In March, the U.S. had been beaten over 7000 temperature records

March 24. The spring was abnormally hot in the U.S. - in less than two weeks, the country has met or beaten more than 7 thousand temperature records. These data are distributed on Friday the National Climatic Data Center USA. "This is unprecedented warming," - commented the data Heidi Cullen nonprofit organization "Climate Centre." She said the area covered by the heat extremely extensive. This suggests that abnormal for this time of year, the weather conditions will "remain more than one day," - said the expert.Record high temperatures were recorded not only Read more [...]
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Lucky some!

I heard this story from the horse's mouth. At the last meeting of submarine hunters in "Shaggy sperm whale" came up to our table, two young men. He handed me some photos that they and catfish. It would be better to say, "catfish and they", as the fish was obviously more of its winners. And tell us how it happened. We hunted for a Volga canal in April. Been there a long time, but fish, no more, no not a little to not get shot, but did not even see. Well, it is "dead" river. And then, - says Igor on - see the tail sticking out from under a log perch. Read more [...]
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India came in the spring heat

March 29. India came in early to 40-degree heat. In some communities, the afternoon air were heated to 41 degrees. And almost 41 degrees of fever in Myanmar to 38 - in Bangladesh, to 39 - in Thailand. This is well above the norm. In India, the hottest month of the year - May, during which time a lot of sun and 40 degree heat - a common occurrence for continental areas. In June, the wet monsoon comes with clouds and rain, which do not allow air to warm up as well as in May. Therefore, all the three calendar months of the summer in India somewhat cooler than the spring May. Source: IA "Meteonovosti" Read more [...]
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Belarus: Grodnenets gathered in the forest harvest chanterelles

January 4. In the fairy tale "The Twelve Months" the young girl had on demand stepmother collect winter snowdrops. But grodnenets Victor Burba New Year's Eve (December 28) voluntarily went to the forest to pick mushrooms. Experienced mushroom calculated that abnormally warm weather for December, had no negative effect on the chanterelle, which still can be found in the moss. And I was right: on the holiday table with the family of Victor were dishes that were present orange mushrooms. Source: Grodno truth Read more [...]
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The General Pathfinder to Hitchhiking

Out-of-door       Thither WAS A Menses in my biography when I hitchhiked everywhere the nation. The rather car I could give wouldn't deliver been authentic decent to go any space, so I went without. I hitched from Wyoming to Westward 73rd in Manhattan to chit-chat a ally. I hitched refine to Tempe, Arizona, to see a girl. I hitched bent Joshua Shoetree to go stone mounting. I hitched Read more [...]
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Winter Spring in Kiev. Roses bloom

January 5. To our office Aidar sent a letter with pictures. Here is what he wrote: "January 5 in Kiev in the yard bloomed roses)." We remind readers that the roses bloom in Ukraine noted in Enorgodare.Read more [...]
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Les Stroud: Science survive — Mountains

In the documentary series Science Survive Les Stroud will travel the world and try to survive alone in the most extreme places on the planet, without food, without water and without crew for seven days. Each series Les Stroud shoots himself personally. His equipment consists of clothes, a set of video equipment, harmonica, multitool, and usually everyday objects, which can be a person, depending on the scenario of a particular episode. For security purposes, Stroud has a satellite telephone. However, Wood complained that during the filming of several series of phone did not work and he remained Read more [...]
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In Uzhgorod flowered roses

Today, January 6, 2012, many uzhgorodtsy Christmas Eve going to celebrate Christmas Eve. A uzhgorodets Michael Tarkan, visiting today about "drunk"? Bazaar, suddenly found, as in one of the courtyards of the house garden roses bloom. In Uzhgorod instead of snow on New Year's Eve, before the actual Christmas flowered garden roses. The photo of Michael Tarkan - flowers in the neighborhood near the "drunk"? Bazaar. [...] Source: Read more [...]
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Scientists: alpine meadows are threatened

January 8. A detailed study of the effects of climate change on mountain regions of Europe revealed that many alpine meadows could disappear within the next few decades. Researchers from 13 European countries reported that some plants are literally on the verge of extinction, as the warmer weather conditions forced them to look for the usual cool environment and grow higher and higher on the mountain tops. The study, published in the scientific journal Nature Climate, confirms the direct relationship between changes in plant populations in the Alps and rising summer temperatures. Source: BBC Russian Read more [...]
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In Voronezh blossomed lilacs

January 11. About natural anomaly talking in the New Year in Voronezh. There in January on trees and bushes active buds. What is happening on the streets, more like spring. The reason was incredibly warm. Local residents could not believe their eyes when they saw the lilac bloom leaves. Voronezh scientists predict that that was not the end. In summer, the area can and does begin subtropics. I will add that the anomalously warm winter they say now and in the Crimea. Snowdrops bloom in Sevastopol, which are listed as endangered. Source: REN TV Read more [...]
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In the winter blooming flowers Crimea

