Rope with Beria

Before the question mark, completes the text on the last of these I-sheet, I came alone. Eugene P. and Potemkin still whispering somewhere, and at this moment I had no choice but to slam a folder with sheets and remember replica of Soviet humor:

— Turner Sidorov, returning with his wife from "Spartacus", I felt unsatisfied, he could not understand — who won the stage and how to score.

Such dissatisfaction and seized me. I absolutely do not understand — well, the fig Eugene P., a man of business eltsinskoputinskoy pores is not one hour ship me oral and written stories about Colonel Stalin era — Tikhon Shchadov Lukic? No, these stories are not boring to me. On the contrary — are interesting. But why should the works of Eugene P. obtained the greatest of information about the activities of Colonel Shchadov and why it brought down on me?

With a sense turner Sidorov I sat for five minutes. Would sit and more — where to go. But the need lifted from their homes. I went from room to room of the restaurant. He looked at it and no tables for one of them with a friend Evgeny Petrovich my earrings were found. But spotted luxuriously trimmed down the stairs and it flew — where should have been room for privacy.

When he returned from the toilet in the room, I found two companions on their chairs. They're not drinking liquor, and coffee — Serge sober almost ate it with pleasure, not previously ohmelevshy Eugene P. at-gublyal cup.

My coffee was also raised. I proceeded to consume slightly dymivsheysya black liquid, thinking, as a matter of Evgeny Petrovich for the extermination of my dissatisfaction? But he first started talking to me, pointing at me recently closed folder:

— You have to read it all?

— Of course.

— Thank you. I hope you understood from reading that Stalin's death meant the collapse of the "Operation Suitcase — Station — Israel." You think, guessed that the failure of the operation could not affect her career as a director — the Stalinist Col. Shchadov special person. So what is your suggestion — which was Comrade Shchadov Tikhon Lukic in the days when the country mourned the death of the leader?

— If I had the jacket to be in the Stalin Shchadov special person, if all you ascribe to him was an accomplished me, to know that the day after Stalin's funeral set at liberty gems-on-Molotov, I rushed to the Ministry of Defence with a report :

— I beg, a member of Stalin's office and the army colonel in the recent past, re-enlist in the armed forces and return to serve in the Trans-Baikal and the Far East.

— Sorry — looked over the cup in my eyes Eugene P. — but you do not appreciate our and your colonel. Not rated as a talented student of Stalin — the great master of backstage intrigue. He, our colonel, left without a leader, not only did not think somewhere skedaddle out of politics, but immediately got back into the festering political fray. Liberation, the Soviet Esther — Pauline Pearl-Molotov — Colonel Shchadov could be perceived as an alarm for him personally. Could not because Pearl and pardon, and the closure of the criminal case on the Jewish doctors he, Colonel Shchadov himself and initiated. How and why?

Stalin's "Operation Suitcase — Station — Israel" was able to complete only Stalin. Stalin was not his infinite power and unquestioned authority in the country and in the world — and was not able to complete a successful anti-Semitic campaign resettlement of Soviet Jews to the Promised Land.

Thoughts on the completion of this operation, our colonel after 5 March 1953rd in the head is no longer held. Now it is fully occupied by only one — who will get the care Stalin Kremlin? This question is for our colonel was a matter of life or death.

He, Colonel Shchadov with special office in the Office of the Stalinist seen the truth, not the portrait face contenders for supreme power. And if you win one of them, who wants to stand in other people than

Stalin, the light, he, Shchadov as undesirable witness not survive — either in the capital or in the remote province. He could survive, just embed a team of such a new leader of the country, which does not deny Stalin and Stalin's ideals. So where is our colonel was in the days of farewell to the leader?

Eugene P. devastated put them on the coffee cup on the plate and crossed his fingers:

— For the full version does not warrant the accuracy, but the fact that you are about to hear, I personally told the people of the USSR State Planning Committee, which Tikhon Shchadov Lukic at the junction of the 70-80s of XX century was friends for years. They had dinner together in the dining room on weekdays gosplanovskoy together in a close circle of festivals are celebrated, and in this same circle once Tikhon Lukic suddenly remembered the events of spring 1953.

March 2 he, Colonel Shchadov, called General Vasily Stalin and uttered the phrase:

— I was wrong. They still did it.

