You want to survive — eat it!

Dragonflies are considered a great delicacy. Only difficult to catch them. However, the habit of using dragonflies sit on the tip of the stem or branch, you can catch them in sufficient quantities. We need to take a long stick, spread it thin end of something sticky, like tar, and used as bait, exposing the water or in the field of flight of dragonflies.

Not the most elegant dish — maggots — maggots. However, in extreme conditions, and they will go. In addition, they are rich in protein. Although habitat maggots — rotting scraps of meat (fish), does not look appetizing, but very tasty cooked larvae. So say those who ate them. They are easy to wash with some meat. But for their collection should show skill, they move fast enough. Soon fly again postpone eggs, and a couple of days can be repeated collection urozhaya.Pri sufficient abundance of flowers in the meadows, you can gather — beetles beetle. Usually they are inside of a flower, and you eat.

If you have a pond nearby, should look for aquatic insects. This predaceous diving beetles and their larvae, the larvae of dragonflies and other insects. Inspect grassy shallows — favorite habitat of aquatic insects. You can catch them with a net improvised from handkerchiefs, socks or shirts. In the upper layer of soil can gather up mosquito larvae — bloodworms. It has a reddish body and well marked. It can gather up, washing the soil or in a sieve under running water with a small current.

Not all insects are tasty. Know it's pretty simple. These insects typically have deterred bright colors. For example, the ladybug. In addition to bright colors to scare, insects use a fluid that has a bad odor and taste. It stands at the moment of danger. An example is the same as the ladybug or the Colorado potato beetle. So do some of the tracks.

According to scientists, people, include in your diet of insects, can improve their health, as the latter are rich in nutrients. And the share of valuable proteins in insects is higher than in the meat! For example, grasshoppers and locusts such proteins 50-70%, while in pork — only 17%, chicken 23% — in beef — 20%, fish — 21%. And calorie cooked insects superior crops! 1 kg of cooked insects more calories than 1 kg of corn probably worth considering, hunted, when I want to eat.

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