Fire in the forest

Fire in the forestWithout a fire in the forest can not live. Sometimes even so, when the only match and camp fires — is salvation. And not that it matters what type of fire will be built (many as described in various manuals!), What they will burn wood — you just need to fire, heat. No matter how modern iskhitryalis northern travelers, spending the night in special winterized tents, climbing into our sleeping bags out of eiderdown or a cutting-edge insulating fabrics, heat, they can be obtained only from themselves, from their body, of the amount of calories that the body has learned from the food instead spent on the difficult transition. No wonder the explorers to the North Pole and Antarctica are a special excess caloric intake. Of course, you can warm up and about any portable infrared emitter. However, even the most cost still will "eat" the oxygen in the tent, and a lack of oxygen for the weary body is fraught with serious consequences, especially in high latitudes, cold and wind. The truth is, even today, I do not see an alternative to the fire, to live fire that warms even in severe winters of our distant ancestors. First, a person is not spending their energy to warm the body, but only gets it. Secondly, try the winter, the cold dry otpotevshee underwear even in the most perfect tent — nothing happens. Dry it will have on your body, consuming its own heat. By the fire, even in the bitter cold, you do it for 10-15 minutes and will sleep in dry clothes, breathing the fresh frosty winter air. Of course, all this applies only to the forest area, where you can get wood for the fire. How quickly and efficiently build a fire? Let me start by saying that every self-respecting hunter, whether he smokes or does not smoke, should be in the pocket of the match, securely packed and sealed in plastic. Bit matches with float hide in a plastic cup from validola (borrow from someone who suffers from a heart). Cap that is not the case bounced, strengthen sticking plaster. Be nice to have a special "hunting" matches. They burn for a long time, like a "sparkler" and will help the hunter with little effort to start a fire in the rain and cold, and even in strong winds. If all of this is stored in a securely fastened pocket so close to your body, then you'll believe me, not afraid even swimming in the autumn or winter river. Would be the wood on the beach. Next — kindling, "fomenting" said taezhniki. Not particularly strain nastrugivaya small schepochek as Christmas trees on a dry stick. This is a long class, and sometimes making a fire requires a very fast action. In our own experience that it's best kindling in all seasons and in all weather conditions for me were splinters from the old resinous pine stump. The best of them — in the old burned areas. Incidentally, these pine stumps, chop into small Poleshko, driven osmalivaniya resin for wooden boats. If possible, it is necessary to procure a sufficient number Smoleva chips in reserve. Almost as good campfire elm. Better if it is removed from the standing or recently felled tree, for example, the cutting area, and dried. It also hurt to have a reserve. Elm with fallen or decayed birch, of course, fits, but it turns worse. Always dry kindling there in the depths of the crown of some very large pine tree, near the trunk. This is usually spruce or cedar. There, even in the rain is fine dry twigs to the same and quite resinous. It is difficult, again, to kindle a fire in the frost. Slivers light slowly because accretion so that it takes a while to warm up to them. Even match sometimes can not ignite if kept in boxes outside the pocket, and not near the body. This is where the handy kindling of burning pine stump. Resin comes instantly to any frost. By the way, never inflate the flames take a mouth, his own breath. It is better to use a piece of birch bark, cardboard or any flat object, the cover of the pot or pan, waving it around the earth before the corner.

Day you make a fire in order to, for example, in the middle of a day's tea to boil, cook the food. This is a small campfire, which can be built for a quarter of an hour. If the snow is not very deep, raking him to the ground, or it will melt from the heat, the fire will go into it and will smolder, not burn. However, in the northern forest, where a meter of snow, and even more while to get to the land of tea no longer want. Therefore, we must trample down ski area ski length and width of about one meter. Cut down in the neighborhood a few aspens not thick or some other deciduous trees, chop them to perch and a half meters in length and place them close to each other to get the flooring area. She spread the small fire, and above it on the long sloping shestike stuck in the snow, hang the kettle or pot and enjoy life. Now a fire in the snow does not go away, and that you will be very very good, put skis up Camus (if kamusnye skiing) near a bench. For the legs make a groove in the snow, and put it back legs, otherwise the snow will melt on the shoe, and it gets wet.

Rooming fire — this fire all night. Of how it works, depends on your vacation during the long winter nights. When they write or talk about doss stake, it usually begins with nodi, fire Ural hunters, although it is for their preparation requires the greatest amount of time. In Siberia, this fire is not particularly popular. There's more in the course of the Siberian taiga fire, and the other in the Altai Mountains, which I called the Altai. On it will be discussed. The first time I slept in a hut with no winter taiga in early 1959, as a Fellow of the Altai Reserve. Two weeks, we examined winter deer park in the valley Kamgi. Snow in these places was very deep — sometimes up to five feet or more. Every night we slept by the fire, a large Altai fire — just so I can call him. Normally to spend the night in the winter taiga, it is necessary to prepare for this ahead of time. We took along two axes — big and small, and our guide, observer-Altai Reserve Tubalars Andrew Tuymeshev packed into some meshkovinku small crosscut saw. Turning into a semi-circle, he strapped it on top of the backpack. Then I realized that I saw for the unit of the winter night camp fire indispensable tool. With it, we are only half an hour to generate required amount of wood for the night. In order to build the Altai fire should dump some Sushin 20 centimeters thick and sawed them on a log-billets to length. There were four of us, and each side of the fire slept in pairs, so we to saw four-meter breveshek. Bonfire lay in the snow, of course, impossible. Snow had to dig up the whole area of land on the future of the mill. The process is quite long, because its width was about three meters, length — four. Snow, who cast ski, like a shovel, it was necessary to put so as to obtain a wall to serve as a barrier against the night wind and heat reflector fire. On the same shaft snow stick pan small poles, put them cross, and then you spruce branches, to get the roof. On the other side do the same. The roofs of these do not meet in the middle. Fire and smoke fire goes into the gap between them. Statement by side we chopped pine fir twigs, pine needles and resin smelling like a balm. Piled on top of his hay, dragged out senostavochih reserves under fir and cedar trees. When I said it was not good, they say, to rob small animals, Andrew replied, "You, boy, do not worry. Maral come obokradet them worse than us. We leave sygyrgan (senostavka in the Altai) still will eat their hay. But gently to sleep. always do. " Incidentally, the Siberian hunters, when sleep by the fire, sometimes connected dyval for themselves kabarozhyu skin. She did not let the cold — the hair is thick and dense. Today it can replace the polyure-new rug, which rolled into a roll carry with tourists. With all my negative attitude to synthetics can not praise this rug — it really is possible to sleep in the snow without risking money sciatica or worse. Of course, every night it is difficult to build a new mill. It takes no less than two hours (four of us, mind you, it was!), And all have to do shine a-loo. The only concern after the mill was built — firewood than we have been doing in the morning in case you were late to the route. The very primitive fire. Two logs lying side by side on the ground, close to each other, and the third — on top of them, along, of course. Bonfire is lit and the flame is very hot. When he was a little burned and the flames subside, begins shayat (warm glow) as nodya, but the heat gives much more. On his device takes a minimum of time — threw three logs at each other, and set fire to their greysya, cook food, sushi clothes and socks. True, it requires fuel Pobol nodi. During the night, it has to "feed." I like this a lot more fire nodi least because it is almost always about light. Nodya also completely covers the crash pad, increasing gloom night. For our camp fire any good dry wood, which, as I said, do not shoot sparks. Most sparks gives fir.

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