Forest fires rage in western Turkey. Video

Turetsky of Bergamo, in the province of Izmir, is the smoke. As a result of strong forest fire evacuation declared in the next five communities. People leave the home quickly, taking only what is needed. Now with the fire fighting about 500 rescuers to help them sent 10 helicopters. Strong wind fans the flames and interfering with firefighters. The police find out what caused the fire, reports NTV. Russian tourists have nothing to fear, the city of Bergama is located almost in 30 kilometers from the coast of the Aegean Sea, there are few tourists. Source: NTV Read more [...]
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A forest fire swept Canyon Colorado. Picture story

AIn spring fire raged in the canyon of Colorado, Colorado. More than 1,000 families have been evacuated. The fire spread through the forests and foothills in the more than 7,000 acres. Killed nine firefighters. Were destroyed by fire 63 building west of Boulder in the canyon Kalorado. Firefighting aviasluzhba engaged staff. A fire in a canyon Formyl stew with helicopters. In extinguishing the fire, nine firefighters who battled the uncontrollable fire, died. Although the wind died down and the temperature dropped by more than 10 degrees, firefighters were unable to control the all-consuming Read more [...]
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Pure Scuba

Out-of-door     Virginal AqualungThe U.S. Virtuous Islands are bats year-around, but rates are around tierce as expensive in sum-mertime: Pass foursome years and 3 nights in St. Croix at the lavish Carambola Beach Recourse for $690, including round-trip airfare from Washington, D.C., done Venerable 25. (From Chicago, the value is $790, Los Angeles, $930.) You can mountain-bike, horseback-ride, rise, Read more [...]
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Large fire rages in the Baikal National Park

© Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations KhMAO Fifty acres of forest burn in the Baikal National Park in the Irkutsk region, the Emergencies Ministry does not rule out that the area of the fire, despite the efforts of firemen may increase, according to the press service of the regional administration office. "He acts for the past two days, with an area at the moment - more than 50 acres. It is possible that the perimeter of the fire in the morning will increase further. Forces for fire suppression continues to increase. Staff involved Forestry Agency, the air base Read more [...]
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Vitamin deficiency and malnutrition

For normal functioning of the human body must receive not only from food proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. The lack of food of certain vitamins vitamin deficiency causes a corresponding and related diseases. So for example: Night blindness occurs when a lack of vitamin A. Its symptoms - reduction of visual acuity in the twilight, night blindness. Body skin is dry, scaly; in case of boils (ie, multiple abscesses on the body) need to eat more greens and liver of animals; at the first signs of scurvy, caused by lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), appears pale skin, cyanosis Read more [...]
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Kazakh fires again threaten the Altai Territory

© RIA Novosti. Alexander Alpatkin Fires in Kazakhstan once again threaten the Altai region - according to satellite monitoring, in Kazakhstan, registered more than 40 outbreaks of steppe fires, 19 of which are in close proximity to the border, said on Monday the boundary Forest Management. The report says that the earth and the Tretyakov Loktevskogo Altai Region is now a threat to fire, located 9 kilometers from the border. According to the Office, Altay management specialists is in continuous communication with the duty timber inspection of Kazakhstan, which assures that all possible measures Read more [...]
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How Can I Eat Heptad Servings of Yield and Vegetables?

Visualizing 7 servings of fruits and vegetables is no gentle task—as species disagree in sizing and victuals, we suffer worry visualizing evening one.     Photograph: alexis84/ThinkstockA:Ah, favourable bit septet: You're referring, course, to a late British survey in which mass who ate the about yield and vegetables on a day-after-day cornerstone (sevener or more portions, as outlined by the UK's Section of Wellness share sizes) had a 42 percentage rock-bottom peril of demise complete the class of eight-spot days when compared to those who ate less. And piece our own authorities Read more [...]
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In Colorado wildfires erupted again

Formyl Canyon (Fourmile Canyon) Foto: Jae C. Hong / AP Forest fires flared up again on Sunday in the U.S. state of Colorado. Just last week in Boulder County fire destroyed about 170 homes, spread to almost 2600 hectares. According to local authorities, because of the strong wind the fire spread with great speed, burning on his way home. During the day the area of fire increased by 15 times, now occupying an area of 240 hectares. Authorities began evacuating people from the neighboring villages. Of Boulder County are moved to Loveland and dozens of firefighting helicopters, according to ITAR-TASS.Damage Read more [...]
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In Khakassia because of forest fires blocked several roads

Inspector to Abaza blocked traffic at 189 km of the road "Abakan - Ak-Dovurak." Vehicle traveling towards the village with Kubayka Abaza banned because of the strong smoke caused by forest fires. Currently riding a forest fire rages in the ravine Karainskom, Ordzhonikidze district of Khakassia. Forest fire, a total of 10 acres, according to preliminary data, is 20 kilometers from the village Gaidar. "Employees Ordzhonikidze district traffic police closed traffic on the road," Ustinkin - Gaidar, "and near the village of Sarah in the direction of the famous in Khakassia Read more [...]
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Water barriers

Mountain rivers repeatedly blocked the way tourist groups. At times, they even made a raging torrent experienced hikers up on further travels, sometimes forcing them to wait for day, two, three. But not all have the courage to turn back time to wait. And then there is an accident ... Features mountain river due primarily to its power source (melting snowfields and glaciers). This affects the following characteristics of the river: 1. Change in the power flow. In the upper reaches of the power flow, and the depth of the channel is relatively small. The bed has an abundance of large Read more [...]
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Ulyanovsk region four days trying to put out a big forest fire. Video

