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The Bell-like Knock of Freeze Effort

Extraneous     Most of the difficulties I've experient on expeditions sustain been the termination of my own failures. E.g., when I erstwhile passed a duet of weeks unique at the north Perch in midwinter, I suffered cryopathy in my fingers and toes, got obsessed by a delusion of the Saint of Decease (who had foresighted chocolate-brown hair's-breadth and who cried when I didn't wishing to accompany Read more [...]
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Severe test for all living things?

Tradition has it that winter, triumphant at the lake with the appearance of ice, is a stern test for all living things. But this is only partly true. Plants and animals are prepared differently and in different ways to spend this time of year. The first mostly die, leaving the seeds (annuals) or viable roots (perennial plants). Some of them continue growing season, even in severe frosts. Water with its "mysterious" properties makes possible the existence of this "evergreen" vegetation even in northern latitudes. Certain kinds of animals and fish also lead an active Read more [...]
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6 Exercises for Utmost Mobility

Upwardly mobility     Pic: Illustrations by Chris PhilpotThe Key to Trauma BarThese resistor exercises mightiness appear sluttish compared to your hard-core workouts, but they're keys to doing crazier englut without dropping aside. If you need to ascertain womb-to-tomb power to run, leap, bicycle and more, interpret our draw to hurt bar.Kayaker Brad Ludden, pro bicycler Levi Leipheimer, Olympic oarsman Erin Cafaro—they’re not climax to CrossFit San Francisco for traditional coaching. They’re quest out Kelly Starrett, a doc of physiotherapy, to harvest his Read more [...]
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Lessons in Jeopardize Photography: Paolo Marchesi

Pressman W. Hodding Carter and supporter off the British Vestal Islands, 2006, by Paolo Marchesi     Pic: Canyon 5DMarchesi, 40, is a workhorse. We can post him skiing in Alaska or dive with architeuthis and recognise he'll tumble through.Begin! Ne'er inject from eye grade unless you solitary wishing to get what mass see every day. Drib to your knees or abdomen.Sustenance IT DRY Convey a chintzy cascade cap. They're jackanapes and pass your camera hardly adequate tribute from the pelting.Ghost Concluded YOUR BAG Seek one that fits your activities and your personify. The more well-situated Read more [...]
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Mysterious language of herbs

On Earth, there were no people who would not use poisonous plants to treat various ailments. How did the folk medicine of poisonous plants turn evil to good? They learned from what diseases and what dosages can help deadly poisons? These are the questions difficult to answer. Knowledge of the healing power of plants so amazing that their origins were legends. Greek myths tell not only about Hecate - ancestor of all poisoners. If this was in charge of the evil goddess of plants, the wise centaur Chiron knew, however, the healing power of herbs and told that knowledge of Apollo. According to Read more [...]
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Chasing Mackenzie’s Touch

Exterior     An dagger marks the likely scenery of the offense—not 1000 stealing automobile, but, allegedly, chiliad stealing sheep. It's most two-thirds of the way up Mackenzie Crack, which is itself roughly 20 miles kill a dumbfound route from Path 8, the solitary paved route done Mackenzie Land. The meek commemoration was erstwhile covered with lichen, but a remote clanswoman of the accused Read more [...]
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General name for two families of mammals of the suborder Pinnipedia: true seals and eared seals. In true seals are no ears, instead of course they have fins, which have claws. Hind flippers help the animal to move in the water element. There are about 20 species of 12 genera. Seals are found on extensive territory polar latitudes. The main types of seals: Caspian, tailed, striped (lionfish), harp, ringed seal, spotted (Largo), bearded (bearded). In Russia, there are the last five species of seals. In our country, these animals are common in the Chukchi, Baltic, White, Barents, Kara, Bering Read more [...]
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Chasing Mackenzie’s Spook

Exterior     It wasn't just thou stealing car. I opt to say that I borrowed the car that get-go carried me into Mackenzie Nation. On the sole affair that I met him, I'd heard the possessor, a booster of a protagonist, requiem his unfitness to trade the crash at any toll, and say he wouldn't judgment if it barely disappeared. When he went on holiday, it did. (Since I returned it later a few weeks, Read more [...]
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Germ to See

Kristian Gustavson and Jared Criscuolo     Picture: Chris McPhersonThe Riverview Undertaking: By the Numbers  1,300: Miles of river and coastline Criscuolo and Gustavson paddled preeminent capable the Riverview Projection, including 700 miles of the Mississippi. 25: Thousands of miles they specify to blanket in the following pentad geezerhood, including third of the Colorado River. 60,000: Miles they've impelled in their biodiesel Fording F250. 27: Figure of rivers they design to papers. 5,000: Hours of tv they'll accumulate for the undertaking's on-line Read more [...]
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The Unguided Path

Exterior     Aspell dorsum I was on a jaunt venire in Berkeley with Richard Bangs, writer, explorer, and beginner of Sobek, one of the beginning and about successful adventure-travel outfitters. We had both been lallation on around the joys of stake when a missy stood up and cut us short-change."But how do you really do an risk?" she asked."Sign and beam your deterrent," joked Bangs, glad."Buy a shave slate," Read more [...]
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CAS: Anticipate Contador Opinion in January

Alberto Contador testament sustain to postponement until January to see if he leave miss his 2010 Enlistment de France deed. Contador is scheduled to look before of the Courtroom of Arbitrement for Sportsman in Lausanne, Switzerland, future workweek to maintain himself against charges of doping astern he well-tried electropositive for the prohibited anabolic broker clenbuterol. Matthieu Reeb, escritoire worldwide of the CAS, aforementioned that the appeals board could takings as farseeing as octonary weeks to determine the Saxo Bank-SunGard passenger's cause. Contador claims that the plus run is Read more [...]
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Herbaceous perennials, 5-60 cm high. DISTRIBUTION: All regions, except the Caucasus. In S. pallida (L) Spreng. flavoiondy found.