What was wrong Basil, who are "they" and what had been done — the colonel did not need to explain. He immediately proceeded to audit documents Stalin's office. None of its employees, except Shchadov, knew that Stalin is unconscious. None of them knew that Colonel Shchadov scans classified papers are not on behalf of the leaders, but by itself, and it could easily be removed from the archive office for a number of important documents. They were in a small safe, he took on March 4 in the city of Vladimir, and buried in the basement of his wartime friends. Night is from 5 to 6 March, just hours after a heart attack Stalin Shchadov calling on the government of the Office of the Leader of the deceased asked for an audience with the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers of Lavrenty Beria. The request was granted, and from that night Colonel Shchadov and Marshal Beria, in the words of Gogol, the devil himself tied with string.

And now let's talk: why turning to address the issue of the power of the time our colonel asking for admission to Beria. Why him and not to someone else of the most influential officials — not to Khrushchev and Malenkov to.

Beria, Stalin was born later to 20 years, but his passport was recorded the same as that of Stalin — farmer Tiflis province. In politics Beria youngster came in 1920 and his career never had a clean Party and ideological work. Yes, he rose in the KGB to the rank of general, he in 1931, led the Communist Party of Georgia, in 1932 — at the same time the Central Committee of the Transcaucasian Committee of the CPSU (b). But in both offices Beria first thing led life support entrusted to him in the management of territories, not writing slogans, appeals.

Since 1938, Beria — head of the NKVD — People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs, in charge of all the structures were kept law enforcement, intelligence and counterintelligence. NKVD headed by Beria — a shield and sword of the country. But not only.

The structure of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs, includes Defence camps. Gulag same — it is not just prisons, but also a huge building and industrial corporation. But for hundreds of thousands of prisoners to perform useful production plans, they had to be properly fed, properly dress-shoe and provide tools, raw materials and materials. Commissar of the NKVD Beria proved himself as an outstanding organizer of production. Under his Gulag three prewar years a huge amount of effort, built-produced all the necessary country within strict deadlines. And when, in January 1941, Beria, Stalin gave the title of the Commissioner-General of State Security, the thus noted not only the head of the NKVD in the merits of security and punitive operations, but also its contribution to the economic security of the country, increase its economic power.

In February of that of 1941, Stalin, Beria leaving the head of the NKVD, appointed him Deputy Prime Minister — the Council of People's Commissars. From the second week of World Beria — in the State Defense Committee. As vice-chairman of the CPC and as a member of T-bills in the war Beria is responsible for the production of ammunition, weapons and aircraft. Chuck-shells, machine-guns, mortars, the Red Army was as much as she needed, and our air force at the end of the war was the best in the world. And the title of Marshal of the Soviet Union in July 1945, Beria, Stalin awarded not only for his service to the NKVD. Star's were again marked by economic merit Beria — his contribution to the power of the military-industrial complex.

Beria's talent as an organizer of the defense industry, Stalin considered the most important of his talents, and at the end of the victorious 1945 freed him from the post of the NKVD. Released to it all his strength and skill gave our response to the United States, to blackmail the world the atomic bomb. Getting rid of the USSR from the deadly threat of the United States is the country's biggest challenge. Therefore, the Deputy Prime Minister Beria granted emergency powers. For him, Stalin established the Ad Hoc Committee with a solid device, indications of which had to do all the agencies, all military, government and party officials.

On old connections Beria and his cunning plan of Soviet foreign intelligence spy successfully in America — took out there are some important developments to build an atomic bomb. Soviet scientists — physicists with chemists — Beria made up creative comfort. They gave nuclear project on paper, and Beria and his Special Committee with an iron hand to implement it, mobilizing all of the necessary human and material resources. In 1949 the country had nuclear weapons, Beria — Stalin Prize. In subsequent years, under the direction of Beria was created and thermonuclear weapons.

Eugene P. again took out his notebook with glossy covers:

— The essence of the personality of Beria in my mind, I hope I have clearly laid out. Well, that was the soul of the other two candidates for the rule in the country after Stalin?

