Laminaria and vahnya

Ichthyologists distinguish northern saffron cod (Eleginus navaga) and Far Eastern saffron cod (Ekginus gracilis). The latter are usually also called vahney. North saffron reaches 40 cm in length, but the catch its value rarely exceeds 30 cm This benthic fish with a fairly diverse tastes. It can be powered on plankton and benthic invertebrates and fish fry. Inhabits the Russian North Sea, down to the Gulf of Ob. In the pre-spawning period, and all can go in the river, although it does not go to him for any significant distance. Spawns as exceptional

but in marine waters. Fish for recreation it is developed very slightly — it's food fish, fishing netting produced in large quantities from December to the end of January. As they say: "The local indulge once, and guests are rare." And those to the north are not going for the saffron cod, despite the fact that this fish is very tasty.

Far saffron inhabits the Pacific Sea and the Bering Strait to the Gulf of Peter the Great, inclusive. Vahnya larger northern cousin, and can reach the size of half-meter. But it's still rare. The catches it usually has a length of 30-35 cm Outside her homely: back of a dark green color with obscure divorce, sides and belly dirty gold. Leads demersal and coastal lifestyle, not the sides as fresh river estuary water. Moreover, vahnya can penetrate even completely fresh water lakes. During the ice recreational angling has eggs or milk, which makes it very desirable prey.

"Smelt bite so glibly that when biting stopped, I had some time pulling his hands, waiting for new stimuli to tackle. Only 20 minutes later I realized that the fish moved away from this place, and I was about to go looking for it. But then Michael shouted:

— Takes from ten swings!

I almost dropped the bait to the bottom. The impetus for the fishing line and I quickly began to wind the fishing line on the hand and a fishing rod. Literally 10 seconds at the hole in the snow lay slightly curving and quick freezing, golden on-vazhka. Its bite was not as striker as nibble smelt, but I liked vahnya more fishing and I was quite pleased. "

Old Angler


About saffron cod fisheries in the northern winter, we've been told. But as vahni — the situation is very different way. This saltwater fish like is for amateur fishing on the sea. It is held in the coastal zone, which is extremely important from the point of view of safety anglers. What more attractive to anglers vahnya — So this is the fact that it is in the winter it spawns and that's when you can catch fish not only with delicious meat, but also with excellent caviar. And the climate in these parts softer, and anglers, who are mostly citizens, is incomparably greater than in the North.



Look for saffron cod, not only oblavlivaya entire area of the bay or gulf, but also closely examining the state of the water under the ice. In the presence of water in the sludge fished this place more carefully — this is one of the signs of the location of the saffron cod in that area. Somehow, she often stays there, where there is a layer of ice crystals, white flakes of water freeze together. None of the other fish is not such a strange addiction.

While angling

Caught navaga with varying intensity throughout the entire winter season. Often this happens as if by accident. The fact that the saffron in December, just after spawning, eggs and protects the invasion of any fish into their territory perceives as a threat. Fish tries to hit, giving the attacker to the ground, which is passed on the nod as biting and angler can fish for hookset belly, gills, etc. Cutting is often this is insufficient and fish with a torn belly coming off the hook, resulting in a short time to its demise. To zabagrivaniya this from happening, it is better to catch it in time to float bottom gear.

Fishing practices

Saffron cod caught fishing rods equipped with a jig with a hook or lure and lure with hooks on the replanting of meat. Tyrant — a traditional marine gear, consisting of a fishing line, sinkers and end a short leash with 5-10 hooks — also in vogue. Navaga attract hooks tyrant, decorated with woolen threads, pieces of silk, and similar simulators bait. Tackle game is its smooth lifting and lowering. Such shifts in the vertical plane is enough to attract fish.


Usually not used. However, the crushed shellfish or raw fish paste, minced, are very relevant and significantly intensify nibble.


As an attachment you can use any marine life from small crab meat and ending with the same saffron cod. However, most anglers prefer not to mess around in the cold with such attachments, and to fish the bait.


Observed that saffron, just like any other predator, well-drawn, even from afar shine highly polished spoons. At the same time nibble its lure may be unstable. And here is a piece of scallop, cut fish, shrimp, podsazhennuyu on hooks, located just above the bait, this type takes almost without hesitation.

For a simple tally tyrant flies that imitate worms, crustaceans, and the like animals. For making lures need hooks № № 4-7 with a long forearm. Most of all popular flies the red, green, yellow, but the best picks vahnya flies lemon.

Biting and vyvazhivanii

Nibble navaga true, it is cut herself. Remove it easily, just by using hooks without barbs to watch the constant tension of the string.

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