ZanderBy way of life pike has some similarities with pike. He's as ferocious predator, the second year is not giving no quarter even their own young. Having an elongated snout and a narrow mouth, it feeds on small fish: roach, bleak, Leucaspius, loach, gudgeon, golavlikom, dace, small ruff, perch and carp.

Walleye like clean, fresh, oxygen-rich water. It is more common in unpolluted rivers and flowing lakes. Obviously, for it is very favorable to the regime of the reservoir and water channels.

Walleye avoids heavily overgrown areas of shoreline, preferring areas with sandy-rocky bottom and deep littered with drift wood and koryazhnikom holes and whirlpools. Parking favorite perch — the slopes of the old river bed at the reservoirs, rays, sunken remains of dams and bridges. Compared with pike perch — pronounced bottom and bottom hischnik.Lovlya perch close in technique to catching pike. Here we point out the main features of it.

Walleye should catch on small bait fish, which has a narrow trunk. On some waters walleye, as an exception, takes crucian. Vitality crucian distinguishes it from other breeds bait. Observations show that the bad perch takes sluggish live bait.

Unlike pike, which leads a lonely life, small and medium-sized perches often in packs. When catching them will be several concurrent perevertok. In this case, when fishing in the clear bottom nezakoryazhennom rush to perevertkam should not.

We perch very rigid, bony palate, and catch it as a pike, to trip ineffective, so in most cases, hooking live bait with a hook pulled from the jaws of a pike, it is better to catch on deepthroat live bait.

If we are at the bottom of drift wood or driftwood, you need to act quickly and not to fish possible start for the forest snag, hook like this can not only lead to loss of production, but also the loss of tackle.

Circles are equipped with small tees (№ 5-9). Walleye seldom bites the leash, so reliable enough from a nylon leash vein (0.5 mm), which conceals better tackle. In addition, this move makes a soft leash live bait. Usually perch swallows bait immediately. Soft leash and small tee least prevent swallowing.

When fishing in the waters where many pike should put metal leashes. The larger branch is required if live bait is ruff, his prickly dorsal fin prevents true sweeps in circles snap tees small numbers

Walleye with live bait often takes the throw. You need to have an adequate supply on a mug fishing line to a predator could easily swallow the bait without feeling resistance gear.

For weak Jaurès walleye bait crumples and did not suck, clutching his "bulldog grip" of their strong jaws.

Jora is a sign of a weak immobility inverted cup.

This should not be perevertku quickly hooking. Have to wait until the walleye will reel off the forest. With fast sweeps, sometimes when playing it, not spotted, throwing live bait. If clubs have a single hook (N 9-13), also should not rush to hooking, giving zander time swallowing live bait.

The best walleye bite — in the summer, with the early dawn (at ashen dawn light) and before sunrise. Evening bite — from dusk to dark. Closer to the fall walleye begins to take all morning and even during the day, especially in cloudy weather.

Spring and fall start mugs should not more than 60 cm from the bottom. In the summer, small and medium-sized perches sometimes take a half-waters, so early fishing should let some circles of different descent, but not higher than the half-waters, and identify more perevertkam catchability descent. In the hot, the best results come when catching it on the smaller places.

Practice contrary to the view that the walleye zhiruet exclusively at night. At night, its bite is more rare. Only in the summer in a short, bright and windless night perch can successfully catch the sunset and before sunrise. At dusk, easy to lose the cup, so when fishing at night on a large body of water it is advisable to reduce the number of discs to watch and take a stand against the dawn. Mugs obscured by its reflection on the water.

Undercut resist weaker pike perch, he never jumps out of the water and is very malleable. Large perch, sometimes reaching 5 kg should vyvazhivat coolly and skillfully take a net or bagorikom.

To successfully zander is important to know the features of the reservoir. Indispensable accurate depth measurements across Tony. Catching on heavily terraced bottom is hard, but sometimes it gives good results.

On some waters walleye good takes and early spring. Nibble it usually continues until the spawning period, which is the central part of the Soviet Union, held in late May. Walleye spawning takes place at depth, koryazhistyh places, so it is invisible.

Given the frequent movement of walleye over the pond in search of food, mistakenly focus on the former site of his period of apprenticeship. Often perch on them is not. If one or two Tony unsuccessful, must quickly change fishing area as close as possible to the original, so as not to waste precious time biting. Preferable to the nearest fishing cluttered bottom. Any lining — a favorite mooring walleye. In windy conditions, it is prudent change Tony, particularly long, as fast-moving gear itself finds fish.

For suburban kruzhochnikov zander has great sporting interest in their environment, technology, and quality output. Beginner kruzhochnik influenced first failures should not be disappointed. Success does not come immediately. Improving gear, enhancing observation, studying the habits and characteristics of fish pond, getting acquainted with the experience of the masters, the beginner can and must succeed in the wealthy suburbs perch waters.

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