Zope — fish with a blue back

Blue bream (Abramis ballerus) — widely representative bream. He looks very similar to its wide-telogo relative. Its name, this fish received a distinctly blue scales on the back and above the lateral line. Of bream it easy to distinguish the shape of the mouth: the mouth too zope retractable, a tube, but the top, allowing you to take a writing surface. In contrast to the bream, blue bream never goes into the salt or brackish water, is found only in large, fairly full-flowing rivers and reservoirs. As is the case with roaches, large artificial reservoirs zope found better conditions than they were in the river, and began to grow rapidly. This is due to the fact that in the reservoirs zooplankton — the staple food of the fish — usually more abundant and varied than in the river.

Zope not as widespread as his older kinsman bream, but in a place where he lives, it is a common fish in the catches of anglers. Especially numerous in the reservoirs of the basin of the Black, Caspian and Azov seas.

The value of the fish is typically less than 40 cm and weighs 0.5 kg. In large reservoirs occasionally come across instances of a mass of 1 kg. Winter zope active lifestyle and caught throughout the season. Biting in the middle of winter can be unreliable, but if there is, that is.


Zope caught from deep wells, and can often see his movement during the day toward the shallows and back into the depths. Anticipate this movement is simple, but this process is usually strongly affected fishermen. The noise on the ice scares zope, and it moves under the ice during the day happens to be very fast, causing the crowd anglers chasing them


around the pond. At night, the fish can be fed at different depths, preferring a step and rough bottom areas. While angling

Zope caught all day. Biting is activated in the afternoon and evening, before dark. And at this time can be quite a way out of fish, when taken without compromise almost every tool and anglers can only catch!

By nightfall, after a pause, biting zope can last all night. Night fishing in this fish bite can bring a large roach and white bream.

Methods of fishing

Catch zope both regular kivkovuyu bait, and the "garland" — so called bait on which is mounted a few mormyshkas (usually two or three), sometimes with foot sinker. This gear is popular on rivers of the Black and Azov Seas.

If people fish for a prominent, then assemble gear follows. At the end of the line have a weight (often heavier fishing tackle), and above it — 2-3 leash with small jig fitted with a crank or a maggot, worm or moth larva Burdock. The length of the leash should not be less than 100 mm, otherwise the nozzles are not as attractive and play for less.

Night angling is no different from catching bream. Similarly, pre-prepared place prikarmlivaya 3-4 points, set the tent and arranged for the night. You should use no more than 1-2 float rod and one kivkovoy. Yes, and this set the active biting may be superfluous, significantly complicating th even preventing a successful fishing trip. Catch, not only from the bottom, but slightly raised nozzle tip within 3-4 cm


Good bait can serve frozen in briquette feed bloodworms or boiled mormysh. Lure makes sense only where there is a guarantee that you immediately after being caught the first fish is not cut away. Zope does not like the noise and moving away from such a place right away.


Attachments for the zope — bloodworm, woodworm, worm larvae moles. In large reservoirs, where there are numerous clusters of amphipods, and use it. In this case, you can stick mormysha either alone or simultaneously with the mo

tylem. Good results from the shell peeled scud. Great treat for zope — maggots. Today, this accessory can be purchased in the store at any time of year. Peck at her larger fish. Unlike bloodworms, whitebait can not pull off the hook and maggots Fishing does not interfere. Decoys

The most common bait — jig. The form may be different, but more often caught in oblong — "drop", "ovsinku", "doll" of copper wire. When angling from a depth of 5-8 m excellent results show glowing lures. They are especially appropriate for angling without attachments. The best color for them, lemon, orange or green. Color jig used with a nozzle — black, brown, green, with 1-2 orange or yellow stripes.

Biting and vyvazhivanii

Nibble zope not sharp, but it is strong enough. With proper placement of nozzles Hooking is not working. But if the joker wearing stocking and a free edge, the contents zope can suck so accurately that fisher did not notice.

Vyvazhivanii large catch angler can bring disappointment. Zope — is a strong fish and pererezyvanie line on the bottom edge of the wells in such cases are not uncommon. To avoid this, you need to have with the Flyers to prevent fishing line from such trouble.

Experienced anglers have on the behavior of fish caught determine the direction of motion of the pack. Zope, hooked, with enough slack pulls angler makes the first move after the neighbors.

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