The first Russian film about surviving in the wild. Soon!

Thoughts about survival, be it global catastrophe or just breaking away from the city car anyway regularly visit many of us. Many on the basis of these disturbing thoughts try to prepare yourself for such a chance. It is one thing to think about it, and quite another — to try really povyzhivat. I was always attracted by the idea to try something like that in practice, but I do not know how to approach it and where to start. In 2007, I found on the internet forum extreme subjects, where in particular actively discussed the idea of survival. He began to organize a variety of trips and training in survival, in which I participated, training, reading and collecting information on the Internet. Until the end of 2008, my friend, film director Sergei did not offer me a part in the new vyzhivatelskom project. Prior to that, all of my visits were limited by time three — four days, he also proposed to survive two weeks. Moreover, the project is not just for survival, but in a documentary about the process. It was a challenge for me to test the new order. I myself have long wondered about the great survival, where he was able to test themselves, to use all their knowledge and experience, but do not dare to organize it yourself. I agreed. Sergey has had experience in all kinds of shooting, but for him it was also undertaking a fundamentally new level. We've decided that the necessary implementing this project, the date specified for it in August 2009, and further thoughts on the project for a second did not leave our consciousness. So was the start of the implementation of the idea, "a documentary film about the real survival in the wild."

The decision on the location of filming came pretty quickly when we looked at the map of Russia, pointing to the farthest corner of it. Kamchatka! Once we have approved Kamchatka even far for us Altai (which we originally developed as a place for survival) was to seem option at least in case the sponsors do not find at all. In the future, we have not abandoned the Kamchatka even under severe shortage of funds. What followed was a long and difficult process of preparation, finding sponsors, and develop a model of survival, as a result of the discussion that I had to survive alone. And finally, with a pile of equipment and technology, we boarded the plane and flew to Kamchatka. That's it! We Kamchatka! Nine-hour flight and the same difference in time relative to Moscow. The body was a little out of it, and we still could not understand and believe we are on the edge of the world. We have broken our entire stay in Kamchatka on 2 stages: the first — acclimatization to visit Mutnovsky volcano, and the second — the actual survival in Bakening volcano. In the first period I have not survived, we trained to work with the camera and at the same time visiting one of the most interesting places of Kamchatka — the neighborhood Mutnovsky volcano — one of the largest thermal-active places in the world! In particular Dacha thermal springs. Interesting place — out of the ground in many places boiling water and steam escapes with varying intensity and temperature. All this creates a surreal landscape. These sources are wild, not ennobled in this naturalness to their great advantage. Much later, we learned that many other sources are not so picturesque and for the most part are ennobled bath in the ground without any surrealism. And of course, otmokanie bathing in hot water springs in the wild in the open, when it's pretty cold and a few hundred meters is snow — a pleasure quite new order.

On sources we spent two days alternately soaking in hot water and shooting photos and video footage for the film, and for the sponsors. Then we went to the next interest — to the crater, which is constantly going fumorolnaya thermal activity. Stomped around 6 km and beating the pass we camped. The weather turned bad, the sky clouds sucked, it was cold, foggy and drizzling constantly Khmara. The next day we decided not to go into the crater of the technique, as weather conditions do not portend good for shooting. Light went to investigate. The next day we moved camp close to the crater. 2 more days we spent in the tent, almost without going outside. The weather was very depressed — strong wind, light rain, Khmara. At night, the wind is so strong that we had to go out and strengthen the tent with stones on the perimeter. Surprisingly, the height was only about 900 meters, but the weather and the winds were just creepy. And just 300 meters below the sun was shining and the weather was good. Ie clouds, wind and rain hung solely on Mutnovsky volcano.

When the weather is more or less improved, we went to the shooting. The path to the crater and fumorolnoy site lies in the gorge. Everywhere traces terrible landslides and rockfalls. Beauty opens thermal activity on the rise. First, it can be seen soaring yields far below, then rising above, they add amazing color panorama from the glacier and destroyed by sharp rocks. Then you get to the center of the action — to fumorolnuyu site. Like a gate, starting this site are the two nicest output of sulfur dioxide with scum around them bizarre and poisonous yellow. For them there is an infinite number of different floating pits and boiling pools.