Eugene P. began to read from one of the pages of the book:

— Nikita Khrushchev. Political officer with three classes of elementary school in parts Cavalry Budyonny in the Civil War. Khrushchev. Political officer in the District Committee, District Committee and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine. Khrushchev. Political officer sent in 1928 from Kiev to Moscow to overcome his ignorance — to study at the Industrial Academy. Khrushchev. Political commissar, who as a student at the Industrial Academy, became secretary of its Party Committee. Khrushchev. Political officer, who, thanks to the Academy of familiarity with Nadezhda Alliluyeva — Stalin's wife, was in his sight, and he also liked it was promoted up the party ladder — from the post of secretary of the district committee of the Bauman Moscow to post the 1st Secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine. Khrushchev. Political worker who has spent the Great Patriotic War for anything not personally responsible, being the rank of a member of the military councils of different fronts. Khrushchev. Political officer, who returned to the liberated from the Germans in the Ukraine as her first person and will not provide the necessary measures to overcome the devastation of the country — in March 1947, Stalin, Khrushchev removes from Kiev, nine months later, however, his amnesty, come back. Two years later, in December 1949, Stalin was the brains political worker Khrushchev to good use — takes him to Moscow Secretary of the CPSU (B) and allow it to become a major player in the party apparatus.

Eugene P. turned a page in his notebook:

— Georgy Malenkov Maksimilianovich. Malenkov. Since 1919 — with eighteen years — a political officer in the squadron and the regiment, and then the team and management of the Turkestan Front. Malenkov. In the 1923-1924-m is not just a student of the Moscow Higher Technical School, and political officer — a member of the commission to identify the enemies in this college party. Malenkov. Political commissar, who had a diploma Bauman not finish my studies, but it became a technical secretary — first Organizing Bureau, then the Politburo of the CPSU (b). Malenkov. Political officer, to whom in 1930, Lazar Kaganovich — the first secretary of the Moscow City Party Committee — entrusted to head the mass propaganda department of the city committee of the CPSU (b). Malenkov. Since 1934 — a political officer in the office of the Stalinist Central Committee, going up and up: Head of Department, Secretary of the Central Committee, in February 1941 — a candidate in March 1946 — a member of the Politburo. Malenkov. At the time of the Great Patriotic his political officer, Stalin introduced into the government, appointed in May 1944 as his deputy in the Council of People's Commissars, less than two years later, in March 1946, laid off, and five months later, returns to the Deputy Prime Minister.

Eugene P. slowly closed his notebook and put his hand on her brilliant cover:

— Two political worker outlined me you do not suffer from a lack of intelligence and will. In March 1953rd controlled the Party Central Committee, Khrushchev, Malenkov dominated government.

Each of them had a real chance to rule after Stalin. And this is our colonel categorically reject.

Khrushchev and Malenkov were held as political workers in their twenties — in years of militant internationalism Trotskyist persuasion. Trotskyist nonsense about the universal brotherhood of the proletariat and the world communist revolution entered their uneducated young flesh. And both of them is unlikely with the outcome of the thirties and early fifties to sincerely share great-, pro-Russian policies of Stalin, Shcherbakov, Zhdanov and hardly no thought of revenge Trotskyism.

Khrushchev and Malenkov never been in an independent economic creativity. Never personally accountable for the large-scale projects — in industry, science and agriculture. Their experience of the last twenty years of the Stalin — is the experience of senior political officers, Commissioners, under Stalin. To think of themselves all-calculate and control their own optimal solutions with verified consequences they had not been given. And none of them in the event of seizure of supreme power is not pulled on efficient conversion of Stalin's system of government. They have this unique system, with its advantages and with more and more obvious disadvantages because of debris in their brains, argued our Colonel, or simply preserve all or without changing its nature, committed in her hideous experiments. But both version — trouble for the country.

Or thought in the society, as it should or the state economy, as needed, with Malenkov, Khrushchev, on the findings of our colonel, manage not suitable. Well, what attracted him to the third contender suddenly emerged job leader of the USSR?

Georgian peasant Beria, in contrast to a Georgian peasant Stalin, lived for many years with the Russian righteous and the sinners on underground homes, in prisons and in exile, is saturated solution of Russian character and became a Russian nationalist. But Beria, unlike Khrushchev and Malenkov, in his youth summer were infected and internationalism-Trotskyism. In the capitals of Azerbaijan and Georgia — in Baku and Tbilisi — Beria in the twenties, walking up through the ranks of the KGB, was formed as a servant of the Soviet Empire, occupied no assimilation and interpretation of ideological dogmas, but the solution of applied problems.

