Pulmonary atelectasis-3

Morbid anatomy. Atelectasis light looks like a full-blooded plot to sink beneath the surface of the pleura and cut loose consistency. Small pieces cut from area A. l., Drown in the water. Microscopically in congenital A. l. observed pattern of lung fruit: juicy, rich stroma cells, thick-walled vessels, convergence due to underdevelopment of the respiratory bronchioles alveolar lumen lined by cuboidal epithelium, poverty tissue elastic fibers. In the area of acquired A. l. - Sharp tortuosity walls of the alveoli, the lack of clearance, plenty of twisted elastic fibers. Hyperemia and edema Read more [...]
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What was in the reeds. Chapter 7

With the "gang of seven" I touch slowly got up, though I have no special effort to not enclosed. Just lugging a total pot ducks, sometimes five or six a day, and did not ask myself, but Tatiana and without please leave me a bowl of cooked anything. Utey I hit better than others, but the goose that's lucky I did not, and we all had great respect chew gusika roasted on a spit. One rainy day I podranil in burnt reeds (on garyam thrives gentle "goose grass", a delicacy of theirs) and then an hour-by-hour drag behind him in the cold, trying to conceal. He could not fly Read more [...]
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Pulmonary atelectasis-2

Radiodiagnosis. Radiographic pulmonary atelectasis depends on its location and size, associated secondary changes in the topography of the chest, the degree of swelling of the neighboring regions of the lungs, the severity of the functional symptoms of bronchoconstriction (see bronchoconstriction, X-ray diagnosis). Atelectasis a lung lobe, a zone segment is usually characterized by high intensity and homogeneity of the shadow volume decrease asleep, the lung, the extent of which is different (Fig. 2). Lobular and smaller focal atelectasis radiographically indistinguishable from focal pneumonia, Read more [...]
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Pulmonary atelectasis-1

Treatment. The success of treatment depends on the lung atelectasis eliminate the cause of the A. l. With extensive A. l. patient should be based on a healthy side, it is encouraged to cough vigorously and deeper breathing. Showing inhalation carbogen, injection of camphor, Corazol, kardiamina, lobeline (to affect breathing and circulation). Should be performed suctioning mucus from the patient's airway through a soft catheter (pre-anesthesia larynx). For the prevention of postoperative A. l., And the development of its debilitated patients showing pulmonary gymnastics, repositioning a Read more [...]
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Cashiers, N Carolina

Inn with a sight: cause of the Gamy Hampton Inn     Photograph: Charles FileCoalesce THE DRASTIC granite dropoffs of the Blueness Rooftree escarp with more 80 inches of pelting a yr and something striking is limit to bechance. Round the townsfolk of Cashiers (marked CASH-ers), perched at 3,500 feet on the Easterly Continental Fraction, the pot shows up in the configuration of waterfalls—everything from bantam cliffside seeps to 400-foot-plus cataracts that bellowing into abstruse gorges. The downtown is picayune more a juncture, the articulation of U.S. 64 and N Carolina 107, Read more [...]
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Pulmonary atelectasis in children

Atelectasis lungs of children is often the cause of pneumonia. In much of the cases based on the development of focal pneumonia in children is emergence small or segmental atelectasis (V. Goldin). Very often A. l. occur in children with whooping cough. Equity or segmental A. l. usually occur at the height of the development process, pertussis (1-3rd week period spasmodic whooping cough), mainly in children older than two years. Most often affects atelectasis of the right middle lobe, lung (4th and 5th segments) and "tongue" the left upper lobe. In the occurrence of atelectasis in Read more [...]
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Pulmonary atelectasis

The clinical picture. Pulmonary atelectasis depends on the size and speed of development. Taken to distinguish between acute and massive part, gradually evolving A. l. Acute massive pulmonary atelectasis in most cases occurs in the postoperative period after laparotomy. Becomes airless proportion or all of a lung. There are three views on the origin of postoperative A. l., Highlights the following points: 1) inhibition strength, tensile elastic framework of the lung (diaphragmatic paralysis or spastic contraction in response to wound pain, weakness, respiratory muscle tone, increased intra-abdominal Read more [...]
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Ascites - Is fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity. The causes of ascites: 1) chronic inflammation of the peritoneum, mainly tuberculosis: 2) venous stasis for hypertension in the portal vein (hepatitis, thrombosis, liver cirrhosis, Chiari syndrome), with hemodynamic failure of the heart: 3) the difficulty of lymph 4) peritoneal carcinomatosis. In marked ascites stomach large, convex, some hang down with the patient standing and growing in the side of the patient lying in the (frog stomach). Navel protrudes. The skin of the abdominal wall is smooth, shiny, sometimes with pink stripes. Read more [...]
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Facile Metropolis, New Mexico

Unequaled careen formations at Metropolis of Rocks Country Green     Photograph: courtesy, New Mexico Section of TouristryThither ARE Flock OF 19th-century spectre towns in the wild mountains and canyons of southwesterly New Mexico, but Ag Metropolis isn't one of them. It's distillery prosperous. Billystick the Kid launched his crook vocation hither at age 15 by keeping up a Chinese washing. In 1904, a outpouring bisected the townsfolk; the 55-foot-deep, cottonwood-shaded arroyo of Big Chuck Green was formerly Master Street. The up-to-the-minute photoflood (more of a dribble, very) Read more [...]
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Asphyxia in the forensic respect

Asphyxia is one of the most frequent causes of death. In death by A. In some cases (for hanging, suffocation, strangulation) is not itself a leading anoxia and reflex cardiac arrest due to irritation of the branches of the vagus nerve or the carotid sinus. When autopsies of persons who died of asphyxia, show signs of acute death: well-marked corpse spots, sharp facial cyanosis, ecchymosis in the conjunctiva, the face, the dark liquid blood in the heart, sinuses of the dura mater, vessels, hyperemia of the internal organs, subpleural and subepicardial ecchymosis, etc. Sometimes (in patients with Read more [...]
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Aspiration in children

