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Nutriment Q&A Is it deserving splurging on alien juices that arrogate wellness benefits?Spell juices made from mangosteen, noni, goji, acai, and others are highschool in antioxidants, thither's niggling grounds that these voguish "superfruits" are meliorate for you than former dusky-coloured berries. The outflank advice: Equitable eat a sort of brilliantly colorful fruits and vegetables day-after-day.THE MotorcoachSince 2003, Jason Dobbs, 27 (left-hand), has logged 95 years p.a. at Squaw Vale, coaching eight-to-18-year-olds on the Squaw Vale Freestyle and Freeride Squad, which produced Read more [...]
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More than 8 million people in China suffer from drought, lack of drinking water

Photo EPA / ITAR-TASS April 28. More than 8 million people in China because of the intense and prolonged drought are suffering from a shortage of drinking water, according to Chinese media today. As the papers say, drought gripped Yunnan, Shanxi, Hubei, Sichuan and Gansu. According to the headquarters for flood control and drought, and crops were lost on the area 3,640,000 ha. Sent to affected areas operative groups to calculate the damage and care. In particular, the Ministry of Finance of China has provided assistance to affected residents 500 million yuan / $ 80 million /. Source: ITAR-TASS Read more [...]
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More than 70 homes damaged in the earthquake in China

June 13. More than 70 houses damaged by an earthquake in southern China, according to Xinhua news agency on Wednesday.

An earthquake of magnitude 4.2 was recorded on Tuesday evening in the county Tszyunlyan the border of Yunnan and Sichuan.

According to local authorities, 78 houses were damaged, six of them completely destroyed and two others were injured.

In May 2008, the Sichuan earthquake with magnitude 8.0, killed nearly 90,000 people, 370,000 injured, left homeless 5 million inhabitants.

Source: RIA Novosti

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How to split an emergency bivouac

So, a tourist lost in the winter taiga, wandered in search of the trail and finally decided to "sit" the night around the campfire. How to arrange a camp! Where to start? Of course, with the choice of location. Ill-placed camp could negate the benefits of even the hottest fire. And naobort, if found suitable place, not even the best fire is able to provide a warm night. First of all, a camp must be protected from the wind. Remember how even the most gentle breeze enhances the action of frost. So it's best to get a night in gustolese or small hollow. But the big fields, forest Read more [...]
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More than 300 churches have suffered from earthquakes in Italy

June 3. Three hundred and five churches were affected by several earthquakes in Italy, among which 56 were completely destroyed, said Sunday the agency KAI. A strong earthquake of magnitude 5.8 occurred on May 29 in the north of Italy. Its epicenter was located in the province of Modena, to this suffered greatly from the previous 6.0-magnitude earthquake that occurred on May 20 to 36 kilometers north of Bologna. The agency reports that also injured 105 bell towers, and in the diocese of Capri in ruins is the Bishop's Palace. According to the newspaper the Catholic Bishops Conference of Italy Read more [...]
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More than 300 million butterflies migrated from the U.S. to Canada this year

May 17. The number of butterflies migrant who arrived in Canada from the south, more than 10 times higher than the annual "norm", the record for the number became admiral butterfly, reports news portal CBCNews Canada. "This is perhaps the most" babochkovy "year in Canadian history ... This massive migration, it seems, did not happen" - said the University of Ottawa, a biology professor Jeremy Kerr (Jeremy Kerr), whose words are reported. According to field surveys, this year in Canada from the south came about 300 million individuals Admiral butterfly (Vanessa atalanta) Read more [...]
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More than 200 pelicans died on the coast of Peru

April 30. More than 200 pelicans were found dead on the beaches of the north coast of Peru, the causes of their deaths have not been established, said on Sunday channel Univision. The dead birds were found in approximately the same place where the bodies have been found about 900 dolphins. This is an area of the coast length of 170 kilometers. Local fishermen are the first to sound the alarm, finding dozens of sea birds dying on the coast. To help them, they could not. Experts do not rule out that we can talk about a virus that is deadly to marine life. However, after the discovery of hundreds Read more [...]
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2011 Trips of the Class: Trek Mongolia

Altai Tavan Bogd Home Ballpark, Mongolia     Picture: Exposure by TuskerClear steppe and emerald meadows. Forested valleys and boneheaded marsh. Aqua alpine lakes and glaciated peaks. Westerly Mongolia's 2,456-square-mile Altai Tavan Bogd Home Common, in the Altai-Sayan eco-region, close the Chinese molding, has it all. Search the ballpark on Tusker Chase's 15-day, 100-mile Mongolia Trek—16 guests, six camels, a local guidebook, and a ready screening octonary to ten jaw-dropping miles per day by base and hogback, traversing some the Pentad Sanctum Peaks of Altai and guardianship Read more [...]
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More than 10,000 carp died in Missouri

June 7. What began as a couple of dozen dead carp turned in more than 10,000 in the Lake Blue Spring (Blue Springs). Environmental water samples, but have not been able to understand what led to the death of fish. And now, the samples have been sent to the National Laboratory for analysis.Killed every day, from 500 to 1,000 carp. Jake Allman, a biologist from the protection of Missouri, in the last few weeks I began to notice the affected carp scales. "The fish have a bit of bacteria, but not enough to lead to such consequences" - Allman says, - "This is related to diet, when Read more [...]
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Bulgaria: The invasion of cockroaches in Sofia after earthquake

May 23. According, after the earthquake and a hurricane, a stroll in Sofia, as well as rabid crows, another attack was found in the west of the capital. In the houses of sewage flooded the hordes of cockroaches and other sorts of insects. This was signaled by inhabitants of areas Lyulin, Zaharna factory, Krasnaya Polyana Ovcha Kupel.

