Russian deputies gathered at an extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet, and Marshal Yazov ordered to withdraw from Moscow

Dawn broke. Night quickly receded, there comes a day brightened. I finally realized, "We - survived." I was told that Yazov declined further to participate in "Operation Thunder" ... At 7 am I was called by his deputy, General Achalov, said the position of Minister of Defence and his decision to begin withdrawing troops from Moscow. Asked to contact the reception of Defense leaders capital, Popova or Luzhkov - we must immediately begin the withdrawal of heavy equipment to the central squares and streets of Moscow, so you need to promote the city authorities ... By the morning Read more [...]
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August 19, I remember, somewhere in the evening, in one of the many a day of meetings with Yeltsin, he suddenly asked, "family care? I hid her. " I was taken aback. Replied, "No, did not think his wife and children in Medvedkovo, north of Moscow." The fact that after my departure from the Archangel to the country was the seizure group, I found only 22 of the words with her niece and daughter. It turned out that after the 'visit guests "they immediately went to our apartment in the city. Taken an interest in his family helpers evening of the 19th, I learned that Read more [...]
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Cellars White House

Huge windows Parliamentary Palace began to fade away one by one. Overall - darkness. Only my compartment is very bright as ever. I - in high spirits that surprises everyone who crowd here, constantly warping out of the office and out of it. Sergei Filatov comes - I had recently appointed executive secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet. He looks at me in surprise - apparently does not understand the reasons for my courage against the general mood of the inhabitants of a dull White House. Reported that all the members and the staff not involved in the outer ring of defense - on the Read more [...]
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Swot on the Barbarian Face

External     Now comes the backbreaking share, and Putsch knows it. "Thither's an ultimate fair prospect that we agnize virtually no sales," he says, relishing the endangerment ilk an Altoid. That, naturally, agency losing an tremendous investing yet and money. Of the $600,000 that Putsch attached by the eve of the OR display, $400,000 went toward the initial yield run. If all of it is Read more [...]
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Butterbur hybrid

Perennial herb 30-70 cm tall with long, thick rhizomes, tuberous thickened at the top. Stems are thick, with a diameter of 2 cm, cobwebby beloopushennye. The basal leaves are usually very large, 20-70 cm in length and width (width of equal length), rounded-cordate, lower gray-haired, by krayudvoyakozubchatye with long petioles. Baskets are generally dense racemose-paniculate inflorescence. The flowers are reddish, with a purple tinge, sometimes pale yellow, with the smell. Pistils of bisexual flowers on the top of globular thick, with short triangular lobes. Fruit - achene with pappus. Blooms Read more [...]
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Information and informal contacts in politics

The problem of the theory of official information, I was well known from the early days of my research work at the Academy of Sciences. But for the first time on the need to possess a special access to political information I have on my personal experience convinced three days of August, when we blocked the coup, the leaders of Russia, in the Parliament Palace. Become more clear as the all-powerful position of head of the KGB Kryuchkov, which prevented the implementation of our plans to establish a Russian secret service, like at least those that exist in all the Union republics, except the RSFSR. Read more [...]
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Yeltsin: Run away!

...About 1:00. At that moment, the door swings open - runs Korzhakov, shouting, "Ruslan Imranovich, faster to the president" - and then disappears. Assuming the worst, jump, telling his guests: "Follow me" - and he ran for president. In the waiting room - no, huge office empty. A guard stands at the other end of the office, at the door to the rest room, waving his hand at me, "Come here!" Pass to the elevator, go down, the door opens, enter the garage. I see are: Yeltsin, Petrov, Sukhanov, Ilyushin, Korzhakov someone else. Perambulate around a huge armored Yeltsin Read more [...]
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Popov and Luzhkov at the White House

Popov and Luzhkov (with his wife) came in about two hours, wet and tacky. Made their way on foot lanes on Gorky Street (Tverskaya), where there are building City Council, to us, on the waterfront. Overall - Tank. Trucks with soldiers and people scurrying between the tanks and trucks. Commandant patrols can not see - the new government seems to fear that people can attack them zavyazhutsya conflicts. Or more likely, the order for the curfew, which was given by General Kalinin, simply does not hold. I called to Yeltsin, told him that I have - Popov and Luzhkov, he would not want to meet them Read more [...]
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Chris Watson, Conditions Paper

Endure Paper     Picture: Courtesy of TouchingChris Watson was a initiation appendage of Floorshow Voltaire and the Hafler Deuce-ace, two influential UK post-punk groups, but for the preceding leash decades he has travelled the man as a voice recordist for the BBC. He ne'er stopped-up devising records: Stepping into the Wickedness and Inwardly the Roach of Ardour, released in the mid-’90s, are landscape and species recordings, severally; for the latter, Watson went heretofore as to tuck omnidirectional microphones into a zebra carcase to papers the alimentation sounds of vultures. Read more [...]
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The chaos in the army as a result of mediocrity warlords

...Troops massed in Moscow from all over the country. All military airports near Moscow were busy paratroopers - huge columns of troops moving - without a clear purpose, clear orders, without indication against which the "enemy" forces should act. General Grachev about the situation confirmed the general confusion, partly generated by him. According to him, Yazov asked for - in addition to Kantemirovskaya and Taman Division - transfer to Moscow Belgorod Airborne Division. But did not agree with this order, it Grachev, allegedly ordered at intervals of 10 minutes to land the shelf Read more [...]
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Who nuclear suitcase?

