Useful tips about mushrooms

MushroomsDo not eat too many mushrooms (in whatever form that may be). Although edible mushrooms and tasty, though they require a good digestion the best mushrooms, eaten in immoderate amounts, can cause people with low and irregular digestion difficult and even dangerous indigestion.

The aging of mushrooms before cooking them, you should always remove the lower, spore-bearing, layer hats: the plate of mushrooms — a plate with sponge — sponge, which in most of the mature mushroom becomes soft and can be easily separated from the cap. Mature spores contained in a variety of plates and sponge mushroom ripe, almost digested.

Clean mushrooms have 30 minutes to put in cold water to otmokli adhering to them sand, leaves, and rinse thoroughly 2-3 times, each time pouring fresh water. Well into it add a little salt — it will help get rid of worms in mushrooms.

In the shady depths of fungi less than Piglet sunlight.

Do not try raw mushrooms.

Do not use in food-ripe, slimy, flabby, wormy and damaged mushrooms.

Remember false honey: do not take mushrooms with brightly colored hat.

Mushrooms are well preserved, if for a few hours to soak in cold water, then cut off the contaminated part of the legs, washed in water with the addition of citric acid. After this mushroom broth with expanded into glass jars and store in a cool place. Of these mushrooms can cook various dishes and sauces.

Do not pick and eat mushrooms at the base of which there tuberous thickening (as a red mushroom), and do not try them.

Morels and lines necessary to boil and rinse with hot water.

Mushrooms mlechniki before salting or eating fresh boiled or long soak.

Raw mushrooms float, cooked — sink to the bottom.

When cleaning the fresh mushrooms cut only the bottom, pollution, part of the leg.

In Maslov remove top skin hats.

Do morel cap cut from the leg, soaked for an hour in cold water, washed thoroughly, changing the water 2-3 times, and boil in salted water for 10-15 minutes. Broth in food do not use.

Mushroom cooked soups and sauces are delicious when salted and pickled. With any method of cooking, do not change the inherent color and flavor.

Only mushroom broth and mushrooms can be used. Even a small amount of broth enhances any dish.

Boletus and aspen for soups are not suitable, since they make it darker teas. They are fried, stewed, salted and pickled.

Shiitake mushrooms and is used mainly for pickling.

Russules roasted and salted.

Honey roasted. Small caps of these mushrooms are very tasty when salted and pickled.

Chanterelles are never wormy. They are fried, salted and pickled.

Before stewed mushrooms fried.

Mushrooms should fill cream only after they are well roasted, or boiled mushrooms are obtained.

Mushrooms have such a delicate flavor and aroma that adding spice to them ostropahnuschih only impairs the flavor. They are the only one of its kind fungi that imeyutlegky, slightly sour taste.

A native Russian food, like mushrooms, better fill with sunflower oil. It is fried mushrooms all tubular and russula, chanterelles, mushrooms. It is also used salted mushrooms and volnushki. Oil is filled glass jars with marinated mushrooms and butter mushrooms to thin layer protects it from mold marinade.

Do not leave for a long time fresh mushrooms, they appear dangerous to the health and even the life of the substance. Immediately loop and start to cook. At the very least put them in a colander or sieve and enamel pan, uncovered, in the refrigerator, but no more than a day and a half.

Mushrooms picked in the rain, especially perishable. If you leave them in the basket for a few hours, they will soften, become unfit for use. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare them immediately. But ready mushroom dishes can be stored for a long time — they spoil.

To clean mushrooms is not blackened, put them in salted water, add a little vinegar.

With syroezhek easily peel, if the pre-rinse with boiling water.

With oil before cooking, always remove slimy film.

Spices in the marinade put only when he finally cleared of foam.

To marinade of boletus aspen mushrooms and not blackened, before cooking douse them with boiling water, soak in the water for 10 minutes, rinse, and then cook in the usual way.

To peeled mushrooms not darkened, they are placed in a slightly acidic lemon or citric acid water.

