Database types and their basic elements

The base of an illegal armed group called the area equipped for areas where militants carried out measures to restore combat (rest and preparations for armed actions, sabotage and terrorist acts). Illegal armed groups in Chechnya have three basic types of bases: permanent, temporary (camp), and reserve. On permanent bases militants housed in shelters, carefully concealed and protected from the fire of artillery and aviation. Temporary basis (hereinafter - the camps) are used for the temporary stay of groups and groups of illegal armed groups in a wooded area in the spring and summer, when the Read more [...]
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Rate — life

On Monday morning, while I bathed in the shower, Faith cooked scrambled eggs and tea. I sat at a table just for five minutes - it was necessary not to miss the planning meeting to the editor. Vera walked me to the elevator and suddenly dropped a farewell phrase: - You better, please, do not lose your phone book - it is important not only for you. The subtext of phrases I did not understand. Immediately after knocking briefings, as usual, the visitors - the authors of the manuscripts and crazy with ideas of rebuilding Russia. Having dealt with those of them with whom I was to find out, I moved Read more [...]
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The 12-Step-off-a-Cliff Programme

Extraneous     Hunky-dory, SO IT wasn't that singular at kickoff. The pontoon flights terminated the bay were, at that head, distillery snarly in red taping, so I sign on for one of the more traditional run-off-a-cliff jobbers. From the township of Stinson Beach, ten miles up the seacoast from San Francisco, it's alone a five-minute switchbacked crusade up the westerly wing of 2,572-foot Backing Read more [...]
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Step to the ghost of the Kremlin

- Cuckoo - Vera called me on Thursday. - This is - always lonely beauty. You and I have a commitment to Evgeny Petrovich. So? - So. - But I will be running the show. Tikhon Lukic - a very busy man. He received us can only Sunday - afternoon. Therefore be free at 12.00, sober and fresh. - Where should I go? - Stay at home. At five minutes to twelve on Sunday for my telephone number will mobile Faith: - Parade - on the agenda. Get out of your nice green yard. Vvedensky opposite the cemetery and shop "Flowers" was diagnosed. Thin little faith I saw through the window behind the wheel Read more [...]
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Coca Is It!

A coca husbandman, and chewer, in key Bolivia     BoliviaA coca growers' mural BoliviaBolivian forces on the border to annihilate coca in the Chapare part BoliviaWadding 50-pound bags of coca flip BoliviaDeliberation the spoils good La Paz BoliviaDrying coca leaves in a hamlet in the Chapare areaSomething unknown is occurrent to Carlos Villalon's trousers. We're trekking done a souse rainstorm in the Chapare part of fundamental Bolivia—a mucky paring of aboriginal jungles and coffee rivers that overflow their banks apiece wintertime with terrific predictability. Octet Read more [...]
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Fan coup

I met her in the summer of the year 1990. On the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus - in Pitsunda. There I was, the special correspondent of the youngest most important newspapers of the country - "Truth", has once again opened a ticket to Pravdinsky a holiday home. The first three days at the resort I just refreshment. Morning running around the edge of the sea along the relict trees, then practicing on the bar and the wall bars. Happy swam, swam, swam and indulged in the sun. In the evening, played tennis with those who have not come under one of the partners in the courts. At night, Read more [...]
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Back to politics — through the back door

- In spring 1982, - then it took Eugene P. - Shchadov change office at the Supreme Council for the study - a think tank of the Soviet empire. The first person in the party Central Committee and the Council of Ministers only call the tune in the economy. And wrote it in a gloomy castle of the State Planning Commission - there is now the State Duma. In the same note approved by higher authorities and corrected. Position in the State plan Shchadov humbled. But not where it was painted, and the acquaintance with the ranks of the Soviet-party elite. Then all enterprises were allowed to purchase Read more [...]
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Bluff Suslov

Eugene P. made a brief pause, and continued: - Seventeen years have passed. A warm day in July 1970, was on the north-western train cars - Zil limousine, a black "Volga" and two "Lada" car inspection. In addition to the limo driver were three - head of the department and the secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Boris Ponomarev, speaking in Russian communist leaders from Europe and accompanied them on a trip the first secretary of the regional party committee, Ivan Ivanovich. And that afternoon, all three desired to enjoy the view standing in their way of an ancient monastery. Read more [...]
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Rope with Beria

Before the question mark, completes the text on the last of these I-sheet, I came alone. Eugene P. and Potemkin still whispering somewhere, and at this moment I had no choice but to slam a folder with sheets and remember replica of Soviet humor: - Turner Sidorov, returning with his wife from "Spartacus", I felt unsatisfied, he could not understand - who won the stage and how to score. Such dissatisfaction and seized me. I absolutely do not understand - well, the fig Eugene P., a man of business eltsinskoputinskoy pores is not one hour ship me oral and written stories about Colonel Stalin Read more [...]
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subject round. and the Alps. equipment to overcome the very steep, steep or with Negative. angle landforms, crevasses or wells. L. to lift and lower levels is made of aluminum alloy angle-, channel-or tubular profile, attached to a strong rope or metal. cable. L. to pass crevasses made of rigid aluminum alloy profiles.Ladder 1 - rope, 2 - wood (metal) level (the bar).                   Flexible L. used by mountain climbers, hikers and usually in conjunction with Art. points of support (eg, hooks) are long. up to 1.5 m (3 - 4 steps). LA used speleoturistami Read more [...]
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Peak operation suitcase — Station — Israel

