What to do after a tick bite?

With the arrival of spring warmth and outdoorsy people Kebab-stay awake and are active in the lives of young inhabitants of forests, parks and meadows — ticks.

Scientists predict that this year will sharply increase the probability of contracting tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease (Lyme disease). Because that's what this year is the peak of biological activity of most of the population of ixodid (Ixodidae) ticks that cause these diseases.

In the summer of 2009 there will be more adult mites. But next year will be more of the larvae, which means less risk to humans.

How to protect yourself from ticks?
1.Prezhde all you need to say that there are vaccines against tick-borne encephalitis. Vaccination is carried out in clinics from November to December. Against borreliosis vaccine has not yet been fully clinically tested, so it is not used.

2.Kleschi like damp shady places with dense grass or artisanal greens. Orient themselves to the smell of human mites and animals on this, they like to settle along the trails and tracks. Accordingly, in such areas need to be especially vigilant.

3.Klesch attacking the man crawling on clothing up to the open places, and bites into the skin, usually in the neck, head or armpit. According to this, going for a vacation in the country, as far as possible to protect the skin clothing (long sleeves, tight sleeves, pants tucked into socks, hood or other head covering). And the very clothes treated (for 5 minutes before putting on) one of the drugs: Permanon, Reftamid taiga, Tornado, anti-mite, Picnic, anti-mite spray Gardeks extreme, Gardeks, anti-mite, anti-mite-Fumitox.

4.The skin can be used: Reftamid maximum Off! Extreme Beebe, Gull RET, RET-Gal-cells, Defi-Taiga, Deta-VOKKO. Descriptions of recommended outline for a closed circle around the chest, ankles and wrists.

5.Dlya children Ftalar, Efkalat, Kamarant, Pihtal, Evital, Off-child, Biba-gel.

If sucking mite should happen:
Initial consultation is always available by phone 03. To remove a tick is likely you will be referred to the district SES or area trauma center.

It should be borne in mind that the likelihood of tick-borne encephalitis virus depends on the number of penetrating in the "bite" tick (that is, the time during which the mite was able to suck), removing glaring parasite is an immediate event! If you do not have to ask for help in the honey. institution, the mites have to remove yourself.

With self removing the tick, follow these guidelines: sturdy thread, as close as possible to the proboscis tick tied in a knot, the tick is removed by pulling it straight up. Sudden movements are not allowed.

If when you remove the tick came off his head, which looks like a black dot, the place sucking rubbed with cotton or gauze soaked in alcohol, and then remove the head with a sterile needle (pre-annealed in the fire). So, how do you remove the usual splinter.

Tick removal should be performed with caution, without squeezing the hands of his body, because it would tick squeezing content with pathogens into the wound. It is important not to break when you remove the tick — the remaining part of the skin can cause inflammation and suppuration.

It is worth considering that the head of the tick in the separation process of infection can continue, as in the salivary glands and ducts, there is a significant concentration of the virus.

If it is determined that you are bitten by a tick encephalitis, then within 72 hours you must enter immunoglobulin. Most importantly, do not be late.

So, when planning outdoor recreation or travel to the country, find out the address of sanitary-epidemiological point where you will be able to help. If near the forest, the danger is real and large. And it's better to take care of your health and the health of others.

Protection for three years
Protect against tick-borne encephalitis can. There is a vaccine against dangerous diseases. Unfortunately, immunoprophylaxis of it is not included in the national immunization schedule. You can only to take care of themselves. Domestic vaccine costs 150 rubles. To generate immunity against tick-borne encephalitis, should take the full course of three vaccinations. After the first dose only in 60-70% of cases, the result is achieved. Therefore, a second vaccination, and then — third.

Doctors recommend every three years revaccination. Since the time of antibody level drops. In our country, there are four vaccines specified Karganova, two domestic and two imported.

This is a second-generation vaccine, they are harmless and non-allergenic. Although children after domestic vaccine during the first day may have a fever. This is a normal reaction. The only contraindication — allergic to chicken protein. In any case be sure to consult a doctor.

Vaccinated people develop antibodies only against tick-borne encephalitis. Of Lyme borreliosis and other infections that are carried mites, no vaccine protects. Of Lyme borreliosis priviki not and therefore the number of cases is five times higher than the tick-borne encephalitis. But this disease is not dangerous beyond his bylvaet deaths is treated with antibiotics and does not lead to disability. The man raised the temperature light, but that is usually all over.

Vaccinated or not — everyone's rights, but people vaccinated after a tick bite do not get sick. In the worst case a small temperature rise. And after a few days all somptomy pass. If at this time ill not do the analysis, people do not even guess that ill encephalitis.

Symptoms of tick-borne encephalitis

After the tick bite within 7 — 30 days may not be symptoms, or may be going weakness in the muscles of the arms, legs, neck.

After 7 — 30 days, raising the temperature to 38 — 40 ° C, which is held, depending on the severity of the disease, within 2-14 days.

Either it is a two-wavelength, with a break at normal temperature.

Severe headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, photophobia, sometimes hallucinations, confusion, stupor (Confusion).

Muscle pain, numbness in hands, feet, face, significant muscle weakness, seizures, movement disorders, seizures, paralysis.

Symptoms of tick-borne borreliosis:

After the tick bite within 2 — 30 days may not be symptoms.

After 2 — 30 days appears to bite a round or oval spot of bright red, sometimes several cyanotic. It begins to grow, expand, and can become very large. At this time, the central part becomes pale and slick looks in the form of a ring. After 15 -20 days pales and peripheral part and stain disappears. Along with a spot can be fever, headache., Nausea, pain in the joints.

After 2-3 months of the month after a tick bite may appear to disappear on the skin in different parts of red spots or nodes. There is a constant pain in the joints, pain, irregular heart, muscle weakness, seizures, and paresis.

A year after the bite — chronic damage to the nervous system, heart, joints and skin.

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