repaint black.

In folk medicine, St. John's believed the cure for ninety nine diseases. It contains tannins and is used for tanning leather. He is also a good dye: stem, leaves and blossoms make a red dye for wool, silk and cotton fabrics. If we add to the juice broth Hypericum sorrel, please, pale colors, and adding broth mint — orange-red. Of St. John's wort was obtained drug, called imaninom acting destructively by more than 40 species of microorganisms (even such antibiotic-resistant bacteria like tubercle bacillus). Remarkable effect observed with imaninom and improved drug — novoimaninom burns, including burns and eye, long non-healing wounds, frostbite. These drugs increased the Beast action other antibiotics.

How do I know it's poisonous to some organisms and highly useful for other plants in the forest?

The leaves of Hypericum small, sessile, from oval to oblong-linear, located opposite. At the ends of branches — the constellation of yellow flowers with five petals and stamens beams. Flowers regular, bisexual, with the upper ovary, five free sepals, have little balsamic odor. Tutsan perfoliate — a common plant in our forests, forest edges and clearings. It blooms from late May to September. Found almost everywhere except in the far north. This applies plant to the family. Trapping. Often seen and another close to it view — tutsan tetrahedral (N. quadrangulum) with square stems. Both species — perennial grasses.

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