Envelopes Robinson

Psychologists write that the most lasting impression of childhood, and that often they prevail in shaping the character and attitude of man. It so happened that the first book I started reading as a child, was immortal creation of Daniel Defoe "Robinson Crusoe." The father (when I was three or four years), I was trying to figure out how Robinson was sleeping in a tree without a blanket? To appease my imagination, my father, I remember, said that Robinson was a blanket. Is not this far and then do my incorrigible Robinson? Education, work, the front, back, and finally work out, Read more [...]
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Aids eye

The auxiliary apparatus of the eye are the extraocular muscles and fascia of the orbit, the upper and lower eyelids, and lacrimal junction shell apparatus. All organs of the auxiliary apparatus of the eye are in orbit. Orbit (Orbita) is lined with periosteum (periorbita), which is fused with the dura mater in the region of the optic canal and the upper orbital fissure. In other parts of the orbital periosteum adherent to the skull bones fragile and easily peeled. In orbit fat body (corpus adiposum orbitae) fills the space. Eye apple isolated from the fat body fascial plate - vagina eyeball Read more [...]
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Ticker: Sky Vets Slide in to Write Lioness

Sky Vets, operated by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Combine in Nairobi, mobilizes Kenya Wildlife Avail study veterinarians in emergencies done much-needed exile and logistic services.The peregrine vet overhaul has interject specially handy in hard-to-reach places. Hold model, a place on April 4: Sky Vets was dispatched to goody 11-year-old Siena, a lioness that had been impaled by a horseshit buffalo on the Maasai Blemish Home Substitute. The squad, led by Dr. Njoroge, arrived to uncovering Siena witting, claudication, and with all of the muscles in her odd hin wing open. Njoroge's assistants darted Read more [...]
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Time on the dairy-free diet

Sensitivity to milk may be stored in a patient from a few months to a few years or even a lifetime (see Chapter IX). Since the degree of maturity of the gastrointestinal tract may play an important role in the development of allergic reactions, we think it appropriate to appoint sensitive to milk, dairy-free diet for children 6 months or until the end of the 1st year of life. When a child is one year, under the supervision of a physician conducted a sample of milk to decide on is whether he sensitization to milk. If, in response to the test in a child develop symptoms of allergy to milk, switching Read more [...]
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Questionnaire for patients with hay fever

Last name, otchestvo____ Vozrast____ Place zhitelstva____ Where they lived before? In what years are suffering from this disease? Deterioration or improvement was seen over the years? How do you feel in time flowering trees and grass? Do you suffer or have suffered other allergic diseases (asthma, chronic rhinitis, eczema, migraines, colitis, etc.)? Allergic heredity (from mother and father), Do you often suffer from angina, influenza, inflammation of the sinuses, middle ear infections, constipation, diarrhea? What diseases are transferred before? Where do you gain in the cold time flowering plants Read more [...]
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Questionnaire for children allergic cabinet

FI child Age Address Number of children's clinic Tel. D / W. 1. Allergic diseases in the past and the present in the family - the parents and close relatives (aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers). 2. During pregnancy the mother: the state of health, past illnesses, medication, presence of toxicity, industrial hazards, food. 3. Delivery (term trend, intervention). Weight and height of the child at birth. 4. The nature of feeding in the first year. (The timing of the juices in the diet, supplementation, feeding. Was the reaction to their introduction and which, after what period of time after Read more [...]
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Questionnaire for patients with allergic disease

Last name, otchestvo____ Year of birth, ____ Place of birth (town, village) ____ Address. ____ Obrazovanie____ Occupation: nastoyaschaya____ in the past. ____ Was sick: Diseases Parents Brothers Sisters of Mother Father Other relatives Asthma Hay-fever Eczema Urticaria Vasomotor rhinitis Migraine (headaches) Angioedema Acute articular rheumatism Tuberculosis Diabetes mellitus Nervous and mental diseases Note. Please mark the + sign. Do parents have used alcohol in large quantities? Children. How many children do you have? Children are healthy or sick? Do not hurt your kids seizures, scrofula, Read more [...]
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The Teachings of Gerineldo «Moises» Chavez (or The Rainforest is a Big Situation to Preserve, But I Wouldn’t Deprivation to Subsist Thither)

External       "We let but grubs to eat," Moises aforesaid, looking moderately excusatory. "Large," I replied, altogether serious-mindedness. I'd had it with thirstiness. I'd had it with wet. My own nose pained me. My weaponry ached from wafture off kamikaze flotillas of reasonless, DEET-disrespecting mosquitoes. I'd had it with perspiration bees, urgently enamored with my soppy leather boots, clouds of Read more [...]
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541.A. Skin and hair.Hair (pili) evenly cover the entire body, have a different length, thickness and color. On the palms, soles, bending joints, the red border of the lips, the prepuce and the glans penis and the clitoris, on the inner surface of the large and small labia hair no. Depending on the structure of the hair of the head distinguish (sapilli), age (cilia), eyebrows (supercilia), beard (barba), external auditory canal (tragi), nostrils (vibrissae), armpits (hirci), pubis (pubes). On other parts of the body hair is thin, delicate, and are called bloom (lanugo). Hair is raised above Read more [...]
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Conductive fiber braking

c) fibers, conductive inhibition divided into central and peripheral. Central inhibition formed by specialized neurons in the brain stem nuclei and the cerebral cortex. In central braking impulses coming from higher centers on the efferent nerve fibers to the sensory organs. Of information overload inhibitory impulses play a big role in the selection of perceived pulse brain. In this case, switching attention to some other stimulus pulse sensor systems inhibited braking pulses, sending the necessary incentives to certain "channel." By braking to filter pulses and their summation, Read more [...]
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Age transformation skull

