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Principles study of women with infertility-2

One of the important issues in the study of women with infertility is the identification of latent, or hidden, infection. In this regard, have to conduct a thorough bacteriological and cytological examination of every woman, regardless of whether she had a history of indications after inflammation. The absence of clinical signs of inflammation is not to say that there is no infection. This particularly applies to gonococcal infection. Great attention should be paid to the menstrual cycle, in particular, confirmed its ovulatory or anovulatory nature. As discussed in the previous chapter, in Read more [...]
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Principles study of women with infertility-1

Ovulation is accompanied by a significant (20 or more) increased secretion of progesterone during the second phase of the menstrual cycle compared to its level during the first follicular phase of the cycle. In parallel with this change increases and urinary metabolite of progesterone (pregnanediol) in the urine. Indicators of progesterone in plasma above 10 ng / L, and pregnanediol in the urine of 2 mg / day, as a rule, evidence of ovulation. In recent years, explained the role of the pituitary hormone prolactin in the genesis of endocrine infertility in women. Work of a number of foreign and Read more [...]
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Principles study of women with infertility

When anovulatory menstrual cycle indicators index monotonous at gipoestrogenii - low monotone, with giperestrogeniey - high. In recent years, for the most accurate judgment of the cellular composition of the stroke is used for information such method, as fluorescence microscopy. This method is based on a different glow chemicals in the cytoplasm and nucleus in ultraviolet light after a special dye. Keep in mind that a vaginal infection significantly alters the cytological picture of the stroke. In these cases, some authors recommend the use urotsitogrammy: To investigate the cellular composition Read more [...]
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Bear Grylls on the trail or the price of survival

I present you the description and commentary show "Man vs. Wild," Bear Grylls our compatriot. Igor Molodan is the author of several scientific papers and books on the subject of survival in the wild. It has recently become a popular topic of survival in the wild due to the transfer of "Man vs. Wild." Its leader, former British SAS soldier, shows a particularly attractive form of autonomous existence and methods to overcome the difficulties of the way to salvation. Together with his team he does unthinkable, almost circus tricks, not eating pounds of edible, at first sight Read more [...]
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Principles study of women with infertility

Survey women with infertility, see a doctor, should be for a plan. It should emphasize the need for timely access to a doctor, women are usually not later than 2 years after marriage. In that case, if the marriage is concluded between the ages 30 and over, this period may be reduced to 6 months. Unfortunately, so far there are cases when the patient is long resorted to self-medication, starting the examination and treatment as an afterthought. At our first meeting with the patient doctor individual plan of study, including a survey as a wife and husband. An important phase of the survey - carefully Read more [...]
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Get Hurt

Brains     Pic: Neil Conway/FlickrThe industry-standard ANT+ engineering wirelessly connects the iPhone and about Humanoid phones to consecrated fittingness accessories similar Wahoo Seaworthiness’s Run and Motorcycle packs ($120 and $150 severally; wahoofitness.com) to trespass of many of the supra apps’ features, such as pulse, amphetamine, and step. Calculate with your sound and don’t trouble some falling it with the Sportshell Exchangeable armband and knock dress ($45; storage.apple.com) or the Arkon Bike Handlebar Setting ($30; arkon.com). And to keep your Read more [...]
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Why do we get sick in different ways

Each a person is sick and is recovering in his own way. Strazhesko Why do we get sick in different ways? Why everyone has a special relationship to the disease, its own "inner picture" of the disease? Than it is due? What is the psychology of individual differences? How to prevent erroneous judgments patient about his illness? All these questions will get answered in the proposed section, intended for the general reader. When a medical student starts studying the course of so-called private pathology, that is, certain forms of disease, it first appears that the diagnosis of a disease Read more [...]
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Why are people so different-9

As already mentioned, Hippocrates based his division of people by temperament put hypothetical functional dominance in their bodies of certain fluids (juice). He identified four basic temperaments. Sanguine (from the Latin. "Sangvis" - blood) - it's very moving, seeking to change the experience people, with a variety of facial expressions and very lively, easy going through all kinds of failures. Choleric (from the Greek. "Lobby" - bile) - people impulsive, impetuous in their actions, violent, subject to mood swings. Melancholic (from the Greek. "Melan" - Read more [...]
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Why are people so different-8

German scientists H. Eppinger and L. Hess in 1910 proposed to account for the allocation of constitutional types of human dominance of one or the other of the autonomic nervous system. Those who have noted the prevalence of sympathetic, they treated simpatikotonikam: these people were in a relatively rapid pulse, they have wide pupils, they are prone to high blood pressure. In vagotonikov with predominance of parasympathetic nervous system (the main nerve trunk it is the vagus nerve - "vagus" in Latin), found on the contrary, slow heart rate, a tendency to decreased numbers of blood Read more [...]
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Why are people so different-7

So, H. Eysenck also identifies four types of temperaments, relevant Hippocratic types: 1) a combination of extroversion with emotional stability (sanguine), 2) a combination of extroversion with emotional instability or lability (choleric), and 3) a combination of introversion with emotional stability (phlegmatic); 4) A combination of introversion with emotional lability (melancholic). About four temperaments also speaks of modern psychiatry in the GDR K. Leonhard, the following types: 1) gipertimichesky characterized amplified thirst for action, initiative, speech and physical activity, emotional Read more [...]
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Fit to Ramble

Heart-rate app     Exposure: Courtesy of Flash Pulse

Smartphones are the new fittingness instrument of selection, but with about a meg apps, where to start? Hither are the septenary you motivation.

