Winter zherlitsy


The phrase "winter zherlitsy"Is not to everyone. Some call these winter gear zhivtsovymi rods on the grounds that they are placed on the surface of the ice near the hole, fisherman watches a strike notice and strike the fish, grab a live bait. Structurally, they can be very diverse, but essentially it zherlitsy with all its attributes — point of attachment on the ice, fishing line with a sinker and leash, which goes Zywiec. In the manufacture of zherlitsy to keep in mind that the activity of predatory fish in the winter is much lower. And this in obschemto known fact allows the angler to make a tackle slender. And most importantly — do not use steel leads. The use of any metal gear justified only in areas where there may be catching record copies. Where there is no pike mass exceeds 10 kg, you can safely do the leash of a strong line-section 0.50-0.60 mm and a lead of double line has a smaller diameter.

The most important element is to tackle the design basis — a platform on which are mounted elements zherlitsy. Make it better so that it can close the hole tightly, preventing frost quickly paralyze the last ice. Such a construction, however, is not always convenient. Ice conditions can be different, and it has to be borne in mind, going on a fishing trip. In deep snow easier to work zherlitsy, equipment

WINTER zherlitsy

which is located on a tripod. They can be seen from a distance, and they are easier to attach at the hole. When severe frosts zherlitsy suitable using the underwater location le sohranilischa. In this position, never frozen fishing line and tackle always remains in working condition.

Like it or not, and zherlitsy — a rather "passive and non-sporting" kind of fishing. Such epithets, however, do not confuse a lover, and this rope widely used, and in some cases (where the fishing control can not "take into account") even big. Extremely dobychlivoy it may be in the ground fish. And despite various limitations, is "enthusiastic" this method of fishing, which are arranged on the ice tens zherlitsy.

WINTER zherlitsy

Fishing zherlitsy

Prepare for fishing zherlichnik begins in the summer, carefully studied the topography of the bottom. Fans of this type of fishing up a detailed map of the reservoir or use a more modern way to determine the exact location of the gear. Zherlitsy installed in the feeding ground of predatory fish — usually a bed flooded rivers and streams are dumped in depth, edge and outputs on the rocks. Also, thanks to long-term observations determine how to move the fish to return to the period of apprenticeship and the bottom of the pit. These "fish-trail" is very promising for fishing zherlitsy. This put a tackle along the whole route of fish.

To determine the place of fishing at the lake, proceed to prepare the wells. It should be borne in mind that zherlitsy can be caught solid fish sizes, so wells must have a diameter of 150 mm, and in some cases even more. Extend well into the time when the gear is fish, — The worst case scenario.

"The ice was thin, and I worked quickly. Striking time successfully, and do not fuss, dropping bait through the ice, go on. So I did not the first time and always remove easily even large pike-perch. Tighten it to the hole, and he expects as pretty as I expand it. But this time, slipped out — even bite your elbows! I walked twenty meters from the first hole, when I noticed that the flag "waved his hand at me." Well, I put the gear on the ice and slid to his aid. Lesko slowly continued to go under water, and I confidently hooked. Jerks on the end gear was not very strong, but when he became a prey to quickly pull the hole, then realized the force of inertia: the mass on the end of a solid. And when through the transparent ice it saw a fall, and was then hurried. The left hand to hold the thread in tightness, and right quickly cut away ice, good, it's easy fractions. And here I see: my perch, having weight not less than 5 kg (my eyes stoned — I rarely am wrong on this point), so slowly turns sideways to the ice. I see that these handsome winter I have not had to catch, and the heart skipped a beat and tells you that and not have to … And as he hit the ice, first head, and then the tail — I felt a push, even in 50-mm ice! Rope in my hand immediately sagged, and I look at the fish sodden, ready to dive for it — but the hole is too small. Perch, see the blow a little stunned, but turned in the correct position — back up and slowly walked away into the depths. In front of me, and now this "funny" picture: back fish, exactly the same length with my meter picks almost lying on the ice. I did not even notice how it out of my hand fell … "

Old Angler

Trouble happened to the old fisherman, perfectly illustrates the simple rule that the haste and overconfidence can bring even people experienced.

Drill a hole and covered them with snow, charge zherlitsy. To do this, hook the bait and put it in the swimming at the right depth, cock the signal flag. With long-term absence of biting fishermen to go from zherlitsy zherlitsy and lightly stir bait while checking not obmerzla a tackle, freely goes fishing line on the reel.

"Lighted" box is visible from afar. Angler coming after biting into tackles and evaluates nibble. If live bait is large, but the catch is expected solid, allow predator harder to swallow bait, and then make a cutting. If in doubt, do not immediately strike. You should carefully pull the line, by identifying shocks, keeps predator bait or cast. If the nozzle someone interested, then pause, then the thread is not removed, and the expected pulls. After this vigorous hooking.

Zywiec — it is perhaps the most important element of the whole process of fishing. For this role will suit the fish hardy, vivacious, but not leaving under rocks and driftwood. This bait, playing in place, you can make almost any bait, carefully cut off his tail fin. All operations should be carried out quickly, minimally damaging live bait. If it is very gentle, even then spitted it on a hook must be carried in the water. It is extremely important to the success of fishing bait right place to tackle. Ensure its long-term and, more importantly, the right (!) The game is not so easy, and then we'll talk about this in more detail

Most successful in catching various snastochki predator. But the downside is that these mnogokryuchkovye layout faster kill live bait. So it is often used to zherlitsy anchors or tees in the singular.

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