In high places in Moscow from 1938 to 1953rd Beria was again busy in the first practice and excelled in it much. Outstanding results in the strengthening of the country's power (which is only the creation, under his nuclear and thermonuclear bombs) Beria, Stalin sought by the control system and its benefits could not valued highly. But he is a pragmatist to the core saw and disadvantages of this system.

You can not have two centers of power at different levels (the Party Central Committee and the Council of Ministers, Provincial Committee and Executive Committee, the district committee and executive committee.) While Stalin was in the Kremlin, while there proceeded adjusted directives vices dual power does not show. But Stalin is no more, and the directives of the Kremlin will not be sacred to all. And without the cult of the leader, no reverent fear of him and without faith in the wisdom and justice of the Kremlin directives from Moscow to the suburbs necessarily undivided — the responsibility of only one center in the capital and in the provinces. It is necessary that the party secretary Ivan failure to work due to his laziness and incompetence, could not be blamed on the head of the Soviet executive committee of Peter, and Peter in front of the higher authorities could not put the blame on Ivan.

Party in the constitution — the Basic Law of the Soviet Union — was not mentioned. Stalin, who resigned from the post in 1952 the authority of the Secretary of the Party Central Committee and retaining the post of the Prime Minister, thus clearly defined the essence of the upcoming changes in the governance of the country: not Party committees and constitutional bodies of Soviet power — now the de facto chief of the country . In March 1953, after the death of Stalin, his installation in undivided Soviets and their executive committees could make only a natural statesman Beria, not political officers, Commissioners, Chief — Khrushchev and Malenkov.

Only he, Beria, by nature a servant of the state, considered our colonel, was able to finish the Stalin governance reform: all power — rigid vertical of the Soviets and their executive committees, the party and its committees — only ideological, propaganda and enlightened activity.

Only he, Beria, practices, podnatorevshy in meeting specific economic and defense problems, understand how important to the success of any business personal creative freedom and initiative. And only he, Beria, as the future head of the country in view of our colonel, could seriously begin to economic reform. To create the necessary market and competition in trade and service. Stalin, were written in 1949, the Civil Code of the right of citizens to handicraft artel work on patents and hiring workers, thereby planned arrival of private businesses in the service sector. And who, if not Beria, ensure the development of the business — the development of a wide network of effectively competing with each other for the benefit of the population non-shops, eateries, cafes, restaurants, hairdressing, sewing and re-montnyh workshops?

Our colonel Beria came up, so to speak, on the ideological and strategic reasons. But not this caused him to urgently seek a meeting with him as soon as the first news of the death of a telephone Leader. Colonel Shchadov devoted to Stalin's secret game, desperately and immediately hath need of a personal-tactical alliance with Marshal Beria. Why he desperately needed especially in such an alliance?

Eugene P. left to right on the table wiggled his notebook:

— A conversation with a friend Tikhon Lukic Shchadov of Gosplan I led, of course, without the recorder. He expounded the story of our colonel on the events of March 1953, I just listened to him. Heard then the paper is not shifted. Not transcribed because it is not afraid to forget. All too well remembered. So, what's in the night of 5 to 6 March Colonel Shchadov stepped into the office of Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, Marshal Lawrence Beria? With what? With a monologue-report and cooperate with the application.

— Comrade Beria, — said our Colonel, having received permission to sit in front of the marshal. — Three days ago, Vasily Stalin told you about the fact that his father was poisoned. His statement is not deducted from the ceiling. It arose from my words, and in it — really.

Stalin at a glance determine the energy potential of human and could not be mistaken in the true knowledge of their vitality. And if he were caught, the resource of his brain and heart ailments exhausted by work and then began to prepare well to escape into another world. So did all the wise men would have done so, and Stalin. But he soberly evaluating their health, about any dying wills and orders have dreamed. Heaven bless his divine life and living. But today, Stalin — dead. And he's dead on the same diabolical reason that the 44-year-old died Shcherbakov and fellow 52-year-old comrade Zhdanov.

According to his service, — informed Beria our colonel, — I had the deal not so long blasts case Kremlin doctors. I studied them carefully and come to the conclusion that Jewish doctors hated comrades Shcherbakov and Zhdanov, but they did not die from improper treatment.

