On transport corridors

Integrating into the world economy, Russia should use its competitive advantage. At least one such advantage with abundant energy resources, Russia is learning to use to his advantage. But beyond that, there are other, yet only potential and unused competitive advantage. And the role of some of them will only increase with the specific alignment of the major economic forces in the world in the long term. So, given that the key players on the world in twenty years will be China, the European Union and the U.S., two of the top three players on opposite sides of one of the continent, particularly Read more [...]
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Sheikhs and Freaks



On the strategy of integration and WTO accession

For a considerable time from the beginning of liberal economists have implemented reforms in the public mind the idea that there is no strategy for the development of the country (including economic) is not needed. The market and only the market itself spontaneously identify promising areas of development. Tolerate an unacceptable absolutization market mechanisms and completely ignored, and the specific conditions of unpreparedness of the country, which had no experience of existence in the market conditions, nor the fact that no developed country in the world has never in the history of mankind Read more [...]
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Distances on the angular size of an object

Approximate determination of the distance can be made to the angular size of the visible objects if their linear value we known in advance. Visible or apparent magnitude of an object depends on the angle of view or the angular size of the object, which is reduced to the extent it is deleted from our eyes, and increases as it approaches the observer. If you know the height or the size of the object P, value H and everyday items distance L to it, you can determine the distance D to the object P on a formula derived from the following ratio:If we take the ratio of L / H for a constant value of 100, Read more [...]
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On transparency and sovereignty

One of the main current trends is globalization of the environment in which national economies. With the growth of labor productivity and global competition is a process of over-concentration in many sectors. To date, in such industries have a situation where the necessary economies of scale (minimizes costs and the cost of production) can be achieved only when the company is very large markets, and in the extreme case - the world market. It is for this reason that there is the establishment of a global oligopoly in many industries, where only a few companies account for the lion's share Read more [...]
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Big Air

Exterior     Piccard, Marchland 19, 35,300 feet o'er the Atlantic We went out complete the Atlantic ilk a skyrocket. At 0500 Greenwich metre on Abut 19 we were doing 80 knots, gallery for Africa. The frigidity was acute; external the encapsulate the temperature was 50 beneath cypher Celsius, and interior it was subtraction two. One of our heaters had failed totally, and the early pilot had been rock-bottom by ice to a misfortunate flare Read more [...]
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On public investment

Against the background of the above should be considered unequivocally positive and encouraging occurred most recently a shift in awareness (including not only within the wider expert and public debate, but also in the government, and among legislators) need to find ways of spending their savings. This is evidenced by the development of national projects, which are given a political priority, which should also recognize encouraging fact overcome the narrowness of economic thinking, inherited from the period of unchallenged dominance in Russia radical liberal ideas. Although existing plans for Read more [...]
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On the stabilization fund

The inertia of thinking, ideological limitations (especially in the goal-setting) is shown and on the issue of the stabilization fund. The very idea of the formation of the stabilization fund based on the assumption that in the future (in the foreseeable future) Russia will depend almost exclusively on the world market, and its well-being - the prevailing world commodity prices. Stabilization fund intended to be a buffer, which enables smooth (compensate) fluctuations in demand. Thus, in many ways the very idea is based on the assumption that the inertia of the situation in Russia as an exporter Read more [...]
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Special ways to search

It is going to use dogs to search for buried in an avalanche, and the use of radio devices such as "AUTO SIGNAL", called pips, to signal their whereabouts. As you know, the dog finds the person even under the 10-meter-thick layer of snow, and it's not the end for her. For efficient operation of the dog people with avalanche field is removed. Well-trained dogs can easily find buried objects, such as a backpack, and, without stopping, and after making sure that the guide pointed out the place, continue to search for the person. Wire marks the place, and the head works is sending Read more [...]
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On foreign investment and balanced policy

Another phenomenon that needs to be multifaceted understanding - the complex relationship that exists between the level of inflation, exchange rate and foreign investments. It is traditionally believed that the rise in the exchange rate and low inflation - factors that contribute to the flow of foreign investment. But investment investment alike. Thus, the above thesis is partly fair to mainly portfolio investments. Real production direct investment is an excellent and much more complex motivations. The main motive of such investments due to the possibility of profiting from some industrial activities, Read more [...]
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Of anti-inflation policies and arrangements inflation

