Dick Matthiessen Dies at 86

Dick Matthiessen, a novelist and naturalist, died Saturday at the age of 86 from leucaemia. A three-time victor of the Home Ledger Honour, co-founder of The Paris Inspection, and subscriber to Exterior, Matthiessen's composition much lit the 1000 and tragical aspects of nature."Thither's an elegiac timber in observation [American wild] go, because it's our own myth, the American frontier, that's deteriorating earlier our eyes," he erst wrote."I flavour a abstruse grieve that my kids volition ne'er annoy see what I've seen, and their kids bequeath see cypher; thither's a recondite Read more [...]
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Artificial kidney-12

Overtaking cars, hot on the streets of Moscow "ER." The latest twist - and the car stopped at the door of the clinic. Quickly opening the door limo - and stretchers with patients already in the emergency room. Patient unconscious, his rare wheezing sounds ominous silence in the House, his face pale and puffy. The doctor leans over a patient - and hits him in the face harsh ammonia smell. Habitual movement doctor imposes on the patient's arm cuff blood pressure and pushes the stethoscope to the elbow. Blood pressure dramatically improved: maximum - 180 mm, minimum - 110 millimeters Read more [...]
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Artificial kidney-11

For kidney normal urine formation violated by both the direct damage to the cells of renal tubules, and blockage of the lumen, which is the result of swelling of the kidney tubules or clusters within their walls torn away from dead cells, blood clots protein. Found that the kidney has an uncanny vitality. Even after 2-3 days after a very severe poisoning mercuric chloride is not only the process of death and decay of kidney cells, but also restore the normal structure of the renal tubules. The study of drugs such kidneys often amazed at how far gone these recovery processes. The death of the Read more [...]
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Artificial kidney-10

If the solution is more of the substances that can pass through the membrane, by means of dialysis can be strictly selectively remove only some one of them, or a group, without changing the content of other substances. This can be achieved using dialysis is not against water and against such solutions where substance or substances that we want to preserve the original liquid, are in the same concentration as in the last, that is in equilibrium with it. Material to be removed, on the contrary, are not put into the outer solution - They will leave solution, dialyzed. The latter way, obviously, Read more [...]
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Artificial kidney-1

How is out of this "preliminary" urine formed a "final" (definitive) urine, made up so dramatically different from that of blood plasma? How urinary concentrations of substances such as creatinine, urea, sulfates, increased tenfold compared with the concentration in the blood, and the other (sodium, chloride, calcium, magnesium) remains almost such it? As analysis of fluid obtained in experiments on animals from different parts of the renal tubules, such an increase in the concentration of urine occurs gradually as you move the "preliminary" urine by the kidney tubules. Read more [...]
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Poplar, black, or Black poplar

A tree 18-25 m tall, with a broad crown and thick branched cracked gray bark. In the south-cultivated varieties bred Lombardy poplar, featuring narrow crown and greater height - up to 30 m long-stalked leaves, deltoid or somewhat rhombic, with wide straight or rounded base, tapering at the top in the tip, dark green, the underside of the lighter on the edges of iron-toothed, young leaves, as well as kidney, aromatic. Floral scales deeply incised, glabrous, rarely with short cilia. Stamens with short filaments, anthers purple. The ovary lies in bokalchaty perianth, stigma yellow, curved downward. Read more [...]
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Olympos Hostel     Picture: courtesy of Olympos ClubEVERY SO Ofttimes, you trip upon a situation so beautiful you neediness to screaming almost it from rooftops and sustenance it a intimately restrained mystery. The Olympos Occupy the minor settlement of Cirali, Dud, which sits on one of the almost gorgeous, uncrowded stretches of the Mediterranean, is such a spot. Hop a trajectory southward from Istanbul to Antalya, so takings an hour-plus cab razz to Cirali and the Olympos Guild (from $175; olymposlodge.com.tr) and its 13 simpleton node bungalows. You won't be outlay often metre Read more [...]
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Artificial kidney

An indication of the accumulation of nitrogenous wastes, the measure of the degree of renal impairment for the physician are the numbers of so-called "residual nitrogen" that is nitrogen, which is detected by chemical analysis of the liquid part of blood after her deposition of proteins. This nitrogen part of the low-molecular weight organic compounds, usually displayed by the kidneys from the body. Normally, the amount of residual nitrogen in the blood is equal to 35-40 per cent (that is 35-40 milligrams per 100 milliliters of blood plasma). But back to the patient. Leave aside the Read more [...]
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Iridium (Iridium, Ir) - a chemical element of group VIII of the Periodic System, belongs to the platinum metals, the density of 22.5 g/cm3. The high density and corrosion resistance can use iridium and platinum alloys for the manufacture of surgical instruments. Artificially produced isotope Ir192, which is a source of gamma radiation (see). Half-life of 74.4 days, the energy gamma-quanta of 0.4 MeV. Iridium - the first artificially radioactive isotope, which was used for remote gamma-therapy (see). Now for this purpose iridium not used because of the short half-life. Due to the high specific Read more [...]
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Hypochondriac syndrome - a symptom of mental disorder, characterized by painful, is not justified by objective reasons for a focus on the state of their health. Some patients are constantly worried sick, infected, are very suspiciousness and suggestibility (neurotic, obsessive hypochondria), others observed a wide variety of pain in various parts of the body, generating confidence in the heavy, is not recognized by physicians disease (senestopaticheski - hypochondriasis) From third conviction that they are terminally ill, is linked to the severe depression (depressive hypochondria). A number Read more [...]
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Injection (synonym injection, injection) - a type of parenteral injection of the body in small amounts. Injections are given into the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, spinal canal, the heart. Advantages of injection drugs before oral administration: a more rapid action of these substances, the accuracy of dosing, off the barrier function of the liver, the possibility of introducing drugs in any of the patients. Relative disadvantage is the possibility of injection anaphylactic shock in allergic (see anaphylaxis). If the patient is conscious, he should be warned of the impending prick. The Read more [...]
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Infrared radiation