Why are people so different-6

Ideally, for the construction of a single, all-out psycho-physiological constitution would need a one-time recording very large number of factors, and build, and the structure of various organs, and the functioning of the endocrine glands, and configure the autonomic nervous system, and psychological characteristics, etc. As a result, it could lead to the release of a very large number of different constitutional types (for example to inform that only only on the basis of the functioning of the endocrine glands Soviet scientist Nikolai Belov in 1924 singled out 50 of these forms!). So to build Read more [...]
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Why are people so different-5

An example of an excitable personality with crude impulsive behavior, according to K. Leonhard, maybe Dmitri Karamazov. Enough for it to remember how he beat his father as bully staff-captain Snegirev only for what he thinks is his agent Fyodor Pavlovich. The other hero of FM. Dostoevsky - Rogozhin / along with extreme excitability, and this clearly shows through trait K. Leonhard means getting stuck. This term he defines excessive resistance affect, it stuck in the mind with the ability to easily re-emerge at any situation. This was, for example, and show extreme patience and perseverance Read more [...]
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Why are people so different-4

Finally, at least some, the word about sexual psychological differences. As pointed out by Soviet philosopher and sociologist Kon, "that there are significant psychological differences between men and women, in itself, no one is certain." However, he says, the available empirical evidence, unfortunately, is very scarce and often contradictory. Indeed, there is much clear Well, for example, which of these differences are based on science, and which are only current opinion? Or what is the nature of these differences: are they universal biological or depend Historically forms of sexual Read more [...]
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Wood burning primus

Most of us had to cook on a fire, and many know that it is not so simple. First, you need to have or make a campfire minimal equipment. Experienced pohodniki use with suspension ropes, folding fryer, etc. More often, who left "in nature" cut out a couple of people and throw spears between the crossbar. Spears have to be of a living tree (not burned), which damages the environment. You can make a stone hearth, but there need some knowledge, some rocks when heated crack and even "explode." Campfire equipment should be convenient, reliable way instead of in a bowl of hot soup Read more [...]
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The Wassner Twins

Laurel and Rebeccah Wassner     Picture: Chloe CrespiXX Component: The Wassner Twins Lookout Television Survey Exposure Heading In Lordly, Rebeccah and Laurel Wassner, 35-year-old twins based in New York Metropolis, ruined beginning and irregular, severally, at the NYC Triathlon. To them it wasn't so often a surprisal as another end complete, one in a late thread: USA Triathlon's cub of the class (Rebeccah in 2004, Laurel in 2008); multiple wins at internal races (a combined octet in 2009); and, virtually authoritative, Laurel's winner in overcoming Hodgkin's in 2006. Sol in 2010 Read more [...]
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Why are people so different-3

Speaking of accentuation, scientists assume a focus on what-then one or more traits of the person, their hypertrophy (over-expression). It is the presence of an Achilles' heel in the mind and is determined by the fact that under certain conditions, or that trait may be prevalent, giving the appearance of painful development. Here's how to determine the character accentuation AE Licko: "This extreme options its rules under which individual traits of excessive force, which made the election revealed the vulnerability to certain types of psychogenic effects, with good and even increased Read more [...]
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Why are people so different-2

Yet this does not mean that such a unique (different parameters) is characterized by the same intervals between the individual options, for example, that I was different in all of its features from Ivanov, in exactly the same way as those of Petrov. It turns out that it is not, and I can differ from Ivanov to a much greater extent than Petrov: the last we may have much more in common ... This means that there must be the possibility of certain groups, the different classifications of human organisms. Some of these groups is clear to everyone: for example, membership in a other race to a particular Read more [...]
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Sara Mancuso

Freeskier Sara Mancuso     Pic: Jeff LipskyXX Gene: Sara Mancuso Ticker Tv Aspect Pic Veranda Yes, she's the jr. babe of Julia Mancuso, who, afterwards pickings plate a duad of ag medals in Vancouver, became the almost adorned distaff alpine skier in U.S. Olympic account. But outflank to let Sara get that up. "I'm my own soul," she says. That somebody, it turns out, is one of the almost bright immature freeskiers of her multiplication. Aft a seven-year suspension from militant skiing, Mancuso surprised everyone end twelvemonth by forthcoming in 5th at the Freeskiing Reality Read more [...]
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Why are people so different-11

What characterizes the mental sphere in childhood and teenage years? First of all, the immaturity of social-deterministic behavior. Hence, for example, self-indulgence, often turning into hooliganism. Then the emotional side of a margin over intelligent: so a child under the impression minutes, subject mainly arising emotions without thinking, capable of the most inadequate response. Finally a clear egocentric ("the main thing that I was good"). Adolescents are frequent manifestations of protest addressed and parents and school teachers. Overcompensation reaction (that is excessive, Read more [...]
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