Ulyanovsk region four days trying to put out a big forest fire. Last Day failed 3 times to reduce the area of fire. However, about 20 acres are on fire. As fire fighting continues in the Irkutsk region. There the day before the fire started in the Baikal National Park. By now it was possible to localize. Continue to smolder small pockets, sometimes burning brushwood. Now, the work of fire 43. Source: TV Center-Moscow Read more [...]
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In Samara region are burning wood. Video

Today, of the Samara region came hot news. After a short break for myself reminded wildfires. The fire rises to homes. Local administration sends to extinguish all the few forces. But quickly get to the islands of fire is almost impossible. NTV correspondent Mikhail Chernov transfers from the firing line. The forest around the town Bezenchuk off several days. In some places, the fire came close to homes. At risk to several villages. In villages Oleksandrivka Kanoevka and neighboring holiday village were preparing to evacuate residents. When the fire from the houses separated only a narrow Read more [...]
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In the Russian regions remain on four reserves and national park

One of the steppe and the three peat fire remains unquenched in four nature reserves and national parks in Russia, said on Thursday the Ministry of Environment. "Steppe fire was discovered in the Orenburg Reserve (Orenburg region) September 29, 2010. Area affected by the fire, was 2.5 thousand hectares. In firefighting activities involving employees of the reserve, two fire MOE calculation, local residents, special equipment, "- said in a statement. According to authorities, in Mordovia reserve and national park Mordvin "Smolny", as well as in the Oka Nature Reserve in the Read more [...]
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International     The Ferment: A piddling known fact: Smokejumpers with the Chest of State Managementand the Timberland Avail don't scarce chute into forests to competitiveness fires, they jump onto them—advisedly landing on lodgepole pines and sullen themselves pile to struggle tempestuous blazes with sole their Kevlar-reinforced jumpsuits for security. In their downtime, they patronise the free-weight lap and the stitching car (shoetree branches bring mayhem on filmy jump canopies).Clock Remote: 40­-80 percentage during the distinctive June­September flack temper, Read more [...]
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In Russia continue to burn six nature reserves and national parks

© RIA Novosti. Alexander Kryazhev Nine pockets of peat and forest fires with a total area 12.8 hectares registered in six nature reserves and national parks in Russia, the press service of Ministry of Natural Resources on Monday. "The nineteenth of September were identified fires in the area of one hectare in the national park" Buzuluksky Forest "(Orenburg and Samara regions) and in Visimsky Reserve (Sverdlovsk region) in an area of 6 acres within the boundaries of the mineralized bands in the previous fire. Quenching is conducted, "- said in a statement. Also, according Read more [...]
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In several areas of the Ulyanovsk region declared a state of emergency. Video

Forest fires are again reminded of themselves. In several areas of the Ulyanovsk region declared a state of emergency. The total area is 57 hectares of fires. And again in the Sverdlovsk region was a fire in the Visim reserve. Identifying reasons for the prosecutor's office has already taken. Now being tested and the requirement for fire safety. In addition, to the centers of the additional forces pulled together to extinguish the fire. Over the past day fire area increased to 10 hectares. Xenia Semisynova, propaganda chief inspector for emergency department of the Sverdlovsk region: Read more [...]
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In Krasnodar Territory raging forest fires

In Krasnodar Territory raging forest fires, it burns the grass and fallen leaves. Involved in the elimination of nearly 700 people, to help put out the fire helicopters. Total recorded 20 fires. You can reach them on foot, as they are located at higher elevations. Rescuers use backpack extinguishers, their work prevents strong smoke. Settlements no threat, betrays NTV.Specialists say with certainty that the fires occurred long after the November weekend. For four days, residents actively attended the woods, where left unquenched fires and throwing cigarettes. Source: NTV Broadcasting Krasnodar Read more [...]
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Stargaze Jobs

International     You could sustenance wedging mounting trips into yearn weekends, larceny moments from the employment workweek to patch your adjacent holiday outing, or revery roughly that river you've e'er cherished to run. But peradventure what you should very do is beginning exploring whether it's potential to shuffle a biography (and a sustenance) doing what you honey exterior—full-time.Near Read more [...]
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Valerian Volga

Perennial herb 40-80 cm tall light brown roots, stolons not. Stem erect, pubescent (especially at the bottom) small conical hairs (must be seen under a microscope), ends inflorescence. The leaves are almost bare bottom, with 3-6 (8) pairs of oblong-ovate or ovate-lanceolate lobes; share the edges jagged. Inflorescence initially crowded, later separated. Bracteoles 4-5 mm in length. Flowers 4-5.5 mm long, corolla pink, funnel-shaped. Fruit-volatile achene, glabrous or pubescent on the one hand, on the crest, which is about 1.5 times longer than the achene. Blooms in June and July, the fruits Read more [...]
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In Colorado, a wildfire destroyed 150 homes

About 3.5 thousand inhabitants of the American state of Colorado Boulder evacuated because of forest fires that swept arid areas near the city. The fire destroyed for about 150 homes, said on Thursday September 9 local authorities. According to the authorities of the city, is now to the west of the fire covered about 2.5 thousands of hectares of land. Despite the relatively small epicenter of the fire, he embraced the populated areas, which may result in major damage. Fire services are taking all necessary steps to extinguish the fire, but still can not get it under control. The specialists Read more [...]
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