To the delta of the Volga and beyond

I have a three-day trip to the Kursk region has been assembled backpack with diving equipment, when an old friend called me and offered to go to Astrakhan. Twice, in May and June, I was in those parts, but can you refuse such an offer?! And I went to this fish eldorado for the third time.

In Astrakhan, we cordially welcome an old friend of Lt. Col. Victor M. Border Alex Polishchuk. He recently received a new assignment, and now with no less success than the smugglers in the Volga steppes, catching poachers in the Caspian Sea. Half of the day went to the arrangements for the meeting of the plane with the third member of our expedition — Oleg. And after dinner rybinspektsii solid group of representatives led by Alexey G. and us with two powerful motors for Biden headed south. The ultimate goal — post rybinspektsii on the island clean, even in the sea, beyond the Volga delta.

Both for us and for the owners, the trip was pure relaxation: they have these three days were filled with finding caches of poaching (disguised parking places in reed booths) and a sample of networks, and we, as the three of them journalists, have a genuine interest in their not simple and safe operation. In short, successfully combine business with pleasure.

The first day immediately brought us success in spearfishing. Despite the moryanu (sea breeze), we found the reed islands with uncomplicated water. Oleg, which God gave not only good health, but hunting and irrepressible enthusiasm, the fastest got the suit, and in five minutes was already behind. And three minutes later, we heard his muffled, escaping from the pipe, yelling, clearly points to the first trophies. They proved to be very solid, five pounds beauty-pike. You should have seen more enthusiasm novice hunter!

During the first day of hunting, we changed a few places, and everywhere, to a greater or lesser degree, found the fish. On huge carp, small pike, catfish and carp are not paying attention. Awarded a solid shot carp, weighing six to eight pounds. It was difficult to stop shooting, stop, but much harder to stop Oleg. We almost by force out of the water.

For Mikhailovich, our "Father", the day was a turning point. He actually fell for the first time in his new outfit, which did not have perfection. In short, too soft breathing tube and then fell into the Volga Vodicka, which, judging by prolonged cough, not too pleased novice hunter. In spite of this, chaotic floundering near the boat it soon became like swimming and hunting. Already on the second day of shooting Mihalich pike and catfish, which, however, was faster hunter and safely freed from arrows, fled. On the third day he was with passion, without regard to our watercraft, hunting hours, and out of the water with his first catch — pike. He took it, not without adventure. For unclear reasons the shot line broke, and the pike disappeared into the reeds, taking with him an arrow. Hunter murky trail climbed into booths and found his first trophy. Of course, such an unusual start hunting career certainly will be remembered forever.

Personally, I, alas, nothing to boast about. For two days I was "wonderful" way lost consecutive three (!) Charge-ki. On the first hunt, wounded carp, tench swamped finger, pulled and twisted it so that he was sick for a week afterwards. Another carp, already a broken boom, so hit me in the mask, it flattened face, I barely pulled away. Do not be soft on me this protection would have just knocked. On the second day took only two shots, but saw a lot of fish, and on the last day did not shoot. All waited for the monster. However, they have probably passed it by, but Oleg was lucky. It came out huge catfish, and Hunter does not disappoint: a timely and accurate shot. To his appeal for help rushed our young conductor from the rybinspektorov Gennady. He is the second gun shot catfish again, for what that revenge: he grabbed her by the wrist and mouth with small but sharp teeth riddled skin.

On the occasion get the better of the sea catfish sorokakilogrammovym ran long and resounding victory cry Oleg. Believe it, and in Astrakhan heard.

On the second and third day, I was carrying more camera in the box, rather than a gun. Underwater photographer, I do no, and my technique is not for underwater use, so as a result of many hours of sailing is not got a lot of frames of satisfactory quality. Although I must admit that photography is also an exciting, interesting to do.

Leaving the island we were tired, but happy. Each of us had something to be proud: Mikhailovich — the first self-hunts and the first produced fish, Oleg — a victory over a huge catfish, and to me, the fact that the army submarine hunters poured two more than the man. And, not without me.

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