The role of heredity and constitutional predisposition

Clinicians have long been observed that in families where both parents are allergic, allergic diseases in their children develop in a very high percentage of cases, very early - in the first years of life. Genetic predisposition is particularly important for the so-called atopic allergic diseases that are related to the first type of allergic reactions. In such families, they develop in 60-80% of children. In children, the first 3 years of life with family history of allergic diseases heredity frequency of such diseases is 10 times higher than in children with uncomplicated heredity. However, Read more [...]
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The role of heredity

In part, this situation helps to clarify the method of twin studies. For example, studies conducted in the monozygotic twins (identical twins), support the role of genetic factors in the disease of alcoholism, one twin at the second alcoholism found in almost 71% of cases. This value is in fraternal (dizygotic) twins somewhat less -32% (Kaij, 1960). Similar results were obtained in more recent studies, including those on large samples - up to 13 thousand pairs of twins. A case where the patient alcoholic parent apart from him and apart each brought six pairs of monozygotic twins. In 5 of these Read more [...]
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The role of the lymphatic system

Allergic skin reactions when applied chemical on the skin area of several square centimeters can be very common and is not limited to this site. Some researchers attribute this to the influence of the autonomic nervous system. This explanation is wrong. The defeat of the skin under local skin sensitization due to the participation in the process of lymphatic system. This was shown by experiments Frey and Wenk (1956). The researchers conducted experiments on guinea pig skin graft, which was connected with the body of animal skin only bridge to the vessels and nerves, with the lymphatic vessels Read more [...]
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Mr. Big

Phillips, with his 2002 Ferrari 360 Wanderer, strikes a beat in the mountains approximate Bowlder, Colorado.     Picture: Jeff RiedelPecker PhillipsPhillips, with his 2002 Ferrari 360 Wanderer, strikes a affectedness in the mountains approach Bowlder, Colorado. SUPERSIZE IT: "Everybody has the index to modification," Phillips insists. "To be bettor." 2002 BFL Dispute Champion Thomas Phillips 2002 BFL Dispute Chomp Jill Augello Phillips at Mil Mellow Publication, circa 1992; insert, the entry issuance of Musculus Media 2000 Adjacent up for Phillips? Composition Read more [...]
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The role of the gastrointestinal tract-1

Increased sensitivity to food and, in particular, cow's milk is more common in children younger than 2 years than in older children or adults. This fact led to the most logical assumption that the physiological immaturity of the gastrointestinal tract as a major factor in the development of allergies. This view is supported by clinical observations: for 1 or 2 years of life, children are able to tolerate foods that previously caused them to allergic reactions. In addition, the blood has pretsipitiny haemagglutinin and to cow's milk, sometimes titer of these antibodies is very high, Read more [...]
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The role of the gastrointestinal tract

In many reports [62-68], the mature gastrointestinal tract has defense mechanisms that prevent the penetration of antigens. However, the intestinal mucosa, especially in young children, is not an insurmountable barrier. Penetration of antigens through the intestinal mucosa occurs, apparently, in some stages (Fig. 2). Macromolecule adsorbed on the membrane of the microvilli and invaginates it (endocytosis), while they are enclosed in small vacuoles due to volatile movements. Formed vacuoles move from the surface to the center of the cell and merge to form larger vacuoles (phagosomes). Intracellular Read more [...]
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The role of biologically active substances

The sequence of the above phenomena is not completely installed, but it is well known that some cells in allergic reactions release a number of toxic substances in sufficient quantities. These substances cause numerous clinical allergy. In this case, the cells are called autofarmakologicheskie processes.

  • Histamine
  • Thrombotonin
  • Acetylcholine
  • Polypeptides (bradykinin, slow action substance anaphylaxis)
  • Heparin
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    Childbirth in a narrow pelvis (general settings)

    Necessary to distinguish between the two concepts: an anatomically and clinically contracted pelvis. Anatomically narrow (narrowing) is considered to be the pots, in which there are clear anatomical changes in the quality (architecture) and quantitative (the value of the pelvis in general and the relationship between its size) respect. Anatomically narrow basins are found in 10-15%. However, serious violations of labor observed in only 5.3% of women with anatomically narrow pelvis, where there is a pronounced disparity between the size of the head and pelvis. This kind of functionally defective Read more [...]
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    Susak umbrella

    Common names: coopers, cleft grass krasotsvet marsh. Description. Perennial high (60-150 cm) herbaceous plant with rounded leafless stem from family susakovye. Basal leaves linear, triangular. The flowers are pink and white with a simple perianth, collected in umbellate inflorescence. Fruit - mnogolistovka. Blooms in June and July. Occurs Susak umbrella in the Perm region in 1 -5 botanical and geographical areas. It grows on Begum rivers, ponds and marshy meadows, in stagnant waters. In folk medicine roots collected in autumn. They contain up to 60% starch, 14% protein, 4% Read more [...]
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    Step Setter

        Photograph: Yuko ShimizoSnick'S MIX 1. "Upright Got to Be," The Blackness Keys 2. "Brothaz," Mr. Lif 3. "Handshaking Prisonbreak Leaping," The Chemic Brothers 4. "Hither I Occur," The Roots 5. "Cell's Utter," Beck 6. "Red Twinkle Indicates Doors Are Secured," Rubber Monkeys 7. "Enuff," DJ Phantasma 8. "Feng Shui," Gnarls Barkley 9. "Go!" Vulgar 10. "Harrowdown Mound," Thom Yorke Exponent Vocal: "Hither I Ejaculate" Exponent Fauna: Rat (natch) Email: labrat@outsidemag.comPodcast Read more [...]
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    Births in breech presentation

