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Wintergreen umbrella

Evergreen perennial with creeping underground rhizome, which runs erect branched stems up to 20 cm alternate leaves close together in the lower part of the shoot like whorls, and they are thick, prodolgo-Vato-obratnoklinovidnye, sharply serrated, up to 6 cm, with a very short petiole, dark green, shiny, bottom - lighter. The flowers are drooping, on long stalks, gathered at the ends of shoots in umbellate brush (8-12 flowers). Calyx lobes fimbriate-toothed. Corolla pink, to 15 mm in diameter, wide open, petals shortly ciliate. Fruit-flattened-spherical capsule, 3-5 mm long and 5-6.5 mm wide, Read more [...]
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Spectacular panorama program

The sensation of the trial was the tape recording of the program BBC BBC "Panorama". This program of mercenaries passed April 26, 1976. Defendants responded to this record differently. Wiseman wept when he heard voices of his wife and children, but started to laugh hysterically when I heard the story of what Barker in December 1975 charged with assault. His amused record conversations between reporter Michael Cockerell and Douglas Saunders. Cockerell.  Upon arrival in Angola Saunders and Barker immediately promoted to the majors. In his stay in Aldershot (home town) Saunders and Read more [...]
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13 mercenaries

In June 1976, Vilferd Barchet (journalist) and Derek Robek (a member of an international commission to investigate the activities of mercenaries) were present at the trial of 13 British and American mercenaries in Luanda. Their impressions were the basis of the book "War Prostitutes" dedicated to the mercenaries and their recruiters. "Only a stone idol could remain unmoved during the trial in Luanda. During the 9 days before the eyes of those present tense drama unfolded. Intertwined in a complicated tangle of characters and passions, different motives and contradictory actions. Read more [...]
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The story of Latvian riflemen

Conrad Iokum - former Latvian shooter - became a writer. In 20-30 years, the Latvian Soviet writers lived in the Soviet Union, joined in Latvian Section of Proletkult and then Rapp. The center of their cultural and educational society was "Prometheus", was founded in Moscow in 1923 and ceased to exist in 1937. What could write Latvian shooter, who became a writer? Only that knew - about the war and killings. Conrad Iokum editor in chief of the Soviet Latvian publishing "Prometheus". In one of the conversations with fellow publisher Conrad said: In the dream, bore down on Read more [...]
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Latvian Riflemen in the Kremlin

Latvian infantry units were created in 1915, during the First World War. In 1916, the infantry units were deployed in the Latvian Rifle Division. Latvians have actively participated in the October Revolution, the Civil War, guarded Lenin - all for a fee. They were the protectors of the revolution, the Bolsheviks arranged. Pavel Malkov was the commandant of the Smolny, and the relocation of the Soviet government in March 1918 in Moscow - Kremlin commandant. In this role, PD Malkov remained until the summer of 1920. Then I had Paul Dmitrievich experience all the delights of the Soviet camps. Read more [...]
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Dive Fin Innovations

    Exposure: Jameson SimpsonWatch, Fin. Biomimetic trailblazer Ted Ciamillo has rally with a revoluntionary monofin that promises to incite a individual whole out of the sea. The 42-inch dolphin-tail double, dubbed the Lunocet, uses winglike hydrofoils?the like engineering that keeps an aeroplane aloft?to helper prompt swimmers done the piss at near ten mph. That's theoretically loyal plenty for a hard bather to mimicker a mahimahi's rupture. Ciamillo plans to unveiling his conception this April in the Florida Keys, where he and his two-man bunch desire to get the outset swimmers Read more [...]
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Army Baron Ungern

R.F.Ungern Baron von Sternberg was a scion of the ancient Baltic family, whose ancestors were members of the Order of the Sword, and participated in the Crusades. Baron's military career was associated with the Trans-Baikal, where he was sent after the February revolution, Kerensky for the formation of the Buryat regiments. In 1920, Baron was an army of the Mongols, the Chinese, the Japanese and the drill. The place of his activity he chose Mongolia. Baron Ungern proposed the idea of recreating the "Middle Asian Empire" like the empire of Genghis Khan, whose image he chose as his Read more [...]
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Sepoys existed in India before the era of colonial conquest. Many sources believed their warrior caste, is not included in the caste system of the country. In any case, they had a special place in the feudal hierarchy of India and strongly defend it. They constantly changed hands, depending on who is paying more and needed services. The war was the craft and meaning of their lives full of mortal risk. The war gave them a livelihood, because, in addition to the soldier's pay, they were still able to loot the vanquished plenty that has often been much more profitable. Colonial rivalries Read more [...]
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The Foreign Legion

After the July Revolution of 1830 in France, a rapid development of capitalism. The head of state was declared a man, modestly called himself the "King of the bourgeois," but behind the Louis Philippe were those whom tycoon Laffitte in a moment of candor said, "From now on we are bankers, French law." And just beneath the side - had only to cross the Mediterranean Sea - from the coast of North Africa. It seemed that there is nothing easier than to equip an expedition there and get their hands on this huge area. In the atmosphere of the business to a certain excitement resided Read more [...]
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War feeds on war

During the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) in the valley Funy mercenaries rampaged commander Wallenstein. The nature of this war has caused that mercenaries have appeared in many parts of Germany, and in some places, did not stay long. Landsknechts robbed and killed, burned homes and barns, stealing cattle. In this situation, the widow of Prince Johann Georg I Princess Dorothea, who owned and Radegast Zanderslebenom, decided to take a very unusual thing to do. In January 1626 she sent a message to Field Marshal Count Kollalto Imperial troops. In it she wrote bitterly that the continuing raids Read more [...]
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Devil the Pointedness

