Gilles de Laval, Baron de Rais — Marshal of France and the killer boys

Years of life of Gilles de Laval Baron de Re — 1404 — 1440.

Child of medieval stagnation, a member of one of the most aristocratic families (the ancestor of Kryon and Montmorency), he received a traditional education for its time, when the ability to master the sword was valued much more than a knowledge of Latin verbs. In 11 years, the boy lost his father and his grandfather took up education. Gilles received an excellent education, he knew the ancient languages, became a bibliophile. However, this did not prevent him appreciate falconry, fencing, mad race in the surrounding family lock Tiffozh.

Space for hunting and horse racing has increased considerably when grandfather got married Gilles (boy was at that time 16 years). Added to the ownership of the vast family estate in Brittany (the bride's dowry).

Marriage of convenience did Gilles kinder, and the marriage question was solved difficult because Brides groom's cousin, and the church did not approve of the closely marriages. As a result, the marriage was still allowed, but it soon became clear that the heart of D lying over to boys than to girls. Young wife mourned their fate, and her husband, meanwhile, surround yourself with good-looking by pages, hunting and fencing.

At this time, as the surf, rolls battle of the Hundred Years War between England and France. It was worth (and required) for any business cares about its reputation of a nobleman, and of course Gilles de Rais could not be among those who rushed to defend the honor and the rights of France.

In war, Gilles was subject to Joan of Arc, but it does not stung his pride. Instead, he became a zealous adherent of it. Besides, once he had a divine vision — and he understood the meaning of his life. Henceforth, he was ruthless to his enemies. Luck was with him step for step. How many people are marshals of France in 25 years? And Gilles de Rais was! It happened in July 1429, after the army of Joan of Arc came to Reims and Charles VII was crowned of French kingdom.

Alas, this time luck was over. Followed defeat, and the worst thing — the death of Joan of Arc has made huge efforts Gilles to save his idol. During the trial of Joan of it went up to Rouen, but too late, alas, there are times when the sword is powerless, and the word fight Gilles was not accustomed.

Joan Koster has feature that separated the life of Gilles in two different parts. God gave Jeanne and Gilles de Rais found himself free of obligations to God. Black tower of his castle became an altar devil. At night, local residents heard the noise from there Donoso wild orgies. Arrogant and haughty lord of the castle had a well-armed entourage, which prohibits any attempt to visit what is happening in. castle.

And one more thing to do people de Ré. They traveled across the country and recruited him for the boys in Pazhi. Doing this was easy, as the boys dreaming of a career at the court of a noble aristocrat, and parents tempted ringing gold.

All would have been nothing, but here's the problem: teenagers and young men, taken Pazhi, disappeared! A while Gilles de Rais arrogantly ignored the rumors and claims, but there were persistent truth-seekers. Contributed to the development of business baron quarrel with the bishop of Nantes and treasurer Malestrua Geoffroy Ferron, after which Gilles de Rais and damaged relations with the Duke of Brittany. September 15, 1440 Duke men arrested Gilles de Rais.

The charges against the aristocrat, was so monstrous, that horrified the whole of France. Even the medieval disregard for human life, this was too much. Gilles de Rais was suspected in the murder of about 300 boys. But the Inquisition (that it hit de Re) cared little for victims of sexual perversions Baron. The main concern was the accusation of witchcraft activities and killing unbaptized babies for sacrifice devil.

Gilles de Rais is really doing magic, but not for communication with the devil, and for alchemical experiments to mine gold. Busted endless revelry and hunting, throwing money on fun and crazy orgies, he desperately needed in the media. Unfortunately, the arm has turned to Marshal charlatan Francesco prelate, who was able to help with manual dexterity to inspire people confidence in their unlimited magical abilities. Prelati long Gilles de Rais led by the nose, and when the marshal took inkviztsiya instantly betrayed his adopted people. Moreover, he showed that his accomplice Meffre Gilles de Rais delivered babies for making magic acts.

Originally Gilles de Rais was furious, but then "lost face" — cried, pleaded, begged forgiveness. He confessed to killing 140 children, but in the killings of a sexual nature, and not to please the devil.

Sentencing judge, were unanimous. With performance also did not hesitate. October 26, 1440, also in Nantes, Gilles de Rais was hanged and then burned. As a result of the execution of former Marshal greatly enhanced ownership of the Duke of Brittany, for he was the principal lender executed.

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