    One of the main conditions of the normal course biomechanism birth is the longitudinal position of the fetus, when its axis coincides with the axis of the uterus, and, later, with the axis of the pelvis. The parent (especially occipital) presentation is usually favorable prerequisite for the successful completion of delivery, as the head is the most voluminous and dense part of the fetus. Cephalic presentation is found in 96.5% of births, and about 3% of all births are breech and 0.5% - in the transverse and oblique position of the fetus. Numerous works are devoted to the study of the causes Read more [...]
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    Breech births with limb loss or fetal

    Fruit, located in the cavity of the uterus is shaped ovoid. A similar form is because of strong bending the spine, head, and pressing the chin to the chest, bending the joints of the limbs and pressing them to the surface of the body. In some cases, because of large amount of amniotic fluid and the small quantity of the fruit (or volume of the uterus), fetal chlenoraspolozhenie violated. During childbirth extremity fetus may be ahead of the presenting part. Depending on the status of membranes (intact or broken) to talk about praevia or loss of limbs.Presentation and loss legs with cephalic Read more [...]
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    Cross birth

    If the axis of the fetus crosses the axis of the uterus, and consequently, of the axis of the pelvis, the position it is not longitudinal, and oblique (situs obliquus) or lateral (situs transversus). Oblique position of the fetus is unstable, since during labor, it passes in a longitudinal or transverse. In the latter case, the axis of the fetus is perpendicular to the axis of the uterus. In transverse fetal position head is positioned on the left or the right, and the entrance to the basin is mostly shoulder, which is why some authors call a fetal position shoulder. In exceptional cases, there Read more [...]
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    Deliveries of large and giant fruit

    The main signs of maturity and full-term fetus are its weight and length. Weight of the mature fruit on average 3,25-3,4 kg, length - 50 cm (from the heels to the top of the head). Often, however, the weight and size of the fruit is much greater than the specified amount. When the weight and length of the fruit are great, talk about large and giant fruit. The literature describes the birth of a child, who had a length 76 cm and weight of 11.3 kg. Birth rate of large fruit (weighing 4000 g and above) is 2.27%. According to VI Davydov, fruit weighing 5000 g or more at 22,989 births met at 0.069%, Read more [...]
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    Tribal forces and their anomalies

    The main provisions of the function of "giving birth" of the uterus. In the activity of "giving birth" of the uterus must distinguish two phases. The first phase is performed structural and functional reorganization of the uterus, it is transformed from a powerful banishing plodovmestilischa apparatus by which the fetus is born. The very process of expulsion of the second stage. Structural adjustment "laboring" uterine smooth muscle contributes to the inherent property of the stretch receptor. This results in a necessary, well-defined degree of stretching of muscle Read more [...]
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    Survival in cold climate areas. Part 2

    Food The possibility of finding food. Opportunities to find food in the Arctic varied and depend on the location and time of year. Winter on the coast because of the ice cover is not any animals or plants. But in the northern zone of forests, even when there are small animals and fish, you can find edible enough to keep from starving. Victuals and storage. If you kill a large animal or a lot of small game, you have to make stocks and keep the meat in the future. In cold weather, frozen meat and fish are preserved well. Freeze the meat as quickly as possible, lay it on the outside of your zhilischa.V Read more [...]
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    Nasal congestion, sneezing attacks and persistent watery or serous nasal discharge were observed in 10-30% of children with allergies to milk [1-4, 9, 70]. Symptoms appear in the first weeks of life, a few days or weeks after the start of feeding with formula milk. In this case, child bad breath, especially during sleep, he is concerned about a cough caused by a discharge on the back of the nasopharynx. The mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, usually swollen, pale, covered with serous discharge. In smear nasal discharge find increase in the number of eosinophils. Sometimes there is a bluish Read more [...]
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    Off the Palisade

    Mark Exercise Ahead you disenable yourself stressful to mime the parkour pros on YouTube, get a penchant of how yob it can be with this canonic motion, called a preciseness jumping. It's same a plyometric-box exercising, lonesome more fun (and more unmanageable).(1) Discovery a restrict or low stone, or billet a two-by-four on the priming anything to act a objective=. (2) From a mat start pointedness a few feet by, leap onto aforesaid butt= and demesne on two feet. (3) Engross the impulse of the startle by falling into a squatting, so stand patch maintaining your equaliser. Echo.(4) Startle with Read more [...]
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    Lattice bone (Os ethmoidale) (Fig. 49) unpaired, is cutting out the ethmoid frontal bone, fused with the upper jaw, the tear, the sphenoid bone, shoe. Bone delicate, fragile and select it from the skull of an adult is difficult. Stronger bone formation are perpendicular plate (lamina perpendicularis), which partially supports the cranial cavity cockscomb (crista galli), and ethmoid record (lamina cribrosa). Right and left of the plate are perpendicular ethmoidal labyrinth (labyrinthi ethmoidales), built of thin plates of bone substance. Labyrinths have cavities lined with mucous membrane, and Read more [...]
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    Recurrent pneumonia

    In 1958-1959. Heiner and Sears [77] noted that the increased sensitivity to cow's milk in some cases manifested recurrent pneumonia in combination with other symptoms, combined into a single syndrome: Chronic or recurrent pulmonary disease, allergic rhinitis, otitis media, cough, wheezing, or coughing up blood, loss of appetite, vomiting, cramps or diarrhea, failure to thrive, iron deficiency anemia, recurrent or persistent eosinophilia, the presence of serum pretsipitiny to cow's milk protein. The presence of serum pretsipitiny to various proteins in cow's milk is a characteristic Read more [...]
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