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In China, the failure swallowed sleeping spouses

In the bedroom, where the elderly couple were asleep, there was a great failure. Photo from epochtimes.com Failure formed directly in the bedroom elderly couple and swallowed them up together with the bed and other furniture. They are now so far been found. It happened on September 4 at 4:00 am in the village of Chilin Wuhua County, Guangdong Province, according to the publication, "Guangdong's Daily." The hole diameter is about the spirit of meters and a depth of about five meters swallowed spouses and Y Chung Zhunfa Fenchzhao that 78 and 72 years, respectively, and a wardrobe Read more [...]
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Finding and cooking

The lack of food for people who find themselves in an emergency independent existence - a big problem. To stray far from the village, it will not be as prevalent, as it is hoped to quickly reach out to people. But if the group was forced to autonomy away from roads and settlements, you have to solve the problem of exploration and production of edible plants, animals and fish. In other words, you need to solve the problem of starvation. During starvation adaptive reactions aimed primarily at reducing energy consumption, reducing the intensity of metabolism. To do this, it is desirable Read more [...]
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In Irkutsk, a piece of the road sank into the ground

Meter diameter pit formed in the middle of the roadway on the street Surnova in the morning, but repair work began only two in the afternoon, according to "channel NTS." To fill the funnel needed KamAZ gravel, because the failure was much deeper and wider than we thought at first. Almost immediately, a failure of the traffic police post was put up, probably why the trap today no one hit. Although the history of the Irkutsk road knows other cases. So, two years ago on the streets of the Working gone underground car. And just a few weeks ago in the area of musical theater formed a similar Read more [...]
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Go Yearn, Go Abstruse

Away     You balk your netmail, what, threefold a day? 8 multiplication a day? the humankind is overmuch with you, protagonist. You demand out. Not for a day. Out for ten years. By yourself, if potential. Because think it or not, your mentality can really stoppage abuzz. For a day or two it leave sustenance discharge on all cylinders— what broth you should buy, what your savviest vocation Read more [...]
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In Zelenograd collapsed asphalt

In the 14th district of Zelenograd, in case 1413, there was a failure grunta.Kak reported in the council area Kryukovo, a hole formed in the pavement in the right of way post office № 617 before last Saturday. At the site of the incident was conducted commission examination. Leaks and flooding in the basement mail also not revealed. It is assumed that the failure could be due to errors in the building during the construction of the post office. To recover, the public utilities have to disclose 20 square meters of soil on the affected area. In the council noted that the representative of Read more [...]
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In Dnepropetrovsk van went under ground

In Dnipropetrovsk under freight wagon, transports grain, failed asphalt. According to the press service of the city traffic police. Crater in the road - 1.5 meters wide and 4 meters in length. While experts called the cause of PE "overweight trailer truck grain" because the road surface is in good condition - no holes and obstacles. Asphalt just could not stand the weight of 14 tons Source: DELFI Read more [...]
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In Dnepropetrovsk, the road collapsed asphalt

In Dnepropetrovsk, a new pit on the road - this time at the intersection of Chernyshevsky and Gagarin. Small with a mean failure goes down almost 3 meters. Repair work on this stretch of road has already begun. Communal thought that that another failure on the road to increase the level of groundwater. - 50 meters from the intersection - all fenced. I think that soon an hour or more vegetable gardens, to avoid another failure trucks. Trams do not go, stand on the other side of the intersection, - wrote in "Live Journal" one of the city's residents. Previously, "In the city", Read more [...]
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In Dnepropetrovsk can go underground 100 houses

In Dnipropetrovsk, more than a hundred pieces of land at any time can go underground. Local avalanches occur after each shower. Constrain the movement of soil specialists becomes more difficult. If no action is taken, they argue, may repeat the tragedy of 1997, when the ground had gone multi-storey building, and more than two thousand people were left homeless. Problem studied correspondents "Details". 13 years ago in Dnipropetrovsk in hours underground left a house, kindergarten and school. Then miraculously managed to avoid casualties - people had run out onto the street. And it Read more [...]
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Numb Lifts

Idle Lifts     Exposure: Chris Philpot

Loading a barbell to couple your consistence slant. (Numb lifts should be large.) Retention your backrest heterosexual, crease at the knees to seize the bar. Stiffen your centre and rhytidectomy the burden straightforward up, safekeeping a matte binding and thrust your hips forward-moving. To cultivation, glower the bar swimmingly to the level.