Here in the bottom of the cliff river flows from melting glaciers. In many places the channel of this river, on the walls of the canyon, and sometimes even out of the ground under the water escapes the gas, creating an absolutely unearthly landscape. Sulphurous gas brought a lot of discomfort. When you get into brimstone cloud, it immediately begins to eat away at your eyes and burn the mucous so that it is impossible to breathe. I had to shoot through the sulphurous fog passes to go with his eyes closed and holding your breath, it does not fall into the boiling pools. By evening we were pretty inhaled sulfur poplohelo us even a little bit. Mutnovsky volcano crater was at some distance from fumorolnoy area, but also represented the artistic and aesthetic interest. We went in there until the evening.

Crater struck me by its contrast and scale. Almost vertical walls of the cup and almost flat bottom. Gas output is enormous, every second throw huge clouds of white smoke, the whole place resembles a factory clouds. Beautiful outputs were on the walls of the crater. Periodic sounds of rock falls, deposits of stones at the bottom saying that the stones are falling very often. Only when we are less than an hour was two rockfall. Very great temptation to go down to the flat bottom and see the beauty of this close. There are visible signs of committing such descents — tied a rope going down. When checking the strength she broke without strain — sulfur dioxide did the trick. But to go down without a gas mask, I would not dare. If the edge of the crater is still possible to get away from the sulfur clouds, and there, at the bottom, will have nowhere to escape and you can just choke when the wind will carry sulfur at you. Amazing and stunning in its scope the view is very condusive to contemplation. She just wanted to sit, to think about nothing and enjoy the spectacle. Being in this living monument of how mountains and ridges formed on the planet — it's great and memorable. It is time to leave for Petropavlovsk and prepare for the main stage.

So early the next morning we set off for survival. A number of things embedded in the car — horrendous. The photographer Ivan had 3 camera, Sergei director — big top box with a camera, tripod and all video obveska. And while no one has canceled other camping equipment. This all has been added to the Petrol tank of gas, extra bag with chargers. Local photographer and explorer also been uploaded to the fullest. As a result, all backpacks weighed 30. The project officially began at the time of the landing of the car at the point of the route. To the point of landing was a 4 hour journey. In the car, I greedily ate chocolates, cakes and sandwiches. On the way, we have struck the wheel, and at first I even thought that it deliberately guys rigged the survival began for me unexpectedly. But no, it was all for real. Putting the spare tire, we got where we wanted. Unloaded the things hidden bernzogenerator and bookmark Sergei spent the last instruction: "Stas not communicate, it is in itself, we — by themselves. He leads us, and we all follow him, even if she starts to wander — do not tell him the way. On the day we go 3-4 hours to shoot and catch a rest. " All. Went. Survival began.

Survival … Everything. Went. Survival began.

The composition of my means of survival was that knife, flint, repshnur, glasses in a case, an army canteen with a bowler hat, compass, map, and a signal flare to scare the bear. Once there is a mixed feeling of almost absolute freedom. It pleased and frightened at the same time. From this in mind there is some strange emptiness. There is no coherent thoughts, only a fragment. Me and nature, one by one, and there is nothing more. The first day I did not quite understand what was happening and what I threaten. Did not know what to think, what to focus on. I tried to enjoy the beauty of nature and be glad that I am here, in Kamchatka — in this amazing and beautiful land. In the evening I gathered enough firewood for the night to keep the fire until the morning. Spent the night under a fallen tree trunk, lightly cover themselves from the wind of its fragments. The first night was particularly alarming. I shudder every sound, I'm everywhere chudilis bears. Slept pretty bad, woke up from the cold, when the fire was burning, had to re-kindle the fire. Frozen feet. On the morning of Ivan-brewed tea and went further.