January 10. Winter pampered inhabitants of Sevastopol spring warmth. Daytime temperatures reach 13-18 degrees. And in early January in the city blossomed flowers. A resident of Crimea Sergey Anashkevich in his LiveJournal published gallery blooming winter Sevastopol, and wrote: "Winter is my childhood is associated with snow, frost and a Happy New Year. The new year has passed recently, I've seen snow in Moscow and the Ai-Petri. Frost, however, also found in the same place ... but in Sevastopol Winter is quite different. Been here a week daytime temperatures 13-18 degrees, it happens, Read more [...]
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Straightaway Abreast the Rocks

Remote       IT'S RAINING IN Edinburgh, the metropolis's Medieval steeple to Robert Louis Stevenson shrouded in clouds. Getch and I research on slippy sett streets, obtain Jemmy Marshal's dwelling on a diminished lane, and roast."Interject, come!"We are escorted up constrict steps to a roomy, book-lined parlor. Our legion offers tea. Marshal, 71, is a quick, lissome man with the gayest of eyes. He radiates an unavoidable Read more [...]
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Ukraine: Nikolaev blossomed in January

10 January. Nicholas on sidewalks and lawns in full green grass, sometimes blossoming flowers, some trees have swollen buds and lilacs and do let down the foliage. Do you think that spring has come to the city? Not at all! If you open the calendar, you can see the surprise - in the court of the peak winter month of January. In Mykolaiv region, as indeed in the whole territory of Ukraine, recently there has been an abnormally warm weather, which, apparently, was the cause of the "spring" bloom.Source: Read more [...]
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What turned into a warm winter

January 12. Signs of January: people get fewer injuries, bears do not sleep, and mosquitoes all uneasy. Unhappy with only children. They want to cry, tumbling in the snow. Other residents of Latvia against the warm winter do not mind, but the authorities have so completely happy. In late 2011, an unheard of happened. Chief Forecaster country Andris Viksna scare people the message of impending cold. In an interview with Latvijas avize he spoke about the future of February frosts at minus 20. Someone believed and thought that pretty well seal the windows and finally buy warm boots. But the head Read more [...]
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Vietnam gardens bloom prematurely

January 5. This year, many fruit trees began to bloom in Vietnam long before expected. "We are very upset that the wet and warm weather in our region has provoked such an early and abundant flowering fruit trees, - said one of the Vietnamese gardeners. - Every year we prepare our plants, which at the time of sale should not have open flowers. So this year we will be able to sell only a small part of what was so long and hard, we were preparing for a spring implementation. " Vietnamese gardeners worry is understandable - at the moment all over the country to dissolve the order of 80% Read more [...]
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Natural anomaly in Belgrade — there blossomed snowdrops

January 24. In Belgrade, despite the depth of winter, snowdrops blossomed. Harbingers of spring awoke prematurely due to the steady warm weather. Local residents are not against such an anomaly. Admire the flowers come hundreds of people. Source: Channel Read more [...]
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Lettuce, tartar or Molokan

Perennial herb 30-100 cm tall, with long, strong roots, giving the offspring. Stem erect, branched, durable felt, rare naked. Leaves lanceolate, usually runcinate, rarely entire, thick, slightly fleshy. Baskets flowered, clustered at the tips of stems and branches in general racemose-paniculate inflorescence. All the flowers in the basket of reeds, bisexual, bluish-purple. Fruit-achene with a short beak and crest. It flowers from June to September, achenes ripen in July and October. Widespread species in Eurasia. In Russia, found in most regions of the European part, including the national Read more [...]
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Square Abreast the Rocks

Exterior       "Commemorate," SAYS Hamish MacInnes, 70, reminiscing roughly the Fifties, "at this sentence the piolet was silence considered a knifelike apply, not a prick for engineer adherence. One had to be whole double-tongued. Append by one paw and cut with the early. You got into the use of beingness practically foster out than climbers are nowadays."MacInnes leans ahead, the big brand of his wind Read more [...]
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In France, the irises bloom

Irises blooming in January in France. Photo: Nadejda Pommier January 23. Today did a survey among themselves: this winter is not even recall the old-timers (and I refer myself to the old-timers, ten years Lannovke - this time). Well, heather blooms all winter, it's normal. But that in January - irises? Even today in the process of cleaning flowerbeds found anemones blossomed, but the camera arm is not there yet, if I'm not right now propolyu weeds, anemones because they will not be seen.Camellia in January? Silvuple:Well, heather blooms all winter, it's normal. Source: Read more [...]
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The seeds of the rare plants of the world — the Amazon water lilies do not want to grow

July 27, 2011. Scientists predict the next end of the world. According to them, there comes the sixth mass extinction of all life on the planet. All in all, the life history of the Earth, there were five. For a variety of reasons - from the asteroid before the massive volcanic eruptions - killed up to 80 percent of all living organisms. But then prichnoy disasters were natural factors. As of nowadays is to blame for the extinction of man, his active and destructive activities.Thus, the chairman of the Species Survival Commission of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Simon Read more [...]
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