CatfishCatch som giant somewhere in the lower reaches of the Volga — the case may be, and heroic, but not as difficult as it might seem. In my view, much more needs to show the ability to specifically catch the fish, even if small, in the rivers, located relatively close to the capital.

Withnd wakes up in the middle of April. Flood forces him to leave the dregs Chosen riverbed hole and go in search of clean water sites located upstream or spills. Such movements fatten sluggard appetite, and with the return of "in the place of residence" and a significant warming of the water it can penetrate the desire to feed. However, this will be a short bite, because when water warm up to 20 degrees, the catfish spawning begins. Usually, in central Russia, he is at the end of May — beginning of June. Active biting of the fish we have comes from the end of June, reaching a peak by the middle of next month, and continued with varying success until the end of August. In September, with cooling water stops eating catfish and lies at the well in preparation for winter.The time and place of fishing.
Meating som habitat in the suburbs and surrounding areas abound. Catch them in the Eye and its tributaries: the Ugra, sturgeon, Moscow River, Moksha, and on the upper Volga. Catfish chooses to inhabit almost always the deepest parts of a segment of the river, always distant from the places frequented by people. He does not like to be disturbed. Catfish sensitive to cold. During summer cold snaps he lost appetite and he is still somewhere in a secluded place. Catfish usually takes on warm days before sunrise. At sunset, he comes out of his hiding place and should once calculated route in search of food, visiting shallow areas with low flow and algae, which often accumulate fry and other animals. Catfish can also hunt for frogs if they have somewhere to live and become a predator habitual food. If the river is crawfish, catfish can approach the steep banks and waiting for them outside the norm.
Hof medium-sized rivers in som den chooses not only in the well. Often he oblyubovyvaet for daytime shelter shore washing away, place the debris, beaver burrows koryazhnik the steep bank or a niche for fuzzy rhizomes trees. On the river Upa I came across a small, up to 5 kg of catfish in quiet shallows near the shore for fishing in coastal progalah between hanging over the water the bushes. In this case, each time coming riverbed pits have no closer than a mile from the place of capture. Several times I took the poludonku medium-sized catfish from a wooden bridge that connects the two villages. There is a dirt and grassy island quicksand. From this place near streamflow reduction from a five-meter depth is 100 meters upstream. Basically place catching som near village Zavalova — is well and adjacent coastal areas on the bend of the river under the so-called steep hill covered with oak forests. In this corner of the rare drop in tourists. The internal bank is steep, completely overgrown with willow bushes and deep rich koryazhnikom. On the outer side of the river — thickets of sedge and lily pads, where narrow shelf, a few springs and two running from the forest creek attract small fish, especially in the July heat, when hot water decreases the oxygen content. Catfish at night take in these places on live bait and frog.
On the bait and hook.
HSmall-scale catfish, which in early summer may feed during the day, sometimes moving in packs of several pieces. Thus, at p. Upa often the case that the local fishermen who are used to catch a large number of float rods, suddenly caught in a mere half hour to ten somyat weighing 0.5 to 1.5 kg. I came across somyata and small catfish are usually one or two for fishing. Attachment to them are often served vypolzok or mole cricket, which I often sit down for a few pieces of the hook. Large soms sometimes have to wait more than a day, and they prefer a bait (roach, white bream, silver bream weighing about 200-250 g) and green frogs.
EIf soms homes are located near areas with dense populations perlovitsy mussels or the meat of these clams can also be the perfect bait. So, on the Oka River near dugny on eel under Kurovskaya and in different places on the Upa I came across it on the shell of soma, with a hook to put the flesh of two or three major shellfish. Better to take a tee or double — it securely holds the meat shell.
He must not forget that the meat of crayfish, where they are found in abundance, can be a great attachment for catfish, especially during molting. On neck cancer catfish can be caught out as well, and at the actual pit.
In according to the chosen nozzle and a hook. For frogs and perlovitsy more suitable double hook № 0/5, 0/6. For live bait can recommend a single hook № 2-3 reputable companies with long forend made of thick wire. To catch a bunch of medium-sized som several Nightcrawlers suitable hook № 1 with long forearm. Larvae dor and June bug pushed onto the hook № 0/6 for a few pieces under the head.
In where soma visit coquina can scatter bait in the form of balls of clay loam soil with the addition of coastal and ground meat shellfish.
Previved anglers Kaluga, Tula and Ryazan regions argue that earlier used for luring catfish scorched carcass of a sparrow, but, in our opinion, for the sake of catching should not kill birds.
In Small and medium-sized rivers Som sometimes takes on a dead fish or the pieces, so to bring to the place of fishing can still scatter fresh plotvichek, gusterok, etc., of course, given the current or lower them to the bottom in ogruzhennyh mesh feeders, which should have more to arrange in different places.
Tothe way, where there is a shrine, the latter will gather around this bait, which also will be an additional attraction for catfish.
Rod or poludonka?
TEnvironments where soms pits and their exits are located near the coast (and it is not uncommon for small and medium-sized rivers), you can use a float rod. For catching catfish in the rivers, you can use a fishing rod with a float type "candy." But it should be increased weight, as when fishing from the bottom to the monofilament diameter of 0.4-0.5 mm for it will blow over and, therefore, held the float on the surface will be more difficult. You can, of course, to reduce the resistance of the water use braid 0,2-0,27 mm diameter. Its strength enough to catch up som pounds weight. Of course, if the rod is equipped with a powerful coil and capacity rings, and sturdy rod has good cushioning properties. Accessories — sliding sinker corresponding force of the current. At p. Upa I put together one after another two or three "olives" 15 g pellet and fixing. The lead on two numbers less than main line. He is 30-50 cm long and is joined by a swivel that there is no twist in current. From the bottom usually catch two or three rods, which are arranged broadly.