When you, Comrade Beria headed the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs and when the Commissariat included and proper enforcement bodies (police), and the organs of state security (intelligence, counterintelligence and political investigation), your submission was toxicology laboratory. Laboratory for the production of various poisons. Spring 1943rd NKVD section — after you left the police and state security agencies moved to the jurisdiction of an independent commissariat — NKGB. He passed and toxicology laboratory.

I have no doubt — our Colonel fixed his eyes on his pince-nez Beria — you remember that poisons from said lab left only with the permission of the first persons in authority. So it was with you, so it was after the transfer you control your former state security deputy Vsevolod Nikolayevich Merkulov. So, the case of the investigation of the death of fellow doctors Shcherbakov and Zhdanov malware treatment seemed to me not convincing, and I became interested in the toxicology laboratory. Behind the scenes, without the knowledge of Comrade Stalin, made acquaintance with one of its employees, and information derived from it, have opened for me two of the same effects on the fact.

In April 1945, with the approval of the lab issued Malenkov slow-acting poison, two weeks later, on May 10, dies Shcherbakov. In early August 1948, at the direction of the same Malenkov same poison is carried away from the walls of the laboratory, and at the end of the month named in the coffin — Zhdanov. Of course, in both cases, Malenkov allowed to use poison at the request of state security personnel to destroy the enemies of the Soviet state somewhere far away from Moscow. But for its intended purpose it went all the doses of the poison or some of them spent in the deadly scars on the hearts of Shcherbakov and Zhdanov?

This question, Comrade Beria — bowed our colonel — let's leave unanswered. Molvlyu you originally quite obvious: Malenkov had serious motives secretly get rid of Comrade Shcherbakov and Zhdanov.

Spring 1945 — the peak of a career Shcherbakov. He won the propaganda battle with Goebbels, propaganda from Nazi Germany. It — not only the first person in the leadership of Moscow and Moscow region, but it is also the secretary of the Central Committee, as head of the Soviet Information Bureau and the General Political Department of the Army does the weather in the press and publishing, the theater and cinema. Stalin's name Shcherbakov, in fact, alone controls train of thought and mood of all citizens. Controlled so as not to the liking of Malenkov.

In Malenkov Russian nationalist Shcherbakov saw hidden Trotskyite internationalist. With its extensive and reliable information about everything happening everywhere, Shcherbakov knew: her husband, along with Jewish Malenkov influential Jewish leaders, such as Lozovsky and pearl-Molotov strongly through various levers of power held counteract them, Shcherbakov, cleaning. That is the release print editions of Radio and cultural institutions of the Jewish nationalists, and from those of other nations that do not accept the ideology of Russian great power. In short, the two seem to be on top of the companion of power — Malenkov, and Shcherbakov — were actually enemies. And if the victory in May 1945, Shcherbakov suddenly died, he with an enormous confidence in him, Comrade Stalin certainly would post soon Malenkov or link to Kustanay steppe with pearl-Molotov, or in prison with Lozovsky.

Comrade Shcherbakov in outlook and his successor as chief ideologist Comrade Zhdanov were twin brothers. And the wait with his two pupils in the highest power, with gaining momentum Politburo of the CPSU (b) Voznesensky and

Kuznetsov, who has prepared a Malenkov same fate as Shcherbakov. Therefore, Zhdanov as suddenly passed away in August of 1948.

Our Colonel breath:

— I did not report to Comrade Stalin my guesses. Him to solve the Jewish problem in the country it was necessary that the mystery of death Shcherbakov and Zhdanov revealed to the people as a malicious cynical crime Jewish doctors. Working on it, I could not without the permission of Stalin in parallel to investigate the use of poisons by Malenkov. And so he put his own guesses exclusively to themselves. But once in the middle of February, my agent told me that Khrushchev ordered the issue of poisons toxicology laboratory, I went to Vasily Stalin. He painted his version of the poisoning of Zhdanov and Shcherbakov and said: we must sound the alarm.

Then I threw out at Basil reasons for alarm.

Stalin now — in the minds of a big change in the country. That's it, he plans to deploy the mass emigration of Jews and at the same time with her reform of the entire propaganda machine.

Stalin's refusal to be the General Secretary of the party marks the beginning of the reform party — structural, personnel and ideological.