Inner emptiness is killing me, and I decided to choose a target closer than the final destination. Survival — is not one big problem, it's a lot of small tasks and stages. According to the plan I had to travel a certain route, it mimicked a situation where a man lost somewhere deep in the mountains. Near my way there were several lakes, and I decided to hurry to get to one of them, to try to catch him in the hunt for fish and other animals on the shores. Near large bodies of water is always more to life than on the slopes.

Day 2
All the next day we went and almost no shot. On the way I am, where possible, eating blueberries and flowers Ivan-tea. Had good weather, stunning views of the volcano Bakening, but this beauty was a worrying. In the evening we went to the house, in a real survival, I would naturally spent the night there and took advantage of what he found in it, but the concept of the film did not provide such bonuses. I went to build a shelter. The district had no fruit, and for dinner I had all the same Fireweed.

Day 3
The next day I got up late. Morning has become my favorite time of day. During the night I was very exhausting from fitful sleep, uncomfortable floor, cold and fear. In the morning, when the sun comes out, it becomes warm and no longer have to watch the fire, I could afford to get some sleep without stress. The first thing I saw upon awakening — Serge was the camera. I realized that I have a lot of time and started to get up. In addition to earrings, I have not seen anybody this morning, decided that they remain in the house and then we catch up. It was the third day. In the body of famine began transients bad I was thinking and just went on autopilot, vaguely remembering conceived route. His head was completely empty. I was annoyed because of the slow speed of our movement. Huge backpack Sergei did not allow to go fast, especially since we often stopped to film passes. For me, it was unusual, all the time I was in a hurry. Wonderful views to create internal contrast haste and anger. Messed up. Later in the morning I felt quite at ease. And wanted to fall asleep. Rational thinking and sensible action in the meantime quite absent, and this resulted in an incorrect important decisions. Started a small rise (before we went on the horizontal valley) and I mistook him for a key hill on the map where I need to turn to the lake. It was a critical moment. I turned the wrong way, but did not yet know it. We started up with Sergey to the riverbed. I do haunted trail. All the time I was expecting about a bend have a view on the plateau in front of the lake and the need to go a little bit more. Naive. A rise in the meantime becomes steeper and more difficult. The comfortable bed of stone steps turned into irrational placer big wet stones, and our speed with the backpack Sergei was a little girl. Making the willpower — to shoot footage. We went up pretty high. Three of our companions are still to be seen, I tried not to think about the problem, even though deep down knew where they now are — here they will not find us. It is quite logical to discuss this point, but it was impossible to communicate. It was beginning to grow dark, I was already time Stavan overnight, but there were no acceptable place. We all kept coming up. I started to fall into despair, but struggled with this state of mind that, by and large I do not care where to survive. But before the end liberate consciousness gave responsibility to the project. Unwittingly begin to communicate a lot with respect. Sergei told me that in fact our friends behind, and gone far ahead of us and said that they would stand on the pass. "What nonsense!" — I thought. It is evident that the section in an unfamiliar area, then gather together unreal.

Is closer to the sunset we went miniature picturesque lake, on the bank were flat place, and lay the wood. We decided to spend the night here. The place was very beautiful, the water in the lake was clear, the banks covered with vegetation, on the other side was a beautiful hillside. I began to prepare a place for the night. Lay the grass at ground lug, collecting firewood. Sergei decayed nearby and also engaged in the bivouac works. He had no tent and luckily for us the sky is not watery. Now we have survived together, with the only difference that Sergei had food, a sleeping bag, but 41 pounds in a backpack. Mixed and contrasting feelings were at the time. It was not so bad, but I was worried a lot. This is a difficult condition where one can not fully surrender the mood, so we had to make strong domestic efforts to maintain itself in stability.

