Traps and their use

Most small game easier to catch than to kill. Even if you see a small animal, it is a very small target and easily find shelter. Use of traps requires less experience and leaves you time finding and other food. However, be prepared to use the opportunity to hunt and if the chance. There are many ingenious traps with a complex mechanism of action. Their device requires time and serious physical effort. Distress need simple traps that are easy to remember and easy to make. However, because each animal's habits and their habits, needs a relatively wide range of traps. If one type does Read more [...]
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See Here

Exposure by Jens Mortensen     radio headphonesShoot by Jens Mortensen Sound Files On a run or in the air, qualifying the miles with summertime's freshest tunes. » Ivory JAM Drop Jam (May): The Seattle superheroes are dorsum to tame their potty. » GNARLS BARKLEY St. Elsewhere (May): Soulful rap vocalist Cee-Lo teamed with mash-up original Risk Shiner. Can you say "21st-century Marvin Gaye"? » THE RACONTEURS Busted Boy Soldiers (May): Tweed Stripe frontman Jak Ovalbumin and roughly new playmates close for guitar-rock halo. » TV ON Read more [...]
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Orbit (Orbit) - depression on the front of the skull, the walls of which are four-sided pyramid shape, facing the base forward and outward, and the apex posteriorly and medially (Fig.), the depth of the orbit is about 5 cm Orbit compiled seven bones of the skull (see). Of the four walls of her three border sinuses, lower - with the maxillary (maxillary), medial - from the ethmoid sinuses, upper - with the frontal sinus, and in the posterior two-thirds - from the cranial cavity. At the top of the eye socket is the visual channel through which the optic nerve and ophthalmic artery. Out of its Read more [...]
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Artificial Eye

Artificial Eye - Prosthesis, which is a fake front of the human eye (Figure). Artificial eyes are made from special types of glass or plastic, are double walled, filling most of the conjunctival cavity, and single. The latter is usually put on the remains of a blind and atrophied eyeball. Artificial Eye picks ocular physician similar to the second eye, color and size. He also instructs the patient about the procedure of inserting and taking out the implant. When equipped with an artificial eye to the night to retrieve it from the conjunctival cavity, rinse with a solution of boric acid (1 Read more [...]
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Eye, or organ of vision consists of the eyeball, optic nerve and subsidiary bodies (eyelids, lacrimal apparatus, the muscles of the eyeball. Eye apple - The formation of a nearly spherical with a diameter of about 24 mm, located in the eye socket. It has an active mobility as a result of the six eye muscles - the four lines (top, bottom, interior and exterior) and two oblique (upper and lower). Eye apple separated from the rest of the orbit dense fibrous sheath - Tenon's capsule, behind which is the fatty tissue. The wall of the eyeball consists of three layers: an outer - a very dense fibrous Read more [...]
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Histological studies of the pancreas

Histological studies pancreas allowed identify Only plethora body and initial manifestations of the death of parenchymal cells in the later stages of the experiment. Interestingly, the pancreas gland as well as the liver, is difficult to calcification. Therefore, calcification of the pancreas is a rare find. We identified changes in the Pancreas suggest that disturbances in carbohydrate metabolism, in particular the nature of the sugar curve is largely independent of changes in not only the liver but also the pancreas. Read more [...]
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Histological technique

Histological technique - A set way to handle biological objects (cells, tissues, organs) to study their microscopic structure. Living tissues directly observable in vivo conditions and in tissue culture, when the pieces of grown in artificial culture medium or in experimental animals (for example, in the subcutaneous tissue). For the study of fixed drug use pieces of tissue and organ, obtained during surgery or at autopsy. To study how to take a more up. The test pieces of cloth should not be large, otherwise the locking liquids will not penetrate into their column. In the preparation of drugs Read more [...]
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Lighter Reading

Sony Referee     Pic: David ClugstonThe pointy heads at Sony sustain protected us from bad-novel syndrome. You experience the recitation: Agonise complete which script to camp on holiday, so, formerly thither, fall into your hillock and jump turn pages, lone to describe it's a bore-hole. And the closest Borders is 4,000 miles off. The Sony Referee, an 8.8-ounce digital recitation twist, stores nigh 80 e-books (downloadable at Sony Unite) that you can learn foliate by varlet with the feeling of a clitoris. But pee-pee no slip: A estimator concealment this is not. The Subscriber employs Read more [...]
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Panhypopituitarism (Synonym: dientsefalo-panhypopituitarism, Simmonds' disease-pangipo pituitarizm) — a disease of the pituitary-diencephalic system with a picture of progressive exhaustion, malnutrition and premature aging of the reproductive system as a result of a sharp decline in the functions of the anterior pituitary. Many causes: cranial trauma, pituitary and other treatment (hormone replacement therapy) is performed in a hospital.

