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Morning on TV reported that day that the Orthodox Church is being linked with St. Nicholas. He is called Nicola-saint, and he supposedly protects all mariners and fishermen in particular. In those days we were on the big hunt in Astrakhan and the coincidence inspired us healthy. Especially as the previous days, to say the least, were not very successful: in the vast majority of the water from the Volga ilmens not come and fish, respectively, too. Day May 22, 2006 was sunny, and it was another reason to go to the farthest one, hard Ilmen. This is where, according to our friends Liskinskom, very clear water and a fish.

Sixty kilometers of asphalt, twenty-two the lane, and here we have a large, stretching from west to east ilmenite. On his mirror in the middle of the grass comes to the surface — so Ilmen shallow. On closer examination it turned out that it was not grass, and algae that anglers call "hair algae" (according to scientific — "Spirogyra"). The water in the pond was really very clear and very warm. In their suits semimillimetrovyh we were so hot that we had during the hunt and then keep away under it slightly refreshing ilmenite waters. Otherwise, and heat stroke is not difficult to obtain.

Shallow and warm water Ilmen served not only a stimulus for the rapid growth of algae, but also created an exceptional environment for our most thermophilic fish — golden tench and carp. Such a number I have not seen in any other Astrakhan ilmenite, and indeed in any other body of water, where I had to swim. A lot of pike, which is not as important warm water (in the Polar Urals, for example, it is also missing), but there are sufficient food. Here, besides the golden carp and tench, rudd full, white perch and carp. Incidentally, perch and rudd to kilogram weight! Many in this unique ilmenite and other predators — catfish, which enjoys the same rich food source that pike, but not during the day and at night. Catfish, though not large, three of the world's largest recovered pulled by 11 pounds each.

These simple and comfortable environment for hunters of all skill levels, it would seem, and the result should give the most successful. In terms of production it was so. But the loss, both material and moral, was more than ever. And this is despite the patronage of St. Nicholas.

Least of all a purely psychologically hurt Andrew. I did not mention that in the Ilmen are found as carp and white cupids, because they're too small. But Andrew was lucky — he hit on two medium-sized sazanchikov and one immediately took. Second, separated from the hunter sparse wall cane did not react to the shot and trepyhanie brother. Andrew, looking at him, hurried to remove the first arrow, reloaded the gun, and only began to direct it to a new target, as it flew over the second carp, and two of them were out of sight. Discouraged hunter was surprised: "Why two uplylo because he knocked out one?" And then realized that he made in a hurry to reach the fish, but to put it to cook. I forgot! True what they say: "Haste is needed only in the hunt for fleas."

My losses were more severe. At one point, I found that I made a nylon top "neubivaemoy" harpoon-lin, broke in the middle and stripped four internal fishing braid, each of thickness 0, Lmillimetra. Their total load on the gap should be about 50 pounds, and I figured that this is quite enough for any local fish. It was found that for fish, can, and quite, but the gun when fired boom gives even more energy. And shooting at the tail of a small catfish, boom easily passed through it i.uletela finally breaking harpoon-line. In the direction of its flight for a long time, I fumbled a hand on algae, but nothing solid discovered. Flew good, hardened arm with bushing and a great two days earlier given me a tip. Also with the red-hot tip.

Hunting, of course, not at the end. However, I had a long swim back to again go through hundred-meter, Carr coastal area, take out his second gun from the car, and once again, for the third time, walk, crawl and swim in the hunting area. In addition to great fatigue, I still got a few offensive, but quite predictable blunders over the fish. They were linked to the fact that new shotgun trigger pull is much smaller than my main one. Therefore, the catfish openly lying, I could not even bring a gun, and shot already occurred. Catfish, of course, escaped unharmed. Get a fish with a decent distance was too difficult, as I shoot without aiming, relying on the usual position of the hand and a gun. A new rifle longer, and hydrodynamics of the flight of his other arm. In short, smeared mercilessly, especially at first.

Most stress on the day went to Markovic. First, he also flew arrow. As a harpoon-lin he used naked fishing braid diameter of 0.7 mm and a breaking 60 kilograms. Be on the gun shock, disaster would not have happened: almost enough force to break the gun a tench. Hunter dived and searched for a long time to come off the boom arms, but to no avail. Then he took off his flippers and was stamped on the bottom (the depth of the place was half a meter). Still, stepped on it, darling!

After an hour of hunting, harpooned pike, snatched the gun out of his hand and carried it out of sight. Again the search, but no guns, no pike, alas, was not found. Markovic swam to the car for spare weapons. When I returned to the site of the tragic events, looking — gun it floats, and below the boom pike! It must be first big fish huddled under the grass and sucked back a gun, and then got out, the gun has cleared and surfaced. Markovic was lucky. As a pike, a second, now superfluous, he adapted his gun at Kukan — not to return yet again to the cars? Not to chop at the sharp tip, undoing it with arrows and slipped under his shirt suit. He went on the hunt.

After returning to shore after hunting, Markovic tip under his shirt were found. Fallen! Thus, he does not escape the material losses that day. If we are so "successful" were all ten days of the Astrakhan Big Hunt, no weapons and equipment we would not be enough for a half term. So how did all of the above described the day of celebration of Nikola-pleaser, we decided that the saint is not out of malice, of course, but simply forgot his underwater subjects. Holiday, after all.

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