Day 4
Again, difficult night. Wood on the bank were raw, and to rekindle the warm fire had to do a lot of effort. Waking up at night from the cold, I spent about forty minutes to restore the fire. By the end of the night I did not even have the strength to blow on the embers. I could not wait until morning to get some sleep without stress. But then I could not relax, always in a hurry and could not relax — I was anxious to get to the lake, and so I always get a move on you. Place at the lake was a peculiar trap. When Sergey and I were about to leave, he sent me up the slope to clear the aisles. We agreed that I would wait for him there. Passed slope, lay lie almost fell asleep — no rest midges. I decided to go back and see why so long no Sergei. An hour after he moved just to the opposite shore of the lake, 30 meters. Again I waited. I was tormented by this delay, and very attracted slope at which I naively expected to see the lake. It took about an hour, Sergei did not show everything, I returned to see — it was far below the bed of the stream. As it turned out, he could not physically take the hill, where I went. Huge backpack to move the center of gravity and Sergey just slipped down the slope, even if crawling on all fours. The path along the river bed, which lay at the bottom of the stones — was the only option. And that, he occasionally falls into the trap of dwarf — a backpack with a tripod across stuck in the branches, and he had to take off all his burdens and smuggling in all piecemeal.

I took the tripod to help Sergei. Otherwise, we would have chosen from the trap until the evening. These 400-meter track and 300 meters of climb took us about 4 hours. In this case, through the power of forced themselves periodically removed. I was again tortured mood swings. Our pace greatly oppressed me, pressured circumstances, but looking at the surrounding beauty, I get excited and happy. Beauty saved me. Before going out on the ridge, Sergei went ahead to shoot a natural reaction. And always, before I open a new form, I waited until Serge deploy a camera to shoot fresh and vivid emotion. We went out of the comb. Lake behind it was not. I've realized my mistake in navigation and knew the required direction. Go down and find the road I did not want, because planned to achieve the desired lake on top. All the more so up here, the views were just amazing. Height was more than 1,000 meters. We went to the next beach nourishment, for which I, as before, hoping to see the lake. Volcano Bakening was a good guide. The weather was clear, and it was visible. I determined by the compass bearing of the volcano, laid a straight line on the map in azimuth and trying to determine its location. Everything pointed to the fact that for those already visible sloping should definitely be seen lake. These thoughts are very encouraging me, I was in a hurry, annoyed at our pace, really wanted to look beyond the crest. And what was my disappointment when for another sloping is not subjected to the lake. Gradually came to think about the inadequacy of the maps, as I did not find it relevant to the reality of landforms. I did not know who to believe — your feelings or card. Next shelving — also nothing. Contrasts became stronger on the one hand I did not see his goal, but again views so pleasing to the eye, that I forgot about many problems. It was the fourth day. It was already evening, it was time to get to sleep. Storm the beaches of the following was decided tomorrow. From a distance determined by the place for the night. And suddenly … Bear! Is currently considered as the place where we have planned for the night, went off it. But it did not change our plans. We were lucky — we found the spring, although it was almost desperate to drink water. Sunset found us during the bivouac works. This was probably the most beautiful sunset over the entire journey. Around — the sharp, contrasting rocks, the sky amazing colors, volcano Bakening, illuminated by the setting sun — I left all things, just stood there and watch the sunset. So a good mood, I was not long ago.

Initially showed me quite unfit place for the night was the result of the best of all overnight stays. Dry wood flared up quickly, next was a lot of bumps, which I bake in the coals. Of flat stones I built reflectors around the fire — this was much warmer. A bedtime laid at the feet of the heated stone, was a pleasure to feel the heat on the feet, which were cold all the time on the previous and next sleepover. The morning was so beautiful that I did not have thoughts. They were not needed. I kind of became a part of this. Dissolved in nature. All the difficulties on the way to this place is more than paid back the sunset and sunrise. I am so today has been charged beauty that moral soared and was in a fighting frame of mind — to go further ahead, to the goal!