Come and reform the economy. Before and during World War II concentration in the hands of all the property of the state of the country and rigid public administration industry, agriculture and trade were justified. After the victory, after the restoration of ruined cities, villages and the creation of the nuclear shield of the need for a centralized resource mobilization and regulation of officials of everything anymore. Consequently, Stalin soon begin to implement the market. Regulated market, where producers of goods, services, and sellers are free to fight under the control of the state: who better and cheaper products will give citizens and who are more labor and skill can earn.

Khrushchev and Malenkov on Basting Stalinist reforms had a clear view and perceive them as a threat to himself. They Commissioners, political workers, performing tasks Stalin years. Not always successful. And not just been beaten for failure. But still stay on the top of the government. And the current system of ideology and economy they have a chance to continue to maintain its high position. But if the reforms go, they, Khrushchev and Malenkov, great lords Commissioners, with mossy dogmas in the head and the inability to learn, Stalin and his innovations will not need to add power. They had to fall down, and possibly a very hard blow.

Stalin to Khrushchev's reforms and Malenkov — knife sharp. And they are the only way to keep the reforms — to remove Stalin from power. But he — not only official, he — Chief. To dismiss him is impossible, therefore, to be eliminated from life.

Malenkov double lights falling from the perspective of the powerful Olympus. But it did not fall — not in 1945 nor in 1948 — because he had sent to the other world Shcherbakov and Zhdanov. Now the same perspective — and in front of him, and before Khrushchev. They entered into an agreement, and Khrushchev as secretary of the party, under the Ministry of State Security, authorized the issuance of toxins from the toxicology laboratory. So not for Comrade Stalin whether these poisons for?

With this question, Comrade Beria, I turned to Vasily Stalin on February 20. He said it is very original:

— When my father was not Stalin, and was a 16-year-old Joseph Dzhugashvili, he wrote a poem, lyric hero who went with oak panduri from house to house and gave people artless song:

In his song, and the song — As the sun shine clear, sounded great truth, lofty dream.


The man with the fight song made panduri hardened heart, waking many minds, dozing in the deep darkness,


But instead of the greatness of his people outcasts land poisoned chalice presented. Told him: "Damn, Drink, drained to the bottom … And your song is alien to us, and your righteousness is not necessary! "



Poisoned songwriter, — said Vasily lines read — not just the people of his land, and the rich men, or chiefs, who themselves wanted to rule the souls and minds on this earth.

Now in the case — Basil raised tone of voice — on your warning about poison father of two colleagues. Khrushchev and Malenkov not need a great truth, or a lofty dream. Granted, they are afraid of losing their delight the drug — their current positions. I am sure they are all ready in order to stay on top of the government. But Khrushchev, Malenkov and fear, trembling fear not only of Stalin, but his portrait in their offices — they are cowards. And if one of them and take the poison to Stalin, then surely it will drop out of shaking hands.

Vasili did not take seriously my guesses. With criminal indifference to them and admitted it took only when strong body of Comrade Stalin has painfully struggled with poisons — with poisons from Khrushchev and Malenkov.

Our colonel was silent. And Beria, never before did not interrupt him, he asked:

— Why are you, comrade Shchadov, with your information about poisons came just to see me?

Guard our colonel question is not found:

— I know the last before his death the order of the Leader — to unite the police and security services in a single agency and appoint you, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the new at the same time the powerful Interior Ministry. Stalin foresaw resistance to his reforms at various levels of government. And that is likely to suppress the resistance in the bud, he decided to concentrate control of all punitive structures in some good hands. You, Comrade Beria, I'm sure Stalin trusted more than any other teammates. In it you see the most consistent of his kindred and your influence in the country has increased, entrusting you to the police and the security services.

The unexpected death of Stalin, all mixed up in the hierarchy of higher authority. Someone who now must obey? Khrushchev actually — the main figure in the Party Central Committee, Malenkov — the Council of Ministers. You, Comrade Beria, like a deputy prime minister and member of the Presidium of the Central Committee, the authority of both the Soviet and in the party authorities, and is now at your disposal, as the Minister of the Interior — the punitive sword. So who of you in the country could become the first person — the second and third?

While you, Comrade Beria decided vital to our nation of scientific and technical problem — the creation of atomic and thermonuclear bombs — Khrushchev and Malenkov solve their personal problems. They were held-established as indisputable intermediaries between Stalin and bureaucratic lyudom. Khrushchev had trained himself to listen to the party apparatus, Malenkov — Soviet. Stalin, not now, and the first in the country is destined to be the leader of one of the two devices — the one who is more pushy and determined. I am in the present day it is not clear who will get the first person second role, but I doubt it — you, Comrade Beria, the role of the third does not shine in any way.

