Ungrateful soma

It happened in April, one of the many Astrakhan Eric. For these southern locations mid-spring — a time when the fish is just beginning to move away from its winter slumber and out of deep hibernation pits. But not all. This turns out to depend not only on the weather, but also the depth of the fish, and, perhaps, of how this or that individual is prepared for the winter. Almost like bears or raccoons.

Perhaps Victor found just such a catfish. He was lying in the open, without a deep place, as it turned out near the wintering holes. For some reason, the fish left its still dormant, and colleagues showed the first signs of activity. Som looked unsightly leather due to heavy layer of mucus looked shabby, and the head and especially the lips caked fish leeches. He let a hunter very close, but after the shot, of course weaker than in the summer, but it's great to resist.

Not wanting to miss the first after the winter break worthy trophy, Victor swam to shore and reload the catfish was accompanied by his boat. Breath and spoke with a friend. At the same time, suggested that somewhere there might be hibernating hole. And exactly. Not sailed it and fifty meters, as the bottom of a rather plummeted.

The depth of the pit was not more than 7-8 meters. But in its very center, possibly by the same fish blurry recess for another half-meter. And is this "hole in the hole" was filled with fish. Catfish and carp were mixed, tightly packed together.

All this black powdered mud, live weight was fixed.

Victor — an experienced hunter, has not been enough of their own students, of course knew that the fish are not hibernating well be seized in any way. Knew and adhered to this rule. In addition to the formal prohibition and moral breakdowns stop — not for nothing that they say "do not beat lying." In place of the hunting excitement arrived research interest. Surfacing after the first visual acquaintance with the fish, his breath better and leaving the gun in the boat, our hunter went back to the depths.

Spring has not yet flood water turbidity, able to detect a black spot on the bottom of the lighter background is from a depth of 2-3 meters. Therefore, in spite of a fairly strong current, Victor immediately hit the right spot. Wintering near picture, actually sleeping fish, even more striking. It seemed unreal, and I wanted to touch these huge fish. And why not? On the third dive Victor hovering over the fish of a foot and … stroked the nearest catfish! He did not react. Hunter grew bolder and began to stroke and not just a touch of different fish, but how to dig them. How many are there? Dig this multi-tiered cake was unreal live, because the fish were not small: carp must be 8-10 pounds and catfish — different. The biggest — not less than 30 pounds.

Such brash vlamyvanie fish in the bedroom did not go unnoticed — the fish moved. A little more and they are now on their own activity, began to move. Many tried to dig again and watch must be pleasant, but interrupted sleep. However, the process has become irreversible, and a huge lump of living bodies began to expand. Victor knew it was time to get out on good health. In addition, the phone began to fly fish sludge, and all visible space became cloudy haze curtain. It's time to up.

On the same day, at a considerable distance from the wintering holes, hunters still produced a small catfish. It is quite possibly one of the ones that have been awakened by them.

Two more sunny, spring day. Our hunters surveyed nearly all of that channel, and almost at its exit to rumble met with local fishermen. They themselves drove by motorboat to naduvnushke hunters and learn that it is "divers", asked. Their network (or net?) Got caught on some underwater snag and even powerful outboard power was not enough to free the rope from captivity. "No problem, — said Victor, — show where."

Hunter put in a motorboat and in ten minutes were on the spot. Duct there was wider and seems to go deeper than before. The network is known for submarine hunters — the object of increased danger. We must be alert and careful for it not to catch the water. A submarine knives from our colleagues at 90% there thanks to this grave danger. In Victor knife always with you.

Although the water was clear enough, the hunter slowly sinking into the depths of the ordinary, not losing sight of going back down the network. After the second dive picture of what happened became clear. From the bottom of vertically raised huge snag — the remains of the once washed into the water tree. Networking is not just caught, and is wrapped and just braided it. On both sides there was a great snag bags … full of fish. Course and must have actions of the fish pulled tight, these net capacity. Soma and they form the main content network were packed tightly into being five feet from each other, multimeter "shopping bags." About what he saw Victor told fishermen. After a bit of the meeting, it was decided: since you can not save the network, or at least release the fish. Otherwise it will perish.

Victor pulled the knife out of its sheath, and went back down. Caught between two "string bags", easily, sweeping motion down, ripped up the network. On his left and right — right. And then something happened that could easily imagine a skilled hunter. Unexpectedly received free fish, rushed into the formed large breshi.pryamo the hunter!

Mnogokilogrammovye, strong soma their blunt snouts beat Victor in the head and torso, were developed in close quarters, added tails and ran to the side to make room for other prisoners. Mask knocked hunter immediately. But endless blows raging fish raised a haze that unfortunate "liberator" clouded his mind is already bad idea where surface. Blocked the way to the top, which have now invisible network and snag and melteshaschie and constantly attacking the stupid fish. To the touch, very slowly, on the remains of consciousness and bursting with desire to immediately breathe, chest, Victor got up yet.

Cleared his throat and when he came to, the hunter realized the folly committed. Of course, what happened to blame but himself. But the fish is good too: such ingratitude to repay his savior!

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