What was in the reeds. Chapter 10

While fiddling, I warmed the movement, and then soon began to shake, and more and more, until you tremble like a paralytic. I curled up in a ball tight, hold heat, cold hands tucked under his arm, but the tremor was not appeased. An interesting thing I noticed: when a man brutally freezes, it becomes stupid cosmically quickly and inevitably. And feel the brain cells one by one off. Well, nothing worth does not come to mind. Solid entity on the verge of idiocy. About what would be good to fill a face Oleg, about that and say nothing, it is natural and is not discussed, but the rest on the same mental level. Nothing sublime.

I read somewhere that in deep water, where the really really cold, divers come to mind various ingenious ideas. For example, why do not breathe oxygen directly from the water, because the water is full of dissolved oxygen, fish can they breathe? And some tear off the mask. I've also lit up: and what I've been freezing, because you can light reeds and perfectly warm. Well at least someone from the top floor mockingly podnachil: Sure Kindle, why not ignite. Otmuchaeshsya together, here in the smoke and choke. Fire does not go away, no worse ispecheshsya Peking duck. Jackals will appreciate.

Warm still had, and I got off the pile and started doing squats. I noticed that in the right thigh something interferes, such as sticks and even a pain when moving. So I stood with my mouth open — how to change ozhglo when Oleg fired a second time. Oh, you bastard Well, I think it caught the same, blond rat. I felt the top of the turn away Treads: exactly hole. And in the pants hole. I lowered his pants and poshupal hip. Wet, and in one place under the skin riding something solid.

I piercing awl matches jackknife, gritted his teeth and dug part, part forced a shallow wound kartechinu "cherry stone" — I made them myself, they fitted out their own cartridges. That's right, a colleague, as your fat and you also on Musalam, I muttered. Well though the charge was on the decline, and I suppose otrekoshetil of reeds. This mug is not aware that a hundred meters grape shoot man is useless, except in the eyes. I rolled kartechinu in the fingers, then put it in his breast pocket. Souvenir with.

Thinking, I raskurochil same awl cartridge, poured shot into the water at his feet, spat on gunpowder and vmazat it wound wound — God forbid festered. Cossack on prescription should be even zemlitsy mix with the powder, but where to get it. Then cut off from the bottom of a narrow strip vest and bandaged leg. While do just as well, and think of something pokapitalnee morning. Climbed to his perch again crouched, conserving heat.

Rastereblennaya wound ached now as it should, as much as I broke into a sweat and shiver ran through the body. No, there is a need to be a beast, a living person shoot … Do not worry, I'll get to it. As one young materschinnitsa delicately put it, bent his balls on the ears. Dam side of his hand on his neck so that he will bounce noggin, and then the kidneys, the kidneys until the blood would not piss … I vividly pictured these pictures, but then again someone from the back muttered, but come on, you're not going to beat him on any kidneys, intellectual snotty. Is raised your hand to this nits. Is that slapped across the face under the hot hand, and then it is going to be sorry. Know your slapping. Poor people then head mayutsya week.

Interestingly though, he decided to such a thing? Coward because, by all accounts. Bzdilovaty little man. But apparently, all the subtleties of thought and convinced myself that there is nothing to fear. Gets — well, not get — no one can prove. And in any case, no one can prove. Again, it is shallow fry the party at a nuclear power plant. They are there specifically to pick up the sense of loyalty, then sure — ties with the KGB. And as those of his offense will not give, though he slam someone in broad daylight. They are so used to live in a special position, and they wanted to spit on us, the rest of trash, though bydlovatee themselves did not think of, but tihushnik spies. Law for us, for the rest, they have their own law — does not extradite its own. Maybe this watch dog and he could not explain why his murder was drawn that the snake is a Hayn it, pardon the expression, a soul.

So I sketched such psychological studies, but all shudder beat bigger, and I set up the old — hissing with rage, began again to cut cane, now too, that they hide. Heaped pile, huddled under it, and it feels really gets warmer. No feather, of course, but not Golyakov lie under the stars. And time to somehow budged while fiddling. To the two rolls. Most deaf wilderness.

We see the exit and I isperezhivalsya before dozing a little, despite the pain in his leg, the pervasive dampness and the same evil thoughts. Even dreamed of something, but what, kill not remember, and I will not lie. Already places fib.

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