Skin and two brothers-cores in general similar. Both have long-petiolate simple rosette of leaves, so deeply cut into segments that they create the impression of compound leaves with small rounded leaves. Both cores erect, sometimes slightly branched leafy stem ends with a brush rather large for a given family of flowers. Both types of love moisture, both in bloom in May and early June. The young leaves of these plants, despite the bitterness, edible. Of them can cook spicy seasoning, as horseradish. In this, perhaps, the similarity between the two kinds of ends. P Core meadow, as the name Read more [...]
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Farmakomaniya serious disease than to treat it, and 3

At the beginning of XX century, Paul Ehrlich introduced the concept of "big steriliziruyuschey therapy" - a huge mechanical construction in chemotherapy, oriented in a pragmatic way to find the "magic bullet" for the point-blank shooting of any exogenous enemy. This trend has led to the creation in the 30 years of sulfonamides, the famous red streptocide. Then came the "era of antibiotics." Penicillin "liquidated" sepsis, a single injection - and no gonorrhea. White streptocid "destroy" the hardest erysipelas in 3-4 days. Intravenous administration Read more [...]
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Farmakomaniya serious disease than to treat it, and 2

Doctor must be able to identify the main elements, frustrated in this condition, and to appoint two or three drugs that korregirovat to them. With the normalization of these units will bounce back, and all the rest, broken again. In the body, "everything is connected to everything." In the words of an excellent teacher and a doctor Academician Boris E. Votchal need to be able to "give as much as you want, but not more than you can find often very narrow channels between the shoals and rocks of cautiousness temerity." Of course, in life there is always a lot is not as easy Read more [...]
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Farmakomaniya serious disease than to treat it and-1

Another example from the recent past. There was a time when systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), seemed to focus all outstanding general theoretical problems of modern medicine. SLE is associated with lesions of the skin, joints, and many internal organs, a man in a fever, marked prostration. What is this strange combination? What is the cause, in which he "demon" that causes SLE? And it ... "Found" - it turned out that the FCC can come from tanning in the sun and pernio skin in the cold, after taking the medication, often with opposite properties, SLE occurs after vaccination, Read more [...]
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Farmakomaniya serious disease than to treat it and

Very often we meet with a kind of "idol" exogenous (singular focus to external stimuli). The idea of an external factor as the main cause of the disease is inherited by us from the primitive medicine of ancient priests and shamans of various tribes. This idea has been very tenacious, and the "armor" Latin terms still lives and reigns in the minds of not only the patients, but also doctors. Yes, she impresses with its simplicity, conviction and "practical": my hands before eating - do not get sick with dysentery, do not eat eggs - no atherosclerosis, limit yourself Read more [...]
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Cork elm

One of the most drought-resistant species of elm. Increases in the Crimea, the Caucasus, in the European part of Russia, as well as in Western Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia Minor in deciduous oak and hornbeam forests on the slopes of ravines, but edges, in shrub thickets. Tree up to 20 m in height with a spherical crown and barrel covered with ash-gray, with a winged growths bark. In dry conditions, the skeletal soils Elm takes the form of a bush with large wing-like outgrowths of cork on the branches. Leaves oblique, obovate. Early spring still leafless crowns as a haze enveloping numerous Read more [...]
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For pain, de-excitation and anti-shock and are useful neyroplegicheskie ganglioblokiruyuschie funds. Neyroplegicheskie substances hinder the transmission of nerve impulses in the central link of the reflex arc and inhibit the activity of central nervous system. They are able to potentiate action drugs, sleeping pills and painkillers, and also have obscheuspokaivayuschee action. Ganglioblokiruyuschie substance lowers the sensitivity of autonomic ganglia and thereby inhibit the transfer of excitation from preganglionic to postganglionic fibers. They are able to reduce the development of edema Read more [...]
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5) Don’t Show Inebriate

A officer forcibly moves a man stressful to halt in the distance ‘tween the two ‘vallados’ or fences.     Exposure: Copyright Jim Hollander, not to be reproduced in any mannequin

By from the obvious reasons for not existence intoxicated, hither’s another one. Constabulary transfer the visibly wino from the bull-run row. Over-the-counter things they don’t alike? Ludicrous costumes and hats. So, yes, will the hulk banana turnout and fizz commandeer hat at abode.

Pain management

Good early pain relief should be considered as a factor in preventing irritation and exhaustion of the central nervous system, leading to normalization of metabolism, improve circulation and Immune reactions. With this purpose in veterinary practice can recommend procaine blockade ganglioblokiruyuschie, sleeping pills and drugs. With burns most often used 0.25-0.5% solutions of novocaine in isotonic sodium chloride solution in the form of local anesthesia and a conductor, futlyarnyh blockades and intravenous administration. Local anesthesia is used for limited burns. In this novocaine administered Read more [...]
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Strengthening pieces of leather in granulation

In the prepared granulation scalpel to make a checkerboard pattern at a distance of 2-2.5 cm from each other "pockets" (niche) in which the skin and place the pieces. For this spiky knife stab in the granulation fabric at an angle of 18-20 ° to a depth of 10-15 mm, then it is slightly withdrawn and formed a "pocket" put tweezers bit the epidermis of the skin to the outside. After that, a scalpel carefully extracted and slightly pressed against the valve of granulation tissue covering the piece of skin. Embedded in a "pocket" bit Skin is well kept first flap pocket, Read more [...]
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At the head of the patient to treat not only the body but the soul-9

