Xylophaga like poison, bait and food

PerlovitsaIn different parts of the world, some fishermen use of native plants (roots, leaves, juice, etc.) for fish poisoning or intoxication that it rose to the surface where it can then be easily assembled. Most of these plants native to southern and tropical climate and geographical zones. For example:

  • derris shrub and tree Barrington — from Southeast Asia to Australia
  • desert rose — Africa and the Arabian Peninsula
  • juice Assaku bush, shoots of many species of vines and Timbo lonhokarpus, tree roots brabasko — South America
  • ptitsemlechnik and goat's rue Virginia — North Amerika.Na same territory of the CIS countries have only one plant is suitable for such purposes — mullein Jungar, which grows in the mountains of Central Asia, at altitudes up to 2600 meters. Therefore, the probability that they are in an extreme situation you find, identify and be able to use one of the above plants — is negligible. A more realistic way (Only in extreme situations really desperate!) poison fish, and then collect it, use for food — do it with conventional shells of bivalve shellfish (molluscs). Besides meat shell itself is suitable for use as food or bait to catch fish. However we present everything in order …..

    Shells as food

    Almost all are considered edible clams fresh and brackish waters, ie rivers, streams, wetlands, lakes and seas — such as for example:

  • Mussel — from 8 to 20 cm, are found at the bottom of the standing and slowly flowing water with muddy bottoms
  • Perlovitsy — from 5 to 10 cm, live mainly in running water, in water with a sandy soil
  • Sharovka — 2 to 3 cm in the sand and mud of various reservoirs, almost round and yellow or yellow-brown
  • etc.
  • Preference for human consumption should be given perlovitse that difficult to find the paths that it leaves moving along the bottom. At the end of this track is normally visible prominent hump — and there is a ground zaryvshiysya clam. Or sometimes it is enough just to test the bare foot bottom and find solid ribbed surface, it will shell-perlovitsy in favorable conditions for 10-15 minutes you can gather them more buckets. When searching for and collecting seashells with caution — the half shell are very sharp and can easily hurt you.
  • You should not take clams that if you touch them do not close their doors tightly. This may reflect the fact that they are dead. Freshwater mussels are often infected with parasites, and so they should be good boil thoroughly to destroy themselves of parasites and their eggs, besides being a natural filter shells of bottom water can accumulate a heavy metal.
  • Recipe for bivalve shells is simple. Spread them as close to the fire gap up, after a while the shells open. In the new shell find the "comb" — is the edible part of the shell, cut it with a knife and fry on a fire. If there is a pot, then shells, pre wash, can be boiled in the shells and after leaf unfold, cut all the meat and eat it. Or first stop cut muscle, putting his knife through the crack between the doors, and then varit.Dazhe caught in a clean, well water can vary perlovitsy give slime. In the presence of salt, for a better taste, the meat should be cooked in shell sunflower.

    Shells as bait to catch fish

    Shell-perlovitsa perfect for catching tench, bream, carp, catfish, large carp and many other fish. We reveal a shell of the above methods, to separate the meat from the wings with a knife and stick on the hook.

    Shellfish like poison to catch fish

    Mollusk shells partly of special nitrogen-like chitin substance — conchiolin, usually impregnated with lime. It is this lime and can poison fish, but first it must get themselves out of shells. To do this: 1. Collect seashells in an amount equal to the volume of 4.5 buckets 2. Reveal the sink and scrub them from the intestines, which can be used as bait or for food (see above) 3. Treated Bivalve shellfish shells break and grind the stones, the smaller — the better, almost to powder 4. The resulting powder was mixed with charcoal in a ratio of 1:1 5. Burn the mixture over high fire until it begins to grow brown, and then — turn white 6. When the mixture starts to become white — remove from heat 7. The resulting lime throw into the water and wait until the pop-up fish

    A few important notes:

  • The described method of fishing is illegal, so is only valid in the extreme, threatening the health and life situations!
  • Fish poisoned like lime — is safe for human consumption!
  • The method is only effective in any standing or weak over the water!
  • If this method is used in closed basins, you can destroy all the fish there and thus deprive himself of the power supply for the future!
  • However, if the bait fish in a natural or man-made coastal backwaters, then soon it will recover the usual number of fish!
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