Khrushchev and Malenkov — prisoners of dogma. They do not accept the changes that are needed and that life began Stalin. You, Comrade Beria, no doubt, going to the Stalinist reforms continue. However, even if you palter and verbally swear allegiance to a leader of the apparatus, and though neither Khrushchev, Malenkov or may not feel the pleasure of autocracy. You as a person and as a figure larger than any of them, and the same will overshadow any. But quietly and peacefully put you out of the Presidium of the Central Committee and deputy positions to deprive the government and the Minister of Interior, they also may not. Guts. Your influence of party-Soviet active huge and reasonable arguments for your resignation Khrushchev and Malenkov did not find. What do they do? Just send you to the light after Stalin. If his life they encroached, then before your elimination will not stop. So my outlook on the situation in the Kremlin is that either Khrushchev and Malenkov — poison you, a sniper shot — will remove you, or you are an accomplished and retribution by law to arrest and shoot them. In the battle for supreme power in the country can not be a compromise. I. ..

Raised his hand Beria ordered our Colonel subside:

— Do not you think, Comrade Shchadov that you are too far in your fantasies?

— No, sir, — has reported our colonel. — I can not foresee the consequences of our conversation with you for me. But aware of the risks, expressing your own forecast. Risk not only because I want to take revenge for the poisoning of Stalin, Zhdanov and Shcherbakov. I personally by Khrushchev and

Malenkov comes no less dangerous than you. You have to destroy them as a competitor in the power, me — as a witness to their seditious acts.

On the instructions of Comrade Stalin, I'm at the end of 40's — early 50's developed the campaign to intimidate the Jews in order to encourage them to voluntary exile to the Promised Land. The purpose of the operation "Suitcase — Station — Israel", in my view, justify all means and in respect of shares held yours truly and outright lawlessness, brutality and excessive punishment for the real machinations of anti-state and the punishment of the Jews, regulations do not transgress. We had to spread fear and hopelessness in the Jewish community — and they were sown.

I am having a "good" from Stalin to freedom of action, outlined many of the anti-Jewish repression illegal. Their conduct various officials ensured primarily through the secretaries of the Central Committee — through Malenkov and Khrushchev. They're on my tip-off of the office sought Stalinist illegal dismissals and arrests of influential Jews, they threatened judges broke party responsibility and ensure the imposition of severe, including death, sentences many Jews not for criminal activity, and for the lack of loyalty to the Soviet state.

Married to a Jew, Khrushchev and Malenkov plunged punishment of the Jews was not at the behest of hearts. But obrushivanie ordered. I know in detail all the facts of their anti-Jewish abuse, and this is now — a danger to my life.

But not only for their own salvation, and not only from a desire to take revenge on the killers, I came to you. Neither Khrushchev, Malenkov or should not be allowed to the absolute rule of the country. They are infected with Trotskyism and if seized the Kremlin, it will pull out of the grave buried Stalin's Comintern. USSR again have to throw a lot of money on the world communist movement.

In relations with the same bourgeois governments of Europe and America as Khrushchev and Malenkov to the fore necessarily put Promoting the benefits of socialism. How to properly serve its citizens — it is not known, but the world carry their ideals Trotsky itching tears.

But in the West, Jews dominate public opinion. And if I find myself soon in London or Washington, if it will publish a book about how choked, poisoned Soviet Jews Khrushchev and Malenkov, they are in the West will not accept neither the communists nor capitalists. To those and these Khrushchev and Malenkov should look decent, and so they find a reason to kill me.

Our colonel clenched fists

— Comrade Beria, ordered me not to become an illegal at home or flee abroad. Opportunities for both as there is. And do not fear has led me to you. You can not Trotskyists and murderers of Comrade Stalin to give the Kremlin. They, Khrushchev and Malenkov, dangerous for me and for you, but they will bring harm and darkness across the country. And remove them from power once you are able to, and my duty to help you. How so?

I can make a report. Your report, Comrade Beria, at the session of the Supreme Council. Such a report, after which the arrest of Khrushchev and Malenkov we strongly endorse, but the West will regard as legitimate and fair.