Day 5
Morning. Rose. Went. Over the next sloping — nothing. It does not matter. I'm used to. A much bigger problem is that the slope became so steep and loose that traverse it was not possible. Sorry, but you have to start the descent. And it was harder for us than the rise. Especially descent was given congested earrings. Sometimes, he just could not go out and slid on the grass slopes. Gorge around us became steeper. Was beginning to grow dark, and the day we went through quite a bit. In the foreseeable space not seen any suitable place to sleep, at least more or less gentle. Nothing to do — decide to spend the night on a hillside in a small area of the forest. As necessary. Horrible place — a steep slope, irrational forest around. But I began to notice this feature: first around all that unfriendly, and someone else the same, but then chose the site and laid beside things — and it immediately became my dear and cozy. That was the case here — I had a small pit with the ability to sleep up on one side. Evening Standard procedures: collecting firewood, making a fire, cooking the compote from the fact that I found one day. A good mood. Of concern only to the work of the camera and a slow pace. Night. In a short period of sleep I even had time to dream dreams. Oddly enough, I never dreamed of food or a warm night, it was with a blurred sense of abstraction.

Day 6
In the morning we continued our descent. Streams, rocks, impenetrable thickets — it's all normal. Closer to the dinner, we descend back into the valley. Because of the high vegetation difficult to navigate, not seen any Bakening or other landmarks. I'm nervous. Starting to demand that the earrings look at GPSe true whether we are going. He refuses. Frantically look at the map every 2 minutes and did not let go of the compass. I do not know who to believe. Whether to believe themselves whether to believe the map. Suddenly we came out on the trail. Its direction is fine with me, and began to follow it, and quite relaxed. We went out into the open, where there were many large blueberry. The hunger I no longer bother, I eat fruit only because the need is, and, of course, because they are delicious. For some reason I thought that the trail goes directly to the lake, which I wanted. Navigation feeling told me that it is time to rotate, but I stubbornly continued to go down the path, and I was right raspadok, leading to the lake, without even noticing it. At the moment I'm happy with everything, the pace was good, go easy, thought processes disconnected. The trail ended as suddenly as it had begun. Look for it in the area, find it on a slope, leaving abruptly left. I'm glad this event, as had long expected rotation. The brain is switched off again, just go down the trail and about what I do not. Day came to an end, and we had very little water and its sources, we are not yet seeing. We decide to go long until we find water. Found a snowfield, from which the stream, but decide to go a little further, look for a place comfortable. Sergei methodically goes behind ridges first to take off my emotions, if you suddenly have a view on something interesting. And then for another drop, I see the water! I could not believe that finally found the lake. I ran to him, despite the fatigue and weakness. But again, I was disappointed — it was quite tiny lake, not at all, which I was planning to attend. But I'm not upset, the situation has changed for the better, before I saw lakes and is pleased me. There were two assumptions: first — that it is any single part of a large lake, and everything else is just a little further, and the second — it's generally a different location. We decided to spend the night here. A deal with navigation in the morning I had planned. Today, the "Meridian" — took half the time of survival, six days. Evening Serge does surprise me — shows on the map where I was. This tiny lake is on the map. I felt like before, passed by the Intended purpose and was much further than necessary. But it opened the way to go for many more lake. And then it would be possible and hunt, and try to catch a fish. Now all my thoughts on how to get there as quickly as possible.

Day 7
In the morning, during the gathering we heard screams in the distance. Thought it was ours. It turned out that the photographer Ivan cried and searched us. As it turned out, all those days when we were apart, he is most concerned about our search for a daily pass for lugging firewood and burning signal fires, wherever they were — left notes, strained Kamchatka also looking for us.

On the last stop, we went straight to the lake. I have finally oriented and wanted to get to get there. When we crossed the pass, the lake could be seen already at the bottom, but the road to it seemed to me very long. Rather, for him … And finally, the beach and the water! Like a little dream come true. Weird mixed feelings were in my time when I literally jumped into the water. It was cold, soak no sense at all, but I'm so morally missed it, it was necessary for me. I wanted to feel the water and realize that this is not a dream and I'm actually here and now. All — the main goal at this stage is reached. Strange, but I did not feel the joy of achievement, and felt a certain relief, mixed with anxiety for some reason.

Today aesthetics took precedence over common sense, I have long sought a place sheltered from the wind, but eventually built a hut on the shore of the lake. This open space is purged and more, the more the water is always cold. But by the time I was so tired to sleep in any thickets, even at the expense of open space like warmth and beauty. I want to wake up and see the beauty, not the branches and bushes around. I wanted to feel the space, not cramped next asshole. I wanted to sit by the fire on the lake and admire it.

