Parade of centenarians-2

Recently I was fortunate enough to handle a unique document — passport Muscovite Hope Kartasheva Feodorovna. Under "Year birth "is written: 1873! Worker from childhood, kind-hearted man, and today, despite the years, has maintained a clear mind and our appreciation of life.
On the bank of the Volga, in the village of thermal Yuryevets region Ivanovo region, lives Evdokia G. Malkova. Among her 27 grandchildren have farmers, soldiers, teachers, engineers. For many years she was the best flax farm. And today, when Eudocia Fosdick has celebrated 102 years of still not pokladaet hands. And there is much: to look after the grandchildren, get out of the house, and in the garden to do something to …
Not long ago, the Geographical Society of the USSR celebrated the 90 th anniversary of Professor Nikolai Urvantsev known Arctic explorer. He is holder of two Orders of Lenin, he was awarded the Gold Medal and the Gold Medal of the Przewalski Geographical Society of the USSR. Along with him were honored and his wife, Elizabeth I., — permanent doctor many polar expeditions.
Yuuli Laene — the oldest collective farm in Estonia. She was 103 years old. Recently, on the day of birth to Laene gathered children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It was not easy to place all the table. After all the guests were more than 100 people.
Like his countryman Temyr Vanachi, Kucha Chvamba living in Abkhazia. And over the years it just a little younger than Vanachi — 104 marks!
Here's how to write about him Chanturia journalist T.:
"… Handsome, slim the waist man rises from the bench under the old persimmon and goes to meet a green space of the yard. But how it goes! Soft boots almost trampled grass — no, we do not go — it's a step dancer. Dancer? However, I would not be surprised: Heap Chvamba — soloist centenarians Abkhazia "Nartaa." This is — passion. Occupation — farmer.
— Welcome Heap Nurovich!
Inclination of the head, a strong handshake. Lead me and sit down on a bench under a tree. And now closes the ring around the grandchildren — Roman, Adgur, Daur, Oleg … All do not count, because 18 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren at the pile Chvamba … Smiling and sparkling blue eyes, is the youngest daughter, a Russian woman Valya. Son called to Pavlik, a teacher. It will translate my questions. No, no, it is too early to talk to us, and not accepted here that younger first started talking.
And I'm happy to watch the master, notice how a barely noticeable to his gaze and gesture are brought spring water in the pot and nuts in bowl. I looked at the modest house tidy, neat farm buildings, by the hand of the owner, quietly and heavily on their knees …
— Where power Heap Nurovich?
— But … — says our host, and his embracing gesture fall novel, Daur, Adgur, Oleg, and all the young company, gets younger son and his wife, Val, and the eldest son of the house, which is just below the hill, and tea plantation farm "Duripsh", and even more — the mountains, which, as it turns out, are not random.
— For those out mountain, Ritsu, we were chasing goats on alpine pasture. I was thirteen years old. Parents died early, big family. What, was the eldest. At one end of the one hundred kilometers. Rarely on horseback, and all on foot, from mountain to mountain. Now saying, movement — life … Did you drive here? — Innocently asked a respected Heap.- That's it. And then the tobacco is grown, then — under the trees uproot tea plantations began to grow tea. Have not noticed, as the years passed.
No time to think about them. Grandchildren grow up, learn, put on your feet. If you sit on the bench and only years considered for the years that I?

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