Eugene P. opened the second left him assistant folder: - To collect information of my colleagues and the future activities of Colonel Shchadov. This information is set out in ten pages. While you, Nikolai Mikhailovich, read them, and Sergei Grigoryevich poshepchemsya in another room on the issue of credit. They're gone. I began to read I passed under the heading "Peak" Operation Suitcase - Station - Israel "... "In addition to Kaganovich and his wife, Vannikova, Reiser and Mehlis, Jews in the upper layer to the top of the range 1950 remained. Jewish spirit was thoroughly Read more [...]
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The role of the leader in

- The death of Zhdanov - turned another page in the notebook Eugene P. - the Politburo, not a single leader who would be complete adherent of Stalin on the Jewish question and would thoroughly focus on his decision to secretly carry out a complex and sensible anti-Jewish measures. And now the turn to Stalin's personal machine, and look at two of its leading members, the two you mentioned lieutenant-generals - and Poskrebysheva Vlasik. First worked under Stalin in 1924 of the first, the second - from the year 1928. Both of them have probably kept personal loyalty to the leader, and both are Read more [...]
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Why a Downward-sloping Moon-curser Leave Perpetually Win Boston

As complete and fabled a U.S. marathoner as has e'er competed, Frankfurter Shorter (Olympic marathon golden medallist in 1972) ne'er won Boston. In fact, he ne'er level balmy the top deuce-ace. On the otc manus, the evenly fabled Peak Rodgers won the Boston and New York Metropolis marathons fourfold but ruined a dissatisfactory 40th in the 1976 Montreal Olympic marathon. And since 2002, either a Kenyan or Ethiopian has won Boston—with Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai scene the path immortalise of 2:03:02 in 2011. Around citizenry brand the mark in Boston—literally; others don’t.“Nib Read more [...]
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In the shadow of Zhdanov

The door swung open, and stepped into the office restaurant rock - all of the muscles, the hedgehog tonsured done. With bowed heads on the thick neck, he uttered: - I'm sorry. Meeting waiting for? My friend Serge replied slowly: - Of course, dear. Fellow disappeared, closing the door behind him. - This is - reported to me Serge, - security of the Vice-President of the Corporation, on which the fate of three of my enterprises. Again the door opened about five minutes. Entered the room grizzled lean husband ochechkah. Him - clever-looking young man with folders. Earrings issued from the Read more [...]
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Trap of one million dollars

On the fifth day after the shooting of the Council House the five co-founders of the "Day" - Prokhanov, Bondarenko, Nefedov, Sultanov and I - came to a safe house in the metro "Dobryninskaya" and unanimously decided: we must prepare our release illegal banned newspaper. A week later, eight bands with pictures of carnage in Moscow and texts that reveal the horror osperevorota Yeltsin, was laid out on the computers [> Irma prohanovskih friends. On the band first started out, I my story - "The shooting for show." And here I was felling to his home Prokhanov and tone Read more [...]
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He returned from the battlefield

The square in front of the palace of Parliament on September 28 was not, as the day back, filled to the brim. But the people all come - wave after wave. People young and old, in rags and chic attire with needles. So raznooblichnoy public together in the old days I had ever seen, although the last two years I have not missed one of the many antieltsinovskih rallies. Rows of anger on Yeltsin slopped enormously updated and supplemented. From the balcony of the House of Soviets harshly rent the air megaphone - verb solutions deputies from the provinces: the Novosibirsk regional council does not Read more [...]
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The Yosemite Repulsion

Exterior     On Thursday dawning, July 22, Dr. Desmond Kidd, Yosemite Home Common's aesculapian conductor, had scarce ruined a busybodied 24-hour shifting at the green's clinic—it was, afterwards all, the elevation of the summertime holidaymaker harden—and the 36-year-old doc was rhythm. But not longsighted abaft he arrived binding at the lumber he divided with early green employees in Yosemite Settlement, his beeper went off. Kidd called in to the ballpark starter and was asked to juncture a hunting for a lacking soul—a look, the starter aforementioned, "with Read more [...]
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See maps

Obtaining necessary for the card should be good to study it: set the year compilation and publication of maps; familiarize itself with the conventional signs, know the magnetic declination, which is usually imposed for frame maps, determine the scope, determine the cross section of the relief, explore scale congestion and allocate greater visibility area of interest with colored pencils: forest - green, water - blue, roads - brown, bridges and causeway - black, various landmarks - red, etc. Numerical and graphical scale maps are usually placed below the map, under the frame. If for some reason Read more [...]
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Let there be light

Heavy rain outside the window for half an hour roared. Around the flood, I pokumekal: Serge and stuck in traffic jams. But he has come up to the house of the Union of Writers earlier than had come to an agreement. And at 19.20 rang out of the car: - The carriage from the front entrance. From the writer's house, where our editors rented rooms, we drove to the Komsomolsk prospectus for the Crimean bridge and slid down to the Garden Ring. Creepy urine jeep Serge famously led, as usual, the words spill over quietly. But the country had to face mine: that somewhere shuganuli his chance - fear Read more [...]
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Voluntary withdrawal from the scene of the Union government

At the same time, the social situation after August there was for us, the leaders of Russia, is extremely favorable - public confidence in us was the highest, as it is possible in today's society, perhaps at the level of 85 - 90% of the adult population. It was important to maintain this trust, but that it was necessary not only to carry out major reforms in the near future, but also to run the country today, in order to prevent the deterioration of the overall socio-economic conditions, failure of the economy, etc. This last fact is completely ignored by President Yeltsin and President Gorbachev Read more [...]
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