System fixed ropes

The next problem to be solved group - fixing release rope and reliable business insurance, braking for landing, and accompanied by all group members. Usually to secure a fastening prefer a system of several interlocked hooks (Fig. 30a, b), and often do not pay attention to the projections, although three or four loops of rope, wrapped around the protrusion is not as effective as kryuchevaya system. When determining where insurance and fixed ropes we must first look around and try to implement the consolidation of a ledge, only in the absence of suitable projections should begin to resort to kryuchevomu Read more [...]
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Storm in the Novgorod region on July 29 threw five million cubic meters of wood

About five million cubic meters of timber felled in the Novgorod region storm on July 29, most of the damage came in Lyubytinsky district, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday a representative of the regional administration. Previously, the administration reported that the storm knocked about one million cubic meters of wood. "As a result of field surveys and processing the information obtained by means of spacecraft found that forests affected an area of about 57 000 hectares," - said the source. The source estimated a loss even to name the amount of damage. At the moment, the wind felled Read more [...]
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Storm warning: Karl in the Gulf of Mexico became a hurricane

Three hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean Tropical storm "Karl" raging in the Gulf of Mexico and has brought showers to the Yucatan Peninsula, on Thursday increased to the first category of hurricane risk on a scale Saffir-Simpson said in a statement on the website of the National Center of forecasting hurricanes in Miami (USA). According to meteorologists, the epicenter of the storm is now about 500 kilometers to the southeast of the Mexican city of Tuxpan (coastal state of Veracruz). The cyclone is moving west at a speed of 19 kilometers per hour. Wind force at the center of the hurricane Read more [...]
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Storm wave height of 10 meters is expected off Kamchatka

© RIA Novosti. Mikhail Tsyganov Storm wave height of 10 meters is expected on Monday in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Kamchatka, told RIA Novosti press service of the Far Eastern regional center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. "According to the units Hydrometeorology, in the Pacific Ocean is expected to dangerous phenomenon - excitement height of 8-10 meters," - said the source. According to him, experts predict the Far Eastern Center for monitoring and forecasting of Russian Emergencies Ministry, may cause accidents and damage to the vessels in the waters of the Bering and Read more [...]
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The storm broke the power in Primorye

Six villages with a population of more than 1,700 people were left without electricity due to the storm that raged for two days of Primorye. According to the press service of the Far Eastern Primorye branch distribution company, squally wind, snow buildup on the wires of power lines and trees on the boundaries of rides led to a wire break in many places. As a result of bad weather disrupted three transmission lines for 76 miles.Currently, restoration works are at least 30 teams of repairmen who will detect a wire break in a remote taiga, ITAR-TASS reported. Source:  Times Online, The first Read more [...]
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The Trip-Finder*

Extraneous     THE Tripper: ALASKA: Commencement origin of the Kurupa River THE Itinerary: Tercet years tramp the 7,000-foot peaks of the Brooks Orbit cheeseparing the root of the Kurupa, followed by septenary years exploring the full distance of the never-before-paddled river by inflatable canoe, finish off at the Colville River, 110 miles to the northwards. WHEN TO GO: Venerable Difficultness StrainingTraveling Consultive Read more [...]
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The storm covered the New Zealand. Video. Picture story

A storm the size of Australia Cover with New ZealandSource:, TVNZ, Read more [...]
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Storm on the Black Sea has killed six people

The storm continued in the Black Sea resort of Yalta in the area on Sunday stranding four bodies of drowned people. In the Ukrainian Emergencies Ministry specified that the person has already established three victims perished Minsker, a native Gurzuf and tourist from Lugansk. The body of a fourth man drowned while not recognized. Earlier "" reported that on Sunday morning near Alushta Kursk sank two residents - they have been washed away in a sea wave. Rescuers Crimean emergency department so far found the body of one of the drowned. Source: Read more [...]
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Regard the Rutabaga

Away     Genuine stake involves a sure quantity of volatility. Who wagerer to school us on treatment encounters with the flaky than Gõran Kropp, the Vitaliser Bunny expeditioner and self-proclaimed "Gaga Rutabaga" who in 1996 rode his bike 8,580 miles from his motherland to Wax Everest, summited without o, so cycled cover house. We latterly tracked refine the 32-year-old phenom in Read more [...]
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Teasel bristly

Biennial plant height from 40 to 150 cm, with a ribbed faceted erect branching stems. The leaves are opposite, oblong, pointed, serrated edge, ciliated, basal - whole, with petioles, stem - sessile, pinnatifid. Flowers are in terminal inflorescence - spherical head diameter of 2-3 cm Involucre lanceolate, acuminate. Bracts are similar in shape to the wrapper leaves, elongated greenish-black bristly beard reaching scales with 15-20 mm in length. The flowers are yellowish-white, corolla tube length and four-limb. Stamens four. Fruit - achene. Blooms in June and July, the fruits ripen in July Read more [...]
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The storm dumped a barge Taganrog and ship Photon ashore in Sochi. Video. Photo