Be aware of the possibility of botulism and other bacterial diseases in the event of a breach of hygiene in canning of mushrooms.

Jars of pickled and salted mushrooms do not roll metal covers this can lead to botulism microbe. It is quite enough to cover the bank's two sheets of paper — a simple and waxed, tightly tie and put in a cool place.

For drying taken youngish strong mushrooms. They are sorted and cleaned of adhering earth, but do not wash.

The white mushrooms cut legs fully or partially, so that there are not more than half. Dry them separately.

In aspen mushrooms and boletus-legs cut off, and the entire mushroom is cut vertically in half or into 4 pieces.

Pickle can all edible mushrooms, but more often this is done using only the plate, as the tubular pickling mushrooms become flabby.

Marinated boletus aspen mushrooms and not turn black if before cooking rinse mushrooms with boiling water, stand in the water for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

To marinade was bright and clear, it is necessary during cooking to remove the foam.

Pickled mushrooms can not be stored in the heat, and can not be frozen: in both cases, they darken.

Store dried mushrooms in a sealed container, or evaporate fragrance.

If the dried mushrooms in storage crumble, do not throw the crumbs. Interpret them into a powder and store in a well-stoppered glass jar in a cool, dry place. Of this powder can be prepared in mushroom sauce and broth.

Dried mushrooms well hold several hours in salted milk — they will become as fresh.

Dried mushrooms significantly better absorbed if they are ground into a powder. From such a mushroom meal you can cook soups, stews, add steamed vegetables and meat.

Dried chanterelles better boiled soft, if the water to add a little baking soda.

Mushrooms containing latex — volnushki, blackie, butterflies, mushrooms, podgruzdi, shaft and other ambassador to boil or soak to remove the bitter, irritating stomach substance. After scalding rinse with cold water.

Lines and morels before cooking it is necessary to boil for 7-10 minutes, broth (it contains poison) pour. After that mushrooms can be boiled or fried.

Chanterelles and shaft before marinating boil in salted water for 25 minutes, flip a sieve and rinse. Then put in a pan, cover with the necessary quantity of water and vinegar, add salt and boil again.

Cook mushrooms in marinade need 10-25 minutes. Mushrooms are considered to be ready when they begin to sink to the bottom, and the brine becomes transparent.

Pickled mushrooms supposed to store in a cool place and thus make sure that there was no mold. From time to time, the fabric and the circle in which they are covered, should be washed in hot, lightly salted water.

Marinated mushrooms should be stored in a cool place. In the case of mold, all the mushrooms should be folded in a colander and rinse with boiling water, and then make a new marinade, boil it and mushrooms, put them into clean jars, cover with oil and cover with paper.

Dried mushrooms easily absorb moisture from the air, so they should be stored in a dry place in water proof bags or tightly closed containers.

Pickling mushrooms do not disparage a dill. Boldly put it, pickling butter mushrooms, salting russula, chanterelles, Val. But mushrooms, mushrooms, butterflies and volnushki better pickle without herbs. Their natural scent pleasant dill.

Do not forget the horseradish. The leaves and roots of horseradish, put in the mushrooms, not just give them a spicy sharpness, but protects against raskisaniya.

Green twigs of black currant give mushroom flavor, and the leaves of cherry and oak — delicious fragility and strength.

Most fungi better without onion pickle. It quickly loses its flavor, easily turns sour. Chop onion (can be green) only in salted mushrooms, and mushrooms, as well as mushrooms and marinated mushrooms.

Bay leaf, thrown into cooking mushrooms and borovichki, give them a special flavor. Put in the marinade as a little cinnamon, cloves, star anise.

Store pickled mushrooms at 2-10 ° C. At higher temperatures, they turn sour, become soft, even moldy and eating them is impossible. In rural and garden owners storage problem is solved simply pickled mushrooms — it uses the cellar. City residents must also add salt as much mushrooms, as you can put in the fridge. On the balcony of the winter they freeze, and would have to throw it away.

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