Bangladesh: Their most dry season rainfall over the last decade

Bangladesh has experienced the driest monsoon season in the last decade, according to AFP. And this is happening against the background of the fact that in neighboring India and Pakistan are heavy rains, causing terrible floods. (See also?: Dlobal warming accelerates the water cycle) Rainy season in Bangladesh from June to September. This year, during this time there fell only 139.4 inches of rain, which is 20% less than promised weatherman. On average, during this period, about 172 inches of rain falls. Last year dropped 165 cm The last time such a dry rainy season was in Bangladesh in 1994. "On Read more [...]
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Amazon in Peru record shoaled

The water level in the Amazon in the north-west of Peru fell to a record low for the last 40 years, the. As reported in the country's Bureau of Meteorology, the cause was established here an unusually long period of dry weather without any rain. At least six large merchant ships can not go up to the city of Iquitos - the largest port of the Peruvian Amazon with a population of over 400,000 people, according to BBC News. The water level is lowered to the level of 106 meters: it is 50 centimeters below the previous low, recorded in 2005. Iquitos, as well as several Peruvian cities, located Read more [...]
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Amazon is experiencing the most severe drought

Brazil's government sends 13,500,000 dollars in emergency aid the Amazon region, suffering from the most severe drought in decades. In Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state, the water level today is the lowest since 1963. The rainy season here usually begins in November. 27 municipalities declared a state of emergency: a few tributaries of the Amazon dry completely paralyzing shipping and put an end to fishing. Government funds will be allocated for the purchase of pumps and water treatment systems, as well as the delivery of food in the village, cut off from the world due to the drop in Read more [...]
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Storm in Finland. Video. Photo

These dramatic images were captured a few minutes before a heavy storm, which hit Finland. In the foreground is clearly visible as the sky darkens over the capital. In Pori, where the festival took place heavy music forty people were injured from the storm. Strong wind and lightning heavily damaged scene, tents, fences, and acoustic equipment. Organizers said in a statement: "This was a heavy blow to the festival in Pori." About 40 people were injured, two of them seriously. The wounded were taken to hospital for treatment. On the 2-day festival Sonisphere sehalis 30,000 people Read more [...]
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Wind storm felled trees and power lines in northern Britain

In the north of England and Wales and in Northern Ireland and Scotland, with the approach of night, weather conditions have deteriorated sharply. Thursday evening in the Welsh county of Gwynedd speed north-west wind, which was down trees and power lines, reached 115 km / h But forecasters predict its gain in the next few hours up to 130 km / h In Yorkshire - the historic district of north-east England - already there was one significant incident - the wind felled a tree fell on a car. Two people who were in the cabin, were hospitalized. The condition of one of them is serious. Dealt a serious Read more [...]
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Fly Sportfishing 2000

Away     Don't be cowed by pitch fetishists and land squires. Proceeds our scavenge and commonsensical advice on tools, proficiency, and chary pit, and plunge your superfly into the ruffle.Lighten: It's the casting, dazed.By Ian FrazierFishville: Ten fly-friendly towns on the banks of waters foaming with trout.By Nate HoogeveenA Trout's Inmost Desires: It's all astir determination his quilt partition, cocker.By Ding LyonsThe Alone Fly You Pauperism: Chernobyl Ant of Two-baser Bunny, ma'am?By Florence WilliamsWhat Burns My Ass: Evaluate not, dry-fly prig, lest ye sustain the ire of Read more [...]
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Gale de-energized thousands of homes in Estonia

About 1.5 thousand houses in Estonia as of Tuesday evening, are still without power after gale force winds, the press-service energy company Eesti Energia. Stormy wind speed reaches 30 meters per second, on Tuesday afternoon left without electricity for more than 3.4 thousand houses in Estonia, particularly affected suburbs of Tallinn, where they were knocked out two substations and lost 2000 electricity customers. By evening, the element of calm and maintenance crews Eesti Energia and partner companies group is still addressing the problem. First eliminated violations Medium voltage faced Read more [...]
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Gale de-energized in the two districts of the Rostov region