Grivel Air Investigator GSb     Photograph: Exposure by Adam LeveyCrampons are queerly comparable underclothes: Something's rottenly amiss if they detach by fortuity, and if you deliver to commute them en path, you wish the routine to be as fleet and unsophisticated as potential. Which is why Grivel's Air Investigator GSb crampons are such a approval. The discovery figure locks points additionally with a alloy tooth that fits into a gob in the condom toe of your (compatible) boots. Not just is the arrangement exceptionally ensure; it eliminates the traditional front-bail affixation, Read more [...]
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Future residents of Switzerland since the XIV century in the battles with the knightly cavalry Habsburg tirelessly to improve the construction of a new form of combat - the so-called square formation. With it, they were able to defend their independence. In addition, the Swiss are widely used a very dangerous weapon, which was powerless against the knightly sword. It is called "battle-ax" and is a long spear, which is attached across the hatchet with a hook at the top. Halberd could chop, chop, beat blows and pulling off a rider with a horse. It is convenient, simple and yet powerful Read more [...]
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Catch som giant somewhere in the lower reaches of the Volga - the case may be, and heroic, but not as difficult as it might seem. In my view, much more needs to show the ability to specifically catch the fish, even if small, in the rivers, located relatively close to the capital. Withnd wakes up in the middle of April. Flood forces him to leave the dregs Chosen riverbed hole and go in search of clean water sites located upstream or spills. Such movements fatten sluggard appetite, and with the return of "in the place of residence" and a significant warming of the water it can penetrate Read more [...]
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Mercenaries and killers. Foreword

Mercenaries and killers kill for money, they make up a category of people for whom murder is the work. Two American journalist Wilfred Barchet Robek and Derek, who wrote a book about mercenaries "Teen War", stated: "Comparison of mercenaries, prostitutes very well. Both those who secretly buys human flesh, does not worry about what will happen when human beings. Author of this metaphor is the Goose Grill, an American mercenary, who was in captivity. As a former gangster Grillo was familiar with the two "professions." When mercenaries main fault lies with the recruiters, Read more [...]
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The truth about the empire-moon

For many years, we flog the idea of "empire-moon" as the inhuman system of stupefying people false doctrine. And then by the head of the "Empire" came with his wife to Moscow and met with a friendly President Gorbachev. This visit took place a few years ago. Since then, in many cities of the CIS, including in St. Petersburg, there were a kind of representation of "empire-moon" called the Church of Union. They are free to promote and explain the teachings of Reverend Moon, humanitarian action, and I must say, find a ready response in the different layers of our Read more [...]
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XX Agent

    Photograph: Jeff Haynes/GettyALLYSON FELIX 18 Sprinter Los Angeles, California WHY SHE RULES: College fledgling Allyson Felix has gotten ill-used to organism called the following Marion Jones. As track-and-field's newest phenom, she was the get-go high offset to wholly antedate college rivalry (on with her gymnastic learnedness to the University of Southerly California) in gild to bit pro. At L.A.'s Baptist Mellow, she was nicknamed "White-livered Legs" by her teammates; the bulk of the five-foot-six, 125-pound sprinter's eubstance is a boney arse one-half. But her Read more [...]
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The outburst of the Ku Klux Klan

One of the most obscurantist organizations of America - the Ku Klux Klan - was established back in 1867. officers of the defeated Confederate Army, supporters of slavery and racial inequality. During all this time, "clan" he acted legally, then went on to prohibit and "underground activity" and was "born again" in 1915 And 10 years after this secret society has more than 5 million people! Around 200,000 of them took part in held in 1925 in Washington, DC Congress and marched through the city. Simultaneously with the Congress on a wave of "night actions" Read more [...]
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Foreign bloody sect

Certainly a leader among the world's "religious" sect takes tragedy "People's Temple", led by Jim Jones. November 18, 1978, exactly 20 years ago, 914 of his followers have died in Jonestown (Guyana). Followed by David Koresh and his "Branch Davidian". April 19, 1993 in the estate of the sect in Waco (Texas) Fired 80 duped "Messiah" people, including 25 children. Three of the "bloody" sects International closes the "Order of the Temple of the Sun", the victims of which the prophecies of doomsday were 74 people in France, Switzerland Read more [...]
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This sect was founded Filipino man named Tupsik, which translated means "Floss." Tupsik distinguished personal bravery, courage and boldness. And so did his old warrior mountaineer, who gave him a mighty antinganting (ie amulet). Amulet that guarantee absolute invulnerability and invincibility. IPAH in periods of "social unrest" conducted exploration "in areas of possible riots", eliminated some rebel leaders and thus cleared the way major armed forces, that is, doing what facilitated the main "teeth" to carry out the tasks. The main and fast tool that Read more [...]
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What was in the reeds. Chapter 8

So it all and went to the most, we can say, desperate and miserable of my adventures over the years. Once Loew told me that in the evening they all crowd into the reeds go on waiting in ambush for wild boars, and if I want them, then we do not mind. How could I not want. Hunting is serious, not that innocent birds collide. Went down the canal on two canoes, and this mug, I mean Oleg, too, had come with us. Guys curled, but do nothing. Told him just to close to Sergei, to me that is, holding out. Do not confuse that under my feet, I mean. Climbed still light - with one canoe on the Read more [...]
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