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Great crisis of 30th

This topic that is difficult to explain, although it seems very simple ... Federal Reserve System (FRS) the USA - the result of burgeoning capitalism - created in 1913. The First World War began in 1914, when Sarajevo was killed heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which occupied the central and southern parts of Europe. Canada was still a British colony. British pound had a privilege to serve international currency. Its software is a metallic gold, as it was a thousand years ago in the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, Constantinople. Those who are under religious pretexts Read more [...]
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Mountain has brought forth a mouse

In Washington, the problems of the world economic and financial policies solved the Group of Twenty. The program of meetings in Washington, "National Building Myuziem" was painted every second. Participants were required to analyze the current crisis and the measures that should have been taken. But first - UPDATE ("family photos," as Bush called them), in twenty minutes - the first plenary session, then the second - in the middle of the day. All strictly painted, even noble toilet. Bush showed his pleasure that Lula da Silva was his neighbor on the right at the dinner on Read more [...]
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17. Goran Kropp

International     Age: 33 Glasses: 6-foot-2, 216 pounds Habitation: Stockholm, SwedenTHE Cause: Adept skier, completed mountaineer, outing bicycler, onetime para, and open-ocean sailor-in-training. Telling all, but Kropp is topper known for whipstitching up aforesaid disciplines in a witches' brewage of atrociously insane escapade—so eyesight his confection done in the purest way potential. To escort: Patch pedaling the Read more [...]
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Meeting in Washington

Some of the governments supporting us, judging by their recent statements, do not stop to note that support us, to facilitate the transition of power in Cuba. The transition going? To capitalism, the only system in which they fervently believe. Without a word they do not give tribute to the people who are subjected to for nearly half a century, economic sanctions and brutal acts of aggression, defended the revolutionary cause, which, along with its morality and patriotism gave him the strength to endure. They also forget that after so many sacrificed life and a dedication to the protection of Read more [...]
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Who solves problems

The financial crisis is a consequence of the privileges granted in 1944 at Bretton Woods, capitalism, developed in the U.S., which shortly before the end of the Second World War were put forward as a country with an enormous military and economic power. This phenomenon is repeated more often. In a letter to Brazilian President da Silva Aule I sent to him as soon as he arrived in Cuba, as the meeting with me was not planned during his brief visit to our country, I wrote him word for word on this topic: "Whoever becomes the ruler of the United States after the crisis, he will feel a lot of Read more [...]
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Worst case

Today I read that the U.S. Federal Reserve opened a new line of credit to central banks of Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and Singapore. In the same statement says that it provided similar loans to central banks of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland and the European Central Bank. Under these agreements, it provides central banks dollars in exchange for foreign currency reserves of the countries that have suffered significant losses due to the financial and commercial crisis. Thus, the increasing economic power of the U.S. currency - a privilege granted at Read more [...]
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Effects of

Primary effects - fire, high ambient temperatures, lack of oxygen, combustion products, pieces of trees. In addition, the greater danger is burning underground peat layer, where they can fall and die, at best, get a very severe burns. When out of range of fire and when in his area might be a psychological and painful shock. Read more [...]
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Phantom of the white house

Three days ago, on Friday October 10, the world is shaken by the financial crisis on Wall Street. Was lost due to millions of paper money, which the Federal Reserve System vsprysnula in global finance, the banks continued to work and depositors do not lose their money. At a meeting of finance ministers of the Group 7 was decided to apply the following measures: "Take decisive action and use all available tools to support important financial institutions to the system and to prevent their failure. Take all necessary steps to unfreeze credit and capital markets and ensure banks and other financial Read more [...]
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6. Lori Bowden

Exterior     Age: 33 Glasses: 5-foot-6, 115 pounds?Abode: Victoria, British ColumbiaTHE Causa: When the Canadian swapped her bicycle for her linear place to starting the concluding leg of her Hawaii Ironman master unveiling in 1996, she was in Thirtieth billet. "When I ruined one-eighth," she says, "I knew I'd finally suffer a stab at fetching it." So. Undischarged to her linear art, these years Bowden routinely gobbles up ostensibly unvanquishable competitors' leads. Payoff her offset Hawaii Ironman win, in 1999: Entry the run trey transactions pile, Bowden recorded Read more [...]
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Law of the jungle

Trade within and among nations - is the exchange of goods and services that are produced by people. Owners of the means of production appropriate the profits. They are a class run by the capitalist state and boasted that are the engines of development and social welfare through the market, who is worshiped as an infallible God. Within each country, there is competition between the strongest and weakest among those who have greater physical strength, better fed, those who learned to read and write, who attended the school, who has accumulated more experience, has great connections, great facilities, Read more [...]
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Financial Ike