Day 8
Came responsible, the eighth day. Main purpose of the coming of the lake — hunting and animal food production. The lake has a fish and live in the open spaces around the gophers. I built myself a spear from a knife and a stick, and, having gained confidence, went hunting. Decided to start with the gophers. About an hour wandering the field and looked for their holes, and their own. First, apart from the norm could not see anything, but then suddenly a couple of squirrels themselves. I went slowly, so as not to startle. Spear at the ready. Throw … by! I chase after him, but he eluded me in a hole. Trying to smoke them out, breed fire top hole, blow the smoke in and look around — do not rush out whether they are from emergency exits. But in vain. Obviously, these animals are too clever and agile to me.

Desperate to get a gopher, I went to the lake. I used to catch fish in a place where the lake turns into a river. Huge fish could be seen under the water. Here it is, the food! But come near them was very difficult. When I went up for five to seven meters, they began to float away, and from that distance to get my spear was unrealistic, especially since I had a spear for the first time. Long wait in one place for too did not work — the water is very cold, and I have so little power. But I kept trying. They kept watch on a rock, trying to drive them over, throwing stones on the other side of the pack, went deeper, came from the other side. But when the fish are not spawning — it is agile and intelligent. Toss … hit it big fish on the back, I see that wounded her, but she still swims away.

Suddenly, standing on the shore, I see: big fish swims, quite close to the shore in shallow water, barely lags, clearly tired from the long swim. This is a chance. I panic, I frantically throw a spear — by. Big fish, a little excited, a little faster swims — I throw at it and trying to grab his hands — slip! Damn! Meta spear again — past, and the fish in the meantime starts to leave the depths. Javelin throw — by. All … gone quite deep … Damn! As a pity, it was a real chance, and I missed it. I desperately hoped that there will be more such, waiting, walking along the beach, looking out. But useless. It was the last chance.

With a feeling of complete devastation, I went back to his tent. It was very sad that caught nothing today. I spent so much energy in the shuffle. The only thing that we have today — is a dead big fish, which Sergei found on the shore. Together to solve tomorrow is another day to devote hunting. Weather began to deteriorate, the sky was long, and sometimes frustrated drizzle. At the heart sick. And it's not that I now could not eat fish or gopher, but the fact that I wanted to include pictures of successful fishing in the film and saturate its dynamics. At night there was a fire — lit on dried grass hut, and I woke up in a ring of burning out. The comfort of the hut, hastily hulk hands fire stations. But even this event with fear and adrenaline did not remove my lethargy, I was so exhausted, that immediately fell back to sleep.

Day 9
Toward morning I jumped on the fact that on my pants on fire. Moved too close to the fire. Now, on one leg was a large hole, and the second — an alloy of the site. Somehow miraculously I burned myself. This event is on the one hand disappointed me a pity clothes, and on the other — it was a good time for the film. The drama, you know! Here come the morning Serge — I told him all about it.

Despite the vicissitudes of the night, I tried to get up early. I noticed that the big fish swim right next to my camp. Decides not to go to the source of the river, and to try to fish here on the remains found yesterday dead fish. Thrown into the water small pieces of bait, we have seen how fines and Krupnyakov chatter meat of his cousin. Good bait. Big fish are still afraid to come close, so I made a makeshift trap. Got the best of thermal underwear, put inside the elastic thin branches, the two ends tied a rope — to get some semblance of a net. All this I was laying on the bottom and put in the center of a piece of fish.