Source: News Bulgaria

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Bulgaria: The forest caterpillars attacked

May 23. Shooting video took place in a forest near the village Gabyr near Sozopol. From the words of the locals, just ten days caterpillars destroyed 50 trees.

Source: News Bulgaria

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Sledding Places

Lights on: an dispatch awaits the aurora at the groundwork of Setting Everest.     Pic: Urban GolobEXPLORING Pansy MAUD Farming Squad: [ Andrew McLean, Microphone Libecki ] Localisation: Antarctica Hitherto, TRAVERSING a twosome c miles of icecap, climb a new heap, or nailing a beginning ski bloodline has been adequate to consecrate Antarctic adventurers dangerous brag rights. But when 29-year-old crampoon Microphone Libecki and 41-year-old ski-mountaineer Andrew McLean, sponsored by Batch Hardwear and Carbonado, mind to Pansy Maud State in November 2003, they'll hike the stake substantially, Read more [...]
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Bulgaria: Frogs fall from the sky in Yambol

June 7. As the "scandalous", in the village of yambolskom Botevo recorded unusual - fall from the sky hundreds of frogs. Amphibians jump in yards, on roads, on rooftops. Local people are baptized, many of them speak about the beginning of the end of World ... Along with the fact that in the last thirty days or so, earthquake, flood, collapse of the church, an attack on people rabid crow invasion of snakes and cockroaches, hail the size of a hen's egg, and now frogs falling from the sky - all somehow really annoying . And many are beginning to see this as a sign of God. The impression Read more [...]
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Belarus: Blast meteorite Glubokoe District

July 17. Dozens of residents of Vitebsk region talk about the unusual phenomena observed on the night of July 16: Flying through the sky glowing ball, and exploded with a huge bang. Apparently, it was a meteorite, he was seen in Glubokoye and Polotsk areas. - According to witnesses of the villages Glubokoe District, this happened in the first hour of the night. Fireball with an orange-yellow halo and bright tail flying in the sky a few seconds, then saw a flash and the light was gone, and a couple of minutes was a roar that shook not only windows, and a brick house shuddered from the blast doors Read more [...]
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Orienteering - one of the youngest sports in our country, which in recent years is gaining in popularity among young people. In this sport work with a map and compass is regulated by a very small time, in minutes and seconds. Orienteering - is rapid, emotional type of cross on unfamiliar terrain, associated with a particular physical activity, cunning tactics and numerous techniques. Competition situation somewhat similar to the situation in which gets a scout, in the rear of the enemy. We must be able to quickly navigate the ever-changing conditions. Autonomy in decision-making in these Read more [...]
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African Durban turned into a snowy kingdom

June 9. For Durban, one of the largest cities in South Africa, suddenly swept incredible hail storm, the city covered the white "winter" shroud. Damaged many roofs city buildings, gardens, cars, plenty of trees turned inside the roots. It is surprising that some suburbs could avoid the Gradova cloud, for example, and Glenmore Vestvilyu. Injured same regions except heavy hail were also small flood after heavy rain preceded by hail, which brought up to 30 mm of rain in the first few minutes. Houses that escaped the hail strikes, flooded with water. The temperature in the hot African Read more [...]
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Africa covers Europe lithospheric plate

April 13. Over millions of years, the African and European continents closer to each other since the movement of lithospheric plates. The north side of the African lithospheric plate descends slowly under the Eurasian plate. According to the latest information from the scientific community, the process stopped and undergoing a change of activity. Evidence that the situation has changed and now Europe literally goes under Africa, were presented at the European Geosciences Union Rinus Wortel (Rinus Wortel) of the University of Utrecht (University of Utrecht) in the Netherlands. The most dense rocks Read more [...]
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The Antic

    Photograph: Bryan ChristieNutrient Q&A What's the departure betwixt unanimous grains and refined unharmed grains?Aught, in footing of victuals. Hither's a fuze. Unharmed grains: Seeds are integral, encircled by an endosperm and nutrient-rich seed and bran.Refined unanimous grains: Seeds get been bonkers, involute, broken, or land and render the like sustenance as the master unit granulate.Annul graceful grains (nutrient-poor ovalbumin flour) and enriched grains (like as tasteful but with around nutrients restored).If you receive yourself injured and in ski patroller Dan Read more [...]
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Atlantic coast of the rapidly dives

July 8. Scientists have found that the rate of sea level rise in the U.S. Atlantic coast and Canada is three to four times faster than the global average. For analysis was taken long coastline 960 km from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, to the north of Boston, Massachusetts. It turned out that since 1990, there was water up to 2-3,7 mm, while the average figure was 0.6-1.0 mm.In the subsequent increase in global temperature water on the coast will rise even faster. Its influence on the process have reduced salinity and density, as well as warming sea water subpolar North Atlantic, resulting Read more [...]
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Astrakhan attacking midges

May 2 on youtube. Video taken on board in the Astrakhan sea channel.

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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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