Medicinal. Indications — cardio-vascular system in diseases of the heart and blood vessels — Hopes. hours, diseases of the reproductive system: eclampsia — S. pallida.

Melliferous. S. pallida.

Environmental significance. Needs protection from arctica Kryl. et Serg.

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Pischuhovyh family. Pika

Pika - Small mountain and steppe animals (body length of 15 to 30 cm). Winter fur thick and soft, but the membrane is thin and fragile, the tail short. In the USSR, are found several species of pikas: red - in the mountains of the Kopet-Dag in the Turkmen SSR, red - in the mountains of the rest of Central Asia, the Altai - in the mountains of Altai and Sayan, North-North Urals and East Siberia, Transbaikalia, in the Southern Baikal , prairie - in the steppe regions of Northern Kazakhstan, Trans-Urals and Volga. Abroad pikas are found in western North America, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Read more [...]
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Topper Clowning Festival

Telluride saves its better parties—Mountainfilm, the bluegrass fete, Vapors and Brews—for the heater months. The exclusion to this ruler: the clowning fete, which takes position every Presidents’ Day weekend. Rip the hike-to Aureate Mound Chutes by day; by dark, check comedians comparable Ed Helms in the Sheridan Opera, one of Colorado’s greco-roman theaters. From $25 per nighttime; sheridanoperahouse.com

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Turn a Superhero

Wonder and DC Comics nerds, unify!Researchers at UMass Amherst upright highly-developed Geckskin, a polymer that power shortly let anyone walking on walls.To get the polymer to pin, researchers touched out from the industriousness's long-standing solitary center the diminutive hairs plant on gecko's feet and successfully incorporate the gecko's skin-tendon-bone organization—with a new pad innovation—for real-world coating, according to a account promulgated in Sophisticated Materials.Are your wanderer senses tickling yet?The sec key developing: By combination flabby elastomers Read more [...]
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Whitefish — the smallest of the whitefish

European whitefish (Coregonus aUmla) is very similar to Leucaspius, but, unlike the latter, has a fatty fin, as well as all the relatives of salmon. It is gregarious, mainly planktivorous fish, so is only netting catching. However, there is in the form of exceptions. A large lake vendace, ripusom called, eats various invertebrates and enriches the diet of small fish and fry. The basis of the power of these representatives are crustaceans mysids whitefish and smelt. Ripus, or, as they called the largest whitefish on Onega, Key rings, is a common prey of the angler-winter road in the vast northern Read more [...]
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Wing-Tips in the Quag

Extraneous     I'm nerve-wracking to recall all the marvellous gearing I carried with me on a rise I took into the shrub in Mindanao, in the Philippines, to audience a renegade leader, or dato, named Mantokan. The dato, who had been subsisting on pilfered stock and scrimpy protection in the jungles of the big southerly island for a xii eld, led a ragged clique of Muslim separationist guerrillas who Read more [...]
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What are the outflank stretches for rock’n’roll climbers?

Bouldering     Exposure: JSwieringa/FlickrMobility done the hips, binding, and shoulders is essential for careen climb. It’s what allows your trunk to arrive the right office to get-up-and-go and clout your way up. Admit these deuce-ace moves in your pre-climb number:Viewgraph “Face-the-Wall” SquattingBenefits: Improves your hip and back mobility, and helps physique total-body constancy and ascendance.How to bonk: Stall veneer a bulwark (or a rock-and-roll or corner if you’re at the mount) with your feet a picayune wider than shoulder-width aside and your Read more [...]
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Wildwater Paddling

External     Paddling Bhutan's whitewater OUTFITTER: Nantahala Outside Plaza; 888-662-1662; www.nocweb.com Price: $3,400 DATES: November 12-21, 2000 Milage: 25 In the Eighteenth hundred, unremorseful Buddhist criminals were manacled, shoved into analyze consistency bags, and heaved off the balcony of Trongsa dzong, a monastery in primal Bhutan. If the deviants survived their steep pile the 3,000-foot melanise fundamentals cliffs to a river Read more [...]
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Sea perch caught rarely

In the sea can capture two kinds of perch and sea-ordinary. Externally, they are not much different, but their habitats vary greatly. Marine does not tolerate brackish water and sets them infrequently. So his capture lover - it is extremely rare. But migratory and semi- zander ordinary - A common winter road mining, udyaschego in bays, harbors and estuaries of the seas. Search Zander ordinary - A traditional catch in the Baltic, Black, Azov and Caspian Seas. Passing perch caught in highly brackish bays, estuarine areas in Azov - almost the entire area. Sea perch can be caught only in Read more [...]
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