Almost 2.5 thousand residents of Rostov region remained without electricity on Friday night because of the squally wind, dangling power lines in two areas. On the eve of MOE sent to subscribers of mobile networks storm warning - that the wind is expected to 30 meters per second. Prediction came true, and late at night in the Rostov region hosted a perfect storm. As the press service of the department for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations of the Rostov region, the most affected areas of the Azov and de Sales. In the Azov district at midnight was completely off electricity Read more [...]
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Gale and snowstorm hit the Yamal

Squally wind and snowstorm hit Friday October 1 at the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, the press service of Ministry of Emergency Situations of the region. "On the territory of Yamal, a dangerous meteorological phenomena, blizzard, ice, wind from north-east to south 8-13 meters per second, with gusts up to 18-23 meters per second, "- said in a statement. EMERCOM of Russia on Yamal refers to residents of the District with an earnest request to limit access to the street children as possible to limit the use of vehicles. "During bad weather conditions increase the risk of fire. Read more [...]
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Gale in Belarus de-energized 433 settlements

433 settlements have been powered down due to hurricane winds in Shchuchyn and Lida, Grodno region on the night of 8 August. In Shchuchyn electricity supply was interrupted and resumed at 1.30 to 2.50. In areas where power lines have been restored to 11.00. According to information in the National Weather Service BelaPAN in Shchuchyn was recorded a gust of wind 27 m / s. In this city for the night fell 20 mm of rain or 20 liters of water per square meter of area - 27% Monthly norm. Source: BelaPAN Read more [...]
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The storm left thousands without electricity for New Zealanders

A huge storm front hit New Zealand with wet snow, leaving thousands of people without electricity and breaking the roof of the stadium, said on Saturday the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC. According to preliminary data, the storm front that came from the west, from the Tasman Sea, the size of Australia. Wind gusts have reached hurricane force - 154 kilometers per hour in Auckland City in the far north of the country. Wind tore roofs from some homes, snapped power lines, and about 100 000 people on Friday night were without electricity for dinner Saturday at home 17000 people are still Read more [...]
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In Tobago, It’s All Beneficial

External     Have you heard the cry of the right chachalaca? Advantageously, neither had I. But complete our heads leastwise a twelve of the turkey-size, maniacally garish birds were unfirm almost on bromeliad-bearded branches, scream Co-co-rico! Co-co-rico! Something as continuant answered with a Tarzan-movie cry: Hur-rah hur-rah hur-rah! First-class for us. Astern snaking done bamboo and head-butting Read more [...]
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The storm left without electricity for about 25 thousand Novgorod

Wind storm that took place in Novgorod region on Sunday evening and on Monday night at a speed of up to 15-24 meters per second, left without electricity for about 25 thousand people, told RIA Novosti "Novgorodenergo." "As of 9:00 MSK, all or part of a de-energized 100 Transmission lines and over 800 settlements, mostly small villages, "- said the source. The most serious damage to objects registered in the energy economies Borovichi, Malovishersky, Moshensky, Novgorod, and Poddorskom Soletskom districts. Energized several social facilities, including several orphanages. Damage Read more [...]
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Storm Matthew threatens to become a hurricane off the coast of Central America

The next tropical storm of Atlantic hurricane season in 2010, which was named "Matthew» (Matthew), formed in the western Caribbean, the rate associated winds reach 65 miles per hour, said on Friday, Reuters referring to the National Hurricane Center in Miami forecast ( USA). Storm that the Sabbath could become a hurricane, sent to the coast of Central America and is currently located about 700 kilometers from Nicaragua. "Matthew" and could reach the Gulf of Mexico, where the majority of Mexican oil fields, the agency said. Victims struck earlier in September in Mexico Hurricane Read more [...]
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Richards Named Explorer of the Class

On Friday, Home Geographical named crampon and filmmaker Cory Richards their 2012 Explorer of the Yr in the climb class. Richards became the get-go American to concluded a overwinter ascension of an 8,000-meter bill when he climbed Gasherbrum II finale February. The honour capped a streamer hebdomad for Richards, whose picture Coldness swept the Banff Batch Cinema Fete on November 6th, taking awards for excellency in Sound Spot Output, Trump Mounting Picture, and the fete's Thou Trophy.  Learn more at Home Geographical Read more [...]
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