Messages received today in the afternoon, very instructive: "Bush canceled all his activities. He was going to go to Alabama and Florida to participate in acts of collecting campaign funds. " "He said on Thursday that concerned about the situation in the financial markets and the situation of the U.S. economy ..." "Markets have fallen" - then inform message - "the government was forced to nationalize the insurance giant" American International Corpse »(AIG), and the Federal Reserve, in coordination with other central banks injected into financial markets Read more [...]
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Big-Wave Surfboarding Hitches a Razz

Extraneous          It begins, as waves do, with fart. Pushed by a ramp off Japan, the tide travels crosswise the Peaceable, undulating toward coastal California at a gallery of 310 degrees. Roughly 16 years subsequently, quieten 100 miles from the beaches of San Diego, it strikes an submarine batch called the Cortés Cant—a catcher where the seabed rises dead from 5,000 feet to a deepness of solitary Read more [...]
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July 22, 1944, the U.S. government received the privileges granted in Bretton Woods, the most powerful military power: the ability to produce the dollar as the international currency exchange. After the war, in 1945, the economy of this country was untouched and has almost 70 percent of the world's gold reserves. August 15 19 * '71 Nixon's unilateral decision to cancel the guarantee of gold for every dollar issued. Due to this, he sponsored robbery in Vietnam during the war that cost more than 20 times the real value of their remaining gold reserves. Since then, the U.S. economy Read more [...]
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G-8 meeting

It turned out that (note uninformed people, I am one of) G8 is a group of the most developed countries, including Russia. The anticipated meeting which begins in 6 days has awakened great expectations due to the profound political and economic crisis threatening the world. Let's listen to what they say the message. As German news agency DPA, the German Minister of Transport and Urban Development Wolfgang Tiefensee said that "the European Union agreed on a common strategy." European ministers of Urbanism meeting in the eastern city of Leipzig in an informal council under the motto Read more [...]
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Rebellion against neoliberalism

When the VI Hemispheric Meeting in Havana, addressed the topic of biofuels from foodstuffs, which are constantly getting more and more expensive, the vast majority with indignation against it. But it is indisputable that some prominent and authority and good faith in the fact that in a relatively short period of biomass on the planet enough for that, and the other, without thinking about the urgent need to produce food, which are already scarce, would serve as the raw material for ethanol and agridiesel. In contrast, when we started the debate on the topic of free trade agreements with the U.S., Read more [...]
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The tragedy that threatens humanity

Only twenty-two years ago, we held in Havana, many meetings with political, union, peasant and student leaders invited to our country, to discuss, in particular, the main problem of Latin America at the time - a huge foreign debt that have made $ 350 billion . And then the U.S. had much greater purchasing power than today. Copies of the documents with the results of the meeting sent to all governments of the world, of course, some exceptions. At that time, the market was flooded with oil dollars, and large banking multinationals demanded that countries agree to higher loans. Needless to say, Read more [...]
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Internationalization of Genocide

Just finished a meeting at Camp David. We all listened with interest to the press conference of the U.S. and Brazil. Faced with the demands of his Brazilian guest on customs tariffs and subsidies that protect and support U.S. ethanol production, Bush went to Camp David or make the slightest concession. The President explained the Aula appreciation of corn, the price of which, according to him, has grown by more than 85 percent. Previously, the newspaper "Washington Post" published an article leaders of Brazil, which set out the idea of converting food into fuel. Not going to hurt Read more [...]
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L.A. Puma Poisoned

Scientists captured the long-familiar cougar of Los Angeles's Griffith Commons this workweek afterward noticing the cat was display signs of sickness and perchance intoxication. The four-year-old cougar probable ate another beast, such as a rat or coyote, that had consumed rodenticide, which successively caused the cat to disgust and break mange.The painter, referred to as P-22 by the Subject Parkland Avail, is a well-documented and intemperately watched cat. The Subject Commons Avail sporadically recaptures P-22 to commute the batteries in his GPS catch, which they use to varan his movements Read more [...]
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Annexation of Colombia

Any more or less informed person would understand immediately that corny "Supplementary Agreement between the Governments of Colombia and the United States for cooperation and technical assistance in the field of defense and security", signed on 30 October and published in the evening on November 2, amounts to the annexation of Colombia United States. Agreement is in the difficult position of theorists and politicians. Dishonestly now silent, and then talk about sovereignty, democracy, human rights, freedom of opinion and other delights, when the empire devouring sovereign country with Read more [...]
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There arises a revolution

Without a doubt, the coup in Honduras was conceived and organized by unscrupulous individuals from far-right circles, which have been entrusted to the staff of George Bush and have been put to them. You can call and specific names: Hugo Llorens, Robert Blau, Stephen and Robert Callaghan Makferlenda-on, U.S. ambassadors in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua, appointed by Bush in July and August 2008, the four following lines of John Negroponte and Otto Reich, individuals with a dark history. You can call the American base at Soto Cano main stronghold of the coup and said the idea of Read more [...]
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