The idea was that the fish are attracted by the smell of the bait will float above this trap — at this point I had to pull the rope. Fishnet be dealt, and the fish turned out to be inside. As long as I set the whole thing, I managed to catch small fishes right hand. Oh! As I fired up! Despite its tiny size — it was more than a fish, it was a distant hint of luck! I decided there and then to cook it — first got ripped off big sheet, wrapped it and put it in the coals. Time before cooking it seemed like an eternity. And here it is — baked. This smell is driving me crazy. Biting off the first piece, I felt like time stood still. "Divine" — all I could say. And that was indeed the case. "I had never eaten anything more delicious" — I said, already licking their fingers. Excited this success, I began frantically to fish with his hands and trap. But was able to catch her with a net only two more small fish. Later in the morning the fish was a rare and energetic. I was quite cold to stand in the water and stopped fishing. Already out of the context of survival, we tried to fish on the hook for the tee, but also without success. Biting is over. Rest of the day, we again tried unsuccessfully to catch gophers. And in the evening I went back to the most ancient method of food of man — collecting. Collected a full pot with blueberry crowberry, some ate well and the rest is kneaded and warmed on a fire — it has a bit of jam.

The weather was still gloomy. The wind blew and the sky drizzled drizzle. Thick fog Zavoloko all around. Despite today's catch, the mood was no good. Main goal — the production of animal food was not done. I wanted to capture something essential not only to satisfy hunger, but for saturated film events. This greatly upset me. Well, on top of that I did not really go well with the camera work — I was not talking a lot of not so. For the third day, I was sleeping on one side and of the whole body ached. Apparently, I catch a cold muscle in his thigh, from this it was felt a burning sensation, sometimes giving sleep. For unknown reasons badly swollen hand, it bothered me, I was afraid that this contamination. Went to bed completely mentally and physically broken.

Day 10— The beginning of the return
Drizzled all night, and the morning sun did not meet us at dawn. It is time to return. His little camp, I left with a sense of unsettled debt and the idea that we will have to come back and finish the job. The remaining time will be fully given to return, and anything interesting, most likely, will not happen.

I have felt very real lack of energy — the guys with heavy backpacks walked up the hill faster than I travel light. Dried per night shoes and pants completely soaked in the first five minutes of movement on the wet grass. Because of the damp shoes sharpened all abrasions and wounds in the legs, into big boljuchih dropsy, it was painful to walk.

By evening, we were able to get to a house, which was found on the second day of survival. All terribly tired. Naturally, in the house the night I was not, and in fact, I could not even use the last place to sleep, because this place has already been shot on camera. Drizzle did not stop all day, and, apparently, is not going to stop the night. I have already thought about how to spit on everything, fell somewhere under a tree without a fire, and just endure the cold night air. But still find the strength to gather firewood and building shelter. Trunk of a fallen tree overlaid with thin branches and carpeted with grass and cow parsnip. The boys lit the stove and warmed themselves in the house. Serge filmed my interview evening and went into the house.

That evening, I was overcome by a feeling of terrible loneliness. Yes, I was not alone in this campaign, but I was all alone on the conditions of their existence, their problems and their inner world. I noticed that he started talking to himself and to the surrounding objects — with trees, with wood, the wood, the fire, the river, etc. I came close to the brink of radical internal changes.

Day 11-day — the last
Gloomy morning. Serge woke me with a camera, come to shoot a traditional morning interview. Can not remember what I said, but it was the first interview, which outlined the idea of "How I'm sick of it all." Came the eleventh day, the idea I had to survive 12 days, but one night it would not have changed, and the remaining time would make anything interesting, we decided that if today will come out to the road, then complete the survival and go home. This decision pleased me. I lived for several days in the mode: "the main hold out a little longer."

Again soaked clothes in five minutes. Again strongly hurt calluses on his feet. Force is running out. Periodically stop eat blueberries. And so we went out on the road, the appointed place of meeting with transport, but a day earlier. Sergei announced the formal completion of survival. I went into a state of tranquility and fantastic stolidity. All — I survived, I managed, now I do not fear!

The guys asked me to eat dry mashed potatoes, but I refused, I wanted the first thing I would eat was something else. It has long been thought, what would I most like, and came to the conclusion — that only fresh bread. We made a small fire and began to catch passing trucks to Petropavlovsk. Took off a little video. In the end, we picked up our shuttle bus and wander over.

Recommend reading the interview with vyzhivatelem, where he answers questions and talks about the moments that were not included in the report.

Istochnk: Survival in Kamchatka

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).