Thymus, or thymus, a gland (thymus) is a significant accumulation of lymphoid and epithelial tissue, consists of two asymmetrical parts, bonded with connective tissue (Fig. 436). Babies are both part of the gland mass of 10-15 g, 14-15 - 25 - 37 g, then the size and mass of cancer decreases with age and older, the weight is 5-6 436. Thyroid and thymic cancer in children 1 year. 1 - gl. thyroidea; 2 - thymus; 3 - pericardium; 4 - pulmo dexter; 5 - v. subclavia; 6 - v. jugularis interna. Thymus gland has a lobed structure and covered with interlobular connective tissue capsule layers, they Read more [...]
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Thymus (Thymus) is a lymphatic organ. It is assumed that it is, in addition, is also the endocrine gland, which produces hormone thymosin. Thymosin stimulates the maturation of lymphocytes cancer, the formation of immune bodies. Other hormones affect cancer function of osteocytes and the rate of intermediate bone. At the same hormones Thymic cancer inhibit the function of gonads before puberty. Function of the thymus cancer and its relationship to other glands is still largely unknown. Read more [...]
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Texas Man Is Up-to-the-minute Gravid Whiteness Dupe

On Saturday, a Texas man became the tierce calamitous shark onset dupe off the southwestward glide of Australia in less than two months. George Thomas Wagonwright, 32, was dive unique a few miles from the metropolis of Perth when he was interpreted by a 10-foot foresighted man-eater. The oftenness of attacks has prompted regime to yield the extraodinary and controversial tone of context rag to draw and pop the heavy whites, an endangered species. Thither is piddling way of lettered which sharks were creditworthy without cleanup them and checking their venter contents. "It sounds a niggling Read more [...]
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Pimpernel field or plow

Annual or biennial height of 8 to 30 cm, with many ascending branched stalks. Stems quadrangular, a short cruise. Leaves opposite, rarely collected three, ovate, small, long (0.6) 0.8-1.3 (1.5) cm, sessile, bottom with black dots. Flowers solitary, axillary on long stalks, with fruits bent rejected. Calyx lobes lanceolate, acute, scarious. Corolla rotate, red, blood-or brick-red, with a very short tube and almost totally quinquepartite limb; share limb oval-ovate, obtuse, thin at the edges lined with glandular trehkletochnymi cilia. Fruits - seeded membranous capsule globular, crack across. Read more [...]
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Types of improper location of the placenta

Types of improper location of the placenta (Fig. 55, a, b, c). If the placenta at least some part is closer than 7 cm from the internal os, which means that it is partially attached (primary or secondary) to the Department of the uterus, which is stretched during childbirth, as in this part of the uterus is the final deployment of the lower segment. Such an arrangement is called a low placenta location. Fig. 55. The main types of placenta previa. a - edge b - side B - central.If the placenta,  located at the lower end, reaches the edge of the internal os, talk about the regional previa Read more [...]
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Looking Back-5

History has not preserved the first reliable data on cases human consumption of alcohol. And there is no evidence that use Alcohol was typical of our ancestors. On the contrary, much evidence to the contrary is just - in the early stage of human development led naturally sober and not use any intoxicating drink. As first man faced with alcohol? We can assume that intoxication resulted from consumption of carbohydrate foods in which there was unrest. The source of these products could be almost any plant, harmless to humans. According to Indian legend, the oldest alcoholic beverage stored Read more [...]
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Looking Back-4

Later in Russia changed only different systems of wine trade: The lease, excise, etc. The tax farmers samodurstvovali, openly mocked the people, corruption, of course, power. All this led to the protest. And in 1858 the Lithuanian shoemakers and carpenters stopped drinking alcohol. 13 During the year, the movement has joined much of the neighboring provinces. There were some kind of "sober riots" (Ostroumov, 1914). Farmers gave "vows", ie vows of abstinence from alcohol. Such a pledge, as a significant moral obligation to the church, and was the most simple method of treatment Read more [...]
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Looking Back-3

In England in the XVIII century. alcohol consumption has gained a large scale. Yanzhul II (1908) noted that the taverns invite visitors, ensuring that the two pence visitors will get dead drunk and straw to sleep. Since 1736, the struggle with alcoholism and was adopted the famous «Gin Act» Lord Ax №-keel which regulate the use of alcohol by installing their pricing on alcohol. Encouraged denunciations, and violations of the law led to a penalty and corporal punishment. However, demand for alcohol existed and there was a lot of people who are ready to do anything illegal profits. Country Read more [...]
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Looking Back-2

By the end of 20's in the country has started a broad mass struggle with alcoholism. Governmental support for the creation of societies of sobriety. For the case come from psychiatrists and addiction treatment, all kinds of active anti-alcohol propaganda. Young people actively involved in the movement to exclude the use of alcohol. The result of this long-term systematic and purposeful work are relatively low, alcohol use and the incidence of alcoholism in the prewar period. So, from a brief excursion into the history of mankind alcohol can make some conclusions. First, alcohol use and Read more [...]
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25. To Be Set

The Absentminded Grinder     Photograph: Joe CiardielloCould preserve The groundRecall 2007? When The New York Multiplication Cartridge suggested Al Bloodshed was more brawny as an environmental talk brain than he would bear been as chairperson? When Vinod Khosla and Elon Musk invested hundreds of millions in renewable engineering? When the Intergovernmental Board on Clime Modification’s paper made front-page newsworthiness roughly the reality? How things deliver changed. Musk has yet to shuffle often money with his Tesla electric, and clean-tech invest-ment has slowed 10 pct Read more [...]
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Looking back, one