Aspiration in children occurs more frequently than in adults, and may occur in utero (before opening of membranes - A. amniotic fluid in time childbirth - A water and mucus from the vagina) as a result of premature deep breaths on the basis of the emerging fetal anoxia (in some diseases of the mother, placental circulation abuse, etc.). A newborn can occur aspiration of milk from the mouth during inspiration in time feeding due to violations of the swallowing reflex is damaged CNS, especially in the premature newborn or weakened. It is also possible aspiration regurgitate masses with vomiting Read more [...]
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Arthritis in children

Depending on the age of the clinical course and outcome of arthritis have some special features. Due to the fact that the skeleton of the child grows, the destruction and damage of germ zones may lead to the suspension of the relevant department of the growth of the skeleton (short limbs, persistent deformation of the joint.) The baby is younger, the more likely it is suppurative arthritis. From the second half of life are increasing sero-purulent and serous arthritis, after 3-4 years - toxic and allergic A. (rheumatic polyarthritis, Fever and volatile poliartralgii motivated tuberculosis, tonzillogennoy Read more [...]
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Arthritis wrist

Wrist arthritis joint arises mainly as a complication of purulent tenobursitov, and as a result of penetrating wounds. Purulent inflammation of the joint occurs relatively rarely, runs hard, with high temperatures. In the swelling of the joints, skin tight, active movement failed due to soreness. Treatment initially conservative: plaster splint, arthrocentesis, antibiotics. If such an treatment has no effect, it is necessary arthrotomy.

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Lander, Wyoming

Thousands of geezerhood ago, elks grew tusks, though phylogeny deemed the single-foot a ameliorate way to prance your clobber     Pic: CorelIT'S Confusing WHY evening more climbers don't finish in Lander, where the highschool forsake meets the Rockies and sedate, cheery years are the average. Everything from abundant bouldering routes to sandstone and limestone cliffs to multipitch granite peaks in the Hint River Reach awaits—positive you can coterie for aught on the banks of the Popo Agie (marked Po-PO-zha) River in Lander Metropolis Common. If you want a Family Storage, you'll Read more [...]
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Arrhythmia caused by dysfunction of the excitability and conduction of the heart

This type of arrhythmias include atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter and ventricular fibrillation. Auricular fibrillation characterized by the absence of coordinated atrial reduction and irregular alternation in power and consistency ventricular heart. Pathological process that causes flicker is localized in the atria. In this case, a coordinated atrial contraction does not occur in their myocardium appear continuous undulating. The ventricles are in the process and respond to changes in the second sequence and the strength of their contractions. Flickering occurs most frequently in heart diseases, Read more [...]
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movement of vessels through the dangerous places to swim (thresholds, Shiver) generally through the ropes tied to the bow and stern of the vessel. Carried out as a group of participants of Water campaign, with one or several. tourists holding a rope tied to the most loaded stream of the vessel (the one to the paradise upstream, usually to the stern), one holds the bow end of the rope, the other fear. Over long plot P. make preliminary step. exploration. During the AP angle between the flow and the aft end of the rope should be minimal, sometimes, with a sharp increase of the angle and the Read more [...]
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Arrhythmia caused by dysfunction of the cardiac contractility

These include cardiac arrhythmias alternating and paradoxical pulse. Alternating pulse is a regular alternation of large and small pulse waves. Pathoanatomical picture is characterized by sharp degenerative or inflammatory changes of the myocardium. The mechanism of alternating pulses are not completely understood. In clinical cases, alternating pulse, apparently due to the partial asystole ventricular myocardial fibers. The clinical picture. Alternating pulse observed in patients with severe myocardial damage, especially when it is accompanied by high blood pressure and tachycardia, sometimes Read more [...]
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Arrhythmia caused by dysfunction of the cardiac conduction

Arising in the sinus node impulse travels from the sinus node to the end of branches wiring system can meet an obstacle, which slows down or delay the passage of excitation - incomplete (partial) blockade or termination of passage excitation in a section of the heart - a total blockade. Depending on the location of the lesion causing the violation of the passage of the excitation wave, are distinguished: 1) sinus block, 2) intraatrial block, 3) atrioventricular block, 4) intraventricular block, which in turn are divided into bundle-branch block, blockade and siege of branches and terminal branches Read more [...]
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Arrhythmia caused by dysfunction of the excitability of the heart

To cardiac arrhythmias caused by dysfunction of the excitability of the heart, include beats and paroxysmal tachycardia. Extrasystole - The most frequently observed abnormal heart rhythm, which consists in reducing premature heart or parts of it, caused by abnormal stimulation. After beats normally be extended compensatory pause. Beats at the place of occurrence of pathological stimuli divided into sinus, atrial, ventricular and atrioventricular (Figure 8-15). The starting point of pathological stimuli, causing premature contraction, determines the value of the subsequent compensatory pause. Read more [...]
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Arrhythmia caused by dysfunction of the heart automaticity

These arrhythmias can be divided into two groups. The former include sinus tachycardia, sinus bradycardia and sinus arrhythmia, in which the starting point of the heartbeat is sinus node - Nomotopny rhythm, changing only the number or sequence of pulses coming from the site. The second group of atrio-ventricular rhythm, the migration of the source of heart rhythm, interfering dissociation, termination of atrial contractions, idioventricular rhythm in which a rack or temporarily change the reference point and a source of excitation of the heart rhythm instead of the sinus node is any other point Read more [...]
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