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A comparison of the age boundaries of professional performance in the subgroup 1.3 shows their expansion for most occupations over the study period. However, there are exceptions in the form of stabilization age structure (for example, managers of shops, stations, crossings, workshops and offices, engineers, drafters trains, etc.) and even a noticeable rejuvenation (eg roofers). Thus, professional group Women Engineers has changed a little, they X2 remains at 50 years, despite the relatively group increased 30-39-year olds (Moss is 33.7 against 29.8 years in 1959). Povzrosleniya very little influence on the composition of the workforce composition veterinarians and other specialists with higher education.
The shift towards povzrosleniya most noticeable effect on increase of the modal age. On average, men in the decade, it increased from 27.1 to 34.8 years, ie, by 7.7 years. In this case, under similar terms x2 Moss figure may differ by 1-12 years. Correction made by a group of persons 40-49 and 50-59. Their weight ranges from 18.5 to 35.9% for the 40-49-year-olds, and from 5.7 to 17.4% for 50-59-year olds. Employed persons of retirement age in the subgroup of 1.3 represent a smaller proportion (0.5-2.5%) than in the whole composition of the working men and especially in professions with broad involvement of the population.
So, in the subgroups 1.1 and 1.2 and 1.3 total occupied three fifths of all working men and 1 | 4 were women, with an average deficit of experience ranged from 1 year to 15 years. Many of the "flawed" occupations in this group, including those engaged in mental work, is not officially classified as hazardous, strenuous and stressful, do not enjoy the right of preferential early retirement, so for them a single and immediate causes of the limited age boundaries of professional performance is incomplete compliance requirements of the profession possibilities aging "of the body.
Relatively even distribution of age-stazhevym of working group II is characterized by the professions. This includes more than 120 occupations and men-150 occupations of women who are, respectively, 25.4 and 50% of employees (compared to 17 and 2.9% in 1959) in all sectors of the economy. However, in the men and women of group II for about half of the typical negative balance training in the use of the working period. Average deficit of experience in certain professions, II group reaches 1-5 years. The second half of the employed is classified as fully within the reach of the body of older workers working age. In the group of professionals with some experience of the average deficit well represented knowledge workers: the heads of the primary organizations, heads of creche, tutors them, heads of libraries and librarians, heads of research institutions, researchers (except for university teachers), teachers of primary, eight-year and All secondary schools and courses, publishing director and managers and their departments, secretaries, clerks, department heads, sectors, spans, workshops and offices, branch manager of state farms, heads of state farms farms, senior staff (except for agricultural specialists), writers, journalists , editors, supervisors, inspectors, auditors, doctors and other professionals in the second half of II representative engaged in the intellectual work even more. It is impossible to give a detailed list of all occupations in this group, but it should be emphasized that the uniform distribution of working age often inherent professions, allowing in avtotemp, avtoritm relatively free distribution of the workload and time. This is very valuable for the aging condition of the body. In Group III, the possibility of such professions prevail.
Comparative evaluation of the age boundaries of professional performance, according to the census of 1959 and 1970. Shows that for Group II occupations of men and women have tended to age workers. In occupations management team in agriculture has been some of his rejuvenation by reducing the proportion of people 50 years and older. In most professions II was reduced (sometimes dramatically) the proportion of workers of retirement age: Due to an even more significant increase in the proportion of groups 30-39, 40-49, and often 50-59-year-old is not decisive in shaping the values of the middle and upper "limit" age and move these types of activities of the "flawed» (I) in a group of relatively well (II).

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