...Another day of the 19th brain pierced another thought: who controls the nuclear weapons? It's crazy, if this band will start to build their plans, linking them to the nuclear blackmail. Practical use of nuclear weapons to three people - Gorbachev, Yazov, Moses (Head General Staff). This is despite all the treaties with the United States and at its own Supreme Council, which President, as Commander-in-Chief, should be made aware of their intention to inflict on someone back nuclear blow. Who has left a "suitcase" Gorbachev, going on vacation? Technically notify the members of Read more [...]
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Go down the stairs from the sixth to the fifth floor - I go into a "slot" in the east wing. With the turn toward the corridor there is a group of people - learned of General Kobets, several officers in camouflage, a tall young dark-haired general. Kobets (happily). Ruslan Imranovich, meet - this is General Lebed, deputy commander of the Navy, and it is - Colonel (such-then), the regimental commander. I. What is the purpose of your coming? - Swan silent. Kobets. Well, they want to know, Yeltsin is to help us. We were at it, and now I introduce to the situation ... Ya Help? Are you Read more [...]
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Strength: Tonight will attack! '

Since the second half of August 20 the situation remained tense, growing to the extent that, as in the center of Moscow introduced new armored units. They continually maneuvered around them, literally in steps, moving and people were frantically shouting protest slogans. Risk of wandering nearby, it hung in the air, from her people (especially women) to faint, they picked up and dragged away from walking slowly, roaring powerful motors, heavy tanks and God will decide that some of the iron monsters. My phone and fax rang incessantly, throwing mountains of papers from around the world, including Read more [...]
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Man Champs Examination Nets Two Positives

The nearly comp dose examination always conducted at the earth rail and study championships has netlike two overconfident doping tests from Venerable's encounter in Daegu, Southward Korea. Portuguese steeplechase moon-curser Sara Moreira and Southward Korean sprinter Lim Hee-nam both recorded convinced tests for the prohibited stimulating methylhexaneamine, a essence normally launch in nutritionary supplements. The External Affiliation of Sport Federations well-tried about 2,000 athletes at the fulfil, the well-nigh e'er at a ball-shaped backing in racetrack and battleground. The stepped-up examination Read more [...]
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Analysis of the situation

I believe that after our talks Lukyanov finally lost faith in the possibility of "an easy win", became deeper thinking about the likely consequences of the armed conflict. In the social situation in the country, when people are intolerant to any bloodshed, whether in the name of public interest, it could be spilled, Lukyanov understood that such consequences will not be forgiven by the people. He well understood the meaning of my cruel words addressed to him personally. I believe that it is in Lukyanov - the solution to why leadership coup not to order the destruction of our resistance, Read more [...]
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The talks in the Kremlin with Lukyanov

And at 9:30, we - I and Rutskoi - in one car, force - to another - left the White House, went on Kalinin Avenue. Thick wall were people, we slowly moved forward. Learning, they welcomed us, many shouting, "Do not go to the Kremlin - you will be arrested, killed!" Seamlessly moved into the Kremlin, stopped in front of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. We were greeted and brought him upstairs to the office Lukyanov. Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR met us quite cordially. They sat down at his desk. The owner ordered all coffee. Lukyanov began talking - he immediately raised Read more [...]
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David Dunn, The Strait of Igniter in Trees

The Fathom of Spark in Trees     Picture: Courtesy of EarthEarThe Strait of Twinkle in Trees documents an ecologic holocaust—the demolition of northerly New Mexico’s piñon yen forests by Ips confuses, the baseborn barque mallet. Dunn, a composer and acoustical ecologist, washed-out days development midget investigation mics that could be situated in spaces established recorder couldn’t reaching. His recordings bewitch both the dampish clicks and chirps of the beetles as they erode forth at the romance’s sinewy cellulose and the creaks and groans of Read more [...]
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Preparing for negotiations — a document-ultimatum

Early in the morning of the 20th, at about 6 am, in the office Yeltsin We discussed the upcoming meeting in the Kremlin with Lukyanov. Everyone understood how important it was. Therefore participants were reticent. In addition to our "three", which amounted to a delegation (Khasbulatov, strength and Rutskoi), and Yeltsin, the meeting was attended by Yuri Petrov (head adinistratsii Yeltsin), Gennady Burbulis, Viktor Ilyushin and Lev Sukhanov (assistant Yeltsin) And a number of individuals. Discussed the content of our proposals, we had to present at the meeting with AI Lukyanov, scheduled Read more [...]
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Calla palustris

This plant bogs and swampy shore. Many are well aware of his relative, an ornamental plant, known as the Calla. In large white calla lilies inside the bracts. It surrounds the elongated inflorescence yellow-cob. Other leaves on a slender peduncle not. This is called an arrow escape. Our Calle Callas more modest for sea-P family, but not without charm. They also have an arrow with white bracts-wing near the cob. White surface "wing" reflects the sun's rays. Their warms flowers lacking perianth. These flowers are called naked. Yellow cob give anther. Stalks of green shoots Read more [...]
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Rostropovich with Kalashnikov

It was a unique picture of the tragic beauty - famous Rostropovich with a formidable military weapons - the Kalashnikov. He slept sitting up, leaning against the stone foundation of a powerful Parliamentary Palace, the protection of which he came. - He guarded this our palace, which became the Freedom Fortress. The head of a famous musician leaning on his chest, white hair ruffled slightly weaker cool dawn wind, faces almost not visible, machine lay on his chest, just below the barrel down and to the left leg stretched thin, the left hand, with long, slender fingers, holding the barrel of this Read more [...]
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