MYou can fish from the shore and in the wiring of the bait roach, white bream or other white fish, which is allowed in the 5-10 cm above the ground on the edge of the pool, along koryazhnika, located at the corners of the pits or between them and a number of algae in the adjacent shallow . It is necessary from time to time tugging tackle, live bait to earn fins. If catfish is, he will feel vibrations coming from the bait, and will do.
Ition in the wiring from the boat effectively where soms pits located at a considerable distance from the coast. Wiring can be done both at a distance from the boat and letting the float alongside — som little afraid of boats.
EIf you do not have the appropriate float for fishing powerful rig on current, you can use poludonku. To do this you need to take a tough, strong rod and heavy enough float that provides slack thick line on the course. Where there is a big catfish, you should at least put monofilament 0,45-0,6 mm and leash — 0.35-0.4 mm, provided that they use a rod and reel and rings. By the way, it is enough to reel type "Neva". When "deaf" snap line strength can be further increased.
InEU Georgia depends on the size of the nozzle and the flow and usually ranges from 15 to 50, an additional leash at sliding sinker set is not worth it, because when playing a large specimens unavoidable hooks for bottom koryazhnik, algae, etc.
EIf you catch on Somov well and know there dlinnousye predators is, after the first failed to pass the night to catch a bush or other attractive place upstream or on the other side of the river.
In lower reaches of the large influx of oxides and in the eye of soms pits are almost always at a good distance from the shore, where you can throw the bait only with well-established bottom line. To tackle this need to take carp rod length from 2.5 to 3 m with test scores of 80-150 g, with a reliable rings and coil, better multiplier. Good sinker weight from 50 to 100 g, a flat elongated shape, so it does not get stuck in the rocks, as if catching soms may have to slightly move the bait to attract the attention of predators. Single hook, № 2-3 on the international classification. Better to put the leashes of braid fishing line, such as a "maxilon", as in the fight against a catfish he just can grind monofilament many small teeth. Donkey accessories — such as "Pater Noster," when placed above the leashes attached to the end of the main line sinker.
PDistance between leads and weight and length of the leash depends on the angle of the fishing line, ie actually drop from the depths, so it is advisable to have a removable leashes of different lengths, which are fastened to a loop of the main line through the trusty shotgun. The usual length of the leash 30-50 cm distance from the second to Georgia leash for easy long casting should not exceed 1-1.2 m as a gatehouse to the line attached bell mounted on the hose segment-weight material that has a slot for fixing on the line .
PWhen fishing for catfish, please check the attachment, as it might sound a trifle, or pull off the course. For night manipulation Donka and bait should be gas lamp, which gives a constant light for a long time, and the headlamp.
Heredko I find som warm rainy weather, when they can take even during the day. For shelter use large umbrella, which is set on the beach. Even more convenient, especially for fishing at night, umbrella, tent, which covers not only the rain but the wind and protects you from the coastal grass and bushes.
Mesto should be chosen so that when playing soma no interference. If caught for algae, then advance to the coast clearing loose track. Vyvazhivanii night compounded by the fact that poorly visible surface of the reservoir and catfish can make a tackle in the grass or koryazhnik. Therefore, experienced Okskoye somyatniki overnight firmly fixed rod donok Flyers top and bottom, and after catfish caught, it is left to go on the hook until the morning. He usually does not come out of the hole without causing complications. As soon as daylight, begin vyvazhivanii. Much effort is to shift the big fish from the spot.
POtomi start in a bitter strike against the fish to shore. Determine tired catfish or not, the air bubbles, which he released when his strength is running out. If you chose a lot of fishing line, but does not see bubbles, it gives more like soma, until finally tire.
Withovremennoe fishing gear for catching catfish can not wait for the dawn, and use a flashlight with a powerful beam, illuminating the surface of the water. However, it should be noted that catfish negatively react to light and with all rests in order to stay in the illuminated area. The same happens with the daily vyvazhivanii catfish shade of a deep hole in the shallow water infused with bright light.
Poetomu for night fishing with a partner to do something highlighting the side or, if possible, on the other side.
How to detect a catfish?
Withnd, according to LP Sabaneyeva surf, ie From time to time the accumulated gases in the esophagus. Like it or not — you can only guess. However, I just came across most catfish after appearing path of the bubbles. Here, I do agree with the argument that, moving over heavily silted soils, catfish goes belly on the bottom (so it is easier to touch food), touching rotting koryazhnik and other protruding objects, resulting in and pulled out the gas bubbles.
InPosted in General also for successful catfish in unfamiliar places always want to poll local fishermen and doing preliminary exploration. It is needed because, firstly, catfish place on the river are rare, and secondly, a careful observation of the river catfish itself necessarily give out. Catfish often finds himself in the twilight before the storm, when it is displayed on the surface of the water. So on p. Upa I found a good soms pit when late at night on the boat floated down the river, trying to catch walleye. Terrible outburst came suddenly, a few meters below the stream — as if from standing along the shore of a dark forest suddenly jumped into the water and bultyhnulsya goblin. The other day I soundings across the channel — there, in the middle of the river, was an oblong hole. From it the next night my friend and I caught on donk, baited with meat shells perlovitsy, catfish weighing 15 kg.
Ands survey of fishermen somyatnikov Tula region, I found that in some cases at catching catfish catches on top, especially if the tackle was abandoned near the shelter: Covered quicksand, submerged brush crowns, etc. Why is this, one can only speculate. Perhaps he, advancing to shallow areas, feels the output signal from trembling on the hook bait or a frog, and it rises to the top.

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