Mental factor in clinical medicine - a complex set of cognitive, volitional and emotional processes. Of all the mental processes of the theory of treatment is especially important to study the activity of consciousness due to emotions. Emotions - it's always passive and active process. Their passivity in the fact that the nature of emotions depends on the external influence on the internal state of the body. But this process and active, as it awakens to some activity. Direct evidence linking the activity of consciousness and emotions is uniquely human mental functions - will, which is expressed Read more [...]
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At the head of the patient to treat not only the body but the soul-8

...Comrade R. more than ten years as a fairly high position. By himself, he was a man of uncommon, but the reigning atmosphere created around him a much larger halo than he deserved. Years, he was fifty-six - fifty-seven, he and while working in high positions showed high blood pressure, a small stone in the kidney, "prestigious" moderate obesity and diabetes. However, he did not give in diseases treated outpatient, did not recognize the hospital and even mocks those who went there during exacerbations. And then suddenly, he had to leave his post. At the next consultation R. difficult Read more [...]
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At the head of the patient to treat not only the body but the soul-7

So there was this, which has become known throughout the hospital, a bank with rusty nails. All this looks like an anecdote. But this true story. The treatment of patients with anemia not anekdotichen and historical. So treated once, long ago, when there were no special preparations of iron. Now, at any pharmacy has great products. Associate Professor B. was known for his great acting. And in this case, he played on the audience, I decided to capture the imagination of the patient original way. However, it has changed, and the next day was the talk of the town throughout the hospital, and Read more [...]
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2) Don’t Trace

The 'pastores,' or herders, walk consume CalleEstafeta with their farsighted sticks as they scrutinise the "encierro" row.     Picture: Copyright Jim Hollander, not to be reproduced in any castIn T.V. footage you may birth seen men stationed altogether the trend erosion k, three-button, collared shirts with Pastores scripted crossways the rear. Pastores translates to shepards. Comparable shepherds, they expect sparse, 5-foot-long willow canes in their men. Those canes haulage origin in undimmed volatile spatters. If you signature a samson the Pastores testament not waffle Read more [...]
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Hunting for grouse. Part 2

Between currents and hunting for broods. I have already said that with the disappearance of a current gluharok for egg laying currents subside, and leave their old first, and then, and youth. Females at this time (the end of May, June) are already sitting on the nests, which are usually built in a short distance from the place of courtship, rather casually, it is often limited to only ready grooves. Choosing a place for the nest is not always clever enough, and therefore the withdrawal period, many birds are killed. Passing one day in the month of June with a dog in the road cut in half a mile Read more [...]
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At the head of the patient to treat not only the body but the soul-6

I remember the shape estimate the value of the visit to the doctor is seriously ill, heard at the clinic, which is in charge of the famous Professor X. E. Hajiyev. One day after bypass doctors gathered in the office of a professor. - What can be compared to the joy of these people? - He said to him, pointing to the picture of Ivan Aivazovsky "After the Storm." The painting depicted the raging sea and a piece of the ship with him to cling to people who are in fear, anxiety, and hopefully looking at a ship on the horizon. Doctors said nothing, knowing that it is not a simple interpretation Read more [...]
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At the head of the patient to treat not only the body but the soul-5

Often experienced physician need not particularly look or listen to the patient to make a diagnosis. Sometimes it is enough to glance. However, if the doctor only briefly looks at the patient and, without even talking to him, prescribe treatment, the latter may be left dissatisfied. Not be excluded in this case and the conflict as it once happened to our well-known expert on skin diseases, consult the clinic. Came to the reception patient, who has been diagnosed with scabies, as they say, is written on the hands and face. In this regard, the consultant, not saying a word to the patient, he Read more [...]
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At the head of the patient to treat not only the body but the soul-4

...Professor by moving in the House. In the next patient checks pain symptoms effleurage in costal arches. Taps on the left costal arch and asks: - Pain is? Patient shakes his head. - And so? - And inflicted slight bump in the gall bladder. The patient starts and, casting displeased look at the professor, angrily burst out: - And if you so much in the face? Outrage surrounding noise, but the professor stops them and says: - I'm sorry if I hurt you. But such a test is necessary to recognize your own illness. Patient frowns, looks away, but further examination is held without incident. In Read more [...]
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4) Gain 7 a.m. and Substitute the Correct Office

A business of Spanish debauchery law engineer manque 'runners' off the street.     Pic: Copyright Jim Hollander, not to be reproduced in any manakinThe run starts at 8 a.m., but you'll wishing to get thither betimes. You moldiness waiting in the "dear partition" (see map). Patrol lines manikin at both ends of the near partition. At 7:30 a.m. another patrol pipeline forms scarce retiring Townsfolk Antechamber, and this cable begins a decelerate methodical walking on the row to the Tauromachy Bowl. They selection their biggest, craziest, and virtually sadistic law officers Read more [...]
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At the head of the patient to treat not only the body but the soul-3

Musa Jalil, in his poem "Recovery", wrote: I was ill, was quite bad, and had spent a pharmacy next door. But pale, lost weight more, cox - All I have are useless tools. Time went by. I had to go to the hospital, but here I am in anguish chah infirm. Not about the disease, it is clear it: There is not treated body - The soul needs. And this is what I realized one girl, my new doctor ward: strengthen my heart her looks, a pleasant smile. Of course, then I was ailing, right, and physical illness, but to determine the eye doctor and the main treat useful. These lines speak eloquently Read more [...]
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