In particular, the audit should, in our view, to touch such an important public policy as anti-inflation measures. In strategic terms, the need for anti-inflationary policy is largely self-evident. Who suffers most from inflation? Pensioners, recipients of social benefits, students, government employees. Indexation of pensions, grants, scholarships and budget wages after inflation is always late and rarely adequate loss in real income, which brings with it a rise in prices. In other words, suffer the most from inflation least socially protected population. Therefore, the policy to fight inflation Read more [...]
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From Chaos — to stability, from stability — to the development

Normal economic policy of any sovereign country is characterized by a set of obligatory primary objectives: sustainable economic growth, macroeconomic stability, improving the competitiveness of the national economy on a global scale, ensuring the highest possible level of employment (ideally - full employment), poverty reduction, improving the quality of public services sector, maintaining sovereignty. It was devoid of economic policy of Russia during the whole period of the 90's. That period was characterized by the absence of verified plans to reform the country's economic policy is Read more [...]
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Perceptions of Economic Policy

The format of this report does not provide the opportunity to consider the economic problems and prospects in its entirety and the systems. Moreover, such an approach we have taken in the Russian doctrine. Therefore, here we will focus only on some important points of the current economic policy and on the most pressing and urgent, in our opinion, the measures taken to improve its management. Such fragmentary consideration unwittingly falls into a number of separate, but inter-related subjects. Read more [...]
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Institute for Advanced Research

During the "Five Innovations" will return notion of science as not only research, but specially built projects, which form a special branch of the national economy. With a view to the speedy return of the most successful models of the organization of science, demonstrated in the XX century, it is necessary to create a network Institute of Advanced Studies, which would have the status of a national. This institution with a favorable scenario will contribute to around creative community network of scientific and promotional groups - the Association for Advanced Studies. Of foreign analogues Read more [...]
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Exterior     First has been upward Everest fivesome multiplication. Routine 25 promulgated the outflank sports autobiography of the twelvemonth and won the Spell de France for the indorsement meter in a row. Bit 9 walked crosswise Antarctica, unequaled. Act 23 sailed 200 miles rear into the dentition of a pestilent Southerly Sea surprise to deliver a cuss contender. In aggregation our lean of nowadays's 25 Read more [...]
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Navigate Betwixt the Wars

External     Afterward A Workweek OF yachting from one bully example to the following in Europe—from Mantle Helles and Y Beach to Anzac Cove and Sulva Bay—it was clip to attend Asia.To transom the sound we couldn't cut direct crosswise the backtalk; the stream is so firm we would get been pushed bent sea. Perusing the charts, we distinct to larrup support the westerly coastline for leash miles so mark east at an incisive weight Read more [...]
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Hierarchical network structure will replace the parties and clans

Today, a representative structure of political power (especially the major parties of the opportunity to get into parliament) does not reflect the real picture of the mood of society. There is a general frustration of the general public in party building. When two-thirds of the country's citizens have no representation in the government, this means political isolation from the people. If this situation were the backbone of the entire state is famous "vertical of power." It is the supreme power await real proposals and policies, real ideology. This is due both to the subjective Read more [...]
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How to create an innovative elite. Quality pictures (6 postulates update elite)

The quality of political and administrative elite - a key issue of the first stage of development of a breakthrough - "Five of innovation." With him begins the renovation program of the state machinery and its maintenance. Repair overdue overhaul - many nodes and fixing rusted through and need replacing. Yet it is the replacement, not a substitution. This renovation of the state, not the imitation of his old, passed by states. Must be "on the go" with the rusty cogs of the state machine, and not break down and analyze it to zero, which offer the revolutionaries of all stripes, Read more [...]
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Energy saving

Save energy - here is another integral "innovation catalyst", which can dramatically speed up the development of Russia, decided at the same time burning problem of the planned deficit of natural gas and electric power facilities. As the experience of Japan, European countries, USA, a program of energy conservation and measures to stimulate the enormous sector will push high-tech industry and business. In the development and implementation of this complex project, in particular, it might be useful to go back to work on the draft of the new Law on Energy, the Committee's Duma Energy Read more [...]
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Russian Space shuttle

This technological power can not conceive of themselves without their own ambitious program of space exploration. On his ambitious plans in recent years, said the U.S. and China. Serious "space" plans are from France, Brazil ... Russia must restore its former greatness space. And to announce its long-term plans in this area. But, in addition to promotion of long-term initiatives and projects, use and powerful advocacy capacity of the existing developments. In this regard, it is useful to show the world in the successful launches of existing development RKK "Energy": a reusable Read more [...]
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