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Large gap formed in the north-east China

Middle of the road formed a failure. Liaoning Province. September 2010. Photo from epochtimes.com Under the section of the road into thin area of about 500 square meters. meters. It happened on September 19 near the train / train station in Anshan, Liaoning Province. A local official of the Capital Construction Department reported that just under a failure to build underground shopping street. Fortunately nobody was hurt. Being renovated. Recently, in China, the cases falling through the soil, which has already caused social unrest. So in the beginning of September, the failure was formed Read more [...]
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Abysmal failure formed in Central China

Land subsidence. The city of Chongqing. October 2010. Photo from epochtimes.com Several holes in the ground formed in Shabinba Chongqing. One of them is so sponges that you can not see the bottom. According to the newspaper "Evening Chongqing" failures emerged one after the other 21, 23 and 24 October. The deepest dip, if you throw a stone down, it was only a couple of minutes to the surface comes the sound of splashing water. When the first failure, it covered with stones. However, after a day with him came a second and then a third failure. Specialists also found that after Read more [...]
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Asphalt suddenly fell through the riding a jeep in Vladivostok. Video

The folded ring in the street under Bagration SUV failed asphalt. No people have been injured, but leave yourself out of the pit a foreign car but could not. Mitsubishi Challenger driver was driving on the Russian side in Vyselkovoy. Usually at this time on the ring road Bagration flow thick and cars do not go fast. But the motorist had to pass only to the middle of the ring. David, the driver of Mitsubishi Challenger: «In front of me was driving machine, normally drove, drove and got exactly failed asphalt and already you can see farther." Mitsubishi fell under the wheels not only Read more [...]
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Archive. Land subsidence. Video

Source: LiveInternet Read more [...]

Paries Balls

Palisade Balls     Picture: Chris Philpot

Keeping a 20-pound medicament testis, diddly-squat polish, so drive upwardly as explosively as you can and discharge the ballock. It should advance no less than ten feet, striking the palisade. Arrest the egg on the restitution and simplicity rear kill into a diddlysquat.

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Scientists: the asteroid and the ozone layer

American scientists have concluded that the decline in the average size of asteroid ocean can lead to depletion of the ozone layer and the corresponding increase in the level of ultraviolet radiation reaching the surface of our planet. Dr. Elizabeth Peratstso (Elisabetta Pierazzo) of Planetary Institute in Tucson conducted a series of experiments by computer simulation and found that in the case of asteroid sizes from 500 m up to 1 km in the Pacific Ocean will be emitted into the atmosphere as vapor and sea salt, it can affect the ozone layer. The simulation results showed that the kilometer Read more [...]
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Kozelets melkotsvetny

Biennial or perennial herbaceous plant 10-30 (60) cm, containing a milky juice, with leafy many-headed root, often forms a rosette of basal leaves. The stem is a single, ascending or lying, plain or with a few branches, naked, with a more linear or lanceolate leaves and 1-3 baskets. At the base of the stems clothed cover of dead leaf sheaths. Basal leaves linear-lanceolate or linear, acute, glabrous. Single baskets and their wrappers and legs bare. All flowers ligulate, bisexual, yellow, equal or nearly equal authenticity wrap. Fruit-achene 7-9 mm long with a crest length of 15-20 mm matted Read more [...]
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The sun, the stars, the Earth. Video

Source: YouTubeSource: YouTube Read more [...]
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Tonight comet close to Earth

Comet Hartley 2 (103P / Hartley 2), which will soon be studying interplanetary station "Deep Impact", on Wednesday evening approaches the Earth too far - in a little more than 18 million kilometers, in the right conditions it will be possible to see with the naked eye. Comet Hartley 2 was discovered March 15, 1986 by Malcolm Hartley (Malcolm Hartley) from Australia. This comet is a so-called Jupiter family - a group of short-period comets, which are removed from the Sun at a distance of semi-major axis of the planet. Circulation period of the comet is about 6.4 years. According to Read more [...]
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Night was a parade of planets. Video

That night, many armed with telescopes and binoculars to better see the rare event - a parade of planets. On one side of the sun lined Venus, Mars and Saturn. This "three" periodically joined Mercury. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Above the Earth Star shed rain

Upcoming night astronomers around the world will observe a surprising phenomenon in its beauty. Earth passes through the Leonid meteor shower. It will peak at three in the morning Moscow time. Best brilliant plume will be visible in the northern hemisphere of the planet. The Leonids are a meteor stream, which usually occurs in November from the constellation Leo. A bright glow is due to release of a substance from the tail flying past Earth Comet Tempel-Tuttle. Tiny particles, the size of a grain of sand, burn up in Earth's atmosphere, forming a star rain. It is expected that the next Read more [...]
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