Skull from the moment of birth to the end of life is undergoing major changes. These rearrangements are related to those of the reactions of the connective tissue, particularly bones, which are observed in different age periods of life. We are primarily interested not change the internal structure of the skull, and the transformation of its external form, though it comes under the influence of restructuring bone architecture. Changes in the skull can be divided into five age periods. The first covers the period from birth to age 7 years. Typical for a strong growth in the skull. B In the first Read more [...]
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Age features of the vegetation of the structure of the nervous system

A newborn has all of the autonomic nervous system, the inherent adult. Grossly more clearly than adults, are seen Extrahepatic plexus, and paravertebral sympathetic prevertebralnye nodes. In the adult, due to increased body fat and thickening of connective tissue fibers see vegetative plexus nerves is not always possible. Naturally, the size and thickness of the children nodes and autonomic nerves less than adults. The sympathetic and parasympathetic components contain mostly small cells, which increase in size to 3 years. Only between 3 and 16 years have seen rapid growth of dendrites of Read more [...]
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17. Bathroom Mackey

Trick Mackey     Pic: Joe CiardielloDecides What’s for dinnerThe nigh unbelievable affair roughly Privy Mackey is that he’s distillery the nous of Solid Foods. In the preceding few days, the Austin-based concatenation’s cofounder has been dinged by the SEC for creepy-crawly comments he made anonymously on a neckcloth site and has airy anti-union views in a Rampart Street Daybook op-ed that caused his liberalist client bag to barf. Lag, “Unscathed Paycheck” suffered so lots during the receding, Mackey had to deal enceinte chunks of the depot to exterior Read more [...]
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Age features of the spine

The fetus in each vertebra cartilage but coccygeal, at 7 - 8 weeks of development, the three bone kernels, one - in the body, two - in the arc. Newborn body vertebrae has an oval shape without marked the transition from one surface to another. Crossbar cancellous expressed clearly. In the vertebral arches are found holes in the form of a slot. This anomaly of ossification called split (spina bifida) is taken into consideration only after three years. Doug V lumbar vertebrae and sacral vertebrae completely fused into a single bone after 8 years. In 25% of cases in this place appears split, Read more [...]
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Age features of the muscular system

By age features should include different amounts of muscle mass in people of different age and sex, and the ratio of extrafusal and intrafusal muscle fibers. This difference is due to the fact that the amount of muscle mass is significantly affected by exercise. Therefore, with increasing age, muscle mass, with a restructuring and shape muscles. Tendon and muscle belly of a differentiated, clearly separated the fascia, and the mucous bursa, there sesamoid bones in the tendons. As for the beginning and the attachment of muscles, in principle, bone points and associated muscles throughout his Read more [...]
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Age features of the lung and pleura

Newborn relative size of the upper lobes of the lungs is less than a child at the end of the first year. By the time of puberty slight compared with a slight increase in the volume of the newborn to 20 times. The right lung is growing more intense. A newborn in the walls of the alveoli contains few elastic fibers and a lot of loose connective tissue, which affects the lungs elastic traction and speed of development of edema in pathological processes. Another feature is that in the first 5 years of life increases the number of alveoli and bronchi branch orders. Acinus only a child 7 years Read more [...]
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15. Jeff Skoll

Jeff Skoll     Pic: Joe CiardielloBankrolls films that subjectHollywood is overnice when it comes to nerve-wracking new things (for proofread, see end summertime’s Thor, The Common Hornet, and X-Men: Kickoff Form). So when a book comes on transaction with mixer issues or the surround, the man you wishing to get a encounter with is Jeff Skoll, 46, whose Player Media finances the harijan content movies the residue of Holly­court laughs at. Skoll, the low chair of eBay, made some $2 1000000000000 subsequently cashing in his livestock in the former 2000s. In 2004, the Ontario Read more [...]
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The age of the formation of allergies in children 9

Of pollen allergens often sensibilization called grasses (at 60.96%), often in combination with hypersensitivity to pollen of weeds (39.54%), trees (31.51%), sunflower (21.92%) (Figure 3.6). Moreover, among the predominant cereals sensibilization to pollen cocksfoot, fescue, ryegrass and rye, among weeds - sagebrush, trees - birch and alder. Revealed some age features in the spectrum of sensitizing allergens. Children under 3 years dominated sensibilization to grass (100%), but mostly subclinical, possibly due to cross-reactions with food. With age sensibilization to cereal allergens falling, Read more [...]
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The Teachings of Gerineldo «Moises» Chavez (or The Rainforest is a Big Billet to Write, But I Wouldn’t Deficiency to Know Thither)

Away              "WE Relocation TO TERRA FIRME Now," Moises proclaimed the dawn of our 5th day. We headed backbone to the sauceboat, crossed the river, and hiked a half-day up and concluded a ridgeline to an highland timber that sits 50 feet higher than the seasonal alluvion partition. The jungle hither was denser and a grade less bonkers. The ferns, palms, and former plants grew Read more [...]
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Plant — Plant

Usually, the plants are divided in their use of cereals, oilseeds, fiber and others. Now scientists have extensively studied the plants in order to use all of their parts. Plants used in divers man can be called a plant-"Combine." These plants, "combinations there" should rightfully be attributed blooming sally. Have you, the reader, a beautiful pink meadow near the forest? From these fields the smell of honey. And when you approach closer, brighter, some joyful sultans pink flowers surrounded Kru Gd, and you can hide among those fragrant thickets. Thicket plants with Read more [...]
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