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First aid in the hunt

First aid in case of accidents is important for the health of the victim. It can not replace the medical care provider, so after the first aid to be delivered to the affected physician. Protect the wound from getting infected. In the wound may get harmful bacteria and cause suppuration, blood infections, and sometimes even tetanus and gas gangrene. These complications can prevent injury doctor who handles injury and have been immunized. It is safest to bind up the wound of the aseptic package material first aid or sterile bandage. In the absence of a hands sterile dressing can be prepared by Read more [...]
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Pituitary (Glandula pituitaria; lower appendage of the brain) - endocrine gland (about 1 cm in diameter) located in the cavity of the skull, in the hollow sella (Figure). Top pituitary covered the dura. Pituitary has a significant effect on the growth, development and metabolism in the body, regulates the activity of other endocrine glands, releasing hormones (see Adrenocorticotropic hormone, Gonadotropic hormones lactogenic hormone, STH hormone). Distinguish the front, back and middle or intermediate, pituitary. According to the structure, origin and function pituitary divided into two sections: front Read more [...]
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Hypotension, or hypotension - is lowering blood pressure. The lower limit of normal systolic blood pressure is 100-105 mm Hg. Art. for men and 95 - 100 mm for women, diastolic - 60-65 mm Hg. Art. Hypotension sometimes observed in healthy individuals (eg, childhood and adolescence, in a hot climate, a practicing sports). A physiological, or adaptation, hypotension. As a manifestation of a pathological condition hypotension may develop suddenly or gradually and often invisibly. In the first case hypotension is one of the symptoms of acute circulatory failure (syncope, collapse). In the second Read more [...]
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El Plonk Walk-Up


Jump in a push-up spot but with your elbows on the earth, so your upper-body burthen is on your forearms. As chop-chop as you can, enter a banner push-up office one arm at a sentence. So restitution to your initial spot one arm at a clock. Ingeminate for 60 seconds.

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Hypothyroidism - a reduction or complete loss of function of the thyroid gland. Severe forms of hypothermia called myxedema. There are primary hypothyroidism is associated with damage to the thyroid gland (the inflammation, swelling, post-surgical and conservative treatment of hyperthyroidism), secondary hypothyroidism due to a violation of the mechanisms that regulate the function of the thyroid gland (pituitary lesion, intermediate brain, the cerebral cortex). The basis of hypothyroidism hereditary defects may lie in the formation of hormones Thyroid. Disruption of the synthesis and receipt Read more [...]
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Hypothermia (a method) - artificial lowering of body temperature (or body part) by cooling. Used as a standalone or an auxiliary remedy. Distinguish between local (local) and general hypothermia. Local hypothermia of the stomach is made by means of a special apparatus LGZH-1 with bleeding duodenal ulcers, rarely gastric erosive gastritis and a number of inflammatory diseases (eg, acute pancreatitis). The patient was administered via the esophagus using a thin tube with a balloon-shaped stomach. In bottle fed coolant (50% alcohol t ° 4-5 °), is continuously circulated through the unit. Duration Read more [...]
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Fasting and Sweetheart

    Outdo New Skis Outdo New Skis1. Völkl TigersharkSculptureWith the Tigershark, the German producer introduces "Ability Alternate engineering," spring-loaded, carbon-fiber rods incased in the boards that purportedly constrain the skis with the movie of a transposition. We couldn't secernate whether the alternate was on or off, but testers quieten establish these skis "loose to beginner and real reactive." Emphatically reinforced for groomers, the Tigershark is mounted with Marking Gesture iPT bindings, which are merged direct into the ski for first-class Read more [...]
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Hypothalamus (Synonym hypothalamic area) - Department of diencephalon (diencephalon), located down from the thalamus and is a collection of autonomic nerve cells. Hypothalamus takes part in the regulation of important body functions: sleep and wakefulness, emotional expressions, autonomic-vascular functions (regulation blood pressure, vascular tone, cardiac) thermoregulation and the functions of the endocrine glands; metabolism (water, carbohydrate, fat, mineral). Hypothalamus performs the complex processes of assimilation and dissimilation, is involved in the regulation of ionic environment of Read more [...]
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Hypospadias (synonym lower cleft urethra) - congenital deformity, is the lack of the bottom wall of the urethra. Occurs only in males. External opening of the urethra in hypospadias is located on the lower surface of the penis, scrotum, or even on the crotch. Depending on this, there are three degrees of hypospadias: I degree - hypospadias head; II degree - hypospadias penis; III degree - scrotal or perineal-scrotal hypospadias. Hypospadias is accompanied by the bending of the penis, sometimes (with hypospadias grade II and III) is so significant that it violated urination (sprayed jet, urine Read more [...]
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Hypoxia (Synonym: hypoxia, anoxia) - reduced levels of oxygen in the tissues. The lack of oxygen in the tissues is called anoxia. Insufficient oxygen supply may be in violation of: 1) respiratory (lack of oxygen in the air, the disease of the respiratory system) - hypoxic hypoxia2) the transport of oxygen (cardiovascular disease, bleeding, blood disorders) - hypoxemic hypoxiaAnd 3) tissue respiration (some metabolic disorders, poisoning toxins depressing tissue breath) - Gistotoksicheskaya hypoxia. During hypoxia, a number of compensatory responses aimed at increasing oxygen consumption. These Read more [...]
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Hypoglycemia — Reduction in blood sugar below 80 — 70 mg%. Hypoglycemia occurs in healthy people when under heavy muscular work. As a symptom of a pathological condition hypoglycemia often observed with an overdose of insulin, as well as tumors insulinoobrazuyuschih insular apparatus of the pancreas (islet adenoma). Rarer hypoglycemia meets with hypothyroidism, panhypopituitarism, Addison's disease, and metabolic diseases. The sharp hypoglycemia leads to a hypoglycemic coma (see).

Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).