What was in the reeds. Chapter 9

I moved cautiously on the aisle, close to the point that it had to push hard and move mostly sideways. A minute later I was all in a lather. There probably should as far as possible to describe what Aral reeds, or else do not understand. They say — thin as a reed, so this is not exactly about the Aral reeds. Old canes immediately powerful, thick, four or five feet tall, but most importantly — to grow up tightly that places the gun barrel between them prosunesh no, not that most go through. A solid wall of unknown thickness.

In this wall here, I finally and rested. Had a pass, but all over. Nevprotyk. We had to turn back.

By the time I struggled to all sweating and barely pushed his way between two walls, and the little zverel. Well, I think I get out to the old place and waiting in ambush for SOCA Oleg, shooting in front of a fan of the stomach — I suppose, fell in his pants and run. Do not get hit, but the scare scared. So I had to do from the start, Well, who knew him …

And then, in the midst of evil pictures and dreams, I boomed nearly waist-deep in some Yamin, full of cold water. To be honest, I get the wind up of large, zahlopotal arms and legs twitching and barely crawled out of Troubled Water mixed with mud on a more or less solid. Stood, panting and muttering, "You know what, darling? But it seems that you are lost, like a lamb in the forest, and no not the lamb, and the ass with a pen … There was in fact no holes, and now there is. Where the left? Where is the right? Where is waiting in ambush? Which channel? Where is all that I ask you? "And what is there to answer, I'm spinning in complete darkness, groping, nothing but the reeds in the face, not seen, and they were, in truth, not what he saw, but rather mentally guess what they were. From above, even the moon is not made its way through this thicket. Then the angel of God to hell get lost.

I started to move cautiously on this unfamiliar image is not clear where the trail, and after a while sostupil into another pit. Again emerged already in the mood of near panic. Barely talked myself again smile that same half-smile of the Buddha and it seemed to calm down. In the end, not in Siberia in the ice cold sorokogradusnuyu failed. I had an episode they were young, and then climbed, though, to be precise, one pulled out. But where is he now, my druzhban, Sanya? No it; generally no — died recently … Cheerful, we thought, however. Okay, we will think of your head. Poke already will not need, and need to wait out the night here, wait light, but we'll see.

Siberia is not Siberia, but it was damn cold and wet, in boots get water almost to the top. Have to move, make their nests. I threw the gun behind his back, pulled his Bebutov and began to cut cane. Very long time to cut, but he did not fall, he was nowhere to fall, but I still cut and cut, because what else could be my moves? It's not up to a clever plan, know yourself and Slash Slash … hundred and eighty, one hundred voesemdesyat one, one hundred eighty-two … W-hell, even used a bit and flattened to his left leg Zlatoust blade. Only this was not enough …

And then, when I was busy, one by one, with an appointed interval, knocked three shots, but it is very far away, and most importantly, no matter how I turned the head, guess which side they are heard, it was not any of my strength — one shot appeared on the right, with a completely different kind of the opposite end. Those damned reeds, like a fog or wool, the sound muffled and mutilated, and wind it belongs. I glanced at the luminous dial of his watch commander — a quarter to twelve. All the guys will now move off to the camp to look for me here at night, no one will, a futile exercise. Should at least let them know that I'm alive, let go with God. I raised the gun to his shoulder, leaned back and fired body straight up, counted ten seconds and fired again. Ringing in his ears — rumble in the enclosed space was deafening.

Order. I let the guys, we need to continue to arrange. In half an hour cutting these solid, like a tree, Kamyshin it was possible to stack them, knead for themselves, and I cut and cut until it rammed a decent bunch, which laid the rifle and other belongings and climbed up himself. Somehow, after acrobatic effort, pulled hard beetle-crusher, squeezed foot wraps, rubbed dry reed brooms feet. Became easier. "Life has become better, life has become more joyous," I muttered. Live in, Stalin quote. Do not worry, the next time will be Churchill.

Because I cut a decent circle, was now visible piece of the sky, but there's nothing good will happen. Somewhere pulled shapeless Tucek, and through them sometimes leaked watery moon twilight so pointless winked forgotten star mnadtsatoy value. That's the whole landscape. Where the moon is unclear. And in general it is unclear where the what and why, but I have said about it.

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