Five-point storm tore off the multi-ton ship anchor and threw it on the pier. The incident occurred on the waterfront of Adler. Huge waves dumped on a barge pier "Taganrog". The ship is almost demolished part of the mall. Fortunately, there were no casualties. - The vessel was anchored at night, a violent storm blew off and the anchor as a chip - told Life News Seaport in Sochi. - Barge aground with such force that she carried part of the pier, did not enter into it. Usually at this point a lot of walking tourists, it is the center of the city. However, fortunately, the bad weather Read more [...]
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Cyclone from the Baltic is cool and destruction

In the Leningrad region declared a storm warning. Powerful cyclone moves from Finland. There's a strong wind and heavy rain raged yesterday. Leningrad region is still recovering from a storm two weeks ago, when 10 people were killed and six are still considered missing. Therefore, the approach of the new barrage is followed with attention. At St. Petersburg is a hurricane. The last, as it turned out only now, 13 people killedIn the Leningrad region declared a storm warning. After the events of the night of 29 to 30 July, when the hurricane swept away centuries-old trees, cars, and Read more [...]
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Cyclone extending along the Pacific coast of Russia, has a Sakhalin, Kamchatka and Magadan region

Powerful cyclone passing along the Pacific coast of Russia, hits on Monday on Sakhalin, Kamchatka and Magadan region. Storm keeps the castle ferry Vanino-Kholmsk passing by the Tatar Strait (north of the Sea of Japan). In Kamchatka, the day-delayed departure of the plane "Aeroflot" to the peninsula from Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport. Prompt warning of the occurrence of the elements on Monday morning was Magadan, Okhotsk Sea off the coast of her rages and threatens transport and fishing vessels. Manager Sakhalin Shipping Company said that the height of the waves in the Tatar Strait Read more [...]
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Hurricane Karl hit in Mexico. Video. Picture story

In Mexico and the U.S. Hurricane. There are deadOn the coast of Mexico, Hurricane Karl. Its top speed - 185 miles per hour. Despite the fact that the population is notified in advance, Karl took the lives of two people - they died in the rubble of his house.Most of the elements got the state of Vera Cruz. In port cities can be observed six-meter waves and torrential rains. Severed power lines, damaged hundreds of homes. Such a storm is not seen for several decades. On the eve of a powerful tropical storm attacked and the largest city in the United States. In New York, dozens of wind Read more [...]
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Hurricane Igor has increased in the Atlantic to the 4th category of danger

"Igor" is the fourth in the Atlantic began on June 1 hurricane season 2010 Hurricane "Igor", formed in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa near the Cape Verde Islands, increased to category four hurricane risk on a scale Saffir-Simpson, said on Sunday, Reuters referring to the National Hurricane Center forecast in Miami (USA). According to meteorologists, the strength of wind gusts at the center of the storm is 215 miles per hour. At the moment, "Igor" is about 1.8 thousand kilometers to the east of the Caribbean Leeward Islands (along the coast of Venezuela) Read more [...]
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Tropical storm Paula formed off the coast of Honduras (updated)

Tropical storm "Paula" @ NASA / JPL, Ed Olsen Tropical storm "Paula" was formed on Tuesday night in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Honduras, according to the National Hurricane Center forecast in Miami (USA). "Paula" at the beginning June 1 in the Atlantic hurricane season was the 16th in a row by the storm, which was named. Now, according to meteorologists, the wind speed in its epicenter was 95 kilometers per hour. "Paula" is located at 210 kilometers northeast of the Honduran island Guanaha and moving to the north-west towards Mexico's Yucatan Read more [...]
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Tropical storm Paula unleashed heavy rain to the Cuban capital. Video

Tropical storm "Paula" on Thursday unleashed heavy rains and gusty winds to the Cuban capital. Many streets, including major thoroughfares of the city, have been completely or partially submerged, there are power outages. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Fat Tourists Intend Larger Horses

Westerly wranglers bear a yearn chronicle of profiting from tourists quest to get a discernment of the horseman life-style, but complete the yesteryear decennary they've had progressively fuss fill saddles. Not for deficiency of occupation, but because the tourists who made their issue Westward were, advantageously, too big to drive. The answer? Larger horses. Muster horses, which the Associated Pressure calls "the diesels of the cavalry humanity," became democratic during the Industrial Gyration, when they were primitively victimized for lowering project such as ploughing and moving Read more [...]
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Tropical storm Nicole. Picture story

Tropical storm "Nicole", which was formed at the beginning of the week in the Atlantic, swept over Jamaica (leaving behind destruction, 12 missing and two dead), Cuba (information on casualties or damage not) and yesterday reached the north-eastern coast of the United States. In North Carolina has five dead in Pennsylvania - six. The rain continued all day on October 1, many airports were temporarily closed.Source: Read more [...]
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Rhode SETARIA P. Beauv. — Foxtail.

Annuals, herbaceous perennials, 10-100 cm tall. Distribution: all regions except the Arctic. In the experiment, the broth Subtitle. h urine output increases by 48%, the leaves reduce urine output by 6%. Contain alkaloids, carbohydrates, and higher fatty acid established structure. Allocated fixed oil to 6.2% of the fruits S. viridis (L.) P. Beauv. Discovered polysaccharides vntamii C. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - healing wounds - Subtitle. hours, benefits, diuretic - Hopes. h S. viridis. Indications - kidney and urinary tract: renal diseases and bladder diseases of the digestive system: Read more [...]
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