The smell of fresh cucumber

The famous humorist, legendary Flemish Til Ulenshpi gel sitting in the tavern and did not order anything. Suddenly tavern owner approached him and demanded a fee for just that he inhaled odor roast. Eulenspiegel kept his head and paid him tinkling coins thrown into the air. Still, the delicious smell of the human diet is of great importance: it increases appetite and improves digestion.

How fragrant spring first greenhouse cucumbers! Le when many cucumbers, the smell is not so subtle. Now cucumbers everywhere prevalent. Meanwhile, their homeland — a distant India. In the old days, when the cucumbers were rare, the Turkish Sultan Mohammed II, brutal and greedy, once ordered to open the bellies of their seven court to find out which one of them ate one of those sent him a gift of cucumbers.

Journey through forests and fields in the spring and early summer, when cucumbers have not yet appeared, it is nice to smell and almost taste the young fresh cucumbers.

Spring in fields and vacant lots are plants with branched stems covered with sparse, bulging, stiff hairs. Its leaves are ovate, sit alternately on the stem, rarely, lower petiolate, upper cover stem base. The leaves are covered with hairs. Leaf margins crenate.

In June, the plant begins to bloom blue flowers. They have five fused sepals and five fused too pointy petals. From the middle of the flower stand with five stamens collected in a cone anthers, like potatoes. In August fruitlets appear with four wrinkled brown nuts.

This plant has the smell of cucumber. If a piece of paper with your fingers to rub, feel odor young cucumbers. It is called plant borage, or Borage — "Borrago" (Borrago of ficinalis).

But borage is also called "the joy of the heart", "joy", "heart flower"These names originate from the ancient time reasonable. Roman naturalist Pliny wrote that the leaves and flowers of borage was added to the wine to give it properties," laughing men and women, to drive away all sadness, boredom and melancholy. "

During campaigns Roman soldiers have given ogurech ing grass to excite courage. As the legions of Caesar, even sang a song: "Fortified borage, I always go boldly …"

And the Crusaders fought to drink wine, to insist on the leaves of cucumber herb.

In the XV century botanical book written that borage flowers "used everywhere to easily become the heart, rose and disappeared caring state of mind."

Fresh flowers of borage put in cold drinks and eat candied form. Borage used in medicine for rheumatism, catarrh, skin diseases, neurosis heart and as a sedative.

The leaves and shoots are a refreshing, slightly tangy taste. At carved leaves, seasoned with vinegar, oil, or only with the pour, taste and smell reminiscent of cucumber salad. Borage put in a salad, potatoes and stuffing in a pie.

Once borage planted in gardens, and now, this culture has been forgotten.

Cucumber grass well propagated by seeds, which preserves the viability of up to eight years.

Take care, dear reader, the restoration of a forgotten culture, to always something very prized plants.

One family with borage — plant Lungwort, growing in deciduous forests and at their edges. By autumn, the rhizome lungwort delayed starch and starch spring Xia turns into sugar, which feeds new growth. As soon as the snow melts and will not have time even to dissolve the leaves on the trees, one of the first blooms lungwort. Flowers in her special, and their color changes. First, there are flowers of red, then purple, and finally blue. One plant can be seen in a bunch of flowers inflorescence flowers of different colors. Gamopetalous flower with five lobes, calyx quinquepartite; stamens five and one pistil. Ovate leaves with white spots.

The whole plant is covered with hairs, O why borage family known for some time the family shershavolistnyh.

The smell of fresh cucumber
Lungwort drug

Bees are also called pulmonary grass. And the scientific name pulmonariya offitsinalis (Pulmonaria officinalis) is derived from the Latin word "pulmo", that is "easy".

In folk medicine use in the treatment of Bees le gochnyh disease and pulmonary tuberculosis in children. That's why she is called "offitsinalis" that is "drug".

But, in addition, Lungwort — edible plant. In the spring of her bottom leaves can be cooked salad, soup. In England and the Scandinavian countries are bred Bees as cultural expression for the lettuce plants. This is the plant with the flowers change color.

From the family Boraginaceae should remember me-nots with elegant sky-blue flowers and fragrant purple color ki Peruvian heliotrope growing in the flower beds of our gardens.

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