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Only in union jointly-4

Many patients experienced and older doctors often refer to the good old days, when a doctor (especially those who belonged to the glorious cohort of a country doctor) not only cured all disease and the patient does not redirect to different consultants, and mentally able to talk to him, calm and reassuring. Remember, how about it wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupery: "I believe the day will come when the patient knows what man give herself into the hands of physicists. Without asking him anything, these physicists take his blood, will bring some permanent, peremnozhat top of each other. Then, by checking the table of logarithms, they can cure him of a single pill. And yet, if I get sick, it will return to some old doctor … He looked at me eye corner, felt his pulse and stomach, listen. Then kashlyanet, lighting up, and rubs his chin. smile at me … Of course, I admire science, but I admire and wisdom. "
But this nostalgia, alas, do not change: time dictates of their own, and we can not go back to a country doctor, can not hold back the growth of narrow specialization. And whatever you say, and it is, this specialization has great advantages: it can not be one and the same doctor in the same time equally well to do operations on the heart and insert an artificial lens in the eye …
Even the production line in the operating Soviet eye surgeon S. Fyodorov was not perceived as a kind of technological nonsense in medicine, and it seems quite logical and progressive event in the light of modern requirements comprehensive acceleration in all areas of our lives.
And as if to counterbalance the words SAINT heard the words of Academician Alexandrov: "… sometimes say that dear old doctor with his uncomplicated methods better diagnostic soulless machine. However, you can be sure everyone who says that, having got into trouble, try to find a specialist, armed with knowledge and experience, leaving aside question about his "mental" or "cute."
However, perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle ground, and fully the rights of Soviet doctor L. Hundanov when he writes: "Indeed, knowledge and experience — the two points of support proper healing. But no less necessary, and the third pivot point — namely, the very soulful. As it may seem strange to our century — the century of rapid scientific and technical progress, where computers give rational advice on any matter act as advisers doctors — incredibly increased the price of the ordinary, kind, tactful words. "
Yes, now the ideal physician should be submitted one who, on the one hand, is a highly professional, even a specialist, and the other — a man of great heart, who can talk and gentle to the patient, and place him in, and calm …
Such is the medical profession: you need both. Read the book of the Soviet scientist surgeon Amosov "Book of happiness and misery," and you are on a lot in this profession will open their eyes.
But terminate our involuntary retreat and return to the question of the psychological factors in treatment. Their role is very, very high at all stages of the disease and treatment, and in this psychological work involves a very wide range of people, in one way or another connected with the illness of the person.
After all, you, if you suddenly get sick and in the hospital, not only do not care how you talk and how you relate to the doctor, head of department, nurses and nannies, but as sympathetic in this situation would behave your family, friends , coworkers. And it is not indifferent to the success of the treatment process is that it will come to you in the next day visiting the wife, children, grandchildren, friends zabegut there with a bouquet of flowers.

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