Parrot disease

Objects to be disinfected
current final sputum of patients with terminal disinfection How Boil spittoon with a 2% sodium bicarbonate solution for 30 min., or poured bleach or dry DTSGK rate of 50 or 25 g per 1 L (respectively), or fill in a 5% solution of Lysol ( Exposure 3 hours), and then poured into a sewer. Rinse dishes from sputum DTSGK 2% solution or 5% bleach solution, or bleach or Lysol and then water Handkerchiefs, towels, underwear and bed linen As with final disinfection collected in the tank with the lid in place and disinfected by boiling any solution of detergent for 15 minutes. from the moment of boiling or soaked for 1 hour in a solution: 0.5% of the activated solution of bleach and 3% solution of bleach, 5% solution of Lysol. If it is impossible to disinfect the place collected in bags, wet the top 3% solution of bleach, and sent for decontamination or swelling in the disinfection chamber tea ware, dining As for final disinfection Boil 2% soap-soda solution in course 15 min. from the moment of boiling or exempt from food and immersed for 1 hour in one of the following solutions: 0.5% solution DTSGK 3% bleached chlorine solution, and 3% solution chloramine, 5% Lysol solution, then wash with hot soapy water, rinsed and dried food remains as the final disinfection with flood water and boil 1-1 course 15 min. from sleep or after boiling dry bleach or DTSGK in the ratio 1:2 or 1:5 (respectively), kept for 1 hour, then poured into a sewer or cesspool eggs obtained from the farms, disadvantaged by ornithosis Wash in 3% solution of bleach , clarified solution of bleach, 1% solution DTSGK then used in food only in the form of Hard Boiled The room furnishings in the room zasetchivayut windows and vents, often ventilated. Two or three times a day with a wet clean cloth dampened with 4% solution of hydrogen peroxide with sulfonol, or 0.5% active solution of bleach or 3% solution of bleach or hot soapy water at the premises Destroy flies. Floor and wall at the bedside of the atomizer irrigate 0.5% active solution of bleach or 3% solution of bleach (300 ml/m2 solution consumption, exposure 1 hour). Pieces of furniture, door handles, window sills wiped with a cloth dampened in a solution. Upholstered brushed moistened disinfectant. Polished furniture wiped with a cloth soaking it in a solution to clean the furniture. Ventilate the room bedding, soft toys, cloth, rugs, coats not produce collected in bags, wet the top 3% solution of bleach, and sent to the disinfection chamber Nursing As for final disinfection Boil 2% soda solution for 15 minutes. from the moment of boiling or immersed for 1 hour in 0.5% active solution of chlorine bleach or 3% solution  chloramine Cleaning stuff As for the final disinfection Boil with any detergent in course 15 min. from the moment of boiling or soaked for 1 hour in 3% of the clarified solution of bleach or bleach in farms, disadvantaged by psittacosis bird houses, backyard patios and other places of birds, equipment and health products for poultry periodically cleaned and disinfected at least once a week DTSGK or bleach As with current disinfection bird droppings Pour a 10% solution of Lysol for 1 hour or burned as with current disinfection Slaughtered poultry parboiled and then just pluck As with current disinfection of premises, equipment every three hours produce wet cleaning, cleaning equipment and floors 5% of the clarified solution of bleach, 5% solution of bleach, Lysol, 20% hot alkali solution with simultaneous intensive airing As with current disinfection clothes after work is soaked in a solution, as described for laundry or boil As with current disinfection

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