Almost simultaneously with the regular consumption of alcohol humanity faces the negative side of this phenomenon. Limit and localize the desire to consume alcohol is not possible, and a heated church rituals alcohol spreading in the general population, becoming chronic, ie, results in drunkenness. One of the oldest evidence of alcohol abuse conviction is a "Notice of drunkenness." This paper appears in China in 1116 BC. e. It contains a censure of drunkenness, have proliferated in different strata of Chinese society. Use alcohol assigned to various punishments including the death Read more [...]
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As in other ancient civilizations in Greece, wine drinking has come to the masses and from religious ceremonies. For a long time dominated by tradition prescribing relatively moderate alcohol intake. Thus, the use of pure fault censured, it is usually mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 3, but in a limited form. But already in the XI century. BC. e. there was a change, which was reflected, for example, "anacreontic poetry" glorifying wine, love, the search for pleasure and enjoyment. Even the residents of Sparta eventually gave way to wine moderate drinking. Metamorphosis drinking Read more [...]
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The relationship of muscle and bone arm

The work of human motor system usually set out from the position of general laws of mechanics, it is useful for the evaluation of the musculoskeletal system as a system of levers. Lever is any solid capable of being the rotational movement about the axis, on whose shoulders are two opposing forces: the driving force (muscle contraction) and the power of resistance. Depending on the driving force and the resistance force may balance or move the lever. To understand the balance or arm movement must have some idea of the lever arm of the moment of rotation of power. Lever arm is the distance the Read more [...]
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Ligety, Vonn win GS Titles in Austria

American skiers Ted Ligety and Lindsey Vonn won colossus slalom titles this weekend in the outset subspecies of the 2011-2012 Man Cup ski temper in Austria. Ligety is the defending Man Cup colossus slalom sensation but says he is aiming for an boilersuit Humankind Cup triumph. The win is Vonn’s kickoff Reality Cup GS claim. The American squad was comrade with the class afterward having lived and trained on-site at the Sölden ski arena for fortnight.

Learn more at The New York Multiplication

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The branches of the cervical vagus nerve

Branch of the meninges (r. meningeus) sensitive, short. Its receptors are located in the dura posterior fossa skull. Fibers are sent to the jugular foramen and enter into top node of the vagus nerve. Auricular branch (r. auricularis) general somatic, sensitive. It contacts the back of the receptors of the ear canal, skin, ear. The nerve passes canaliculus mastoideus, then on the front or lateral aspect of the jugular bulb and enters top node of the vagus nerve. Around jugular bulb in ear branch branches are sensitive ear and glossopharyngeal nerves, forming a connection branch. There is Read more [...]
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The branches of the mandibular nerve

3. The branches of the mandibular nerve (N. mandibularis) in most mixed, consisting of sensory and motor fibers (Fig. 526). Some branches of the parasympathetic fibers are joined again. Motor fibers start motor nucleus (n. motorius), out of the bridge connecting to the incoming axons sensitive spine. Motor fibers are located next to the trigeminal node, then go to the infratemporal fossa. Its branches are as follows. 526. Diagram of the structure III branch of the trigeminal nerve. 1 - for. ovale; 2 - g. trigeminale; 3 - r. mandibularis; 4 - rr. temporales superficiales, 5 - nn. auriculares Read more [...]
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The branches of the aortic arch

From the top (convex) of the wall of the aortic arch depart three large vessel: brachiocephalic trunk (truncus brachiocephalicus), left common carotid artery (A. carotis communis sinistra), left subclavian artery (A. subclavia sinistra), involved in the blood supply to the head, neck and upper limbs. Their structure and branches will be discussed in the following sections. Anomaly. There are about 40 varieties of divergence from the aortic arch of large vessels, resulting in an increase or decrease in the number off blood vessels. Sometimes right and left subclavian artery, the left and right Read more [...]
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The branches of the thoracic aorta

From chest aortic branches depart two groups: visceral (rr. viscerales) and wall (rr. parietales) (Fig. 401).401. Diagram of the intercostal arteries and their anastomoses. 1 - r. dorsalis; 2 - r. spinalis; 3 - a. intercostalis anterior; 4 - r. cutaneus lateralis; 5 - a. thoracica interna; 6 - aorta.Visceral branches of the thoracic aorta1. Bronchial branches (rr. bronchiales), in an amount of 4.2 to originate from the front surface of the aorta at the level of origin of the third intercostal arteries, enter the gates of the right and left lung, forming intraorgannuyu bronchial arterial Read more [...]
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Journal Basic Instinct» № 12, 2009

"Basic Instinct. Hunting and fishing around the world" - informational and educational magazine. Hunting, fishing, active forms of recreation, nature conservation. The target audience of the magazine - the people who are willing to go on a hunting and fishing expedition anywhere in the world or with interest to read about it. The magazine is divided into sections: hunting, fishing, guns, bullets, navigation, knives, hunting and fishing tourism, transport, taxidermy ... Main Columns: - "From the wanderings ..." - reports on hunting and fishing expeditions - "Where Read more [...]
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The branches of the thoracic vagal

Recurrent laryngeal nerve (n. laryngeus recurrens) consists of sensory, motor, and parasympathetic fibers. Is formed of the following branches: 1) lower laryngeal nerve (n. laryngeus inferior) is the sensory receptors in the mucosa of the larynx below the vocal cords. There are motor branches to the muscles of the larynx, except cricothyroid-thyroid muscle (m. cricothyroideus). Parasympathetic fibers innervate the mucous glands of the mucous membrane; 2) branches of the trachea (rr. tracheales) in contact with the sensitive receptors of the trachea, larynx and esophagus. In their composition Read more [...]
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