Machete Tramontina CAMPING

Tramontina Machete Brazilian company became the most popular in the CIS. Do not require a permit to carry knives are sold everywhere from kiosks to hypermarkets, with a budget price they were companions of many tourists, survivalist, and ordinary citizens. How justified buying machete for our latitude. This trainers "Phoenix" and decided to find out.

For example, was purchased for $ 20 (Though in the shops the price reaches up to 61 units) model CAMPING. Blade length of 30 cm, 12 cm handle, blade thickness 2mm. On top of the saw blade is wavy and a groove for breaking wire. Machete is equipped with plastic sheath, which taped camouflage tkanyu.Vot as vendors submit their products: "Great machete, indispensable in the jungle and forest. It is easy to cut down and pererubaet branches in the air, it is not realistic to make an ax. 20 cm diameter tree falls with the help of such a machete, about 5 minutes. Does not apply to melee weapons. Material — high-quality stainless steel. "

Well, about the jungle do not undertake to judge, but in the forest conditions tested. And that's what we've got …Tramontina machete

Green small branches with a machete and the truth cuts the weight just fine, but the same thing is easy to do and the usual ax. But in the dry it is in contrast to the ax just stuck, low weight and thin blade does not do the job. Okay, let's try on a bush. It failed both, ax, not a machete, just thin branches bend under the blows of losing their bark. Slightly better result in cutting reeds and sedges, but the strength to be a hayfield Nemer. Yes, our forests with dense shrub is not a soft jungle vines.

Try to test the machete drovozagotovke. Green twig diameter of 3 cm machete pererublivaet easily with one hit, but for the same diameter, dry them already need three or four. Axe is equally easy Ruban and green and dry. We tried to cut the dead tree with a diameter of 20 cm, but after 10 minutes has cut only one-third barrel gave it up, dovaliv tree with an ax in a few minutes.

Tramontina macheteTramontina machete

a) Green line b) Dry branch

Purpose Saw remained a mystery. It is not sawing wood, badly cut rope. Most likely just an ornament or for those who are very diligent and patient. Groove for breaking wire test fails, the instructions have shown that they can break down the barbed wire, but, alas, the diameter of the whole "spikes" that we met, exceeded the width. One can see it is designed for the Brazilian wire.

Tramontina macheteFinally, after all the trials examined the blade sharpening. However, have a look what's wrong with a machete after a half-hour loggingTramontina machete
That "high-quality stainless steel." The bottom line is, machetes quite lives up to its name and is suitable only to impress friends when frying at a picnic or barbecue scare met each mushroom. Since it is impossible to cut through the through the brush, cut wood, used as a saw. The blade and holds an edge in cutting dry wood starts to crumble out. Perhaps it will have a psychological support for single travelers, but in practical terms it is useless.

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