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Everyone, especially the elderly man, I want to be strong, "fresh" memory. Memory — the participant of all the processes of mental activity. Without memory impossible imagination, memories, even simple logical proposition. It is necessary for people to select, keep forever, or at least for a long time, the most important, significant of read and learn. Our memory — it is ourselves, our relationship to the world, to others.
All, absolutely all areas of the cerebral cortex, as Pavlov said, can "store"Stimuli coming from the outside. No special memory centers do not exist. Irritation of a group of nerve cells of the cerebral cortex of the brain leaves the trace reaction. It can be stored for a long time, if irritation coincides with that of other groups of nerve cells of the cerebral cortex.
As you know, there are four main types of memory.
Visual memory — When a person with vision quickly and strongly absorbs and stores the new material. Such a person in the classroom should be as wide as possible to involve visual aids, drawings, diagrams, digital table — in short, everything in the process of learning can be viewed or read.
Auditory memory. Man, having a memory is better remembered when in the process of mental work involved ear. In these cases, it is more learns what is heard, for example, at a lecture, in the report, or read, but again, out loud, in the book.
Motor memory prevalent in people who are at remembering trying to write as much as possible from the read or heard. Some very good memory for a particular material, if this go to, say, the room, walk in the park, on the street.
At mixed form of memory man equally well remembers with hearing, vision, recording, etc. It is the most common type of memory.
There are innate characteristics of memory. So, there are people who can store long columns of figures, the most complicated formulas. The literature often describes an example of phenomenal memory.
It is believed that memory fades with age. But nature, as always, we had prepared a surprise here. "Many centenarians in 90-100 years — says a prominent Soviet writer and popularizer of science Victor Pekelis — scientists were very high level of functional activity of the main systems of the body, especially the central nervous system. The central nervous system is generally the most stable and the most long-lived. According to scientists, some reduction in brain activity partially offset by the restructuring of the individual fields of its bark, which occurs with age. This allows the person in old age is not only simple to work, but also showed outstanding creativity. For example, the ability to accumulate vocabulary stored in the elderly are long, and the people of high intelligence, it may even grow. "
And then the writer tells about a curious study. After analyzing over 200 biographies of famous painters and sculptors, live to 70 years or more, the researchers found that they could be with some degree divided into four groups. The first group consisted of biographies of artists from the early flowering of creativity (25-30), but its rapid decline (40-50 years), such as L. Knaus, J. Jordan, second group: early flowering (25 — 30 years) and maintaining high creative activity into old age, such as a K-Monet, Jean Houdon. The third group: Late flowering (after 40 years), with a rapid decline, for example, Degas, Auguste Rodin. Fourth group: late flowering (after the same 40 years) and maintaining high creative activity into old age. Those were Titian, Corot. The most numerous were the first group (38 percent) and fourth (30 percent). They are followed by the second group (20 percent) and third (12 percent) As we see, group artists who worked to old age, is significant.
So much for the famous people, by nature endowed with great ability. And the other? Can we even in his later years to strengthen its memory? It turns out that we can.
If you want to have a good memory are going to train and improve, then you should pay special attention to their physical, bodily health. First, you must regularly engage in physical exercise, more visit the open air. And of course, you need to organize a rational mode of the day, to find a balance between work and leisure. You can not keep memory voltage to work without rest for hours. It is enough sometimes after 2-3 hours to make a short exercises at the open window, or do water treatment (shower, ordinary washing), as soon as people feel much more cheerful.

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