The first part of the report — needful world opinion — in my head. I am ready to start tomorrow to the description of lawlessness accomplishments against Jews Khrushchev and Malenkov. Documentation of their iniquity, I stole from Stalin's office and put it in a safe place.

Part two of the report — to awaken anger of our people to murderers Stalin, Zhdanov and Shcherbakov — requires advance preparation. Must secretly hold an inquest on the three cases of extradition of poisons and take readings with the security staff, through which the poison got into the disposal of the party grandees killers. I was ripe idea of chain transfer of poisons, and I, I think, would be able to direct the course of the investigation.

Attention Beria our colonel took as agreement with all of them said and ventured to the recommendations:

— You, Comrade Beria, should take over from Khrushchev and Malenkov's primacy in the rehabilitation of illegally repressed Jews. You, not they, should amnesty pearl-Molotov doctors pests and justify posthumously Lazouski activists of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee and other illegally executed Jews. This will give the credibility of the first part of your report. You must, I am convinced my friend and arrest of Vasily Stalin. Arrest in order to save. Vasili and his fiery temperament will broadcast all of the poisoning of his father, and Khrushchev and Malenkov would destroy it. Curbing speculation about poisoning Stalin also necessary for the success of the investigation on the use of poisons. This result can not be under suspicion of him, Khrushchev and Malenkov — the second part of your report can take place only in secret from them.

To "deep secret from them" Eugene P. completed retelling Shchadov words and then led it to already delivered earlier quote from Gogol

— So, the night of 5 March 6 1953rd Colonel Shchadov and Marshal Beria devil himself tied with string. Marshal Beria, he — a member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the party, it — the Deputy Prime Minister, he — Minister of Interior, has provided the dismissal of Colonel Shchadov Stalinist office and write off from military registration as operating officer. He was given a passport, and he became an ordinary Soviet unemployed. But with a free ticket to the resort.

Immediately after Stalin's funeral, 38-year-old retired colonel Tikhon Shchadov sent to a sanatorium in Sochi. It takes a separate room on the second day after arrival is in the evening to swim in the cold sea yet. He swam through the waves and back again emerged. Passerby found his clothes on the shore and called police outfit. Staff identified the resort clothes, and was drawn up — colonel Shchadov missing, probably drowned. Copy of the minutes from the Sochi police department was forwarded to the Ministry of the Interior, and then information about the disappearance of the former Stalin sent a special person in the first reception of the Central Committee and the Council of Ministers.

Colonel Tikhon Lukic Shchadov disappeared. Disappeared for Khrushchev and Malenkov. And the Office of Beria appeared a worker Tikhonov. He lived in a tightly-guarded suburban economy of Soviet foreign intelligence in a Moscow Malakhovka. Every day he is something going on — banging on a typewriter. He is often called on the telephone. He is unshaven thick black beard, and sometimes to go somewhere on the machine sends him with curtains. He regularly receive mail couriers deliver.

Conspiratorial Tikhonov lived hard lives. Once in April 1953rd Beria arrested Lieutenant General Ogoltsova which the Ministry of State Security was subject to the toxicology laboratory, Tikhonov-Shchadov not only was the text of the iniquities of Khrushchev and Malenkov, but secretly controlled investigation on the use of poisons is not the claimed purpose .

By summer 1953rd Tikhonov-Shchadov its obligations to fulfill Beria. There is a concise, accurate and compelling list of illegal acts of the two party officials, and are evidence of the transfer of poisons approximate Khrushchev and Malenkov. Draft report Beria at the Supreme Council of demonstrative charges of felony Secretary of Khrushchev and Malenkov of the Prime Minister was prepared for mid-June. And the report would soon take place, and would be thunder struck for Khrushchev and Malenkov. But they are some of the findings of the investigation revealed the Ministry of Internal Affairs on poisons. They panicked and erratic fear hastily-prespeshno persuaded the party leadership to break the rules of law and common sense. Dealt with Beria in June 1953 th with his absurd accusation of spying for the United Kingdom and the intention to restore capitalism in the USSR.

Beria was murder and murder Tikhonov. Tikhonov to exist. A man with a document on his name turned into Tikhon Lukic Shchadov and summer 1953rd lost in the vast one-sixth of the land. And since he Shchadov, retired colonel, was officially regarded as missing, drowned at sea in search of it has been announced. The powers of the disappeared Stalin's NKVD forgotten, it it currently does not look like.

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