Infrared radiation - Invisible radiation with a wavelength of 0.76 microns to 1 mm. Infrared rays occupy the spectral region between the red end of the spectrum of visible light and short-wave part of the spectrum of radio waves. Sources Infrared are heated by the sun and other bodies. The biological effect of infrared radiation is mainly determined by the absorption of infrared energy tissues, which may cause the acceleration of various physical and chemical processes and physiological responses (vasodilatation, increased permeability of the walls, etc.). With a significant impact Infrared Read more [...]
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Infiltrate - Consolidation in the tissue or organ (subcutaneous tissue, muscle, lung, liver) as a result of accumulation of cellular elements of the blood and lymph. Infiltration in acute inflammation occurs due to rapid cell division of the fabric, the appearance of a large number of white blood cells, lymphocytes, exudation from the blood vessels of blood plasma and lymph. Fabric of infiltration increases in volume, changes color, becomes dense, painful. In some chronic infections (tuberculosis, syphilis, actinomycosis) infiltrate developed on the site of introduction of the pathogen primarily Read more [...]
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    Exposure: Picture by Jens Mortensen1. Stuffsack » Storage your quiescence bag in REI's Flashbulb UL Camp and you'll get a bully lilliputian daypack for bag bivouacking. $25, 9 oz; rei.com 2. T-shirt » Iceboat's merino Overrefined 140 Investigator T is to your old T-shirt what 400-thread-count cotton is to sheets: sybaritic. $55; iceboat.com 3. Flaskful » Pour a bottleful of wine into KLEAN KANTEEN's Wine-coloured Decanter. The whippersnapper stainless-steel container doubles as a irrigate bottleful. $18; kleankanteen.com 4. Hoy » Ne'er be rock-bottom to friction sticks unitedly. Read more [...]
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Infection - The state of the infecting organism, manifested disease or carriage (bacteriocarrier, of virus, parazitonositelstvo). On the development of infection is influenced by the following factors: the pathogenic properties of the pathogen (virulence), the degree of contamination (dose germ) and the state of microorganism resistance (immunity). Pathogenicity of the microbe caused by a number of substances produced microbial cell. Many micro-organisms produce toxins that are released into the environment during their life - exotoxins [diphtheria bacillus, bacillus of gas gangrene, tetanus, Read more [...]
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Infectious spondylitis

Infectious spondylitis may develop in typhoid fever, brucellosis. Sudden onset with fever, severe pain in the affected part of the spine, muscle tension, restriction of the spine similar to symptoms of pyogenic spondylitis. Radiograph can usually identify a small area of the vertebral lesion. Recently transferred the appropriate infectious disease positive and specific serological tests help to correctly diagnose.
Treatment conservative, aimed at primary disease. Outcome of infectious spondylitis is usually favorable.

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Daydream Paddle

Gloam settles ended Tomales Bay, California     Photograph: Alex L. Fradkin/Stockbyte/GettyScheme: THE Surprisal Calculate Trajectory Light routes to the regional airports mentioned therein chronicle: Delta flies from Atlanta to Jackson Cakehole in equitable below six hours (from $370; delta.com). Continental flies from Houston and Dallas to Montrose, Colorado (from $400; continental.com). Allegiant Air flies regularly from Las Vegas to Duluth (from $270; allegiantair.com) and Missoula ($140). And blackball any provision hiccups, View Air bequeath offering orchestrate serve from Read more [...]
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Plant foods

Specialists have counted on the planet about 300 thousand plants, including those that grow in the mountains, swamps, oceans. Of these, 120 thousand varieties are edible. In our country grows more than 2,000 edible plants. Some of them can be eaten raw, others must first be subjected to heat treatment, and drying or soaking. Most of the plants of the northern region are edible. Mountain berry. Low creeping shrub with evergreen, leathery leaves. Its red berries are rich in vitamins. Alpine Bear Berry. It grows on a creeping stem from bits of bark and rounded leaves that have a reddish tint, Read more [...]
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Infectious psychosis

Infectious psychoses - psychoses arising in the course of acute and chronic infectious diseases. Infectious psychosis always a symptom of an underlying (infectious) diseases. The peculiarities of the clinical picture of infectious psychoses are divided into acute and protracted. Acute psychosis observed in acute infections (influenza, scarlet fever, typhus), and there are up to temperature rise, at the height of fever, or immediately after the fall of temperature. Usually occur with symptoms of stupefaction, most often in the form of delirium amentia, stun oneiric (see Consciousness disorders) Read more [...]
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Myocardial infarction

Myocardial infarction - a disease characterized by the formation of necrotic foci in the heart muscle due to the violation of the coronary circulation. And myocardial infarction is usually observed in people older than 45 years. Men suffering from myocardial infarction is 4-5 times more often than women. Etiology. The main cause of myocardial infarction is thrombosis of the coronary arteries (coronary) as a result of atherosclerosis. Perhaps the development of myocardial infarction in the absence of organic changes of the coronary arteries due to their prolonged spasm. Factors predisposing Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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